Blessing or a curse ... or both.

Part of me is very upset this morning. Another part of me is excited.

The part of me that is upset, is thinking about how humanity is failing to learn from the COVID-19 experience, which now includes all the different mutations of COVID* that are occurring all over the world.

It's not my job to teach why different language terms* are used. It's my job to teach the Real Truth™. If you want to find out what COVID actually means, and why there will never be an end to some form or mutation of COVID, study the term yourself.

Wait ... there CAN be an end to ALL forms of ANY virus or bacteria that can kill humans.

Now, here's the clincher: Humanity must get rid of all forms of god, of ANY kind, of ALL religions, before humanity will be ready, before humanity can, get rid of the things that kill the human body.

There's so much I can say about this, most of which will be explained in the Real Illuminati®'s final book, The Dream of Mortal Life, Understanding Human RealityA Final Warning to the Human Race.

What I will explain now, is this:

Consider what modern science can do in engineering, manipulating, and even creating DNA and RNA (nucleic acids ... a part of what all cells are made of), which is termed by science as the building blocks that carry genetic instructions for "the development, functioning, growth and reproduction of all known organisms and many viruses." (

Science moved very quickly to develop a vaccine for COVID-19. BE CAREFUL OF THE VACCINES THAT ARE RNA-based! Vaccines DO NOT appear, nor occur, naturally in nature. Vaccines are human-made to fight things that affect the human body. Religious belief that humans shouldn't mess around with creating new types of organisms, or changing a body that religious people believe God created, limits what science can do—fight God and end the God-given diseases.

Yep, God created these incredibly weak and susceptible bodies that grow old and can die. Right?

God made it so that humans are born, live, develop meaningful relationships between each other and with nature, and then they die, many suffering in horrendous ways.

Yep, God created the human body, and allowed COVID-19 to develop, so that some humans would suffer to such an extent that it feels like the sufferer is being drowned ... one of the worst ways to experience death.

Fortunately, modern science can put those lucky ones that have access to a hospital into a medically induced coma and have a machine breathe for them. The last thing that many people on respirators see is the image of a masked, alien-looking nurse putting an oxygen mask over their face ... and voilá, the person is their advanced self again. As their actual advanced Self, the person is very aware of their physical body ... a body that is beautiful, highly advanced, and is a biological machine of the greatest invention, of the greatest engineering, of the greatest possible life form!

Do ya think for a moment that the mortally-dead, now awakened, advanced human is going to say, "I don't like this advanced body! Put me back into that old, infirm, obese, virus-affected body that is in a coma in a mortal hospital!"? Nope.

The awakened advanced human is going to feel relieved, at peace, and physically wonderful, never considering again that what the "father of lies" told them in the Garden of Eden ... using purely symbolic terms here in an effort to get the religious brain-dead to start seeing the Real Truth™ ... is A LIE.

Consider what the Real Illuminati® taught us in their 1842 play that symbolically presents the Real Truth™ by using accepted religious terms agreeable to the Christian mind. Consider what Luciferthe Father of Lies told Adam and Eve about why they had to disobey God and partake of the forbidden fruit:

LUCIFER: Eve, here is some of the fruit of that tree. It will make you wise. It is delicious to the taste, and very desirable.

EVE: Who are you?

LUCIFER: I am your brother.

EVE: You, my brother, and come here to persuade me to disobey Father?

LUCIFER: I have said nothing about Father. (... AND THERE IT IS FOR THOSE WITH EYES THAT SEE AND KNOW WHO THE "REAL FATHER" IS) I want you to eat of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, that your eyes may be opened; for that is the way Father gained His knowledge. You must eat of this fruit so as to comprehend that everything has its opposite: good and evil, virtue and vice, light and darkness, health and sickness, pleasure and pain; and thus your eyes will be opened and you will have knowledge.

Eve falls for the lie.

EVE: Is there no other way?

LUCIFER: There is no other way.

EVE: Then I will partake.

If Lucifer is the "father of lies," and is up to no good, why would doing what he says be good?

For the many years that I was under strict mandate to attempt to get people, most of whom were Christian, to think, I had to let people believe this lie, too. I had to let people believe that all of the bad things that were happening on Earth were supposed to happen for our own sake. We had to allow people this excuse so as not to affect their free will, but moreso, it was vital to opening their minds and attempting to get people to start thinking correctly.

The moment you reveal to a small child that Santa is not real, and that people have been lying all along, is the moment the child pouts, cries, and runs to their parents. Then, that parents will soothe the child and say, "Honey, don't listen to that bad man! He's a deceiver!" ... Oh, my ... But anyways ... I'm off on one of my tangents ... that my followers love, because I start discussing things that I shouldn't be discussing.

The Real Truth™ is, the current human bodies were created like they are by advanced science of past human civilizations that were much more advanced than our own. So, if these bodies were created by human science, then human science should be able to use the same creation processes to reverse the human body's inability to fight off viruses, experience disease and old age. And if religious people would just go away and worship in their temples and churches and let science do what it can do, science will, and CAN, begin to control DNA to create the best human body possible.

But then ... the bad man is saying that we should act like God.

NO, this bad man says that YOU'RE GODS ALREADY!

But because of religion, because the religious are waiting on each of their different non-existent gods to come save them from themselves, and because the greater portion of humanity is religious, the hands of science are tied. Laws are passed, moratoriums announced, and scientists jailed, in order to stifle the human mind from doing what it does best: solve its own problems.

So, it came to pass that the U.S. government passed a law that gave Americans another bunch of cash ($600) in order to stimulate the economy. Once the law was passed, IT DIDN'T TAKE LONGER THAN A WEEK FOR SPOILED AMERICANS TO SEE THE CASH SHOW UP IN THEIR ACCOUNTS OR IN THEIR MAIL BOXES! ... ONLY A WEEK!

Yeah, I'm pretty pissed! Why?


Watch this video:


Consider how many young people living in other countries would have loved to have had $600 USD deposited in their accounts ... IN A WEEK!

In most impoverished countries, lowly prostitutes charge around $5 to sexually stimulate and relieve the payer.


A large percentage of the world human population lives on less than $10 USD per day ... THAT'S PER DAY, YOU EVIL PEOPLE! SPOILED AMERICANS WON'T EVEN CONSIDER A JOB THAT PAYS $10 PER HOUR ... THAT'S PER HOUR, YOU EVIL PEOPLE!

If these children, who are forced to give oral sex to some guy for $5, had someone give them $600 USD, that's 120 blowjobs that they don't have to give to a man who probably hasn't washed his genitalia since the last child he hired!

That's 60 days, two months, of not having to prostitute themselves in order to get the same amount of money that they were forced to give oral sex to an unwashed man!

(Consider that a large portion of humanity lives on less than $2 USD per day. That's a WHOLE YEAR of living without being stressed about where the next day's income is going to come from. There are many Americans who will be taking that $600 and snorting it up their noses! ... Americans deserve what they are going to experience! Go get 'em, "Father, Father, Father help us, send some guidance from above ... Got me questioning: where is the love?" [Where is the Love? performed by Black Eyed Peas])

These children do not give oral sex to unclean men in order to pay for their IPhone, their Internet access, or their online or streaming apps that entertain them. They give 120 blowjobs to unwashed men ... SO THAT THEY CAN HAVE THE BASIC NECESSITIES OF LIFE!

If the U.S. government followed how Americans spent the cash they receive from the government, IN ALMOST EVERY CASE, IT WOULD BE DISCOVERED THAT THE MONEY WAS SPENT TO PAY FOR IPHONE, INTERNET ACCESS, AND ENTERTAINMENT.

Why should Americans spend their free cash on rent or nutritious food? The government placed a restriction on people getting evicted for not paying their rent or mortgages, so they don't pay their back rent. There are charities handing out food, and you can buy a lot more Ramen noodles than you can apples and oranges, so why spend the FREE MONEY on nutritious food?

Think about this carefully:

Over the past year, the United States government created ... YEP, CREATED OUT OF THIN AIR, PRINTED ... trillions of NEW MONEY. Where is all this new money going? Is it going towards making life upon Earth better for humanity? NO!


That's right ... Consider how much time people spend on their phones, on their computers ... in a virtual world that is not even real! Their minds are so involved in being entertained by a made-up world, that their very emotions are centered on what this non-real world creates for them, makes them believe, and it completely affects their minds.

I know a few people I am close to who have been located and isolated in one of the most beautiful places on Earth. And I guarantee that the majority of their waking hours were spent watching movies, on the Internet, in a virtual world that distracts their minds from what is going on ... Oh, wait ... they're at one of the most beautiful places on Earth ...

Yeah, it distracts their minds from one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

I now have a mandate for anyone visiting one of the most beautiful places on Earth:

The next time you visit one of the most beautiful places on Earth,

You will NOT have access to the Internet, to movies, to television ... to that virtual world that distracts you from one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

Oh ... these are the people whom I trust and love the most ...

Then speaketh the Father,

Forgive them, for they know not what they do.

Sigh ...

But I am excited that "the Father" is now doing his own work!

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