Christopher Nemelka*

*Nemesis of evil

... just call me, Chris

Your name should be had for good and evil among all nations, kindreds, and tongues, or that it should be both good and evil spoken of among all people.

The Greatest Message Given To The World, A Final Warning



When reading and considering the information given through this website, pay scrupulous attention to the information's author. "Christopher" is NOT the Real Illuminati®. Christopher was once the group's chosen True Messenger. On his own website, Christopher responds in his own way. His information is his own. Christopher's delivery can be viewed as uncouth in its presentation. We no longer have any desire to control his manner of delivery. In point of fact, the way that Christopher delivers our message often reaches the marginalized and condemned of this world (those who are often seen as profane and uncouth). Christopher has not misrepresented our intelligence or what we would teach, if we were to reveal ourselves to the world. Those who are truly seeking for new enlightenment will not be affected by Christopher's pedagogical applications of the knowledge he acquires from us. Christopher's solicitations of our intelligence is often less ambiguous and obscure than the manner in which we comfortably compose our own responses. When we have directed him to represent us, and when he does, we have counseled him to ensure that a distinction is made between "his" information and that associated with our group. We have commissioned Christopher with literary license to adjust our intelligence in a manner that compliments and placates a normal person's ability to absorb this intelligence properly. —The Real Illuminati® www.realilluminati.org