Name the person, dead or alive, whose existence upon this earth has made more of an impact on your personal life than any other person.

PLEASE BE 100% honest in your response.

I CHALLENGE you to be honest.

I CHALLENGE you to be courageous and not to care what your "friends" will think or respond about your answer.

Christopher Nemelka

The person upon this earth who has made the most influence in my life is a person who I have presented in my autobiography as "Timothy."

I cannot and will not reveal this person's real, legal name, because he is a member of a group known as the Real Illuminati®, the members of which do not desire to be known at this time.

Damon Cook

The person upon this earth who has had the most influence in my life is “Christopher”. I will not use his last name because he does not want the world to focus on his families name.

Christopher Nemelka

Damon Cook

Thank you for being 100% honest. Would it be possible to change your answer to:

The person upon this earth who has had the most influence in my life is a man who goes by the name of "Christopher," because he does not want the world to focus on his last name, shared by his family.

Something to that effect.

Thanks in advance.

Pat Ferguson

Without a doubt the person who has influenced me the most has been a man named Christopher whom I believe carries messages that can and have influenced more change in me than any other. The messages he brings from ones who hold the truths I’d been searching for and can now enjoy from those ones the distillation by Christopher to the world and those ready to hear him.

Gerry Hagan

Ditto with Damon Cook. Anyone who has heard and, even only partly come to appreciate, the enormity of the scope of Real Truth, has to say that Christopher has had the most impact on their lives. If they don't I would have my doubts about how much of it they truly understand. Even Christopher's enemies would have to agree his existence has had the most impact on their lives and that's why they can't leave him alone. In their own way they are showing how "unusual" he is.

Lupe Ordonez

the Real Illuminati®’s True Messenger “Christopher”

Paul Vieau

The person who has influenced my life the most of anyone, his name is Christopher, he has revealed the most real truth then anyone else, he cares for all suffering people on earth, and has revealed through the Humanity Party a 5 Basic Needs Plan like no other that can bring equity and equality on our earth that I believe is the only way to solve it, and says we must be nice to everyone, this is who I choose.

Kristine Marble

The person who has influenced me and has had the greatest impact on my life has been Christopher. He has shown me things about myself that I didn't even know myself, or would not have seen without him. The message he delivers has been the most calming and reassuring even though this world is in turmoil. The hope that I have for humanity is unlike I have ever had before. I always wondered what this scripture meant:

Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.

No one else could have explained this better and now I see.

Zachary Skagen

A man named Ryan Simpson, who I won’t tag because I respect his current life and injecting the RI stuff into his life without him asking doesn’t feel right to me. He helped me through the most difficult times of my life, when I was suicidal as a young child. He was a teacher at my middle school. I never had him, but his empathy was widespread and far reaching. Every student looked up to him, and he was often seen as the cool teacher. But behind closed doors, and after hours, where many teachers may have groomed and inappropriately crossed boundaries, this man, scarred by his own traumas, listened with open ears, and genuinely tear-flowing eyes, as you sat and cried and vented about your issues. He strengthened and encouraged to trust in yourself, he planted all the right seeds for me to find the RI today even, he helped me to explore the parts of me that I was stupidly ashamed of (thanks world). He encouraged me to do whatever brought me happiness as long as it was good and wholesome. He held me when I had no desire left to live. He stood up to a broken Justice system and helped me get safe housing amid times of abuse. And most importantly he inspired me to become a foster parent, to take in kids who are abandoned and to love them and give them 2nd chances at happiness. He gave me that second chance. I wouldn’t be alive without him, truly. And because those were the darkest times of my life, I can say he’s had the most impact, only because, I wouldn’t be here otherwise — I know it. While other people have come and gone since then. And some have even helped in ways that have built and expanded upon my truths, and have even helped change my very way of thinking and helped me to rid myself of unhealthy codependencies, have helped me understand truth. I do owe it to Ryan Simpson. “Bullshit” he would say, every time he could tell I was second guessing my gut. Nearly perfect intuition, empathic abilities, all free of judgment, while respecting agency — a rare find among humans.

Christopher Nemelka

Zachary Skagen Yeah, I would go ahead and name this "Ryan Simpson" guy.


Because COFFEE WITH RYAN doesn't sound right. :-)

Zachary Skagen

Christopher Nemelka lol hey, just to aggravate you a little more… The 2nd most impactful person in my life is a kid I fostered for 10 months. Vincent. This was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done to take in a 14 yr old, AFTER I had had the Real Truth, doing my absolute best (worst) at parenting correctly — only for it to blow up catastrophically due to my own pride and ego. It is that day that I decided it’s not possible to be a perfect parent given the rules of the game we are currently playing by and I shouldn’t be so hard on myself, nor those around me. It was through this experience… and through the Real Truth I had learned that I was able to truly forgive and let go of my parents shortcomings. Because they were only doing what was best for them. So thanks C for getting me toward “peace” every day. Because it’s only possible through the RT. And… you’re the only one pumping this shit out like a factory on a tight production deadline!! I can’t deny that honestly.

Brett Gerfen

Myself, I have impacted my life more than any other person because I am the one in charge of my thoughts and actions. I opened my mind just enough to admit that I didn’t know anything, otherwise I would have never listened to our messengers words. Final prideful answer - myself, my thoughts and actions impact my life on a daily basis.

Christopher Nemelka

Brett Gerfen

Doesn't make any sense.

Brett Gerfen

Christopher Nemelka I am the only one that impacts my life through my thoughts and actions.

Christopher Nemelka

Brett Gerfen Yep. That's exactly what Peter said when deflecting as to whether or not he followed and was influenced by Jesus ... at least according to the story.

This admission doesn't do your family and friends any good.


If they were to sit with Brett Gerfen, would he be able to share things that would change their lives for the better?

Christopher Nemelka

There's a VERY GOOD reason for this CHALLENGE.

However, by all means,

Respond as you FEEL is best for YOU! :-)

Glenn Lincoln

The current TRUE MESSENGER representing the Real Illuminati® of the Marvelous Work and a Wonder and the Humanity Party. NO ONE has EVER done MORE!

Christopher Nemelka

Glenn Lincoln


Glenn Lincoln

Christopher Nemelka What does that mean?

Christopher Nemelka

Respond as YOU feel is best.

Glenn Lincoln

That is what my puny brain thought of to say. I "love" you and all you have done for me in giving me the "further light and knowledge Father promised to send me". I will ALWAYS consider you my friend no matter what I am to you. I find no reason to deny you! However, if Peter did, I can't know for sure any more than he did.

Christopher Nemelka

Can you believe this guy!!!!

This Christopher Nemelka dude!!!!

He's fishing for compliments!

He's manipulating his followers to confess him as the one who has influenced their life more than any other person!

He thinks he's more important than Jesus!

What a narcissistic sociopath cult leader!

Christopher Nemelka

So far, the few who have responded to the CHALLENGE are full of excess PRIDE ... not sure why.

Is it so BUCKET hard to respond to the challenge with JUST ONE BUCKET NAME!

Christopher Nemelka


Marvin Gajardo


Christopher Nemelka

Marvin Gajardo

THANK GOD ... someone finally got it right!

Gino Gutlay

Our True Messenger Christopher ..he influence my life about the Real Truth

Gary Slease

Christopher has Made such an Impact upon my personal life than any other person, which has opened a way of thinking and conduct. which has caused the way I conduct my life- This causes me to be mindful of "my" human existence, and allowed me to view things in a complete different perspective. Mainly in my sober state-

Denton Thiede

You Christopher.

Rodrigo Moya

The person that I am right now have been influenced for many people in this world. My parents, grandparents, friend, religious leaders, Baden Powell, Jesus, the last few years Chris but mainly myself, I'm the one whom finally take the decision of how I want to live my life.

Christopher Nemelka

Check out what Marvin Gajardo shared to the "PUBLIC" on his own social media platform.

This will be required by all those who will remain my friends.

You don't need to use Marvin Gajardo's words. Choose your own way of sharing this with your PUBLIC.

Please do NOT use my last name. PLEASE.

Ximena Maribel Cussi Rodriguez

“Christopher”. Por sus enseñanzas simples, para todos por igual a cambio de nada. Por enseñarme a amarme a mi mismo y a los demás. Por ser transparente

[Facebook's translation into English]

"Christopher". For his simple teachings, for all equally for nothing. For teaching me to love myself and others. For being transparent

Cheryl Patton

The person who has had the most influence over my life is definitely a long-haired "hippie type" dude who goes by the name of "Christopher". He has taught me more of REAL TRUTH in 15 years than I have learned in the previous 58 years. Thanks Mr. True Messenger for bringing to my remembrance how to love myself and all of rest of the human race. Loving YOU always!!

John Adams


Christopher Nemelka

John Adams

Thank God! Another one got it right!

Monica Smith


Christopher Nemelka

Check out Brett Gerfen's recent PUBLIC post on his social media platform.

Thank you, Brett Gerfen.

Removed you as a "friend" for a few minutes, but then you posted. :-)

Holly Murdock


Christopher Nemelka

Holly Murdock

And another one got it right.

Can't wait to read Holly Murdock's PUBLIC POST sharing this with her family and friends.

Rebecka Franklin

Who is the most influential person in my life? A man I call Chris. He is just a guy, a guy who has helped me see what I could not see on my own. A guy who who has help me hear things that I could not hear for my self. I guy who helped understand what my feelings were. I guy who has shown me how to walk more straight and narrow. A guy who has taught me to laugh at myself!

Rebecka Franklin

Jon just reminded me that the simplest answer is always the best one. The simple answer is Christopher.

Julie L Taggart

Extremely odd question from a man who pushes people away, who has always refused to allow plause or aggrandizement, rejects any form of gratitude, because he is "only the messenger," and cuts one's pride and ego to the core and exposes them naked to the world, with that sharp two edged sword, which I've experienced on numerous occasions (haha). But I cannot deny, and without evocation I must admit, it is the man Christopher from whom I've gained more understanding, more humility (if any), more direction, more correction, more hope, more comfort in knowing there is One called and chosen with all the solutions and answers to man's ills, if humankind would only listen!

Arnis Kalniņš


Georgia Ladd


Todd Hull

Christopher and his message has done more for me in this world than any other. Every aspect of my sandy foundation has been changing to rock over the years. At times, in my early transition days, I experienced fear with my acquaintances, that they would judge me as a fool. However, these feelings have all been erased and that fear has been replaced with peace and a love for my fellow human beings. I’m constantly refreshed and happier than I’ve ever been in my lifetime. My old acquaintances have seen me change and have either faded away or have seen me become kinder and more patient. I feel like I know nothing anymore, but at the same time, can recognize Real Truth when I hear it. That’s all I have to say, but it’s everything to me.

Sigurjón Einarsson

Yes, definitely the True Messenger known as Christopher. There can be no other in my eyes. The bearer of Christ, or maybe also , the Hope giver.

Kathleen Kaakimaka

Without question, Christopher!!

Dan Cook


Rodney Vessels

The Man from Joe's Bar and Grill; the one like unto the Son of man; Christopher

Jean Stephensen


Laura Lynn


Craig Nichols

Christopher (without elaboration or praise)

Glen Iverson

Christopher Nemelka

Gilbert Bertrand


Lynnette Vessels


Tomas Nieto


David Lee Aschenbrenner

No other man has impacted my life for change like Christopher. None.

Kindra Wild

Christopher Nemelka has made more of an impact on my personal life than any other person on this earth

Pablo M. Vargas Flores

¡De seguro, Christopher, nuestro Verdadero Mensajero! :-)

[Facebook's translation into English]

Indeed Christopher, our True Messenger! :-)

Sydney Thiede

Christopher, the one like unto the son of man.

Jared D Peterson

Christopher, is the one individual that has impacted my life like no other has or ever will.

Kevin Martin

Christopher bar none!

Rosemary Barton


Sas Lavinia


Lupe Ordonez

From Kevin Jarvis "Christopher is the one"

'Christopher Smith

Christopher is the person who has made more of an impact on my personal life than any other person.

Di Heath

75 years to find peace of mind, 75 yrs to finally feel respect for a male human...75 years of convoluted feelings of what respect or peace of mind felt like...75 years of just going along to get along..now I know real love and respect for other humans and it was. Because of Christopher's 'map of Real Truth'...had to work at it within myself first...couldn't quite read the map...and, then, it all comes together in me ...Wow...talk about influence on this old soul....if wishes were real I would wish C. To feel what he has made me feel ... But my last rodeo is my best... because of a # 3...

Gilberto Torres Ayala

Christopher Nemelka el semejante al hijo de hombre

[Facebook's translation into English]

Christopher Nemelka the look alike son of man

Daniel Jaureguis


Rodney Strong


Peggy Elison McMurry

Christopher, The True Messenger, has influenced my life more than any other person on earth.

Bret Powelson


Marian Canepa

Without a doubt it's Christopher, the only one who can answer any question about our existence and this world, along with all of creation, that makes sense.

Stein Aanensen

Joseph Jr. and Christopher

William Smith


Carmen Nuño


Adam Smith


Larry Tidwell

Christopher is the one who has helped me to understand the true reality of my existence and the reality and importance of this life.

Gary Slease


Nathan Cook

No doubt that man is Christopher.

Blade Yoshio Saiki

For me personally it’s Tino Saiki Laura Lynn and Tony Saiki plus my Grandpa Antonio.

Also Monica Smith and her husband plus all her kids have made a big impact on me because they have made me feel like another brother to them!

Christopher Nemelka I’ve never met anyone like you! I’m very happy to have met you and words can’t described the impact and influence I’ve felt. Thank you!

Kaeleen Kalanikū Martinez


Michael Budge

Christopher Is the man who has made more of an impact on my life than any other person. Bar none!

Keith Stinson

No other human, friends or family, come close to being the most Influential person in my life. Only Christopher.

Bill Witt

Definitely Christopher, thank you for helping me find myself. I appreciate all I've learned from you :-)

Edwin Vega

Christopher hands down

Liliana Elisa Zuñiga Quiroz


Tyler James Anderson


Susan Sekely

Christopher you the one thank your so much

Luis Alberto Dondi

Las cosas más sensatas que he escuchado en mi vida las dijo Christopher, por lo tanto digo: Christopher !!

[Facebook's translation into English]

The most sensible things I've ever heard in my life were said Christopher, therefore I say: Christopher !!

Bruna Poli

Christopher ALIVE . The person who lead me to him was IDA SMITH. Her video touched me so deeply that we decide to come in the state to know him perso alla. And she was RIGHT!

Doriann Stubbs

This man has made the biggest difference in my life affecting the most important aspects of my life around the sun which in turn affects the lives of those I get to care for and about which I am super grateful for. The love and regard he shows for himself and others as himself has been the most important influence and reference of how to be true to myself above any other God around me. Granted I still resist aspects (ego & pride) in myself that I still impose on others that come from the extreme conditioning I was born and raised in polygamy but I have certainly come a long way from caring more about what others think about me than I do what I feel about myself. As Well As The REAL TRUTH that Christopher dumbs down for us for and from the Real Illuminati the sweetest fruit above all other from the tree of life.

RodneyJames Cole

Christopher knows more than anyone….. and through the published MWAW books he has shared this knowledge with me

Karen Cunningham Miller


RodneyJames Cole

Christopher knows more than anyone and the the MWAW books has made the biggest impact on my life.

Hilda Mamani Laura


George Mellar


Joshua Smith


Leslie Nelson

Christopher, you made the most impact on my life than any other person I know. You have fed me where others would suck the life out of me. I cannot thank you enough.

Krystal Stocking

The most influential person that has helped me have a better understanding about life and humanity is Christopher.

Ramona Jeppson


Gregory Hatch


Kimberly Anderson

Obviously it IS Christopher! Hate to think of the monster i would of became without his influence!!

Joselouis Aguilar

Las personas más influyentes de este Mundo y de las que se ha aprovechado el Mundo para tener popularidad y riqueza.

Christopher Nemelka si bien no es la persona más influyente de este Mundo, no lo es por qué sus aspiraciones no son las de este Mundo, su aspiración son las del bien de la humanidad por un mundo en el que se puede vivir mejor, tiene el Plan de eliminar la pobreza en todo el mundo, un plan que los líderes de este Mundo no quiere escuchar porque se vendrían en quiebra.

[Facebook's translation into English]

The most influential people in this World and the ones the World has taken advantage of to gain popularity and wealth.

Christopher Nemelka while not the most influential person in this World, is not why his aspirations are not those of this World, his aspiration are the good of humanity for a world in which you can live better, has Plan to eliminate Air poverty all over the world, a plan that the leaders of this World don't want to hear because they would go broke.

Tony Saiki

Seeking for further light and knowledge has lead me to Real Truth. The one like unto the son of man-

Christopher is that man!