Applying the "wrath of God" to Coffee With Chris


I'm pretty sick and tired of using religious terms to help people understand what I do and how I do it.

I can't wait to finish helping the Real Illuminati® (RI) put together the second book of their Trilogy, A New American Scripture—How and Why The Real Illuminati® Created the Book of Mormon. Once complete, I FINALLY can stop using religious context in order to help religious people ... which includes ALL of the "I'm not religious, I'm spiritual" people ... open their minds to Real Truth™ ... and I can't wait until we have "Real Truth" legally registered as a trademark ... because this says a whole bunch about what the RI have done, are doing, and will continue to do ... which won't be much ... that the RI will continue to do ... because of the "wrath of God."

And what is the meaning behind the "wrath of God" as the RI have used it in their religious-based writings? It certainly isn't that there exists some kind of sadistic god who likes to see people on Earth suffer, so this god is going to intercede and do all kinds of bad things to this god's creations ... What kind of dick god is that?

So, let me see if I can make it a bit clearer.

Let's say you're a highly advanced human.

Okay ... just consider yourself right now, living on Earth with the modern technology and advancements that we have, as a highly advanced human, compared to the not-so-advanced humans of ... let's say ... 1000 years ago.

Look what you can do compared to what they could do.

Amazing. Right?

Imagine that you are instantly placed back in time ... 1000 years ... and you take with you the knowledge of how to mine the raw materials from the earth that make iron, steel, and any other metal that humanity now uses. You also know how to make your own gunpowder from raw materials, including all the lead bullets. You know how to find copper and zinc, so you make brass ... Oh wait ... 1000 years ago, they did use all these metals, but the idiots couldn't figure out how to shape copper and zinc (brass) into bullet casings, load them with gunpowder and shoot them at someone ... That there, Folks, was some pretty dumb non-advanced humans right there! Am I right? Yeah, I am ... as usual ... and still sexier than Jesus approaching my 60th year on Earth ... Wooooooooohooooo! ... But anyways ...

(NOTE: all of my personal arrogance is directed at all you assholes who visit MY PERSONAL WEBSITE to read what you believe is bullshit, then get mad at MY PERSONAL BULLSHIT! I got nuttin for you idiots! STOP READING MY SHIT IF YOU'RE GETTING UPSET ... And ... it is my desire to upset you, so that you stop reading my shit ... you don't deserve it. You do not deserve the Real Truth™. Believe in your own bullshit. My bullshit's for those who want to follow a few people who knew 1000 years ago how to create a fucking nuclear weapon! You shits, who believe in a sadistic god that isn't doing anything to help this world, because you think you're right and that everyone else on Earth is wrong, so your sadistic Jesus-type guy is punishing everybody, but YOU ... You know, fuck you dicks! I got nothing for you. So, I'll continue to call you dicks, fucks, and shits ... as well as the super offensive title, "CUNTS" ... so that you will STOP READING MY STUFF! Gaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwd ... But I am the sexiest 60 something Jesus you'll ever find on this planet ... Gotcha! Go away!)

Let's consider this, too ...

All the dumbasses of today are congregated in all the major cities in the world. They get hit with a pandemic, firsta strain of virus that is mild (because it only kills a very small percentage of them)to warn them that an even greater virus is coming that is going to take at least half of them, IF they don't figure out how to cooperate together to fight the virus ... And they won't figure it out, because they're a bunch of prideful dumbshits ... and we'll get to that below.


All the people, who are prideful, because they think they're smart for leaving these cities and living "off grid" ... Yeah, you shits are just as prideful as anyone else. Why? Because how many of you would last longer than your cache of bullets? And listen up dumbshit "off gridders," if you think that you, your wife, and your little kids are going to keep 100 men from rushing your ass, raping your wife, taking your kids ... at least the girls, so that they will grow and be raped by these others to continue the human race, as these others believe it should be ... Anyways ... you can see that the Real Truth™ DOES NOT SUPPORT a person who desires, because of their fucking pride, to alienate themselves from the rest of humanity, because their pride tells them they're going to be saved while the rest of humanity meets its doom because of the FUCKING APOCALYPSE ... that isn't real, and is NOT MENTIONED, EVEN ONCE, EVER, in your silly Bible's book of Revelation. (And yes, there are a few followers of the MWAW, who claim to be my supporters, who are soon not going to be my supporters, who believe that they are better than everyone else because they live off grid. ... Just giving you a little more time to realize that YOU'RE FUCKING AS PRIDEFUL AS ALL THE CITY DWELLERS, YE FUCKS! But anyways ... where were we? ...

Oh, yeah ... So you're immediately transported back in time with all the knowledge and ability to create ... Yeah, a nuclear bomb!

So you find yourself among the races fighting each other with "bows, and with arrows, with swords, and with cimeters, and with clubs, and with slings." (Yeah ... I took that quote from the RI's Book of Mormon ... because Mormons would be the first to arm themselves with weapons in order to protect their families ... and food storage ... from their neighbor ... who is going to rush them, kill the priesthood holder as he raises his right arm to the square to call upon the Mormon god to save him ... he'll be rushed, killed, his wife taken and shared among the men ... who will kill each other, IF the wife is good-looking enough ... take the man's food storage, the 100 guns that he has stored so that he is complying with God's command of preparedness ... Yeah, idiot Latter-day Saints ALL believe that guns and ammunition should be a God-inspired part of their food storage, because that's how they are going to protect their families from the MANY families that don't have food storage and will do anything and everything to feed their families ... Yeah, it's that fucked up in this world. ... And again ... you "off gridders" who claim to love this work ... fuck you, live in your isolated part of the world where no one can see your light ... and thank God they can't! Because if you claim that you have found the Real Truth™ in the MWAW and THumP® ... and you desire to live off grid, because you want to save yourselves from the rest of society ... You're a fucking idiot who serves your own pride and ego ... And I'm getting ready to dismiss all ya all without further argument ... So, it might help me, if you would just dismiss yourself. But anyways ...

So, you live 1000 years ago, and you know how to create the weapons that will completely destroy any army at that time. Hell, just a few AK47's would do the trick back then.

So, there you are ... with all that knowledge. Would you intercede to save the lives of one side of the argument (the enemy who thinks they're right) or not?

If you're an intelligent person who knows the Real Truth™ about human existence upon Earth—who we are and why we exist—you would know this about ALL humans:

Everyone is right. Which makes everyone wrong.®

So, being the just and good person that you are, which side of the wars, rumors wars, and all the heartache that humans are causing each other, would you protect?

As you get to know each side's complaints about the other, you learn that both of them are completely wrong. You learn that if you help one with your knowledge, it won't solve anything long lasting.

So, this is what you do ...

You let 'em kill each other until one side wins out. Then you use your advanced technology to project your image up in the sky as if you're coming down among the winners. When they see your ass coming down outda sky, those bitches are going to be paying attention!

So, you come down and say something like ...

" ... O all ye that are spared because ye were more righteous than they, will ye not now return unto me, and repent of your sins, and be converted, that I may heal you? Yea, verily I say unto you, if ye will come unto me ye shall have eternal life. Behold, mine arm of mercy is extended towards you, and whosoever will come, him will I receive; and blessed are those who come unto me."

And when they cum unto you ... Well, at that point you stop them from masterbating and explain to them that you said, "Come" not "Cum" ... But anyways ... (That was for you fucking critics and enemies who read my shit and then get mad ... Gaaaaaaaaaawwd! When I tell you to go fuck yourself, that's all I am saying "Cum unto me" and be relieved of your sins and stress ....

But when these non-advanced humans start listening to you and hear the words that they need to hear that will solve all their problems and help them to "have eternal life," they seem pretty reasonable and desirous to listen to what you are saying.

For fucks sake, you even appoint three men to have all the understanding that you have, including all the knowledge of the most advanced technology, and tell them to help the people "have eternal life," IF this is something that the people want. ... Yeah, ye Fucks, these would be the Three Nephites who, "have desired the thing which John, my beloved, who was with me in my ministry, before that I was lifted up by the Jews, desired of me."

Don't ya think that if these four actually existed, that they know everything about life upon Earth that God would know? Huh, YEAH!

So you tell the people and then float up in the air again.



If they've completely ignored everything that you said, and kicked out thy dudes who know what you know, that could give eternal life to humanity .... WHAT THE FUCK WOULD BE YOUR NEXT STEP?


Oh, let's see what the Real Illuminati® said in the first book of their Trilogy:

"If we fail to inspire change and get the people of this world to come down out of that great and spacious building of their pride that puts one family, one nation, and one religion above another, our mandates from the true god are clear: DO NO MORE." (Page 317, The True History of Religion—How Religion Destroys the Human Race and What the Real Illuminati® Has Attempted To Do Through Religion to Save the Human Race.)


You're an advanced human and your mortal avatar is so full of pride in yourself, in your family, in your nation, in whatever, that you isolated yourself and your loved ones away from humanity in a family, in a nation, or in a religion ... to name just a few ways you think you're better than everyone else and you try to save yourself ...

And your advanced Self realizes that your avatar is PART OF THE FUCKING PROBLEM, what would you want to happen to YOUR OWN FUCKING BRAIN so that you are no longer part of the problem that the rest of humanity is going through because of YOU!

You pretty much resign your mortal experience to be useless, and you accept the overall feeling of the majority of the group of advanced humans with whom you experience life upon Earth, that whatever misery needs to occur on Earth, you support it.

And that there, Folks, is why we have a sadistic God who is now applying the "wrath of God" ... non-intervention by advanced humans ... to our world.

I'm not here to help take away the pain, misery, and shit that humanity must experience before it learns that ALL of humanity is responsible for the shit that's happening on Earth, and that ONLY humanity has the power and ability to solve its own problems.

I'm here to help the "few" arm themselves with the knowledge and intelligence that they need so that they will not be overcome or afraid when the shit hits the fan and fecal matter covers the faces of the masterbating people who are FUCKING THEMSELVES!


I will give the RI their due and hold a PUBLIC Coffee With Chris each month, until the technology is in place so that they can do the monthly shows themselves. And periodically throughout the month, I will hold PRIVATE Coffee With Chris for the humble, the broken hearted, and contrite of spirit ... because is you're this way, you don't have pride and do not reside in that "great spacious building" of which the RI mention in their book.

More details to follow during tomorrow's Coffee With Chris ... which I have found out being in Europe is Espresso With Chris ... I walked into a Starbucks and asked for a 20 ounce (Venti) coffee that I could add my own sugar and milk to. The gal looked at me funny and had someone else who spoke better English talk to me. Well, that person's English wasn't much better. But I finally convinced them to give my Venti café. And they did ... They gave me 20 fucking ounces of ESPRESSO! IT COSTS ME 25 fucking Euros!!! WTF!?

But anyways ... see ya tomorrow. :-)

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