Chapter 20: Failure Means Success

Grandkids, a lot of people in your life are going to tell you about God.

God-believers are going to try to convince you that there is some kind of a good, powerful, always-present person or entity, not on Earth … but they will never be able to tell you where God actually is (physically), so they’ll tell you that the place where God lives is in “heaven.”

They might even try to convince you that God lives on another planet but still takes the time to know you personally and listen to your prayers, while living on that planet. Or they might deflect the fact that they don’t know shit about God by inventing some bunkidity* that God is without body, parts, and passions; God sits on the top of a topless throne; God’s center is everywhere and God’s circumference is nowhere; God fills the universe, and yet is so small that God can dwell in your heart; God is surrounded by myriads of beings who have been saved by grace, not for any act of theirs, but by God’s good pleasure.

*Bunkidity, noun: bunk (nonsense) created by idiots. (One of Grandpa’s own original words.)

They will try to convince you that God loves you so much that God intervenes in your life to help you. They will try to convince you that God leads you, guides you, walks beside you, helps you find the way, teaches you all that you must do to live with God someday. (These words are actually part of the lyrics of a song that Grandpa heard at church when he was a little child learning about the LDS/Mormon God.)

This bunkidity about God works for those who have enough food to eat, a safe house to live in, clothes to wear, and good healthcare. Those who have the basic necessities in order to live upon planet Earth always available to them, give God all the credit for providing them with these things.

And now, here’s the fucking irony and great deception of the God-believers: there are more God-believing people on planet Earth who don’t have enough food to eat, a safe house to live in, clothes to wear, and good healthcare, than there are non-believers.

In fact, most non-believers are the successful, wealthy, and have no worries about money. These don’t need to believe in God in order to have a good life, and are honest in their evaluation of where they got the money for the food they eat, the clothes they wear, the homes they live in, and the healthcare they receive: they earned it themselves.

The poor believers are convinced that God is testing them and providing them with struggles so that they will be strong and dependent more upon God (and upon the men who speak to God for them, i.e., religious leaders) than they are upon themselves and their own “earning” power. These believe that when God chooses someone to whom God communicates God’s will to the people living upon Earth, God always chooses someone who does not have a lot of material possessions and struggles with the basic necessities of life … at least so the poor are convinced to believe. The Christian God even sent His own son to the earth and made him live in poverty, even though he was God’s only son. Yeah. Really!

A long time ago, during the time of the Great Roman Empire, the poor majority was so tired of being treated unequally by the wealthy and powerful minority that they began to rebel and demand change. At that time, the Roman Empire didn’t have the manpower in its military to fight off a revolutionary movement by the poor majority, because it was fighting all kinds of other wars trying to extend and protect its expanding borders.

The Roman government needed to find another way to control the people.

The Roman government called upon some smart men to help it find a way to control the people and stop a revolution that would have destroyed the Roman Empire. These smart men knew of a way: religion.

They knew of an ancient religion that had been around for a long time and had kept its followers in line and under control of just a few religious leaders: the Hebrews.

The Hebrews had some written laws that they had been convinced had come from God … written by the very finger of God … Yeah. Really! The very finger of God!

These smart men studied the Hebrew religious writings (the Old Testament) and were astonished at what just a few men called Priests were able to do to the people to make the people follow anything that these priests told the Hebrews. They found out that these priests would have the people bring the best parts of their produce and their best livestock (first fruits) to the priests as offerings to the Hebrew God. The priests would burn (sacrifice) a small portion of these offerings and tell the people that the smoke of the burning was going up to God in heaven. The rest of the portion was taken by the priests for themselves.

These priests were able to convince their people that the Hebrew God wanted to build Himself (God) a temple, where God could talk to His chosen and anointed priests. God told the people (of course, only through His chosen prophets, the priests) that His house had to be adorned with gold, silver, and all kinds of other precious things. Yep, the priests became the most wealthy Hebrews, the most respected, and were able to control the people by convincing the people that what they were telling the people was God’s will.

At the time that the poor people started to rebel against the inequality of their lives compared with the few rich and powerful, there was a “Robin Hood” myth that had been passed around among them for centuries.

The wealthy had their own heroes and gods … Greek and Roman mythology provided them with plenty. But these gods, who were wealthy themselves living on the top of Mount Olympus, a high mountain that no mortal could climb high enough to get to, were obviously more partial to the wealthy … because the wealthy were receiving the gods’ blessings and the poor were not.

The poor had their own beliefs … their own myths.

Let ol’ Grandpa tell you a Real Truth that was not recorded in the history books … books that were written always under the auspices (umbrella of protection) and control of the wealthy rulers who wanted to look good to future generations.

Always, always, always keep this important Real Truth in mind, Grandkids! History is whatever historians want history to be. History was created by the wealthy and powerful. Throughout history (the past), the majority of people could neither read nor write so they couldn’t keep their own history. And those who tried … well, because what they wrote disparaged (cut down) the wealthy and powerful, their writings were destroyed and they were killed for not towing the line and showing their patriotic duty towards their government. Think about it.

In our modern world, especially in the United States, the heroes are those who serve in the United States military. And if you’re not patriotic and believe that the United States is all that and a bag of potato chips, you’re not supportive of a God-inspired Constitution and government that God established on Earth and helped to create the most powerful military in history.

The Christian God commanded the European white Christians to come to the Western Hemisphere, kill off the dark skinned native non-believers, or save them through baptism, and set up the Christian religion in the New World. God wanted it this way, so God blessed the European immigrants (invaders and conquerers) to set up God’s shop in this new place on Earth. Yeah. Really!

In the ancient world, the Roman Empire was the United States of that time. It had the world’s most advanced and powerful military. Its military leaders and soldiers were the heroes. Military leaders would become powerful politicians. And if you weren’t seen as a Roman patriot, you were mocked.

The Roman poor majority had their own way thinking about things. They had their own heroes and myths. The Romans were protected by the government in their religious beliefs. The could believe what they wanted. If it were not for the Roman government and their protection, there would have not been a Hebrew religion.

If the Hebrew leaders, who didn’t have a written language at the time, hadn’t utilize Greek writers to pen a story about their oral history, there wouldn’t have been any written stories about Moses and how the ONLY true God had chosen the Hebrew people has His (God’s) people, and that God’s people would one day save the entire world.

Of all the religions, and there were many at that time, that had developed in the Great Roman Empire, none was more successful, more wealthy, yet more isolated than the Hebrew religion located in what the Romans called, the Levante … Latin: rising.

If you look eastward from Rome across the Mediterranean Sea, you would see the sun rising right out of the sea, so it would seem. If a Roman set sail in the direction of the rising sun (the Levante), he would end up on the shores of the small part of land where the Hebrews had lived for hundreds of years, ever since they were slaves to the once great Egyptian Empire.

The Real Truth about the Hebrew story is easy to follow … IF you’re actually given the Real Truth:

Babylon was the greatest city on Earth before the Greeks and Romans had established their own. There were two main cities in that part of the Earth: Babylon and Ur. Ur was once a great city but lost its prestige when Babylon became the economic center of the known world.

The people of Ur didn’t want to accept that they were less than the Babylonians, so some of their leaders said that a new God had actually chosen them to be the best people on Earth. The Sumerian people of Ur were told made-up stories about a guy named Abraham whom a new God (opposed to all the Babylonian gods) had chosen above all other men living upon Earth to be this new, singular God’s chosen excellency. This made the Sumerians living in Ur excited that they were so special and important, more so than their neighbors, the Babylonians. God had chosen them in spite of their poverty and inequality with the Babylonians.

Yep, the ancient Hebrew religion got its start in the city of Ur. It got its start because the people wanted to feel just as important in their poverty as their Babylonian neighbors did in their wealth. The Sumerian government and power still resided in Babylon. So when the people of Ur started to rebel, the government moved in to control them. When the government confronted them and started killing them, they fled into the wilderness where they wandered around on the verge of starvation for many years until they were taken in by the Egyptians and given a small portion of land near Egypt. But not without a price to pay. The Egyptians made the Hebrews work for them as slaves and then pay a part of what they produced on the land they had been given in the form of taxes.

Under the Greek asshole … oops, I mean hero … Alexander the Great, the Egyptians were eventually subdued and the Hebrew slave land became part of the Greek empire, which later became part of the Roman Empire.

Yep, Grandkids, no matter what the modern-day Jews want to pretend their history is, the above is the Real Truth about from where the Hebrews got their land and their inheritance. And to this day, they still believe that they are God’s chosen people and that God gave them the land of Israel … yeah, with the help of Greek writers, they were able to incorporate a bunch of cool stories about how God helped them get out from under the control of the Egyptians, when it had all to do with Alexander the Great asshole … oops, there I go again. But anyways …

If it wasn’t for the Greeks, the Hebrews would still be slaves. If it wasn’t for the Great Roman Empire, the Hebrews would still be Greek.

Let’s blast ahead hundreds of years …

And if it wasn’t for the Great United States Empire, the Hebrew/Jews would be German, or wouldn’t exist at all.

You see, the Real Truth is, the Hebrew God has NEVER protected “His people.” Ever. They have always lost. And if the United States didn’t protect and arm the modern people of Israel with great military power, they would be destroyed by their Arab enemies and neighbors.

But you gotta ask yourself: why do people hate the Jews (Hebrews) so much?

The answer is simple:

Because the Jews fucking believe that they are God’s ONLY chosen people, and that God is the Hebrew God of Abraham that chose him (Abraham) above all other humans!

Since the Hebrew Patriarch, Adam, was white-skinned and God’s first creation and example of a mortal, all humans were supposed to be white-skinned. But there were obviously lots of dark skinned people living on the Earth when the Hebrews existed. So how were the Hebrew leaders supposed to explain how other people on Earth became dark skinned? They invented the story of Adam’s sons, Cain and Abel. Cain committed the first murder by killing Abel and God cursed him with the dark skin.

So ancient Hebrew leaders started touting that their white-skin was the chosen skin since Adam. But the Egyptians were all dark skinned. Because they were dependent upon the Egyptians for a place to live and protection from other nations, the ancient Hebrew leaders had to come up with a story that fit that made the Egyptians feel good about themselves, so that the Egyptians wouldn’t rise up and destroy the arrogant fucks.

And it came to pass that they invented a good story that fit.

Abraham couldn’t have any white-skinned children that looked like Adam, at first. His white-skinned wife, Sarah was barren. So God commanded Abraham to fuck his wife’s slave, Hagar, who was dark skinned. There were more dark skinned people than white skinned at that time because Hagar’s son, Ishmael, started fucking and producing children before Abraham’s white wife did.

So you see, you Egyptian dark-skinned people, you are just as chosen by God’s chosen lineage through Abraham as the white skinned Hebrews are … at least that’s the storyline the ancient Hebrews fed you so that you wouldn’t kill them all.

But there was another part of the story that hardly any historian or scholar mentions. The story of Abraham’s third, white-skinned wife, Keturah. Keturah had a lot of kids too. If the Jews came from Sarah and the Arabs came from Hagar, who the fuck were Keturah’s kids?

Well, Keturah isn’t part of the Hebrew mainstream beliefs because the same Greek writers who helped the ancient Hebrews write their formal history, based on their Hebrew oral history passed down for hundreds of years, made up Keturah to explain WHERE THEY FUCKING CAME FROM! Yep, the great Greeks and Romans were also God’s chosen people … from Keturah, Abraham’s fuck buddy after Sarah died.

The ancient Greeks and Romans … and other white folks from Keturah … would become the modern Europeans … the same fucks who think their white skin is more privileged than anyone else’s.

The ancient Hebrew leaders were not very happy that the Greek writers included Keturah in their history, because Keturah wasn’t a part of their original oral history. But in order to satisfy the Greeks, like they did the Egyptians, the Hebrew leaders submitted and let the Greek writers introduce their own ancestry line … again, a line that had not been mentioned for the hundreds of years of their oral histories passed down from generation to generation.

Yeah, the ancient Hebrew leaders figured that after all that oral passing down shit about their history, maybe a few things had been lost. The Greek writers convinced them that Keturah was a simple problem with the “pass it on” game.

In modern times, the dumbass white skinned descendants of the mythological character Abraham (yep, a completely bogus ancestor made up by ancient Hebrew story tellers), i.e., the Jews, are still staking their claim of God’s promised land (the Levante/Israel) excluding their darker skinned Arab cousins. And guess who supports the white skinned Jews in their claims? That’s right, the white skinned Americans.

What a fucking mess, right?

Well, Grandkids, (back to the time when the Great Roman Empire was being threatened from within by all the poor people that became poor as a result of failed Greco-Roman economic policies.)

The smart people saw how easy it was to control people through religion. The Hebrews had been doing it for years. These smart ones invented a brand new religion based on the myths in which the poor people believed, and established in the same form and structure as what had worked for hundreds of years in the Jewish religion.

This brand new religion was Christianity.

Based on the idea of a God-Messiah (which came from Hebrew mythology) that helps poor people have hope of a better world, even though they live in a shitty one, smart Greek writers, commissioned by the Roman wealthy and powerful, wrote a story that incorporated the poor people’s mythological hero. Yep, the poor had their own Hercules. The Greek writers called him Yeshua … Jesus.

It wasn’t too hard to come up with a storyline about how Jesus came to be. The Greek writers already had one in the myth of Hercules. Both Hercules and Jesus were sons of a God-father, Zeus and Elohim, respectively. They both had mortal virgin mothers, Alcmene and Mary; and they both had step-fathers, Amphitryon and Joseph. They were both assigned with special powers to save humankind. They were both saviors.

But the poor majority of the Roman Empire had already rejected the Greco-Roman myths because they were not being blessed much by the Greco-Roman gods. A myth about a man named Inpendius had developed for hundreds of years among the poor.

Inpendius was the “Robin Hood” myth told in the stories throughout the Roman Empire. But who was Inpendius? He’s not in any history books. He was never mentioned in any of the Roman or Greek writings. Then who was he?

Inpendius was born on the date you would know as October 4th, 88 b.c.e. (before the common era, or b.c. before Christ). He was born a savant, which the people of his day didn’t quite understand. He could talk at a very young age just as well as any adult. He understood things that no one else understood at that time. When he was older, one of his friends collapsed from a heart attack. Inpendius started modern CPR with a couple of breaths and chest compressions that brought his friend back to life. From that moment on, he became a local hero. Word quickly spread that he could raise people from the dead.

About the time that the Roman Republic was considering becoming an Empire, Inpendius started trying to explain what he knew about life. You see, Grandkids, Inpendius was born with a transfigured brain. From the time he was born, Inpendius knew what Grandpa knew on June 16, 1987: the Real Truth about who we are and why we exist.

Inpendius was born and raised a Hebrew/Jew, in God’s only true and living church, guided by God’s chosen priesthood leaders and authorities. Because Inpendius knew the Real Truth about who we are and why we exist—that there is no god outside of our “kingdom within,” that we are actually all equal gods going through a mortal experience—you can imagine the clash he had with the religious authorities of his church. Yep, Inpendius told his family and his church leaders that he knew the Real Truth about all things and that they didn’t know shit.

He wasn’t well received.

Inpendius was protected in free speech until he started teaching things that condemned the Roman governments desire to transform into an Empire where one person ruled instead of a democratically elected Congress of Representatives and Senators. Inpendius presented a political plan and blueprint that would have helped the Romans set up a government that was perfect for an imperfect human society upon Earth.

When others asked Inpendius how he knew everything that he did, Inpendius told them the Real Truth: that his True Self, with whom he was one and fully connected, told him these things. Well, Inpendius didn’t actually hear anything from anybody. He just knew things. Yep, Grandkids, Inpendius knew some things … a fucking lot of things!

You can imagine how well Inpendius was received by his family, church, and community. But when he raised a man from the dead, his fame spread, albeit locally at first.

Long story short:

Inpendius pissed off religious leaders, political leaders, judges, and about everyone else who believed that there was such a thing as a god outside of one’s own mind. They murdered him. The government did what the people liked back then: they threw him in a pit full of hungry lions who ripped Inpendius to shreds. As the first lion lept upon him and was crushing his neck, just before he passed out, Inpendius looked into the eyes of a woman whom he loved. Inpendius smiled and passed out before his body was devoured by the hungry lions.

Before he had died, Inpendius had gained a few followers, not many, but a few, most who ran like a bunch of chickens when the government was after him. These few passed on some oral stories about Inpendius that would eventually become the myths upon which the Greek writers based their Jesus story hundreds of years later.

Now, you might wonder, why Inpendius’ name isn’t in the history books. If he was so smart and new what he did and could do what he did, if he new a plan that could end poverty and inequality, a plan that could end child prostitution, a plan that could set up the perfect government among imperfect people, then why isn’t there anything in the history books about him?

Are you ready for the answer?

Go to your source of worldly knowledge, Bunkidiopedia … oops, I mean, Wikipedia. Search for Grandpa’s name. Not there. Although the Marvelous Work and a Wonder® and The Humanity Party® explain the Real Truth about things that no scholar, no writer, no priest, no king, no politician, no judge, no one, can logically confound, the only publicly known spokesperson for these things—one who claims that he knows more than any other mortal because he is one with “the Father,” one with the “Holy Ghost,” and the only source of knowledge that will save this world—the world’s history books want nothing to do with him.

Believe it or not, Ripley, it’s the Real Truth!

There’s a way to test God to see if there actually is a God. Turn your life completely over to God. Don’t do anything for yourself but be open for someone else (God) to do things for you. I guarantee you that God will help you … through others. Yep, if your Grandpa ever found you were suffering in the cold, hungry, without clothes, and sick because you were not doing anything for yourself but depending on God to do it for you, I’ll be God’s way of giving you some food. And you don’t have to thank me … you can thank God if you want. If you believe in God, Grandpa will never tell you to your face that you’re an idiot and have been deceived; that the only God that exists, has existed, and will ever exist is in your own head.

On June 16, 1987, I knew that the mortal experience was playing out in the mind of a much higher and much more advanced human life form: my True Self. I knew that my life was no more important than anyone else’s life. I knew that their mortal experience was the most important experience and reality to them and that mine was the most important experience and reality to me. I knew that no one could tell me what my life was supposed to be like. No one had any right to tell me that their experience was more or less than my own. I had a complete understanding about who we really are and why we really exist.

Our mortal Self is a the dream character having a mortal experience in an involuntary dream in our True Self’s brain. I knew that the moment that we took our first breath as an infant in this world, was the moment that our advanced brain connected to the mortal infant’s brain so that an experience could play out that balanced out the emotional imbalances that occur in an advanced humans brain.

I knew that the world’s view of things was completely wrong and upside down. I knew that there was no god except what a person invented and believed in their own head. I knew that the idea of the devil was a concept that helped a mortal—who doesn’t know who he or she really is—deal with the things about their life, about themselves that didn’t make sense … we do bad things, not because we are actually bad … who wants to think of their self as bad … but because the devil made us do it.

My love for myself and for my fellow mortals increased beyond anything that was possible.

On June 16, 1987, I didn’t return home from work to Jackie, my new wife, or to Brittany and Joshua, my beautiful children. Jackie was not my wife. Brittany and Joshua were not my children. They were my equals, three advanced humans whose mortal experience intertwined with my own.

I saw the world and its values and successes as they really were, fucked up opposites of each of our True Self’s reality. But there I was still. I was alive, so obviously it was good for my True Self, as I knew that I wouldn’t be alive if my True Self didn’t need Christopher to be. I knew Jackie’s own free will had chosen Christopher, so it must have been what was best for her True Self. I knew that both Brittany’s and Joshua’s True Selves knew my True Self and had observed my mortal experience and chosen Christopher as their mortal dad.

Since I was their father, and it was my responsibility to help them find success and happiness during their mortal life, and I knew that their True Selves knew that I would one day have the brain transfiguration that would change my world, I had only one thing on my mind at that time: help Brittany and Joshua learn how to be successfully happy during their mortal experience.

I knew that the world was FUBAR and completely upside down. I knew that what the world thought as success was actually causing all of its problems. From my own experience I was taught that money, education, family, friends, community and patriotic service to God, Family, and Country was success.

I knew that the world was fucked up wrong!

I knew that all the stress and unhappiness, all the anxiety and depression came from people trying to succeed in a world where it was impossible for everyone to succeed equally. At the time, I thought that this is just how the mortal world was and that there was nothing I could do about it. Although I started remembering things about past mortal lives other than living as Christopher, I didn’t concentrate much on these past lives. I was Christopher now. Christopher was who my True Self expected me to be, and that was it.

As their father responsible for their happiness, I was going to teach Brittany and Joshua how to FAIL and be happy failing. If having money and being seen by the world was successful, I was going to raise my children in poverty and inequality and help them be happy doing it, so that no matter what degree of worldly success my children might attain in their future, according to their free will, they would know how to fail happily.

And so our journey with a completely different perspective and perception that I had had just the day before … began.

Yes, as fucked up weird as it might seem, when I would think about it and concentrate enough, like a normal person would trying to remember names and events associated with their early childhood … about past memories and trying to figure out who I might have been in a past life … using my new enhanced memory caused by my transfiguration …

I remembered feeling the powerful jaws of a lion and looking into the sad eyes of my mortal beloved just before I passed out.

And that, Grandkids, was fucked up.

Now on to my new adventure with Jackie, Brittany, and Joshua that started after June 16, 1987.