A new show about the Real Illuminati® and their Marvelous Work and a Wonder®

A new show about the Real Illuminati® and their Marvelous Work and a Wonder®:

Zeitgeist of Real Truth™—A Sharp Two-Edged Sword.

I've been asking my critics and enemies to challenge me in public for many years.

I finally had a challenge, sort of, a couple of weeks ago.

My challenger, Robert Gurr, profoundly proved why I desire people to challenge me—to let others experience the difference between a person who uses common sense, reason, and logic (whom the Real Illuminati® refer to as a "True Messenger") and one who depends solely on one's emotions to defend whatever one believes.

The last challenge was about whether or not the Real Illuminati® created the Book of Mormon or is an actual history of real events. Mr. Gurr touts himself as an LDS/Mormon scholar-apologist. Ironically, throughout the debate, I was the one who pleaded with the viewers to read and study the Book of Mormon for themselves ... quite a few times ... to prove that most of Mr. Gurr's statements and arguments against what I was presenting were blatantly false and misleading ... as are most of the statements that LDS/Mormons, especially their missionaries, say about the Book of Mormon.

Weird that I would be the one promoting the study and reading of the Book of Mormon much more than a faithful LDS/Mormon would. My confidence in knowing the Book of Mormon history and the answers to the why, where, when, what, and who about it, and that my answers are better than anyone else's upon this earth, is something I can easily back up.

My confidence in my knowledge of Real Truth™—which is things as they REALLY are today, and things as they REALLY happened in the past—is substantially sufficient to make the challenge to ANYONE to meet me in a public setting and discuss ANYTHING of importance to the human race.

I am preparing and studying the notes that the Real Illuminati™ have sent me over the years about past events, and those which they send me about current events—again, these things comprise the Real Truth™—to help them write the final book of their Trilogy:


I need some good challenges and discussions so that I can better relay to this world the incredible information that this group of highly intelligent people know about establishing the perfect human society upon the earth.

I do NOT enjoy preaching to the choir, which means that I do not like to meet only with those who support the Real Illuminati® and their work, a Marvelous Work and a Wonder®.

No supporter has ever offered a good challenge.

Because most supporters have already studied and challenged the information in their own minds, they are unable to come up with any viable challenges. The "choir" listens to me sing and nothing good comes of the meeting, except some new tidbits of information that adds to the egos of those who have found the Real Truth™.

That said,

We are going to produce a bi-weekly (every other week) show on the Zoom or YouTube platform ... whatever the producers of the show desire ... where I can present myself and take any challenges from the public. This will be an opportunity for me to practice explaining some of what the Real Illuminati® want published in their book about government and society.

Why not call the show: Zeitgeist of Real Truth™—A Sharp Two-Edged Sword?

Most people don't know what "zeitgeist" means, but its meaning fits well into what the MWAW (the Real Illuminati®'s work) is all about.

"Zeitgeist" generally means what people are thinking about during a particular time frame—their mood and attitude about current beliefs, ideas, and opinions.

This world is failing fast because no one is talking about the Real Truth™.

People are so caught up in their own opinions and beliefs, that they rarely open their minds to the possibility that their opinions and beliefs are NOT the Real Truth™.

If their opinions and beliefs are not things as they REALLY are, or things as they REALLY were in the past, when confronted by how things REALLY are, it's like being cut by a sharp two-edged sword, which in the case of this show, will be coming out of MY mouth.

I'll leave the name of the show up to the producers.

NOTE TO PRODUCERS: Let's do the show on a Saturday about the same time of the day that we were once doing Coffee With Chris. Or, if you come up with a better time, you choose. I am open.

I believe the Zoom platform with the YouTube addition that you had during the last debate was probably good. But again, you choose.

Call on some of the brightest Millennials who follow the Real Illuminati® and see what ideas they have for the show.

Let's set it up and see how it goes.

No need for me or any of my supporters to argue with others about me or the MWAW. If we have a bi-weekly place where people can come and challenge me, all a supporter has to do is invite the person to attend and confront me.

When challenged in person, without notes, without a teleprompter, without knowing what is going to be discussed, it becomes VERY easy to recognize the difference between Real Truth™ and false opinions and beliefs.

Set up the first show for October 9, 2021, and then every other week at the same time after that.

There ya go supporters!

You have your platform for challenges.


Brett Gerfen

Here is a current topic that may be good to discuss during one of these shows...

Christopher Nemelka

Brett Gerfen Yes. This and many other issues we can discuss about that "great pit" that has been dug and is being filled by those who dug it.

EVERY prophesy given in the Real Illuminati®'s new American scripture will be fulfilled ... EVERY ONE!

Macrae Cain

Id like to hear a good analysis and explanation on how the world is “worse” than ever before.

When the counter argument against that statement would be that civilization, technology, and civil rights are far better than they were even 10 years ago.

Christopher Nemelka

Macrae Cain

Please make the challenge during the show.

Heads up ...

For Macrae Cain, and maybe a few of his family and friends, the world is far better than it was even 10 years ago. But what about how it is for the majority of people living in poverty, inequality, and hopelessness, about whose lives and circumstance the Macrae Cains of this world haven't a clue.

And answer this question honestly, Macrae Cain:

Do you REALLY believe that your daughters are growing up in a world that is safer and better than the one in which you grew up? Really?

Bring your best and brightest to the show.

Macrae Cain

Christopher Nemelka thanks! I should have clarified that I proposed that more as a common rebuttal and not necessarily a challenge from me directly.

Christopher Nemelka

Macrae Cain

I realized that. But consider how YOU would answer your own question.

Your experience is limited to YOUR experience. So ...

In YOUR experience, was the world that you grew up in a better world than the one in which you are raising your daughters? Yes or no.

If no, then why?

In contemplating the why, you will have challenged and answered yourself.

For the sake of the few following this thread, please answer the questions. 😊

Christopher Nemelka


Please answer the questions as I have posed them to you.

Do NOT deflect.

There is a great lesson to be learned here.

PLEASE ANSWER THE QUESTIONS ... here they are again:

Is the world a better place today, during the time that your daughters are growing up into adulthood, than it was when you were growing up into adulthood?

Yes or no.

If no, then why?

Christopher Nemelka

Or, you can answer this question ...

If the rest of the world continued to live like Macrae Cain is currently living, would the world start to improve?

What is Macrae Cain doing in his life that makes the world a better place for others?

Or, this one ...

Are there ANY other humans alive upon this earth as important to Macrae Cain than his daughters?

What would Macrae Cain do to protect his daughters?

Who, really, is Macrae Cain and what kind of human being is he?

Now do you see why people wanted to silence and kill Socrates and Inpendius?

But anyways ...

Christopher Nemelka

Now do you see why even Inpendius' closest friends and supporters betrayed or denied him?

Christopher Nemelka

Who can handle the Real Truth™?

I HIGHLY doubt ANY of my supporters and "friends" can ... NOT A SINGLE ONE!

Christopher Nemelka

THIS WORLD WILL NEVER BECOME A BETTER PLACE ... and will continue to get worse and worse ...

... because Macrae Cain loves his daughters and family more than he does others.

But anyways ...

Christopher Nemelka

Oh, my, how the Real Truth™ is as sharp as a two-edged sword!

I only wish it would come out of someone else's mouth and not out of mine. Sigh ... sigh ... Oh my, Sigh ...

Macrae Cain

Thanks Christopher Nemelka - I’m soaking in your comments.

I’m not always good at communicating myself properly which is why I avoid the spotlight. My intention was to give the idea for the show.

There’s nothing like a good ass whopping in the morning. 😊