It's my 60th birthday tomorrow.

I have only one wish.

I wish people would be honest ... just for this one day.

I wish that people would be honest with me about their personal feelings about me ... not as a True Messenger, but as a human being.

I am entering the last phase of this mortal life, which will be my last upon this earth, UNLESS OUR GROUP of humans is successful at fixing the problems that have led to OUR GROUP (living in this solar system) almost completely destroying ourselves five different times during the past history of the earth. NOTHING would uplift me and motivate me more than to read your personal birthday wishes ... NOTHING!

What are your TRUE FEELINGS about me as a person?


I received the following message from one of my Millennial supporters, Sara Smith. (She also posted the picture of me with my best friend, Mwaw—my little Chihuahua girl. This picture says so much ... much more than what anyone can say about me.)

I LOVE Sara Smith's complete honesty ... as well as how well she verbalized it in writing.

My birthday wish is that everyone is as honest and forthright as Sara.

(Please leave your personal birthday message in the comments section of this post. All enemies' and critics' "wishes" [or threats] will be kept and included.)

Thanks in advance!


Sara Smith Birthday Message to me:

Happy almost birthday to my dear ol’ “uncle” Chris!

It’s not easy to find words to talk about how much this guy means to me, so it’s lucky that I can sit at my keyboard and think about it for a minute! I’ve known Chris for most of my life now, and have felt lucky to get to spend time with him sporadically over the years.

He’s been my boss and my landlord, so a lot of our interaction has been, I don’t know, “professional,” or during a symposium with lots of other people, but then there have also been a lot of beautiful little moments - around a campfire, or eating Vietnamese food, or sitting on couches talking about relationships, where I’ve gotten to see a little more of him.

I love his stories and how he pauses to giggle at himself before he can get the punch line out. How he entered business meetings or court rooms and commanded the attention of everyone without missing a beat. Shopping with him in Costco and him and throwing every snack in sight into the cart, then buying the newest, best equipment and technology without a second thought to the expense. The way he teases people and makes fun of himself, to bring humility and smiles into any group. The way he delegated, always giving everyone limitless credit that they’d be completely capable of everything he asked.

All the ways he’s like a whirlwind, moving at the speed of thought, and the people around him doing everything in their power to keep up with him. Riding the roller coaster of his emotional states - a day going from good, to terrible, back to phenomenal, all as he reacts to the actions or disappointments of people around him. Getting hired, fired, and re-hired again. Not knowing if today will be one of his days of ripping through me, or one of his days of being an ultimate and poignant example of kindness of patience.

His leaving hundreds and hundreds in tips at any restaurant we went to. How hard he works, and the standard it sets for everyone around him.

The visions he has to turn an unfinished basement or a rock covered in weeds into the most luxurious space imaginable, and then makes it happen with his own hands and sweat and that of others who help him.

Seeing him speaking casually about things that keep the attention of a room full of adults, while holding his granddaughter or my little sister tenderly in his arms. These are all things that have left me feeling moved by his presence.

And then I’ve felt many times, during the moments of quiet and still, that Chris sees and understands me inexplicably well. There are things about myself that I’ve tried to hide from people, even from me sometimes, that somehow with one off-hand comment he brings into the light. He’s helped me be more honest with myself and others, and taught me with his words and shown me through his example how to focus my energy on things and people that bring me joy. He’s taught me that any problem I have, any negativity whatsoever that I experience in the scope of my entire life, is my fault and under MY power to change. I have every power and capability to shift my thoughts or my actions to be honest and brave, and affect changes and instead do what makes me happy.

This is a priceless gift that has helped me cleanse and renew my life again and again. Because of Chris I understand what it means to feel —at my very core— free. And I don’t say that lightly. Even when I am tossed around by circumstance, or am a slave to the necessity of money and work, or the wills of others, I’ve found the strength - to give to mySELF all the peace, love and respect that each human deserves to feel within. He’s taught me what all humans deserve, and has been a visceral example of fighting fiercely for a world where not one person would get anything less.

“Fierce” is a pretty good word for him actually. In a lot of ways he reminds me of a lion - giant and commanding and completely terrifying if he’s hunting you , but the rest of the time a gentle giant lounging in the sunshine.

At times I’ve had my guard up, because I’ve seen him strike. Honestly I’ve even wanted to shield others from his ferocity. I’ve seen him rip and tear and roar, and even lost some of my own flesh over the years. But a little less “flesh” has turned out to be good for me every time.

Chris is not for the faint of heart. When I’ve felt like a victim or that I needed to be catered to, he sure hasn’t been for me. Every time I’ve felt my strongest and most loving, that’s when he’s been in my life - multiplying my strength and love, simply by being himself and doing what he does. I think of him as the ultimate vetting system to learn the true natures of others, and have benefited countless times from his council of what people are honestly like in their search for value, and what to look out for.

This has saved me from being manipulated or controlled, by men, by people I associate with, by ideologies, even by my own emotions(!), again and again and again and again; whenever I’ve chosen to simply pay attention to him. He’s a guidepost and a standard by which I measure all the qualities I seek for in anyone else I grow close to, even if it’s just whether or not they could comfortably spend time in the same room with him.

See, like I said - it’s a lot to try to put into words. And I don’t feel like I’ll ever even more than scratch the surface of getting to really know Chris! Yet he has had such a profound impact on me. I just am very glad he was born, and I feel selfishly grateful for all the ways I’ve benefitted from having him in my sphere. I truly don’t know what my life would be like if I’d never known him, and I don’t want to imagine it.

Happy Birthday ya beautiful old fart!

Christopher Nemelka

George Mellar wrote:

A Birthday Poem for Christopher.

There’s a ‘Messenger’ amongst us with words we need to hear,

Claiming not to be a Prophet, a Revelator, Psychic, or Seer.

Who says things as they are, using words that may offend,

Harsh truths that cut deep; realities …. he won’t pretend.

‘Real Truths’ are on offer, for those who want to find,

No psychic remedies or self-healing meditations to clear your mind.

Just a reality of what was, what is, and what’s soon to come,

Of what we need to do, with answers and solutions: not … “It can’t be done!”

But there’s a man behind the mask, a face we seldom see,

Using humor as a tool whilst sipping cold water or slurping hot coffee.

His hair matches his beard, unkempt, frayed … something the dog chewed,

Whilst his innuendos are cheeky, uncouth and bordering down-right rude.

Never-the-less, there’s an innocence about all of this, an honesty on display,

A sharing of who he seldom can be, by being a Messenger there’s a heavy price to pay.

We know Christopher is split, two people, a duel role, a unique type or genus,

One, a Messenger, a herald, for ‘The Brothers’.

The other, an old-age hippie, who is ‘sexier than Jesus!’

Best Wishes Christopher.

Rodney Vessels

Christopher has said to more than one, “I will split you open.” It is a painful experience to be split open by a True Messenger. I have been split open many times, left to experience the raw emotions of having to be honest with and true to myself about my own failings and foibles. One feels naked and, for a time, alone. The following Persian poem, however, which I found some time ago, informed me about what being “split open” really means. My birthday tribute to Christopher is to share what Christopher’s light has done and can do to split us open—to break our hearts and humble our spirits: Light will someday split you open Even if your life is now a cage, For a divine seed, the crown of destiny, Is hidden and sown on an ancient, fertile plain You hold the title to… Love will surely bust you wide open Into an unfettered, blooming new galaxy Even if your mind is now A spoiled mule. A life-giving radiance will come, The Friend’s gratuity will come O look again within yourself, For I know you were once the elegant host To all the marvels in creation. From a sacred crevice in your body A bow rises each night And shoots your soul into God. Behold the Beautiful Drunk Singing One From the lunar vantage point of love. He is conducting the affairs Of the whole universe While throwing wild parties In a tree house – on a limb In your heart. -Hafiz

Shawn Selvage

Happy 60th I’ve always looked forward to hearing any new message that you have in store. As I’m sure many others can say as well. But what I appreciate more than anything is the meaningful compliment’s that you have given Me over the years. I will never forget the kind words and they are by far the nicest things anyone has offered. My own father has never even had nice things to say about Me so it means a lot to me.

Gerry Hagan

Happy Birthday Christopher. Although we have never met in person, and maybe never will, I am so glad to have stumbled a cross the message you present on behalf of the Real Illuminati. It's hard to speak about you on a personal level without considering the message you deliver but here goes. The message that you deliver obviously attracted me to you first and the fact that you told those listening that you didn't want people following you but rather listening and implementing what new information they learned from you into their lives. The old "the Kingdom of God is within", and "do unto others...." were familiar and attractive to me. However the guy delivering this message and how I felt about you has gone through phases let us say. My initial contact with the Real Truth was made via a YouTube clip featuring the late and lovely Ida Smith. I never met her but she came across as a strong, intelligent, yet very sweet lady. Her testimony of Christopher certainly persuaded me to give your message a chance. When I first listened to you I knew nothing about your history or how you arrived in the situation you found yourself in. You were having a bad day and feeling the pressures of your responsibilities. I had no idea then what those pressures did and still do entail. I think I posted a comment saying something like, "sounds like somebody's having a pity party" or some other smart ass comment. Nonetheless the overriding message dinged my dong, so to speak, so I hung in there and continue to try and do so. When I then started to learn the things you had gone through in preparation for your role, I was amazed that you were able to go through, at a very young age, and even now some traumatic events that would have caused any other man to crumble, and I mean any other man! I guess I understand better when you have your angry days but man when your sun's shining you are spectacularly brilliant. On reflection your angry days, as I have referred to them, were just as necessary for me in my growth as the sunny days, because on those days the 2 edged sword done its stuff. I have had a personal dose of this 2 edged sword and it cuts deep, but it also cuts clean. Christopher I have to admit that there are times that I don't know if I would like to be around you or not. Partly because I know you would see through me in an instant and discover all my bad bits , and secondly I'm not sure if I could put up with your terrible jokes , but this much I'll tell you. As a person I've never come across a man that has gone through so much and come out the other end loving so much. And that, Christopher, humbles me, and encourages me to face my own challenges in life armed with the message and the example of your courage and strength. Again happy birthday Big Man.

Alberto C Bulseco


I have written my impression about you in my story submitted in 2019. I am sincere about that impression of you. I never thought twice that you were a True Messenger after I read the Sealed Portion and your story in the TSP. I felt the same way towards Joseph Smith after I read the Book of Mormon. The first time I watched your videos in Utube, I felt you were a special person. I immediately felt in tune with you. I was never affected in any degree by you speaking profane words. In fact I liked it. I knew that there was wisdom in it. How people judge you the way you speak determines who the true seekers of truth are. By you with that two-edged sword from your mouth reveals who the hipocrites are. I believed you as True Messenger as I believed Joseph Smith as prophet, seer and revelator. Someone wrote me how easy I was to be deceived. But I never doubted you as the one chosen to bring to light the Sealed Portion of the Book of Mormon. For years, I had been confused as to who was the Servant who shall be marred and sprinkle many nations and bring the marvelous work and a wonder mentioned in Isaiah 52:13-15 and 3 Ne 21:7-11. I knew immediately that you were that Servant after I read the TSP. What a great joy I felt. I like your frankness, naturally acting and speaking as you really are. I learned much about you as I read your autobiography. You revealed many mysteries too, in your book. So here I am, always happy and excited to listen to you. So many mysteries have been revealed because of you. Thank you. I thank you also for accepting me as one of your supporters. Know that I have taken notes of much of your posted messages including the messages of the Real Illuminati since 2018. These notes provide inspiration as I review them from time to time. These days, if ever I could not join the Coffee with Chris or the Zoom Meeting due to past midnight schedules and health reasons, I see to it that I could watch the replays. Again, I wish you a Happy Birthday, Christopher. I wish you to be safe and healthy having sufficient energy to carry out your mission.

John Adams

Happy birthday Christopher near 60th yay your message since the sealed portion is always been what I look forward to and the way you talk is pretty much how I talk in your mannerisms like from being from the form in Idaho is what's kept me held to the truth thanks for everything you do appreciate you very much love and always John

Gilbert Bertrand

Happy 60th Birthday Christopher

I just want to let you know You mean the world to me Only a heart as dear as yours Would give so unselfishly

The many things you do All the times that you are there Help me know deep down inside How much you really care

Even though I might not say I appreciate all that you do Richly blessed is how I feel Having an advanced brother just like you

Todd Hull

I have been around all types of people in all walks of life throughout my lifetime. I didn’t think I was scared of anyone or anything. When I first heard Chris speak, I felt something. His words broke down all of my old traditions and beliefs. He is the only man that I have ever come across that made me tremble and nervous to speak to. I have dealt with being questioned on the Witness Stand,in court, with popular and well-trained attorneys. However, this man Chris, in his own particular style, was able to both enlighten me, and make me quake in my boots at the same time. I had the pleasure of meeting this man personally. I have never, in all my travels and experience, felt more love and acceptance than when I was around Chris. He was sincere and cared about me and my endeavors in this life. I felt absolutely no judgement on his part. I was instantly put at ease and felt like I have known this man forever. I will never forget his kindness and the focus of his attention and his true heartfelt love for humanity. He truly was who he claimed to be. I was able to freely laugh and joke and cry with a man who truly knows about life, its trials, and the importance of becoming a little child. I couldn’t help but be honest around Chris. I felt that he knew something more about me than I did. It was Chris that was a good enough and honest friend to me, to care enough to tell me that I had so many weaknesses that I would go and apologize to my wife, Becky, and beg her forgiveness. He is the only man I have ever met that caused me to search out a new way of thinking and how I should treat my fellow man. My wife and I separated for a time. It was long enough where I was able to see what a tyrant I had become by controlling others in my own way, especially my dear Becky. I thought I had been a nice and kind human being until I met this man. He was able to treat me with honesty and integrity right from the start, more so than my closest and oldest friends. I became a better human being after I met Chris. I will always be in his debt for opening my mind and for allowing me to see a man, for the first time, that knows the Real Truth and knows that he knows. I cannot describe the love I felt that he had for all men. He made me feel like I was the only person on earth that mattered. At the same time, I witnessed him treat others like they were the only person on earth that mattered. There was no hypocrisy or fake personas. All I found myself wishing for, as I enjoyed his company, was that everyone could be with me to enjoy the feeling of peace That I felt. It was one of those deals where you want everyone to experience what you are experiencing because you can’t, and will never be able to describe that peace to anyone. I will say one thing about Chris that stands out to me more than anything. It isn’t deep or profound or a mystery. It is simple and the truth as I know it. I can’t love Chris without loving everyone on this planet. It somehow goes hand-in-hand. This is evidence to me that he is who he claims to be…A True Messenger and an honest and true friend to us all.

Jessica Bradford

I'm not a very good writer but for Christopher's birthday I just wanted to share a little bit. I first met Christopher at a wedding. I didn't really know much about him, only that he was officiating. My mom was so upset with me for going. I didn't give her many details though. Only that I was going to a wedding of someone I didn't know. At the wedding Kyle and I tried to sneak out and Chris came out after us. I was wary of him, but he already seemed to know me better than I knew myself. I remember he told me which book would be my favorite. And of course my stubborn ass immediately wanted to tell him no it wouldn't, but he was right. That first meeting I had no idea how my life would change. I can't quite remember the timeline (before or after I met Christopher?), but my dad had kicked me out of the house because I chose the work. I was being pulled to it. I couldn't explain that feeling to anyone, let alone my dad. But that moment was so freeing. Sure I was upset, but I would have done anything for my dad. I had my entire life planned, and that and my chains went out the window. I was a complete daddy's girl. But the moment I was kicked out I realized that my dad didn't care about me, he only cared about how I made him look. I never would have seen that on my own. The funny thing is I never would have kept looking for truth if my dad hadn't said one very pertinent thing years prior. He told me once that if he was around in Joseph Smith's time he would have had to been hit over the head with a 2x4 if he had been presented with truth. I didn't want to be passed by if I stumbled onto the truth. But anyways... Several years later after I graduated highschool and gotten married, Kyle and I had gone to a meeting in Orem. I had to leave early for work so I missed some parts. When I got home Kyle asked me if we could move to Garden Park. It was very sudden and we already had our next home planned. And even though Kyle was asking me, I knew he had already made up his mind. I couldn't say no. We moved to garden park a few weeks later. Chris became my neighbor, my landlord, and also my new boss. Everything seemed to change so fast and sudden all the time. As soon as I got used to one thing, it would change. Whether it was moving again, new jobs, or something else uncomfortable. Chris always had us on our toes. We struggled with it at first but then grew to love it. Some things that I saw time and time again from Christopher was his great sense of humor and a kindness that is rarely seen in others. One memory that I have strongly embedded into my brain was just any other day in garden park. I saw Chris walking to the parking lot and I saw him stop to talk to one of the neighbors. She was older and always seemed to have a permanent scowl on her face. After a few minutes I heard her laughing so hard I thought she was going to topple over. Chris has that effect on people. Chris once told Kyle and I that humor is what keeps people together. I'm pretty sure he was talking about our relationship, but I like to think it applies to every relationship because I do love to laugh. Because of Christopher and the work he has helped bring about, I have learned to love myself and others in a way I never knew possible. There have been times when I have felt that sharp two edged sword. Sometimes it hurt more than I thought I could bare. But even when I have been in my darkest moments I felt it was deserved. And I have always come back stronger and more sure. Happy birthday Christopher and thank you for doing what you do! and uh... Thanks for cleaning up my shit.

Damon Cook

There is something about his eyes. If you have ever met him in person, his eyes say it all. It’s almost as if you can see him - his sadness, his disappointment, his happiness. You can see it all. But most of all, I have been greeted by Chris’ kindness. He is kind, predominantly kind, even when he swings his sharp two-edge sword. I watch as it hurts him more than the one he delivers it to. CHRIS IS MY FRIEND. I could say many things about him that I like. It would be the same things I like about all human beings - his sense of humor (laughing at his own jokes). Chris has often reminded me of a 15-year-old boy. In some ways, he has never grown up. I can relate to that. He is one of the hardest working people I know. I have had the opportunity to work beside him many times. He is like Hercules. He is smart. Sometimes he is impatient. He gets frustrated. He is really quite human. I think I like that most. I could go on.. but eyes. I don’t know maybe I see a light. Maybe it is kindness with light. It makes me feel he has and will always be my friend. But the thing that trumps everything is no matter how much he complains about his job he sets his own life aside (lays down his own life for his friends) and continues to do the only work that only he can do. And that I admire more than anyone else I call friend. Happy birthday Mr. C https://youtu.be/6EuShC4megM

Adam Smith

Dearest Chris. In my experience you are the best of us. Thanks for doing the job that no one else can. Happy Birthday my Eternal Servant & Friend.

Lynnette Vessels

My heart feels tender and my emotions raw as I reflect on my true feelings about you, Chris, my messenger first, but also my friend.

When Mark (my husband at that time) found The Sealed Portion, I was thrilled, hopeful, and anxious to read it, but skeptical, as it had not come from the Church. I had been waiting my whole life for the further truths promised in it. I dove straight into it, without hesitation, and my life turned upside down.

My first exposure to you was days into my beginning to read The Sealed Portion, which I read when I was at the pinnacle of my devotion to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I was TERRIFIED. I think I saw two videos before I refused to watch another until I finished reading The Sealed Portion. I simply could not deal with both at the same time.

You were my stumbling block when I found the Work—no doubt about it. The Sealed Portion was able to work its magic by coming to where I was in my beliefs and helping me to unravel the crazy indoctrination I had received my whole life. You tackled my beliefs ruthlessly and relentlessly from my very first exposure. You terrified me.

I devoted one entire day and night in prayer, study, and fasting in search for an answer to my newest dilemma: How could YOU be the one to bring forth The Sealed Portion? This was something I had to understand before I could continue on my journey to Real Truth®.

In the wee hours of the morning, my mind seemed to open and I was able to understand that you were the PERFECT messenger for me. I wrote, in part:

“He challenges and pushes and sometimes confuses me, which turns me to within, to search my God, to know for myself, which brings me answers in ways that I never could have dreamed of or imagined.”

From first impression until now … seven and a half years later … here’s the personal stuff:

I LOVE that you will tell me the truth, whether it’s how you hate my hair or my frozen chili. I LOVE that you call me on my shit—how you really see it. You’ve tackled my pride on many, many occasions, broken through my walls, touched me in ways that no other person has been able to.

My whole life I’ve searched for someone to just tell me the truth. I don’t like to play guessing games. I don’t want to try to figure out how someone’s feeling. Thank you for being direct and honest with me.

To me, being close to you has felt like standing “naked” for the world to see as each part of me gets to be examined, learned from, and then corrected. A doctor could never diagnose my problems if I was hiding behind my clothes, unwilling to show him what needs work. You have been that to me. Thank you. I LOVE you for that. I TRUST you for that very reason.

All that being said, I LOVE your unpretentiousness. I love your messy hair, your paint-stained clothes, how you accidentally got up in your long johns in front of the camera. I love your willingness to accept yourself and all of your flaws. I love how you will stand “naked” for the world to see you as well, as you’ve been criticized and mocked, but you still do it.

I LOVE your vision of what this world could be. I love watching you improve EVERYTHING you come in contact with, whether it be buildings or properties, or people like me.

I LOVE your willingness to work hard, to give it your all. I’ve seen you doing all manner of work, from taking care of people’s toilet problems to digging trenches, to carrying monstrous amounts of weight up rugged, rocky hills. This work extends to mental work as well. Not only do you work hard physically, but you spend countless hours writing and presenting Real Truth® to anyone who wants to know it.

I LOVE your fierce determination to preserve Free Will. Everything you present is shared in a way that makes me search myself for answers. I have NEVER felt pressured or pushed to do something that I didn’t want to do. That’s not to say that I’ve never felt challenged to look at myself and who I am and what I TRULY want. In the end, I know that ALL of my choices are mine alone.

I LOVE your true love of all humankind—agape. I feel it. Those in your presence feel it. It’s as a magnet, drawing people to you. Your example of love and respect to others is unmatched in my experience.

I LOVE your sense of humor. You know how to lighten the mood, soften the blows, make people comfortable, and bring unity to a group.

I LOVE your passion to protect the downtrodden, those who are suffering, even those who are your “enemies.” I have felt that protection at times and I have seen it reach to so many others in so many ways.

I LOVE your spontaneity, your strength, your passion. There is a tangible energy that I feel in your presence.

I LOVE that you’re human. (Now might be a good time to get out my book. ) I feel privileged to share some of your journey through your emotional ups and downs, your frustrations and joys. I love that I’ve found a match in my love of sweets. I love that there are some basic human levels with which we can all relate to you.

You are all things I could want in a messenger and a friend.

With tears streaming down my face, I say with all my heart, I LOVE YOU just the way you are.

Happy Birthday.

Gerry Hagan

Lynnette Vessels I guess we all feel a bit like the woman in the song


Lynnette Vessels

Gerry Hagan How can we find the words to say all that he means to us?

Gerry Hagan

Lynnette Vessels Words can't do it. I guess the only way we can show him is by trying to implement his teachings, which is easier said than done at our age and considering the length of time we have been programmed. I understand his frustrations with us. Here's hoping we can finally get it individually and as a group.

Cheryl Patton

Gerry Hagan Yes, definitely! I love this song, and it does a great job of expressing my feelings about CMN.

Marvin Gajardo

I never met Christopher in person, but it doesn't matter. I allready have the thing he is giving the world the message of Real Truth that's all that matters to me now. But I bet if I were to meet Chris in person he would treat me good same way he treats other people that he meets in person.

Kevin Martin

Happy being born day!!! I definitely want to include my wishes and my personal honest opinion of Christopher Nemelka.

I do not know Chris on a personal level in any way. I only know him because of our shared goals and what he wants for this world is the same thing that I want. I have never met Chris in person or associated with him in any way other than listening to his shows and reading his writings. However, despite our lack of personal interactions, his life has had the most profound impact on my life of any human on this planet, even more than my mother.

The only personal interaction I have had with Chris has been getting cut by the sharp sword coming out of his mouth. His words have cut me deeply many times. But, I have learned to love that sword and I am eternally grateful for the honesty with which he speaks. Within a world of darkness and lies, the clean and pure truths he speaks, no matter how much they sting, are also very refreshing and freeing. Despite the fact that his words hurt my pride and ego, they were actually sweet and peaceful to my soul. He has an uncanny ability to separate the human soul away from its natural body and the natural emotions and tendencies that come with that body. He is able to speak to that part of me that creates my reality. He has taught me how to train my brain to see things from a different perspective than we are taught by the world we live in. He has taught me how to see this world through my real eyes, the eyes of who I really am without ever giving that power over to another human. My brain is mine and I am learning through Chris how to harness and trust that brain. I am becoming undeceivable by harnessing the true power of my brain.

When I first interacted with Christopher's teachings and works, I followed him like a religious person would. I honored Chris and felt intimidated by him and his knowledge. However, after a lot of personal work by putting his teachings into action, I no longer feel like Chris is above me in any way, shape, or form. I feel equal to him. Chris does not steal power from others, HE GIVES POWER TO THEM. This one thing is what makes him different than every religious leader on this planet. Chris actually gets pissed off if anyone ever treats him greater than they would treat their peers or their own self.

I DO NOT know Chris on a personal level. We are not personal friends. We do not associate on a day to day basis. I have no idea what our relationship would be like if we met in person. But, somehow, this man has taught me the only information that has ever been able to lead me to peace. And that information goes against EVERYTHING this world has ever taught me. BUT IT WORKS!!! The proof is in the pudding for me. My personal self worth is greater than it has ever been. I can feel my true potential now, more than ever before. I do not live in fear any longer.

I may never meet Chris in person. But, his life and legacy will live on through me as I take upon myself this cross and bear it with love for myself and all others. Chomp chomp chomp. This buffet tastes good!!!!

Glad you were born my true friend. I say this because you are one of the few people on Earth who have been honest with me.

Cheryl Patton

Hey, well it's NOT your birthday until tomorrow, regardless of the fact that you've been telling EVERYONE that you were 60 for about the LAST 2 YEARS, so I'm waiting for YOUR REAL BIRTHDAY to express my thoughts.

Gino Gutlay

Happy 60th birthday Christopher Nemelka ...

Gerry Hagan

Hey I've just realised tomorrow is Christophermas! Merry Christophermas everybody

Gerry Hagan

That makes you sorta like the virgin Mary Di

Gerry Hagan

We'll just call you Lady Di

Pat Ferguson

While thinking about your birthday wish, I found many emotions surfacing. But, in the quiet of the morning I felt tears running down my cheeks as I remembered the first time I met you in person. It was a Sunday, I think December 4, 2005 in SLC at a Symposium unfolding the Worldwide United Foundation, as it was called then. I remember you coming onto the stage and I was immediately struck by the simple attire you had on, High-top sneakers, jeans, and a sweatshirt. I thought to myself, this guy isn't putting on airs. But what really got to me was the presentation. It was as if everything in the only thing I'd really known up to then was how the church didn't treat the poor, and there you were presenting all the things they'd missed and it made more sense to me than anything I'd since encountered with how people should be treated. But afterward as my friend Noni took my hand for me to meet you. As I looked into your eyes I could see something there I'd never seen before. The blue-eyed kindness was evident and as I fumbled and dropped things, it was you who picked them up for me. I was embarrassed a bit and have been many times since by your cuts to my pride. But, since you asked about how I feel about you as a person, I'll leave the messenger part out for now and tell you of some of my memories.

I have loved watching you switch from Chris to Christopher. I love the playfulness of Chris. The impetuous nature of yours, like the time after a court hearing you invited everyone there to meet at the Fergusons. My cupboards were practically bare and we stopped to get some preparations, but thanks to that we had an informal after court wind down. I remember sitting at our rather cheap dining room table and listening to you tell a story and for emphasis as you pounded on the table, the table almost capsized because of its faulty construction. I remember being locked out of the Davis' house as we were late arriving from Moab, and you had the door locked to teach us the importance of being ready for the bridegroom. I've watched as you struggle with sugar cravings similar to myself and that has endeared me to your mortal struggles as well as coping with the heavy burden of you being our messenger. I remember a night out on our back lawn and you and I were lying on the grass staring up into the sky watching the stars and for that brief moment, I felt a connection. I've felt separated, alone, and trying to find the strength to live the teachings you so patiently and sometimes not so patiently try to get us Alzheimer's patients to remember who we are. I've felt anger at being cut off and then finding that I have no desire to hurt you more, but in my weakness as a mortal I do it time and time again. I've sensed that Pat Ferguson isn't who is your friend, it's someone else who you know, but I don't and that I'm just here because I seem to know every time you switch from Chris to Christopher that I'd better listen because what you say has value and it all just makes sense to this person as I now am. Now as your hit 60, I giggle a bit, because it was at 60 I met you and started the process of letting go of all those 60 years of teachings. Happy Birthday!! Because you've never really wanted birthday wishes, it feels good to be able to say that to you now. I'm holding all my experiences with you in tenderness. Happy Birthday!

Rodrigo Moya

Estimado Chris, no he tenido la oportunidad de concerte en persona y por lo que veo todos quienes te conocen te aman. Aun cuando tus palabras destrozan sus coyunturas y los tuétanos. Al principio te veía como un bravucón, charlatán y diría que casi loco. Pero algo me hacia buscar más sobre ti. Cuando comencé a leer la Porción Sellada, deje un poco de lado la persona y me concentre en la lectura. Llegue a la conclusión de que ni un loco, charlatán o bravucón podría escribir algo así. Después de algunos años me dedique a ver vídeos, y buscar más literatura, hasta que tome la decisión de ser uno más de los que apoyan MWAW. Ahora siento un gran cariño y admiración por lo que haces. Siempre estoy esperando por algún nuevo coffe with Chris, un zoom meeting o cualquier palabra que salga de ti. Muchas veces he tenido que tragarme mis pensamientos y admitir que soy un ignorante y no se absolutamente nada. Espero algún dia poder estrechar tu mano mortal o avanzada, no me importa cual y agradecer por lo que nos has comunicado. Felicidades en tu cumpleaños.

[Facebook's translation in English:

Rodrigo Moya

Dear Chris, I haven't had the chance to perform in person and from what I see everyone who knows you loves you. Even when your words shatter their joints and twists. At first I saw you as a cockroach, chatterbox and I'd say almost crazy. But something made me search for you more. When I started reading the Sealed Portion, I put aside a little bit of the person and concentrate on reading. I came to the conclusion that not even a madman, chatter or braggart could write something like this. After some years I spent watching videos, and searching for more literature, until I made the decision to be one more MWAW supporters. Now I feel great affection and admiration for what you do. I'm always waiting for some new coffee with Chris, a zoom meeting or any word that comes out of you. Many times I have had to swallow my thoughts and admit that I'm ignorant and know absolutely nothing. I hope someday I can shake your deadly or advanced hand, I don't care which and thank you for what you have communicated to us. Congratulations on your birthday.]

Glen Iverson

I first read The Sealed Portion on the computer, before it was in book form. I had the opportunity to go to California to meet Christopher. I was staunch LDS at the time and I watched him closely because I wanted to see who this man really was. I saw him get drunk and do silly things and I had this feeling of peace come over me that I knew he was only doing it for us. When in my mind I was thinking, “What? A holy man of god?” But I felt peace.

From that time, I’ve watched him closely. I’ve had many, many experiences. I have worked, traveled, played, partied, camped, fished, and cried with him. Over the years, I’ve seen him in every way possible (except I’ve never seen him have sex or anything like that). I’ve seen him work tirelessly at remodeling homes, condos, in all aspects of remodeling. I’ve seen him on a day-to-day way of how he interacts with people in many occasions. I have never once seen him take advantage of anybody.

I’ve seen him happy, sad, mad, pissed, lashing out, in all aspects, which I’ve also seen in myself. Here you have Chris and Christopher—two men in one role. In one, he is kind. He is loving. He is compassionate. He’s loyal. He’s friendly. He’s honest. He’s playful. He’s childlike. He is caring, lovable, irresistible, strong … very strong, brave, helpful, friendly, and forgiving. The other is a stern, serious, strong, to the point, no nonsense type of guy. These two separate individuals roll into one who has to change his hat from time to time at a given moment. I don’t know how he does it. Only he does.

He has the whole world on his shoulders. He plays a juggling act between these two personalities. And it takes practice to know which one you’re dealing with at the time. That’s where Sheri comes in. She was able to deal with it all, explain it and help us to understand him.

He’s the hardest worker I’ve ever met. He’s diligent in all that he does. He’s put out more books than any person I’ve ever met and, of course, free of charge. He puts out more information on a day-to-day basis than I can keep up with and I just have to read. He puts out information while he’s building houses and doing work and I can’t keep up with him.

I’ve seen him in court cases with corrupt lawyers. I’ve seen him take on friends suing him at law where he’ll give up everything just to get past it.

I’ve seen him do the shittiest jobs you can imagine. I’ve seen him fix a plugged toilet where there was shit all over the room. Sheri came in and Chris said, “Sheri, get out of here. I don’t want you to have to smell this.”

I said, “What about me?”

He smiled, put a full-sized black garbage on each arm and said, “Glen, tape me up. I’m going in.” as he squeezes into a tiny closet to take care of it.

He does things others would cringe to do. I’ve seen it. I’ve smelled it. People flushing the toilet while he has it all apart. He lost his temper but who wouldn’t? Some things happen that are unexpected and I get to sit back and laugh because it wasn’t me but I could see the frustration I would have had if I’d been the one doing it.

Every time he swears, it reminds me of myself. Every time he loses his temper, it reminds me of myself. He’s only human too.

I drove with him in a big motor home to a wedding and a big truck came towards us and I don’t know how he stayed on the road, swerving right and left, swearing profusely. I watched in horror as he maintained control of the vehicle. A few miles down the road we got pulled over by a police officer for reportedly reckless driving. The officer put his hand on his gun as Christopher got out of the vehicle. Christopher calmly talked to him and explained the situation and the officer let us go.

One time we were working on the studio and he’s good at everything, especially electricity. I had bad gas and I said, “Chris, come here. There’s something wrong with this socket.” As he bent over to fix the problem, he yelled, “Oh my God!” Yes, I just shit on my messenger.

He said, “Don’t you think the savior and his friends shit on each other?”

I was working on another socket. I said, “Oh my God! This socket is a piece of shit too!”

He came over again, “OH MY GOD!”

It was funnier the second time. All he was doing was coming over to help me. He never yelled at me. He never sought revenge. This is a very funny memory to me.

Once we were playing basketball, playing Poison and he was Poison and he could hit me with the ball and I had to run if he made the next basket. I pulled down his pants. Little did I know he had no underwear on. I ran for my life. Everyone gasped. I couldn’t believe I just pantsed a messenger who was naked as a jaybird. He calmly made the basket, pulled up his pants, and turned and hit me with the ball, so I was out. So, you could say that the man has bared his soul and then some. But that wasn’t his choice.

I also have seen the man in his lowest, deepest depression. He told Sheri to go. He didn’t think she’d leave, but she did. He called me up to his room and there he was, drunk, and crying profusely. He grabbed my hand in his and told me, “What have I done? I love her. I miss her.”

He sobbed uncontrollably. I saw him in this “Garden of Gethsemane,” so to speak.

He asked me to call Ida and have her come up. Ida came up. She was on one side and I was on the other listening to him. Ida consoled him and he talked with her about it and she calmed his troubled soul like no one else could. That night was a long night for him. And it took him a while, but he pulled himself together and it was hard to watch him go through that—very hard. He mustered up the strength over a period of time.

I could go on and on about many experiences and joking with him. He’s never got pissed about my joking around. He’s never ripped me a new one in this situation. Everything he does, in my opinion, is for this whole world. The books, the information, his “works” are for us, not him. And yet, as he stands on that wall giving information, people want to kill him for helping us? Day in and day out, his job never stops…never-ending job. I don’t know anyone else who could do this role like he can. In a way only he can.

In my book, he’s entitled to any fit he throws. I couldn’t handle the pressure he’s under.

If anyone has ever been chastised by him, be grateful, for he only chastises those he loves. And then he shows forth an abundance of love and caring. Those of us that prejudge him, be patient, wait and see. You’ll come to know him as I have.

I don’t know anybody that’s more caring than him and has the ability to do what he does. He doesn’t want us to put him on a pedestal. He wants us to see him just like us, another grain of sand on this earth. It’s no wonder that the Real Illuminati® picks him to be a spokesman for them and for us.

I love him, my brother and my friend, and I will always call you my friend for putting up with me and actually being my friend. I love you always forever. I’m thankful for all that you do. And I know you don’t want to hear it, but it’s true. You’ve been an example to me like no other and I will never forget, ever. Happy birthday. Blow out your candles. Get your ass back up on that wall.

Love, Glen

Alberto C Bulseco

Glen Iverson You are a first hand witness. Thank you for presenting Chris' true image and character. This makes me admire him more.

Monica Smith

From Kevin Jarvis: "let him know that I said Happy birthday."

Jean Stephensen

appy 60th Birthdays Chris I see you as my big older brother who shares real truth with our whole family on earth I like the times I’ve been around you and how you have always been kind I like to be around kind people and watch them from a distance my favorite thing you say is “KEEP ON KEEPING ON “ having this work is making me a kinder person to all thank you for being you Big bro

Glenn Lincoln

May the World listen to the RI and bring him the Happiest Birthday EVER!

Jared D Peterson

I truly do wish you a Happy Birthday and I hope it will be a day in this life that can be without the worries and burden of the roll you're here to fill, if that's possible. A day that will be spent in peace and with a reason to smile because of the good you bring to this world, and even if it's only a few that listen and see your works, I hope that at least brings you some semblance of happiness. I know that we can be a disappointment at times and that upsets you because we're slow to see and do what you know we should be doing. Even though I know it's hard for you to see us stumble and fall at times, we feel and know your disappointment in us. Please know that I am honestly trying to do my best to be a person that you and humanity would be proud of, even with all my flaws and limited understanding. I know it's your job to teach us the Real Truth even though at times it can cut very deep, but I've learned that even a cut can heal and there is always a lesson in there somewhere to learn from.

I knew from the moment I met you that you were different and that you were a man I could respect, listen too and learn the Real Truth from. I cannot explain why, but from the very beginning when ever someone close to me would find fault with you or something you said, I would respond to them in a way that would help them to understand your role and why you have to be the way you are. I would say to them that if they could see what you have seen and experienced in all the different lives you've lived upon this earth and in almost every role you have seen the wickedness of humanity and even been killed because of it. I can't imagine what that must feel like, having a full knowledge of these things, it's no wonder your patience is thin at times. You're very good and keeping our pride and ego in check. It's becoming more obvious why you're the one that weilds the double edged sword. Obviously no one else could do what you do because we've never experienced or seen the things you have seen and experienced. For that I am greatful for you and the sacrifices you make for us and all of humanity. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Chris!

Marian Canepa

Happy Birthday Christopher! Although I haven't met You personally In all the zoom meetings and other broadcasts you are consistently open, honest, and sincere. You haven't told different stories about things that have happened to you in the past, always being very open about who you are. There are never notes when live and you don't have to keep track of what you say. It's exciting to listen to all the knowledge that just flows out and makes so much sense. Your raw humor is hilarious and the best! I have to try and control my laughter so I can listen to what you're saying next. I always leave the live sessions with a new understanding, especially how important it is to fix poverty in this world. You sincerely care about the suffering poor more than any person I have ever met. I think of what you have given up to help the less fortunate of this world and I have great respect for your sacrifice. Thank you for being the example of a truly loving, honest, and sincere human being. You've set the bar really high. Happy Birthday and I hope Mwaw and the pups gets some birthday cake

Austin Deal

I've never met Christopher in person, but I've been watching him (virtually) for over eight years. I don't think he has a malicious bone in his body. I treasure his sense of humor more than he'll ever know. And the day he stops talking like a backwoods redneck is the day I stop listening to him. Happy birthday, Christopher!

Nathan Cook

What I personally think about Christopher, the person (not the True Messenger): First of all, I will admit that I don’t think I have ever been able to successfully discern when Christopher is being “just Chris” and when he is being the True Messenger. To me it seems he can and does move from one to the other in a flash—in an instant, which I don’t think I can or will ever be able to predict. But having said this, I will give it my best shot to describe how I feel about Christopher, “the person.” When I know I am going to be in Christopher’s physical presence, especially when it will be in a small group setting where there is “nowhere to hide,” I feel very sobered. Not so much apprehensive, but sobered. This is a guy you don’t want to mess around with. While his compassion is unparalleled, he expects and desires honesty and transparency above all else. This seems to be the case whether or not he is “just being Chris” or is acting in his role as a True Messenger. When I am heading into his presence, I feel like I am walking into the “crucible,” so to speak. Although this might sound terrifying—and in many ways it IS terrifying—the strange thing is that it is also SO, SO FREEING! Leading up to the time I know I will be around Christopher, I find myself WANTING to be completely honest and transparent. I know that if I can just muster up enough courage and humility to at least be WILLING to TRY to be completely honest and transparent about myself, that the emotional and psychological reward (of being “healed” and “freed up,” so to speak), will be tremendous. I suppose I kind of approach it as if I were going to see a super intelligent and insightful psychologist or psychiatrist—perhaps someone like Sigmund Freud, who I knew could basically peer into my subconscious and discern whether or not I was being honest with myself or honest with him. Of course, there’s another part of me that is afraid—sometimes even terrified--and just wants to run away before I even arrive in his presence. It is indeed a scary thing to have to confront myself in this way and muster up the willingness to be as honest and transparent about myself as possible. However, as I said before, the “reward” is truly great if I can just hang in there and see what outcome might await. And the outcome is ALWAYS way, way better than I imagine it will be. (SIDE NOTE: I can see that this is pretty selfish of me—to see Christopher as a type of therapist who is there for ME, rather than me being a supporter who is there for HIM, but I haven’t yet found any other good way to “support” him other than by trying to be someone who truly tries to listen to him and tries to implement the things he says into my life, such as being a kind person to myself and others. Sorry for being so selfish Christopher!) But back to what I was saying: Likewise, I have always been astonished to discover that my fears have always been completely unfounded. Every time I am in Christopher’s presence, I find that his compassion and understanding far, far exceeds anything I had ever imagined possible. I have seen people share things with him that I am certain they would never, ever, in a million years share with anyone else, and Christopher has ALWAYS, ALWAYS surprised and astonished me at the outpouring of love, acceptance, and compassion with which he responds to these individuals who are being more vulnerable than they have ever been in their lives. Christopher is the most compassionate human being I have ever encountered in my life, BY FAR! I have literally been moved to tears and have been dumbfounded by what I have seen and felt as I have watched him respond to others in a manner I have NEVER before seen by anyone—whether friend, parent, ecclesiastical leader, or other person who was acting in a role as a comforter to another person. If there was EVER a person who could help you to BECOME AT ONE with WHO YOU TRULY ARE deep inside, this guy IS THAT ONE! The only trick is—and this is a BIG caveat--is that to see and experience this side of Christopher (who’s role as a True Messenger is to wield the Sharp Two-Edged Sword of Real Truth), you must at least be WILLING to be completely HONEST, first with yourself, and then with him. If you can’t or won’t be humble and honest, then you will probably never know or sense this UNBELIEVABLY loving, kind, and compassionate side of this man. Do I think Christopher is perfect? I definitely do NOT think he is perfect or knows everything. He is a mortal human being like everyone else (although with a “transfigured brain”) who does often get impatient and sometimes jumps to conclusions that aren’t necessarily correct. But because of his own seemingly brutal commitment to self-honesty and transparency, he bluntly admits and “confesses” his faults and past “mistakes” for the entire world to see. All one has to do to prove this to themselves is to read his autobiography or listen to a few of his live Coffee with Chris shows. Do I put Christopher up on a pedestal? I will admit that I probably do, even though I know I shouldn’t. Although I try to see him as my equal, as he has always told me that I am (along with everyone else in this world), sometimes it’s hard for me to not see him as “superior” or “above” me in some way. Likewise, I admit that sometimes it’s hard for me to not be afraid of him to one degree or another. This is because he seems to know things about me that I don’t even know about myself. Sometimes I do feel intimidated by him. As I mentioned above, I feel like he has the ability to peer right into my soul and know whether or not I am being honest with myself or with him. I know that I have the ability to deceive myself, but I honestly don’t think I have the ability to deceive Christopher. Perhaps this is why I will probably always feel like he has a “one-up” on me. But despite this, I have always found that I can trust him. He has NEVER, EVER shamed or insulted me as a person. He has gotten on my case at times for being too prideful, but he has never, ever put me down or suggested that I was an inadequate, flawed, or unworthy person. (This is in very sharp contrast to how I felt as I grew up in religion). On the contrary, he has always treated me as an infinitely valuable person who is absolutely equal to him and to every other human on this planet. Despite the many times I have been a bit nervous about spending time in his presence, I have ALWAYS walked away from my time with this man feeling much more acceptance, love, and peace towards myself and all others. One other thing I will mention is that through all of my interactions with this guy, it has always been OBVIOUS that this man sees EVERY other human being as his equal. When you have the chance to be around him in private (when he doesn’t have the role of confronting people’s pride with his sharp two-edged sword), he speaks of EVERYONE with respect and love, even his enemies and critics, including the religious leaders that he has to confront in his role, and ESPECIALLY those who are the downtrodden, disenfranchised, and all those who are considered by many to be the “least among us” in this world. To sum up all my experiences with Christopher, I feel like these sayings (originally attributed to Christ) describe my experiences with him VERY WELL: “Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.” (See Matthew 11:28-30) “A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another.” (See John 13:34) “And ye shall know the truth, AND THE TRUTH SHALL MAKE YOU FREE.” (See John 8:32)

Lupe Ordonez

NOTHING would uplift me and motivate me more than to read your personal birthday wishes ... NOTHING! What are your TRUE FEELINGS about me as a person? PLEASE TELL ME THE REAL TRUTH®!

You as a person I do not know you, we haven’t met, all I know about you is through reading what you wright and watching you on video. I have spent many hours studying the geography of your face. The love and kindness I have felt from you is in the privacy and confines of my mind. You are there with me. In December 2017 you posted couple of blog-talk radio shows where this person was tutoring you on the phonetic sound to make th sound when you were a child, you were in a lot of pain then, you were suffering a lot, I heard your pain, I felt your pain, I saw the humanness of yours thusly, oh you never gave up. You have cared enough for me to crack the whip of the lash for my wrong doings when I have been so stubborn and hard-headed, your kindness, love, compassion is endless. Here now December the 2nd 1961, 60 years ago a baby boy was born, under the care of an advanced human as a nurse how precious. I am aware of how hurtful and painful is to be cut-off from the work, not so much not su much of what you do is the way you did it in the past. There it is some fear and intimidation form you, that’s simply my opinion and observation. Well you are my True messenger, you deliver me the message and I greatly very dearly appreciate you

Rebecka Franklin

Laura Lynn

Dang it this is long, sorry...Part 1 How do I begin… Happy Birthday to my Dearest Friend… Happy Birthday to the one who has given me more in the last few years than in all the days of my life. 60 shmixty, is just a number, but how incredibly grateful I am for those precious 60 years of your life on this earth! Even more grateful to have been able to meet and get to know you over the last 8 and a half years! But by far even MORE GRATEFUL for the last few. Some of the most incredibly special memories and moments that I hold very close to my heart and will cherish so very, very, very much, as long as I am, and then some Even those tough times. I have described it in the past as a whirlwind of sorts. Thank Gawd I love mother nature! You should know what I mean by this!

As I have said before, I knew from the moment I saw you (Christopher) walking towards us at K-Talk radio, that my life would never be the same, and from that moment on…it never has been!

It is very, very easy for me to say, from that very moment, to this current day today, my life has probably had the most happiness, some sadness (only some for reasons i will explain further, later), more gratefulness, the most peace, defined purpose, ultimate determination, excitement, fulfillment, more self confidence, a whole lotta learning, much self-reflection and correction, major motivation, and profound enlightenment. I have definitely become stronger than I have ever been. I owe this to YOU my dearest friend.

If being given all these things from you, PLUS being given the opportunity to learn from you isn’t the most precious gift in and of itself then I don’t know what is! I have very often said that i have been given so, so, so much more than i could possibly deserve without having given even close to what i have received. I have been given and have learned more from you than ANYONE else in this life. For this I am and will be forever GRATEFUL!!! I don’t know how to present it any other way.

My favorite things about you are first and foremost and most definitely, hands down, YOUR HEART, meaning your kindness and compassion. I have witnessed you in almost every situation that humans go thru in this life and am ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS in awe of how you are and how you handle each and every situation with kindness and humility giving more whether it be monetarily or otherwise than ANYONE i have ever known! I have learned so much from you in this way. You are different in “the BEST way” than any man i have ever known! You are human and you are subjected (like the rest of us) to this far from perfect flesh we all have, HOWEVER you have given me the BEST example of how a man SHOULD react in difficult situations (most of the time, cuz you’re still human!)

You unknowingly command attention everywhere you are. Your presence in almost every situation is more powerful than anything I have ever had the opportunity to experience with anyone else. NONE can compare to YOU my dear Chris, NONE! People and friends have commented about the way I look at you with wondering eyes and YES i am not one who can easily hide my emotions. You know this. This look, with these eyes, is me in awe of how you are and do the things you do, the WAY only YOU can do it. It’s truly and absolutely AMAZING to me. So yeah I can’t hide that, sorry.

Other favorite things about you are your ability to relate. Your personality, the way you speak in your so called “hick” way (which is just like me) has endeared me to you from the get go. I felt i could understand and learn from you better than anyone else in the past. You spoke MY language. You are relatable to the common person. I never felt threatened by your way. In the past, before I met you, I always felt much less than others or stupid, because I didn’t understand or couldn’t feel what I was “supposed” to be feeling, but YOU have taught me with your words and by example and built my confidence more than anyone I have ever known before.

Your eyes…what can I say? Windows to YOUR soul or your True Self…whatever, I see YOU! All of YOU! Not in some special, weird, perverted, or supernatural way. Just MY WAY. There is a lot more to this than I am willing to share in public, but in private YOU know what I am talking about. An experience I will NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER FORGET! Very, very, veeeery precious to me. And that’s all I’ll say about that. If you can’t remember, just ask me. I learned ALL i need to know from that ONE experience.

Your smile, anyone who has ever seen that Christopher smile should know what I’m talking about. It conveys pure love, which can also be, “Yeah you’re full of shit but that’s ok keep on talkin…” which is definitely pure love. I love that about YOU. I’ve seen it so many times before from my own rambling. Your sense of humor.

I have heard more crazy, off the wall, waaaaay left field, over the top comments, jokes and just plain silliness out of your mouth than anyone else. I used to think that Tony was the only one who could do that but You have managed to top that and floor me so many times. You make me laugh more than anyone I know. There has been very few days that have passed when I’m in your presence that you have not made me laugh. You are so very funny. No one can come up with the things I’ve heard out of your mouth like you do. Tony comes pretty close but I think you’ve got him beat here.

Your strength, both mentally and physically. Again I am in awe. In my whole life, around all the men I have been around, friends, dads, bosses, Your strength both mentally and physically has totally surpassed them all. Very few come close. You are stronger than anyone I know. You have inspired me in such a way that i feel that’s part of how i have the level of strength i have today.

You are a Beautiful man inside and out, no matter what you think of yourself, I know what I see and what others see. It’s hard to see it about ourselves sometimes but overall I think you know. There is not one part of you that I do not like. I could mention more and more and more, but this is getting pretty long and I don’t think you’re expecting a novel.

Earlier I mentioned “some sadness”. I'd like to explain honestly what that means for me. You know from experience how difficult it is for me to communicate. I’m very bad at it but am attempting to with this writing. Pure honesty. I HOPE i explain myself properly.

What this means is, unfortunately, like every other human in this world, my LUCYfer has controlled me at times. I am not proud of this, however I have learned to recognize it more quickly than before and feel I have been able to utilize these times to learn from it, BUT i am far from perfect!! Having MY Lucifer contribute to any of your suffering, for any reason makes me sad! Continued as Part 2...

Laura Lynn

...Part 2 Continued YOU have helped me more times than I care to admit. YOU have taught me HOW to recognize and deal with my Lucyfer, only YOU could do this the way you have. I have been more vulnerable with and around you than anyone else. THAT is what has scared me. It has been the culprit to most if not all of my misery in the past, in most all relationships I’ve ever encountered mostly partners and parents. Vulnerability has always hurt me in the past. I have trusted YOU in all aspects of my life, more than any human in this world. In most, not all but most relationships I have always been in control. YOU disarm me like only YOU can. I am vulnerable to you. When I’m that exposed, I am allowing the possibility of feeling some level of hurt again, even if it’s almost always because of my own foolishness. I have been afraid of being hurt. I have been hurt by allowing myself to trust in others and have hurt others many, many times in the past . I HATE HURTING MYSELF OR ANYONE ELSE FOR ANY REASON!!! I am the reason, I am the cause. You have not hurt me, I have hurt me! I scare myself, I’m trying to learn HOW to TRUST myself. I already KNOW that I trust you.

The real question is, if I had the opportunity to live this life again with the same experiences, would I do it the same way?

What do you think?

If you truly know my heart, you would know that my answer is a resounding YES!

YES OF COURSE I WOULD! I would not trade anything for the time I have had to know YOU, to learn from YOU! With all my experiences thus far, I feel confident I could die today with NO REGRETS! NONE! That’s because of you and the experiences I have had in my life that YOU have made possible.

I have been in your presence during many, many, many of the difficulties you have gone thru over the last several years from losing close supporters to losing children, losing Sheri, and many many other times for various reasons. To personally watch you be in the most vulnerable and tortured state of mind, groaning within, suffering because of the sins of the world, suffering because of your so called “friends” like none i have ever seen before has most definitely caused me deep, deep sadness for YOU! I ABSOLUTELY HATE TO SEE YOU SUFFER and I have seen it A LOT!!!!! More times than I can say here. But I would do it again and I would be there EVERY SINGLE TIME, if you’d let me, just so you know we are all still here for you and with you!!! I WILL NOT ABANDON YOU, it’s just not possible for me. Don’t know how many different ways I can say this but will continue to repeat it over and over as long as necessary!

To wrap it up, with all my heart, with all that i am, with all that I owe YOU…Thank you for YOU! I know you hate being thanked however I feel it is appropriate to share this thankfulness at this time. Happy Birthday Dear Friend, I Love YOU, always have, always will! I am forever Grateful to call you my Friend! Thank you for being mine!!! Sincerely Laura Lynn

Bruna Poli

not having the chance to know Christopher when he is not the messenger what I can say is what I gather from his silences. trying to understand what he says, and to translate it simultaneously into my language it seems to me that when he carries a message he speaks clearly and precisely, sometimes he rails so much his overwhelming passion in bringing his message to the deaf of the earth, when he is himself speaks fast, gesticulates, rolls his eyes, makes funny faces, swears and curses, often incomprehensible to me even if I listen to it several times because the vocabulary does not translates them !! however it is precisely in those moments that I do not feel "in class" that I feel his great compassion and pain for the human impotence of not being able to see the world emerge from the oblivion into which it is falling. anyone who wants to prove what I am saying just stop the video and zoom in on his clear eyes which are the same, when he is a messenger and not. I hope to be able to see them for a long, long time to come. Happy birthday Christopher. 200 of these days!

Monica Smith

From Jason Natte:

“(as my Christmas/birthday present to C)

“Although we've never met personally .. I've NEVER encountered ANYONE .. IN ALL MY LIFE .. with a passion for ‘the very least among us’ .. like I have in Christopher Marc Nemelka’ [see Matthew 25:40 for reference] .. here's me wishing him & IN ALL his efforts .. [in helping them] .. ”

Craig Nichols

Chris was very warm and kind the few times I attempted to be alone with him. One time he walked away when I got upset without saying a word. -2016 symposium not counting his warm and kind greeting towards me as I sat by Robbie Pace.

Another time he waved and said goodbye as if he were genuinely sorry our paths had to pass. He had a wonderful smile and gave me this huge grin when I said to him and Sheri after a symposium (she scowled because I said I taught in church), "It's ok Sheri....." Pause. Looking at Christopher as we walked out of the elevator, "It's not like anything you have taught was the truth anyway." -2017 Symposium

That didn't ruffle his feathers at all and we continued to walk together until we found the parking lot.

Reading his autobiography confirmed how calm and peaceful and kind he is in person. To me it showed a humanity I've never seen in any man before. I often refer to him toward others as, "The kindest man I have ever known."

Craig Nichols

"I like you because you are like everyone else." - Diana Britt

Tanya McKee Devany

I used to love the song “Oh Holy Night”. When I was religious, I once watched a flash mob in an airport perform a medley and when they got to this song they all knelt. Members of the public were so touched some knelt too, and the sacredness of it made my cry and feel so emotional. Some years later, after I found your work and was starting to learn what you are like, you went through a hard time. The RI asked for anyone who knew you to write some words of encouragement - something like that. I didn’t know you - I wished I did, but I was quite new to the work. Still, I wanted to make you smile and know how much your work meant to me - how happy it was making me, how much it was improving me and my peace. I emailed you, as it seems did a load of others. The next day your public post made me laugh so much. You told us all off and said to never send you any kind of praise ever again. I kept thinking of all the reverence I was taught to feel for Jesus - kneeling before him, tip-toeing and whispering around his temple in our finest clothes. And here you were telling us off for singing your praises!

So how do I write you something nice enough to be a present…without any praise? To someone who doesn’t get any value from whether we like you or not? I dunno! I’ll just say how I feel.

I’ve not met you. I WISH I had! Ohhhh, I wish. It’s hard not to feel jealous, reading these stories from others who have. How can I be so fond of someone I’ve never met? Yet you’ve given me more happiness than anyone I’ve ever met, because you’ve changed me so much for the better. I visited a sports masseuse once. My dad assured me she wouldn’t hurt, but then also told me how she frequently had the local rugby team crying like babies as she broke down badly healed tears in their thighs. Chris, I would say you have done this to me too. And I love you for it! You have broken me down - my proud, proud heart. All my life my religious leaders told me how righteous and good I was, and now here you were pointing out things I’d never before considered and probably would never have noticed that I did. You tore into that pride and made me cry like a baby! I always knew you did it out of pure love - I could tell. One time it hurt too bad, and I remember thinking for the first time that maybe you weren’t that nice after all. I decided you were cut-throat, and I went off you a bit. I thought you didn’t care - you hurt us and you didn’t even care at all. And then not long after that, I found out that it hurt you so much to do that to us that you were in physical pain.

As a super dedicated Mormon, I’d always revered my leaders. I loved General Conference, and listening to the gentle, kindly voices telling me the things I expected to hear. When I came across you, I’d never seen anyone like you! Oh my life - you shook me up! I expected you to tell me what to do, give me commandments, how I was used to. Noooooo…! Instead, you would make me THINK and think and think and chose what to do for myself. I was amazed how careful you were NOT to tell us what to do - how very carefully you protected our free will. It confused the hell out of me, until I understood what you were doing.

I have never laughed so hard as when I’ve been reading your posts and watching your videos. You are so unpredictable and quick! Mannn, I said I loved General Conference, but that was because I felt like I was doing the right thing by listening. Your posts are a thousand times more enjoyable! Watching you sat there in your pjs - with the hole in the forearm, with unbrushed and sometimes really greasy hair - swearing and telling us how selfish we are, yes, is a thousand times more enjoyable than those pretty, gentle, EMPTY words I grew up hearing. And I love you for having the guts, the spine, the LOVE to say the hard things we need that make you so incredibly unpopular. That makes you my hero. Not only have you lost the respect of thousands of people and have people slandering you, gossiping, lying…even sending you hate mail and threatening your life, but then you still have the integrity to turn to the few people who love you and accept you…and do what that masseuse did to those rugby players - rip and offend their pride too. It has to be the loneliest job on the planet, with no one who understands you or what you go through. I WISH I did, but I don’t. I wish I could ‘watch with you’, instead of sleeping while you suffer your gethsemane for the sins of this world. I wish I knew how. I hope one day I will. I’m trying!

When I helped edit your book, you surprised me yet again. I like to write too, and I know how taxing it is. I write until my brain hurts, then make all kinds of excuses to have breaks. Yet you write so incredibly fast that I could barely keep up with you! And I was just editing it! (And I’ll back off your super-paragraphs and mega-sentences if you want to me help again in the future - *wink*).

I was so thirsty for more when I was new to your work, that on days you didn’t post, I would trawl the net hunting down old stuff I’d not yet read or watched. I once watched the entire five hour Garden Park thing…! And was glad, because I’d never seen someone be so fair and unbiased to both sides. That was a new concept to me. Another time I watched the entire deposition from one of your enemies. What I remember the most from this was that at lunchtime, first, after someone went and got you and your people lunch, the man deposing you asked if you’d had some brought for him too. And the way he asked, I knew that he knew you would have - your enemy, the man putting you through all this stress. The second thing was that as soon as he had his sandwich, he got a chair and pulled it right to the table you were sat on eating yours - like you were bestest buddies - and then sat and chatted happily to you for the entire lunch break! And he knew he was ‘safe’ and that you’d treat him kindly, despite what you were going through at his hand. He knew how you’d be with him! I could see in your face that you were feeling a lot you weren’t saying, and he just kept babbling away, enjoying every second of your attention. So that’s how you treat your enemies - this one expected you’d get him his lunch and felt completely comfortable to eat it with you while you had a break from him deposing you!

Reading this back, I hope it’s not too ‘praisey’ - but I don’t want to take any of it out. So tough! This is what I think of you. Happy birthday Chris. Happy everyday. I wish you could always be happy and surrounded by humble, honest people who love you and enjoy being with you.

Brady Poirier

The truth is I really don't know Chris that well. We've never had any interaction with each other on a personal level. He's never given me any advice or counsel outside of what he gives to the world through the MWAW. For me he's always been Christopher the messenger, Not my bishop, guru, prophet or even my friend. Honestly I love Christopher the messenger. I like how skillfully his words cut through a person's pride and ego leaving them exposed to the core, then lovingly he builds them back up with the simple words of "Just be nice to each other, just love each other." There are many other things that I could say about my messenger however this is about Chris the dude that turns 60 today so I'll keep it about that side of him.

I like Chris' transparency, not just with a select few but the whole world. Never having a problem with his enemies and critics knowing things about what he's doing or what he's working on. The true measure of a wonderful person is how one treats his enemies. Chris sets the bar of how one should treat his enemies. His love and compassion never waivers for those who would despitefully use and persecute him or even those that seek to take away his life.

I like how his walk with other people is peaceable outside of his role as a TM. He is kind and generous with his time, talents and resources. I like that he gets very uncomfortable when his supporters look at him with those big, wanting eyes that say "please won't you stay with us a little longer. We know you just did a symposium and you're tired but won't you please stay and fill my cup a little more." Despite growing within himself he's the kind of guy that stays and fills more cups.

Chris has a small group of people that would do anything for him. They would give him any amount of money or any amount of time to do anything that he asks of them. I've never once seen him take advantage of those people for his personal benefit. Always giving more than he takes with every interaction.

I like his loyalty to the brothers (RI) with his continual effort to protect and support them in their plans and goals. I like his bold fearless attitude to march into hell for a heavenly cause, no matter how hopeless things get. No matter how strong and powerful the private institutions, religions and governments of this world are, he somehow finds the strength to get on that figurative wall. Day after day crying repentance to a world that doesn't believe it needs to change. All the while knowing one day he will be killed for only ever trying to get the people of this world to a place where they finally don't need true messengers. Cheers to you Chris, Happy 60th!

Andy VanLehn

Happy Birthday, Christopher! I don't know you on a personal level but the work you put out is incredible. Thank you. I hope you have a great birthday.

Kaeleen Kalanikū Martinez

Although I’ve never met you in person my true feelings for you are indescribable and to put into words those feelings seem virtually impossible. As a True Messenger your message is received and penetrates my thoughts, mind and actions. As Chris, the man, I feel your love as much as you feel mine and I absolutely enjoy your twisted sense of humor. We may never get a chance to meet face to face but if we did I don’t think it would change anything E ‘Ola! Hauʻoli Lā Hānau e Chris.

Jean Baginski

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRIS! Several years ago I traveled to SLC anxious to be able to meet a True Messenger...being in awe that such a person was living during my own life time. Stopping off in Orem to meet some new friends who had also found this source of Real Truth, I met a man who was working hard to fix up Ida Smith's townhouse home, after she had passed away. That man was you, Chris. You were incredibly kind and unassuming. I didn't want to interfere with you. However, you knew that my shyness hid my desire to be able to spend time with you, and to find some type of worth in your eyes. Regardless of my efforts to not ask questions or to bother you, you made the effort to spend time with me...little old insignificant me. You were not what I expected....having been very familiar with how leaders of the LDS Church acted around members of the Church, and expected recognition for their positions; you were not like them. You acted like any other person, and treated me like any other person. I didn't expect that. I couldn't understand, and still don't understand, how you are able to be so "human" while also being a True Messenger.

As Christopher you sometimes scare me in your efforts to test us. So it is sometimes hard to separate Christopher from Chris. I have cried when things you have said were hurtful to some. But I have also cried knowing that because of your love for people, that it has been very difficult for you. Know this: you are important and so very much appreciated, if for no other reason than you ARE a human being. You, as a regular person "Chris"...and not as "Christopher" make me smile, laugh, and cry. You have made a difference in my life outside of the Real Truth because of your incredible humanity and strength to keep on keeping on. What a marvelous example! Happy birthday!

Ximena Maribel Cussi Rodriguez

Feliz cumpleaños Chris!!! , no tengo la oportunidad de conocerte en persona, leo tus publicaciones y te veo en tus transmisiones en vivo. A principio me sorprendía tus palabrotas, pero se porqué lo haces. Muchas de las publicaciones que compartiste era darle en el clavo por lo que estaba pasando, mi vida cambio cuando encontré el MWAW, lo que la religión no pudo hacer conmigo. Solo puedo darte las gracias (por aceptar el papel de true messenger, no se que sería de mi vida sin esta obra en un mundo solitario y triste ), aunque se que no te gustan las alabanzas. espero que tengas un lindo día mi amigo y hno.

[English translation from Facebook]

Happy Birthday Chris!!! , I don't get a chance to meet you in person, I read your posts and watch you on your live broadcasts. At first I was surprised by your swear words, but I know why you do it. A lot of the post you shared was spot on with what I was going through, my life changed when I found the MWAW, what religion couldn't do to me. I can only thank you (for accepting the role of true messenger, I don't know what my life would be without this work in a lonely and sad world), although I know you don't like praises. hope you have a nice day my friend and hno.

Benjamin Booth

What I like most about you Christopher is your humor...You make me laugh alot and laughing makes me happy!!! What makes YOU happy Christopher??? HAPPY 60TH B-DAY!!!!!!

Sigurjón Einarsson

Love you til the end of the world, and back. To me you are the Victor er.. if that's even a word? Proud to know you. You give a meaning to this miserable world. Wish you all the best.. always and forever.

Joshua Smith

Birthday message to Chris I’m lucky enough to have spent some time with Chris in person and I can honestly say he is the kindest human being I will ever meet. If you are around him and see him interact with another person, it is incredible just how kind he is. Sometimes I wonder what I would be like if my parents had never met him and all the problems I would have had. Without Chris, I would have never have been as happy as I am. He has affected me positively more than any other person in my life. Happy birthday Chris.

William Smith

In the time that I've gotten to spend with Chris I've admired his gentle but commanding Presence, Generosity and the way he deals with other people, I could list a lot more but it seems everyone's got it covered So congratulation's on 60 and good luck on the next 30, Happy birthday Chris

Blade Yoshio Saiki

Happy Birthday, Crazy Uncle!!! Haha, I remember C always telling me to call him that. I'd always wonder, "Why do I need to call him crazy?? he's nicer than everyone else I've met!" I couldn't be more grateful for what Chris has done for me, and my parents.

I do feel slightly bad for Chris's bank account because whenever we go eat he tips EVERYONE!!!

I also love his sense of humor lol, I don't think there has been 1 time when I'm not smiling and laughing in his presence.

But anyways I hope you have a very nice day.

Sheri Anne Nemelka

Christopher Marc Nemelka oh how I love thee, let me count the ways!

I love how in all the time we were together as Man and Wife you tried to play a role for my sake, a role not intended for you, that’s an enormous act of love from one who knows the Truth.

You played it well, we danced in the living room, played at the beach, took road trips to beautiful places, watched basketball games. You made sure I had a nice car and remodeled the hell outta homes for me. And so much more.

Yes I’ve experienced more time with you than most, yes I’ve been spoiled over the years of knowing you. I was there as you spoiled your children and grandkids as well! Oh man how those babies loved you!

I can’t understand how your brain works and exactly how you know the things you do.

I know you understand real love and equality in a way that I can only imagine.

I know your love is about wanting and knowing a better world is actually possible.

I know my life is better because you exist and are staying true to you.

Thank you!

Happy freakin 60!

Gary Slease

Sheri Anne Nemelka reminds me of this- " which could possibly familiar ?" https://youtu.be/lhyijN4ftko

Leslie Nelson

Happy Birthday Chris. I've never met you but the few words of wisdom you have given me have caused me to ponder on every thing you have told me and every other thing about my life that is brought to my memory. I have wanted to tell you that your words have helped me in many ways, that you have made a difference in my life. Because of you I want to be like the Real Illuminati, which means that I have set my values very high, perhaps too high, but to be like you or them, I consider a goal bigger than myself, thus a reason to be humble and more humble. I'm older than you but I want to live at least as long as you. I hope that we, as a group, make life an eternal thing. Have a Happy, Happy Birthday!

Michael Budge

Happy Birthday Christopher!

I’ve known Chris personally now for about 6 years now and have gotten to know him. I’d found the Sealed Portion while living in Texas the year before and read it along with his other books. I was so impacted by what he had written that I actually moved back to Utah (where I grew up) so I could meet him. I was surprised with how quickly I felt comfortable around him. What I soon found is that Chris’s personality delighted me.

He is so different from the sanctimonious religious leaders I’ve been around and I fucking love that. He swears, he laughs, he drinks, he takes drugs sometimes, he’s sexier than Jesus, and he isn’t afraid to hang around gay people like my husband Rob and I. He’s shown so much love and respect for me even though I’m gay. More than just about anything else, he’s been a champion of acceptance and respect for LGBT people and has given Rob and I nothing but unwavering love. What he has said about sexuality made more sense to me than anyone else I’d listened to about it.

Chris’s sense of humor is one of his best qualities. Even when I get down sometimes, he can consistently make me laugh harder than just about anyone else with his off-color jokes. The fact that he says off-color jokes says a lot about his character and I love it. He’s shown me how important it is to laugh and joke and see the humor in things.

He is also smart as hell and has this incredible talent for building and creating. One day he took us around the MWAW mountain to show us the water and irrigation system he had installed on the property. He wanted to pick my engineer brain to see if there was way any way he could improve it. I was blown away that he was able to build an impressive fire suppression system using a series of wells, pumps, and tanks with enough pressure to fight a fire with a jet of water at least 60 feet away. I honestly didn’t have any suggestions to improve it because he had already covered all the bases so well despite not having formal education.

Getting to know Chris personally has shown me the way to be. When I’ve talked with him, he makes me feel valued, important and comfortable. Just watching him interact with people is an example to me of how to treat others. He doesn’t teach one thing then act another way, like the hypocrites do. I’ve also seen him struggle, get frustrated with people, and get depressed, which shows me that he’s just human like I am too.

Being friends with Chris hasn’t aways been easy. At times being in his presence can been intimidating, but it’s the kind of feeling that makes me look within myself to find out what I really value. He’s tested me, and while that’s been hard, I feel like a better man for it. His role must be incredibly difficult and I can’t imagine being in his shoes, myself. However, I also can’t imagine anyone fulfilling that role better than he has.

Christopher, I hope you know that I love you and value you as a dear friend! Thank YOU for tirelessly working to perform your role. You have forever changed my life for the better because of what you’ve done and because of the example of love you’ve shown me.

Happy 60th

Robert Budge

Happy Birthday Chris

The first time I met Chris was after the symposium of 2017. I sat enthralled under a tree in the blazing heat at Garden Park (because the A/C was broken and still is) listening to Chris talk that evening. At the end of the evening I stood in the crowd waiting to say hello. I think I might have been the last in the crowd. He looked me straight the eyes and smiled broadly. I reached out my hand to shake his he grabbed my hand and pulled me into a great big Chris hug. I am not sure the exact words but he said “It’s about time we met. We are so happy you are here with us.”

Every time you meet with Chris it’s always a warm look in the eyes a smile and a big hug.

Chris has always been supportive of Michael and I being a gay couple. He makes fun of us and we love his sense of humor and support. BTW, you are not getting me away from Michael. Nor his he leaving me.

His sense of humor is incredible to me. Especially, when I am cooking. There’s usually teasing about how the food should taste. He usually eats what I cook without complaining. Well, maybe once in a while he complains and I have to remind him that he has a salt shaker.

There are other personal moments that I have had with Chris that are just mine. But, I want to get across that he always greets you with a look into your eyes and a big hug. There’s lots of laughter and fun. Times I will never forget. Trust me I know more about using a firehouse than I ever wanted. LOL

What have I learned from Chris. One of the most important is that people make choices and decisions based on what they know. They are entitled to believe what they believe and make decisions. I just need to respect those decisions.

He gave me the real truth when I was looking for something to tell what it was all about.

I have found peace and happiness in my life.

Thank you my dear friend.

To Chris: Embrace you 60’s. I am on the verge of my late 60’s. I found and married the love of my life. I found the BOM and Sealed portion. Found the Real Truth. Stopped working for the $ and just have the best life. It’s pretty amazing the peace I have found.

Love you. Happy Birthday!

Monica Cook

Happy Birthday Chris! You are the most controversial person in the eyes of the world, but the most genuine human I have ever met. It was 8 years ago that after reading the first part of The Sealed Portion, Nate took me to a symposium in December of 2013 and was able to see with my own eyes and hear with my own ears the message you were giving to the world. I have always had the tendency to look into someone’s eyes and see the intention of their words and the expression on his/her face to see how they were feeling about the things they were saying. I remember doing the same with you at that occasion and could not find any reason not to listen to what you were saying, not only for the information you were conveying but for the honesty I saw in your eyes and the unwavering conviction and confidence I heard in your words, that not even the swear words or sexual jokes could convince me otherwise. I also had the chance to feel your hand with my own hand in a handshake. I guess I didn’t smell your farts (took from Glen I.) or have tasted you like others in your life , but I have empirical evidence that you exist at this time on this Earth. I remember your initial emails and the compassion and patience you had with me while I was in learning curve transitioning from religious mind set to Reality. In all of our interactions throughout the years, you have been consistent in the way you behave in public and in private or within a small group. You are certainly a hard worker and are able to transform with your own hands unusable things into something worthy of admiration; and you are constantly working to maintain the work of your hands. I am thankful you have allowed others to help you in a way that hopefully have lifted in a miniscule way the burden in your shoulders, at least with the temporal things you do. I have also seen you act with the playfulness of a little child when you are not in your role. I have loved your jokes, making everyone around you laugh; even when sometimes I didn’t get the jokes, I loved the emotional healing of the laughter. You love to sing funny songs around the fire, you are patient listening to everyone’s ideas, life experiences and sometimes have seen that smile after listening to some of us (when we don’t get it.) I have felt your sincere embrace many times; but sometimes I blew it when I asked questions about my observations in your countenance or if you had a physical sign of a small injury, after explaining what happened, you disappear. It is then when I realized that I probably didn’t focus on what you initially were trying to convey and chased you away. I have not felt sickled but a few times, not that I am looking for it; but for example, when I felt sickled the last time I saw you, I think I needed to learn a lesson and be ok with someone not liking my food, in this case my new raw food recipe. I know there was another reason for frustration to happen. My focus needs to be in the things that matters, not in a fear to die; because I almost died twice this year, but in reality, I didn’t. So, the sickle helped me. Thank you! Thank you for your strength to keep going in the midst of all adversity. I have also seen your vulnerable side when crying for mistakes and when missing a cherished friend. Though the world might think this is a weakness, I think this is a strength. Your transparency is unparalleled and that honesty with each person and with the world shows that you care not only for the ones closest to you but also for all your human family. YOU ARE A UNIQUE HUMAN! I am so happy that you have Sheri back in your life as the greatest supporter, I am so glad you have a very good friend to help with your needs, I am so thankful that you have someone who takes care of the financial aspects of this mortal world so you can do what you need to do. I am so thankful that you have someone to take care of the administrative part of the work. I am thankful you have *someone who takes care of the media resources needed for this work. I am thankful you have someone who has editing capabilities, others with computer capabilities, others with translating capabilities, others with no capabilities according to this world, but they have the most important thing of all of us: big hearts and are very nice to those around them. There are many, and yet few around the world who want and do their best to be your supporter, even when we do not know how to be the best supporter. Most of all, I am really, really thankful that you have the Brothers, who love you and support you in the wisest way they do. I know you say that you don’t have true friends in this world. I, as many others, might not be able to be the friend that you need due to our Alzheimer brains. I do consider you my friend though because I know I CAN TRUST YOU. I do love and respect Chris and Christopher. I am so glad you are going through a transformation that makes you happy. At you 60th birthday, I hope you will have many more years to make others laugh with you at your jokes, cry together if needed, work hard together when needed, sing together crazy songs around the fire and be recharged to continue the Work that only you can muster to do. And at the same time, you can continue to be the Chris you want to be. That is my birthday wish for you, my Messenger, my Friend. *Someone means 1 or more people. (Sorry for not having a capability to write good English and even when my experiences are not the same as others, I agree with others about the main idea of who you are, "the Great I am" but so I am. If writing didn’t exist, I would just sum up my words with a big meaningful hug.)

Tony Saiki

It’s been 60 for you, and it’s only been 8+ years since I have met you. Before that, I had absolutely no idea who you were. I was influenced in 2010 when I first heard your name in my priesthood meeting which lead to the Sealed Portion and to Real Truth®

Thank you for being who you are. Your fierce gentleness, Your passion to do good knowing the world is not ready for someone who has to explain the Real Truth® to the world.

I see the compassion and forgiveness you have for everyone including those who call you an enemy. I admire and respect how you treat everyone equally. Thank you for sharing those traits, and because of them, I have been able to experience what an awesome older brother would feel like.

Happy Birthday Christopher

Big T :-)

Rebecka Franklin

Mitchell here, happy birthday dude! I love how real you are when it comes to telling us the real truth, and i love how you present it in the most humorous way that makes me laugh every time you do.

Andy Alldredge

What can I say about a guy I’ve never met? Though I’ve never physically been in your presence, and we’ve never had any personal interaction, I’ve been watching/listening to you for about four years and to me, you feel like a familiar friend. I’ve never encountered anyone so open and transparent, so human and humane. I love that you’re not afraid to show us what goes on behind the scenes in your life. Though I’ve only known you as a Messenger, I’ve also caught glimpses of your humanity – your struggles with addiction, your sadness at the loss of Sheri, your tendency to doubt yourself in your role, your inappropriate sense of humor, etc. I love your “Utah hick” accent, and the way that you “annillyate” words. I feel like I can relate to you as a real person, more so than any of the “teachers” I’ve followed in my past – pastors, priests, monks, gurus, etc. When I go back and listen to them now, they seem like phonies and actors. It’s quite comical, actually.

It’s difficult to put my feelings about you into words. On the one hand, I’ve felt your incredible love and tenderness in how you deal and interact with us in this work. On the other, I’m sometimes terrified and intimidated by your knowledge of things, your incredibly penetrating insight into the nature of humans and how we conduct ourselves. At times, the sharp two-edged sword comes out and your words pierce to the depths of my soul. Then I find myself feeling ashamed of the ways I’ve acted, and how I’ve treated others. But when I’m humbled and at my lowest, your jovial sense of humor comes out and puts me in hysterics. And then at times, your compassion is like a healing balm that lifts me up out of the depths of despair. How the hell does that happen? How can one person elicit such a broad spectrum of emotions, while simultaneously making me laugh like a child?

Though I’ll probably never meet you, I sometimes (selfishly) wish I could just shake your hand and give you a big hug. And then other times, I wish I could get the hell away from you and never have to think about you again! And yet I find myself drawn to you, eagerly awaiting the next Coffee With Chris, always wondering what you’re going to reveal next. Though I have at times been cut deeply by your words, I have never once felt that they were malicious or unjustified, and they have always spurred me to want to become a better, kinder person. And I suppose that’s what keeps me coming back for more.

I wish you the happiest of birthdays, dear Chris! I’m grateful that you’re alive and here with us. Thank you for all that you do for this world, for the least among us. I hope this last phase of your life is more wonderful, productive and fulfilling than all the rest of it combined. Now get back to work kicking all our asses!

Love, Andy

Dan Cook

Happy 60th Birthday Christopher!

From Dan Cook

December 2, 2021

Hi Christopher,

I hope you have a really marvelous 60th birthday today, and I wish you many years of joy as you continue your wonderful work here on Earth!

I still remember that interesting day I when I first met you on March 19, 2011 at the Salt Lake City Public Library, where you spoke for hours to a large group of people in the audience.

I sat in the front row, near Ida Smith, and listened to you speak to everyone.

On that eventful day, you told some funny jokes to the audience, and you briefly put on some huge silly glasses, and also momentarily wore some goofy-looking big teeth, that somehow made you look like Jerry Lewis to me.

I was really glad you did all those funny silly things, because it caused me to immediately feel at ease in your presence, like we were all equal friends, just having a really good time, all learning together, even though you were also presenting some really important new information that day, that I really wanted to learn and understand.

I also liked the way you treated everyone with kindness, dignity, and respect, when they asked you their questions, even when some people said some things that were unkind to you.

I really liked the way your bright intelligence and vast knowledge would always shine through in the way you patiently answered their questions.

That was over a decade ago when we first met in 2011.

There have been many other times we have been together since then.

For some reason, I always really enjoy being in your presence.

I don’t really know why.

I don’t fully understand it.

Perhaps it is because of the good way you make me, and others feel, when we are with you.

It seems to me that you always find a good, genuine way to really lift people up, by sincerely believing in their potential goodness, even when you also feel the need to use your sharp two-edged sword, of clear straight words, delivered directly into their feeble mortal human brain.

I am glad that you seem to intensely feel the full range of our mortal human emotions, just like so many of us subpar brains here on Earth.

I actually like the way you powerfully express your intense human emotions for all to see.

I also like the way you can often shift your human emotions so quickly, to restore again your calm peace, almost whenever you really desire to do so.

I like your unique sense of humor, and your goofy human playfulness.

These charming characteristics of yours are super endearing to anyone who has a good kind human heart.

I also like your marvelous intelligence, and your vast deep knowledge of so many interesting subjects, including science.

I really like the way you sometimes give to us some super interesting scientific clues, to help us all in our efforts to begin to understand the Real Truth about science.

You are by far the most marvelous scientist I know personally.

I have never met a Ph.D. scientist that knows science as well as you do, even though you never even took the time to go and get your Ph.D. from some university somewhere.

I guess you really don’t need any Ph.D.

I believe you probably already know much more about science, than all the Ph.D. scientists on this planet, combined.

It seems obvious to me that you know science much better than any scientist I know, because you can intelligently explain every particle of science so much better, in a simple, easy to understand way, that will make so much more sense to any scientific mind, when that scientific mind becomes fully willing to really listen closely to you.

I believe that one day the whole scientific world will embrace your intelligent scientific words, and learn greatly from them, but I don’t know when that future day will be.

In that future day, the scientists will begin to love you, like I do.

I feel like you are my best friend.

You are kind, funny, playful, brilliant, and helpful.

Who would not want a best friend like that?

I am super glad you have such a brilliant plan to solve world poverty for everyone everywhere.

I am very excited about your brilliant plan, and I believe it will work very well, just as soon as enough people discover for themselves, in their own minds, just how wonderful, simple, beautiful, and powerful your brilliant plan really is.

It seems to me like we are patiently waiting for more human minds to open up to a willingness to look at this brilliant plan to solve world poverty.

I am super glad that you are doing what you are doing, and that your brilliant mentors are helping you to help them continue to bring into existence this marvelous work and a wonder.

I feel very happy that I get to know you, as I continue to search for a good and proper way to someday help you.

I love you brother Christopher.

Your friend,

Dan Cook

December 2, 2021

Kindra Wild..for you… I felt resistance to open up. You want The truth.. not just to fluff your feathers… to think of you as a man, not a messenger, is difficult for me to separate out.. I’ve struggled to come up with what to say.. for a long while, especially having received the sickle on a continuous basis for this past year. I’ve rarely if ever felt deeper pain than the cut of the sickle. To ask about you the man, I have found over time a lot of brazen vulgarity that definitely has been hard to adjust to considering my background paired with a sense of comfortable familiarity.

I had many positive and hopeful moments and impressions with you across the ten years since first discovering the work… in many different stages of my life. Seen the caring familial man come forward to help me. Discovering this work, and to support it was a no brainer especially the more I listened. I got to see the very human side of you in all the “work” I’ve seen you do.

Sara Smith really captivated with grace and eloquence what it’s like to be on the receiving end of the sickle and having time for the effects of the sickle to integrate into the person who is freed forward into the future anew. I honestly feel I’m still amidst the personal reparations of receiving this cyclical sickle.

Seeing the metaphorical butterflies emerge out of the shedding cocoon via sickle in others through experiencing Both sides of you Chris and Christopher has held me on through my personal journey with shedding the unhelpful parts of my own Lucifer.

I first met you at a meeting in the Garden Park clubhouse on your birthday Dec 2nd in 2011 if I recall correctly. Exactly 10 years ago today. You asked me what I was doing there and who am I and if I know who I am. You were indescribably familiar. You said a lot of silly things, also mentioning how you still could never fart in front of Sheri. You seemed very normal and actually strongly reflected the same kind of humor my father has always used.

I didn’t really know what this work was about, but after the meeting, you came over to me, crouched down, put your hand on my shoulder as I was kneeling on the floor. Asked me some general questions and gave me some books to give to my close friend. A warm Assuring feeling came over me. I felt safe in the space and with the way you carried yourself with these people.. yet in time founds myself challenged by the crudeness of some of the natural man that seemed to come forward often.

After being exposed to a multitude of spiritual diversity and new age guru types, I felt something different here with this work and with you. I felt important not to miss any blogtalk radio shows, articles, meet n greets, get together, or any new information put out… for a reason I couldn’t well articulate other than something in my soul knew even though I was still working to integrate and understand it all, that I was somehow in the right place.

I’ve seen your sweet and silly sides, I’ve seen ferocity and natural man, a whole rainbow of expression. I’ve seen you playfully Tackling friends of the work in the park, while others picnic and play volley ball. I think back and I recall Late evening meetings of listening wide eyed and open eared with handfuls of other curious seekers and supporters of this work as you delivered in many colorful ways.. as the sun rises and sets, in parks, clubhouse, city library.. Murray park, Liberty Park, suited up in the Courthouse.. ready to take us all on in our ignorance and sleepiness.. still with groaning.. still pretty much avoiding me as much as possible, likely avoiding how uncomfortable and awkward I was in my own skin.

Nonetheless… With very little interaction, many times you showed up for me in ways I didn’t know a person could care when I felt dark, lost, or unsure how to move forward in my life.

Now what I see as a build up to finally making those necessary cuts to free me from a personal prison I accidentally built up inside my self and life due to a lifetime of adverse misshaping events.

You knew how much I looked up to you, and knew to sacrifice this was truly necessary to get me through to myself. To begin to really free me from my toxic life and behavior patterns that a life of trauma had left me unconsciously playing out, yet for as painful as it has been to be on the receiving of the sickle, I know there is pain in the deliverance.

You’ve been brave all these decades to exercise this work in the manners it has been necessary every step of the way despite the forces of the world and the lucifers in all of us, your strength has provided a blazing force of truth and transformation, of light for us to find our way through the dark tunnel of the lone and dreary world.. thank you for being a “fierce” example of bravery and a force not to be reckoned with, even though you ask us to challenge you. You know things, even about me, no one could possibly know, but I’ve witnessed it myself more times than I can count how you know what’s in my own mind, heart and soul. I don’t just mean from those hidden cameras…

“Keep on keepin on” eternal friend worlds without ends.. Happy BEarthDay Chris

Keith Stinson

Chris, I love that you accepted the role. I hate to see the tole it takes on you. You see our weaknesses and say what we need to hear, even if it‘s hard for us to hear and probably harder for you to say. We are a rough bunch. But the tough things get balanced when you bring out the humor. God, how I love your humor! You know, if you ever decide to do the comedian thing, I think you would kill it! Like Bill Burr. Raw and hilarious. And there are likely 100+ who would volunteer to build the sets, take them down, sweep the floors, load everything, go to the local favorite food spot, party like it’s 2019, and hit the road to the next sold out stadium. I know, I know. It’s just a dream. What I’m trying to say is something I can’t put into words. “Thank you” seems too little. But, thank you. I hope your birthday is a good one.

Arnis Kalniņš

Words are insufficient in expressing my thoughts and feelings. Nevertheless, there are a few words which encompass my feelings about you as a person: love (namely, agape), kindness, honesty and courage. And a sense of humour. A song for you, “The Impossible Dream”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JjI7VeIA7ZI I wish you (and all of us) to reach that seemingly unreachable star and not give up a hope for humanity. I believe that the world already is and will be better for you and what you have done. And the world will be better for this That one man, scorned and covered with scars, Still strove with his last ounce of courage To reach the unreachable star.

Doriann Stubbs

What are our TRUE FEELINGS about you as a person, not as our True Messenger?

Seems like a tall order…. as when are you just being a mere mortal and when are you just being our messenger.

And ALL OF IT ( the shame of my mortal existence in your presence) has been and will always be worth having access to the REAL TRUTH that comes from your beautiful transfigured mind and then out of your sassy, sometimes salty, loving, generous and honest to a fault, oftentimes humorous, even many times profane or even terrifying two edged sword that cuts the fuck out of mine, your own and all of our pride and ego, mouth. Regardless of my perception of the vast range of emotion that comes from your frustration, anger, hate projections to love, regard, respect and everything in between as well as the infinite awareness of all things.

Even from time to time when I feel terrified being around your conditioned pain and anguish triggering my own conditioned pain and anguish…. somewhere inside of me I have somehow always always felt the love the two edged sword is made of… and I am filled up time and time again, with Fierce Compassion for my fear, my pain my feelings of separateness and all of yours and my resistance to the intensity that you used that may have been necessary to keep some of us in gut wrenching honesty to be able to temper our cognitive dissonance. Which would then allow for us to STOP just existing here on earth lifetime after lifetime as mere wretched refuse, AND BECOME WAKING MORTALS as you consistently and tirelessly assist us to remember line upon line and real precepts to understand what love, respect and regarding ourselves is so we can have a reference of what love, respect and regard for one another even is.

Your voice for truth and example and mirroring back to us what we don’t want to see in ourselves and yet consistently project on everyone around us day in and day out, has been a refiners fire to say the least.

Until I met you I had never felt real love FROM any other adult or FOR any of my many adult associations. All of my associations paled instantly in one moment in your awakened presence. I actually in my selfish regard for myself made up that you were my soul mate. It wasn’t long before reality popped my bubble. I felt then and now that your love for others mirrors something I experience within myself for everyone I have ever met and those I choose to care and to know but have never learned how to properly engage with in this world.

Your tender regard for my children ( all children period, which I later witnessed) was the key to the deepest place I’ve experienced in my own heart which became the TRUST my heart & mind needed to FREE ME from the secret combinations that had had control over my life up until then. Because of your sincere care and the care from some of the friends that surround you I was able to walk away from the Secret Society of Polygamy, away from everything and everyone I had ever known, the insane overwhelm, the unreasonable expectations of myself and others and begin learning how to love and provide for myself and those of my children who would allow for me too continue to care for them too.

At times It was confusing to feel your support on one hand and at any given other moment on the other hand being brushed aside as nobody or no one to you. But now I fully understand why. The depth of your compassion for each and every individual is incomprehensible and all beings deserve equal opportunity as any other. I have unlearned and remembered some of what you have sacrificed all earthly associations to be able to teach the real truth of all things.… and have so much much more to unlearn and remember.

Your Honesty has helped me face my pride my ego and my ignorance consistently and helps me keep myself in check and keeps me humble and helps me keep working on the person I want to be which affects the few associations I have because it is frankly embarrassing to act like we’ve been conditioned to act as mortals on this earth at this time.

The level of your Kindness to me and others has been such an important reference of what real regard respect and love for myself and others could be.

THANK YOU FOR DEDICATING YET ANOTHER LIFETIME believing in yourself and in each of us that you meet and those whom you choose to know.


YES I have been on the bigger receiving end in all the time I’ve known you BELOVED ONE…. my heart aches in this knowing and I wish I could ever do anything sufficient enough to lift your burdens back and lighten your yoke in any possible way! And I cant imagine my life here in this lone and dreary world without you.

Your pain Hurts all of us as does mine and everyone’s else’s pain because we pass it around so masterfully.

And if it were just you without the BROTHERS ??? They are the REALEST & BESTEST REFINERS FIRE and REALEST BESTEST FULLERS SOAP And without YOU we would not have THEM.

I kin YOU I kin THEM I kin us ALL So Grateful to be Celebrating Your Birthday with You Now & Always Our Eternal Servant & Friend THE PRECIOUS REACH THAT YOU ARE THAT WE ALL DESIRE WORLDS WITHOUT END

Mireya Silva Parra

I’m celebrating your 60th Birthday Christopher!

As I search in my mind and [heart] for words to describe how I feel about you… My [heart] feels overwhelmed by a strong stream of thoughts and feelings pouring out and I can’t control my tears coming down my face… I just wish I can cry in your arms as I tell you how much you mean to me, who I ‘am because of you, and the great impact and effect that you have caused to my character…Strong and totally free with a very strong foundation… The Real Truth!

I have felt your pain numerous times…wishing I can be close to comfort you…I have thought of the great pressure that you are carrying, and I saw your work unceasingly for all the world… I wish I can put with words what my mind and heart want to scream to the entire world!!! Before I met you, I’d listened to some videos about you … A lot of negative information about your person… I’m just glad others’ opinion wasn’t important to me, and I told myself “I need to find out for myself what is the reason for so much hatred against this Christopher” … Then to realize this silly hatred does not make sense! Your love, kindness, and compassion were immediately tangible once I was in your presence… And I had the immediate realization… Long …very long time ago you have already captured my [heart] … When I came to meet you the first time…Was like you knew me, and I instantly felt in the presence of a wonderful friend… When the time came for my departure…and I find out that you were not to say goodbye…Oh! Was like I didn’t want to leave…I wanted to stay much longer, and I thought then I wasn’t prepared to not know when I will see you again… Was though…

You are by far the most intelligent, wise, and wonderful, kind person I have ever encountered!

Finding you Christopher and finding the work to “Solve World Poverty” is the most wonderful goal I can have in my life! It resounds so deeply in my being! Beautifully! What else can be more beautiful than this?

I’m very grateful to be part of your supporters and believe in the very heart of your own goal! I can feel your genuine unconditional love for all humankind! I can continue pouring out my heart, with love and admiration for you… Words are just not enough to express myself about you Christopher, My True Messenger…My real Jesus! Oh, how much I love you… My only truth is that I love you with the purest love I can have in my for you, and there is nothing else that brings me more satisfaction than to see you, hear your words, or read your messages… And of course… I long for the next time we will meet again… I want to wish you a wonderful day! And I hope you have some beautiful friends to celebrate with you today. Please cheer up! You have done more than any other man on the planet! You have been a great friend to the Real Illuminati, Oh how much I love them too!

With much love and always,


Keith Stinson

Happy Birthday card for us elderly ones (50’s is the youth of old age, 60’s is the middle age of old age and the 70’s take you back to being a kid, right?)

Keith Stinson

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Burke Bluemel

I don't really need to tell Christopher how I feel about him. His already knows. But I will humor him and tell him the truth. I've love him from the beginning. I still love him. I will always love him!

Rose Montreuil

Hello Beautiful Soul Happy Birthday Be Awesome today Just met glad you let me be your friend

Lacey Robertson

For your Birthday Christopher, I hope you feel a little faith in humanity. I Hope You Dance ㇏( ෆั ⌣ ෆั )ノ https://youtu.be/RV-Z1YwaOiw

Luis Alberto Dondi

Querido amigo Christopher, en este día te deseo un feliz cumpleaños... te escucho muy attentamente, especialmente come hombre... y realmente cuando en algunos momentos estás triste o en otros eufórico o en otros enojado... te entiendo... la fragilidad del ser humano está exactamente ahí... somos como hojas en el viento de este huracán que nos toca vivir... y te comprendo cuando te enojas con nosotros... nosotros podemos ver lo existente e tres dimensiones... y tu las puedes ver en más dimensiones... nosotros somos como pequeños estudiantes de primer grado.. y te agradezco por tu paciencia y por habernos explicado en manera elemental conceptos inconfutables sobre la única y lógica existencia de lo que normalmente viene llamado “lo creado”... un abrazo fraternal. Alberto Dondi

[Facebook's translation into English]

Luis Alberto Dondi

Dear friend Christopher, on this day I wish you a happy birthday.. i listen to you very attentively, specially ate man.. and really when at some times you're sad or at other times elated or at other times angry... i feel you... the fragility of the human being is exactly there... we are like leaves in the wind of this hurricane that we have to live... and I understand you when you're mad at us.. we can see the existing and three dimensions.. and you can see them in higher dimensions... we are like little first graders.. and I thank you for your patience and for having explained to us in an elementary way unconfutable concepts about the only and logical existence of what is usually called "the created"... a brotherly hug. Alberto Dondi

Kathleen Kaakimaka

Hauoli la hanau, Chris! Even though we've never had the opportunity to meet in person, there is a special connection that I feel. Watching you on Zoom or CWC knowing that our advanced selves communicate with one another brings that familiarity and comfort, it seems. With what you have given us of your unique personality and humor and your genuine self is enough for me that we have not met in person. There have been many times I've had questions in my mind and then during a delivery, voila! you answer them! It's quite astonishing to my mortal self, .....but is it? Hummmm! I can feel your happiness and joy as well as your frustration and pain by being so transparent openly sharing with all of us. You are a true friend to all mankind and have given up your "life" for the world's sake. This speaks volumes about you and the sacrifices you've made and are making, which is remarkable. I know you are my friend, and your imperfections are perfectly ok by me. Anyone who doesn't like it, too bad, or as I now say, "you can shut the f**k up, he's my friend!" My husband, Noa, and I love you, Chris, our friend, hope your 60th birthday fulfills all your wishes.

Cheryl Patton

Dear Chris, I want to wish you the happiest of birthdays now that you are actually 60! I can't believe how my life has changed since I have gotten to know you over the last 15 years! You have been the best example of an honest and genuine human being on this planet. One of the RI once said of you, "There is no mortal man upon this earth as humble and contrite as Christopher. There is no man as fearless as he. There is none that can take his place, there has not been in any of his lives. He has done and is doing what none of us could." I love you so much because I can feel your deep caring and concern for our entire human family, but also for me personally. You have shown me much of who I really am and my reason for living and supporting you and the MWAW. I love all of your personality--your wonderful sense of humor, your anger, your tears and everything in between. I love being in your presence and feeling of your incredible positive energy! I love learning the REAL TRUTHS that you are now able to share with us. I love you loved being a father more than being a husband. I love that it is impossible for any of us to lie to you and that you like being around nice people. I love that you are the most beautiful man I have ever known, both inside and out. And I love that it is impossible for me not to love and serve you as I stand by your side for eternity, worlds without end, my dearest friend and companion.

Bret Powelson

Describing how I feel about you seems impossible. How can I possibly put into words the positive impact you have had on me? You embody what it means to be a perfect man. You not only embody what it means to be the perfect man… you embody what it means to be a perfect human being. I have never seen or known of anyone to possess, at the same time, both the brute strength and kind gentility that exists within you. I have spent just the right amount of time with you to clearly see how you behave and interact with others. You set such a high standard that I doubt I can ever live up to it… But I try to. I strive to be like you in everything I do. (That being said, I don’t try to emulate you when you are putting on an act or acting in such a way as you sometimes do to intentionally push people away from you or the Work. Those situations are exceptions; I understand them and I can easily discern when they happen.) You have always treated me with respect and kindness and with humor and intelligence. The way my life has unfolded and the experiences I have gone through, I have been exposed to some exceptional, successful, powerful and smart people, but none of them have I ever desired to be like. I have actually been repulsed by them and rebellious against them, until I met you. You put on no airs, unless you’re just kidding around, which is easy to tell. I have never met anyone who is able to explain things the way you do. I have never met anyone who can write scripture like you. I have never met anyone who treats me with the respect, fairness and generosity like you. You taught me that I am God and everyone else is an equal god to me, the most profound thing I have ever learned, internalized and put into practice. Believing that principle alone changed the way I live and approach life with others. If I never learned anything else in life, that single lesson would be enough to help me navigate life and relationships in peace. You not only said those words to me, “Remember, you are a god,” but I have witnessed firsthand how you live it yourself. Your ability to endure your “calling” amazes me. I don’t pretend to know what it is like to be a True Messenger for the world, but every once in a while, I catch a glimpse and capture the crushing enormity of your task. You amaze me. I pattern my life after what I have observed you do. You’re my hero. Happy birthday Chris!!

Karen Cunningham Miller

Happy Birthday To You, Happy Birthday To You, Happy Birthday Dear Christopher, Happy Birthday To You.

As I look at this picture of you I think back to the first time I saw you in a video. I had so many thoughts racing through my mind. I immediately knew I had to learn more. The things you we’re talking about made sense and the information was incredible. I began to research you and all the information you talked about. It just felt right. I have always had doubts regarding the church and it’s teachings but, I just kept going along. I often ponder how you had the courage to walk way from all you had and knew. I was like WOW how could he go on without family? We have been taught that nothing is more important then our families. At such an early age we have been indoctrinated in believing the church was true. Such as Joseph Smith a true prophet, eternal marriage and families are FOREVER. I could go on and on. It is so hard for a member to leave the church mentally. All the teachings just keep flooding your mind. Just the fact that Christopher left the church after being a member of a committed family, serving a mission ect. I have listened to stories you share about your life. I know you are TRUE BLUE. Your sacrifices say a lot. There have been times I would think hmmmmmm you can be as I perceived you to be mean and rude but, continued to follow you. You are kind, hilarious, loving, caring, intelligent, sincere, generous and the other side of you can be impatient, gruff and of course the sharp edged sword. The TRUTH does hurt. I’m here because NOTHING has ever made so much sense and my love for humanity. Thank you for carrying the literal world on your shouldersI have begun to understand how completely exhausted, disappointed and frustrated you are from repeating yourself to all the world and no one getting it completely. I love you for all of these things. I am learning and growing and hope to walk beside you as you take on this monstrosity of a calling. The RI absolutely knew you were the right person for the job. Thank you Christopher for your strength and steadfastness.