Becky Hull

I am writing this on my husband's Facebook account because I am what I like to refer to myself as "social media rebellious". I refuse to join any type of social media despite my friends and family's many requests to get me to do so. I don't think any of my personal views I say or do is that important that I need to share it with the world, and I certainly don't want the world giving me advice and opinions on how I should be doing things. So I steer clear of any of that. I do recognize that I am missing out on a lot of good stuff by having this view, but I've made it this long without it, I'm not going to give in now. So instead, I will hypocritically highjack my husband's site.

I am Becky Hull, officially Rebekah JoAnn Hull. I grew up in Ogden,, not north Ogden, not Plain City, not Farr West....I grew up in central Ogden, one block south of 12th street and 2 blocks east of Washington boulevard, the mean streets of Ogden. I lived on 13th street and in front of our house a local gang marked our place with graffiti naming that their territory. Despite the rough area we lived in, I grew up really sheltered. My mom stayed at home with us kids, like all good LDS mother's did, and my dad went to work everyday teaching seminary. The church was not just our religion, it was a part of our DNA (at least that is what we were taught to believe and I believed it wholeheartedly).

I would never have found this work without Todd. I never looked for anything more than what we already had. I still believed the leaders of the church were being led and directed by God through Jesus Christ. But when Todd started sharing the things he was learning with me I was willing to listen with an open mind. It all made sense to me. As well as the fact that the priesthood authorities of the church were making some really stupid decisions that made me doubt where their inspiration was coming from.

That was the beginning of the end of my relationship with the church. I have not taken to this work as quickly as my husband and most of you have. Because of some experiences I had growing up I have real trust issues. Along with the fact that I thought I knew without a shadow of a doubt that the church was true....look where that got me! Dumb, dumb dumb. My faith has been shattered. I know I will get to where you all are eventually. I am thankful that those of you who I've met have been so accepting and patient and loving with my lack of knowledge and understanding.

Finally.....something has changed in me over the last little while where I have a great desire to know the Real Truth. I am now going back and reading all the books.

Becky Hull