Chapter 22: Kyle D. Williams: a Brother, a Friend, and an Enemy

As I explained, immediately after my transfiguration, I didn’t know anything about the details of my future role in the Marvelous Work and a Wonder® and The Humanity Party®. It would take a few more years before I was ready to meet my mentors, the organizers and overseers of this work.

Although I knew that humans had been on Earth for billions of years, ever since the Earth and this solar system were first created, I didn’t know all the details.

I knew that this solar system was a mental creation in the brain processes of highly advanced humans living on a different planet, in a different universe. I knew that my life upon Earth as Christopher was simply a dream experience occurring in my True Self’s mind, similar to how a dream takes place in Christopher’s mortal brain.

I knew that I wasn’t really Christopher. I was the most important person in any universe in which I found myself. I knew that when Christopher dies, the mortal experience will end as abruptly, easily, and similarly to how my mortal dreams end. No matter how terrible the dream, or good, the experience always ends when we wake up to the realization that our mortal (dream) life was nothing more than a sensory experience that happened involuntary, perfunctory, and that the only free will choice that we made is to start the dream process by going to sleep.

But in reality, we do NOT have the choice of whether to not to go to sleep. Sleep is forced on us. Try staying alert and awake during your mortal life without sleeping. This is empirical evidence that YOUR free will, YOU as a mortal, is not in charge of your experience. Your True Self needs you to sleep at times, taking pressure off of your advanced brain’s Mortal Experience System … the fucking MESS we’ve created for ourselves upon this Earth.

Mortals will think that this life upon Earth cannot possibly be only a dream. It seems so real, so vivid, so important to who we are.

As mortals, it seems we have free will to do what we want, choose with whom we want to have a relationship, and change the course of the life experience we have on Earth through the daily choices that we make. But in our mortal dreams, while asleep, we don’t seem to have free will to change the events and choose the people with whom we have relationships in our dream experiences. People (dream people), many whom we can’t remember knowing or dealing with while awake, seem to somehow appear out of nowhere in our mortal dreams. The events of the mortal dream experience appear to be directly associated to what is going on in our conscious (awake) life upon Earth, which mortals believe is their only real experience. Dreams seem to be connected to and a product of the emotional events occurring in our daily life … in our real world, the only reality that mortals know.

Mortals can only think this way and have this limited view … because they’re thinking about it with an imperfect and capacity-limited brain.

The learned world’s scientists have surmised that only a small part of the mortal human brain is actually used throughout a person’s life upon Earth. Then the question remains, what’s the rest of the fucking brain supposed to be used for?

Grandpa is going to introduce another Real Truth here, Grandkids.

The first human race living upon this planet, billions of years ago, had physical bodies created from the same materials of which the physical Earth was created. We call these bodies: mortal bodies. However, these mortal bodies were not like the bodies that earthlings currently have. This first race of our humanity had perfect mortal bodies. We call this time period: the First Dispensation of Human Time.

These perfect mortal bodies where created specifically to act and be acted upon under the full range of control and free agency (will) of the individual human being. These bodies had none of the limitations and imperfections that our current mortal bodies have. These bodies didn’t have blood. Where there is a blood vessel (either an artery, vein, or capillary) in our modern imperfect body, there was once a nerve (either motor, sensory, autonomic, or cranial).

Our perfect mortal bodies were not negatively affected by anything upon Earth. They were impervious (not affected by) to cold, to heat, and there weren’t any natural events such as tornados, earthquakes, hurricanes, and such, that could hurt a human. Humans were in complete control of the weather, the environment, and used Earth’s natural laws to have a positive, good Earth experience. Our FIRST MORTAL SELVES only created plants and animals that served human need, which did not include creating a fucking life form that had human features (eyes, ears, nose, feeling, and the ability to taste) SO THAT WE COULD KILL IT AN EAT IT … God, we’re idiots!

Grandkids, there’s a lot about the perfect mortal world and body that is so fucking cool to understand! I could write a few chapters on this type of world and these bodies and how they work and function compared to how the modern mortal world and bodies work and function. But it’s not the time or the place for these details.

Just imagine that you can create the perfect body for yourself, but you have to create it from the materials found upon Earth. What kind of body would you make for yourself?

I wouldn’t make a body that has to shit and piss … that shit stinks!

When you eat something, you are going after the taste of the thing. Right?

Humans eat to enjoy the taste. Whereas animals eat to live, humans live to eat. Right?

Why not create a body that takes food in, chews it, tastes it and then dissolves it entirely without creating any remaining part that turns into shit or piss? It’s possible. Grandpa knows how it can be done. If modern bioengineers would just talk to Grandpa and let him explain how to create the perfect mortal body, Grandpa would teach them … for free.

Yep, I wouldn’t charge them a penny for what I know. But I would NOT fucking tell them a thing if they were going to use the knowledge I give them (for free) to charge people for creating a perfect body … and now you know why Grandpa and his mentors do not make themselves known in this greedy ass world. What we know, we give freely, but only on the condition that it can benefit the entire human race without money involved. But anyways … NOT going to happen!

So, what happened to our first ancestors … who were actually all of us in a previous life?

What happened to the perfect mortal body?

Why didn’t the perfect mortal body survive and be the kind of body that all of us have now?

Holy fuck … it would take an entire different book to explain these things to you, Grandkids … Oh, wait … this will be explained in the last book that Grandpa is supposed to help my mentors write: The Dream of Mortal Life, Understanding Human Reality—A Final Warning to the Human Race. And guess what? All this cool information about the Real Truth is going to be available for FUCKING FREE!

But let’s see if I can sum it up for you … how our first mortal Selves fucked up our then perfect mortal bodies:

The first humans were not gendered. That’s right … no sex!

Sex is the way that humans use their bodies to the body’s full potential of sensory stimulation. The sexual orgasm is the ultimate result of the human body being stimulated. As un-gendered people, after a long, long time, we got a bit bored with the limited way that our bodies could interact with the Earth’s environment … and with each other.

To make it simple,

These first humans used their incredible intelligence to create human-like bodies (biological androids from the earth materials) to which they could remotely connect their own brain’s sensory receptors in order to have a different and more intense sensory experience than what their normal perfect mortal body allowed them to experience.

At first, these were androids, not real people. These androids did not have free will but were created with the specific purpose to give their owner pleasure as the android’s brain was stimulated by the environment. So …

One person would create one of these sensory stimulation android computer machines that their brain could connect to in order to have an artificial sensory experience of incredible intensity. At first, these “orgasm machines” were personal and had specific and unique energy frequencies, or rather, were tuned in only to the owner’s own brain.

Then some of these intelligent perfect mortals had another brilliant idea: why not create our sensory producing androids so that they can interact with each other?

You build yours and I’ll build mine, but let’s build them so that they can interact. Your android can make my android have a sensory “orgasm” that I can actually feel. You can’t make me feel this way with your body. But my android can. And now, you’re android can make my android react and I will feel YOU through our androids’ interactions.

There were a few smart ones then, however, that realized that these “sex producing machines” were going to cause a lot of problems for humanity. Although, these few smart ones couldn’t stop the free will acts of other humans, they were wise enough to use their own intelligence to put a kink in the “sex machine” so that it wouldn’t be so enjoyable to the person. If your android was going to give you physical pleasure, then you were going to have to deal with shit and piss coming out of the same bodily orifices from which your androids were providing you with pleasure.

Yep, Grandkids, shit and piss come out of the same parts of your body that someone else is going to want to taste, hear, smell, touch, and see.

I know, WTF? Right?

But think about today’s world.

There’s a lot of unattractive people who want sex with an attractive person. They go online, find some pornography that present very attractive people, and then use their own hand to virtually fuck the person in their own mind to make themselves have an orgasm. Even people in relationships do this because they are not being satisfied by their sexual partner.

In the near future, the technology will be created where you can connect your own brain to your computer through an interface system that actually connects all of your brain’s sensory receptors to your computer. Your computer will generate the appropriate frequencies (brain waves-energy) that are specific to each of your senses. You will be able to have an orgasm of unprecedented strength without anyone else around, generated only by computer software and the computer-brain interface.

So you’re not very attractive and want to have sex with a gorgeous, sexy person.

You get out your computer, hook your brain up to the computer’s interface, go online, probably have to pay for the experience, find the gorgeous, sexy person of your choice, who looks good … and that fulfills your sense of sight. But now, for the right price paid online, at the website,, the website’s interactive software will send energy impulses to your brain that allows you to feel the gorgeous body, smell it, and you’ll probably be able to choose the scent you want. You can hear the gorgeous, sexy person talk to you, but not from vibrations produced by an old computer’s speakers, but vibrations produced by your brain’s hearing receptors that are much more real that are now produced by a compatible computer-brain interface. You’ll be able to feel the virtual person’s breath, and smell it as the sexy one speaks to you … in your mind. You can taste any part of the sexy person’s body … all generated by the websites software and sent through the computer-brain interface technology that you spent thousands of dollars on. And the more money you have, the better the software … and the experience will be.

Yep. Fucking really!

More than likely, as you read my words, this technology and lifestyle is already available. As I write, billions of people throughout this world start, maintain, and enjoy relationships with other humans … on their fucking Smart Phone. They Tweet, they Instagram, they Facebook, they Swipe right who they like and Swipe left who they don’t.

Yep, this world is turning into a virtual world where actual, real human beings no longer need to actually interact with each other. It’s safer in a virtual world. If you’re unattractive, you can present your virtual Self as anything you want. Today, it’s called Catfishing. It happens all the time. Poor men in Africa are able to entice a lonely woman on the other side of the world into an online, virtual relationship and take all of her money, simply by creating a reality that fucking ain’t real.

Happens all the time.

Human relationships are evolving and changing every year, becoming less of an intimate, personal, real relationship, but a virtual one … the exact same way that we fucked up our world during the First Dispensation of Human Time.

Grandkids, you only have the one perception of life upon Earth from which to form a perspective of your reality. A normal imperfect mortal can’t remember anything before the time of their birth upon Earth … before the time that their brain started fully functioning in order to take over their infant body. Also, your limited perspective is affected from the reality that hundreds of thousands of people living upon Earth die every day and are replaced by hundreds of thousands of new humans.

How is it possible that you are actually an Eternal being who was never created and will never have an end? Your limited mortal brain cannot deal with this and understand it. BECAUSE IT’S AN IMPERFECT MORTAL BRAIN!

But because of Grandpa’s transfiguration, I understand it perfectly. It is the only thing that makes any sense to me.

Your mortal body started from a couple of simple cells and grew inside your mother’s, or now, father’s, body … soon to be grown in artificial wombs outside of the body. The YOU who YOU are isn’t inside the dark space of a confined womb. Can you imagine waking up inside of a womb? Fuck! That would terrible. The YOU who YOU actually are had NOTHING to do with the body that YOU were going to connect to, until YOU connected to that infant’s brain OUTSIDE of the womb.

Now, there are bunch of hardhearted and closed-minded fucks in this world who condemn a women, and even a man now, for having an abortion and cleaning out a few multiplied cells that look like a human body. Many of these same fucks grow animals to murder them and eat them.

Grandpa was born into the LDS/Mormon religion. Grandpa believed that Book of Mormon was just as important as the Bible. I believed that the Book of Mormon contained a “fulness” of the truth. That was what I was taught. And after my transfiguration, I fucking knew it for sure!

The Book of Mormon authors included a very important clue about the human spirit having NOTHING TO DO WITH THE DEVELOPING BODY IN THE WOMB, until the infant body was actually born into the world. Yeah. Really!

The story goes that one of Jesus’ chosen mortal prophets had told people that he was going to come to Earth over in Jerusalem as Jesus, from the womb of his mother, Mary. This didn’t sit well with the unbelievers, and they were about to kill this guy and his followers if they didn’t get a sign of Jesus’ birth. The tradition was that there would be three days of light, when the sun didn’t go down, as the sign that Jesus was born in the Eastern Hemisphere. This Book of Mormon guy and his followers lived in the Americas in the Western Hemisphere … so the incredible allegoric story presented.

“And it came to pass that he went out and bowed himself down upon the earth, and cried mightily to his God in behalf of his people, yea, those who were about to be destroyed because of their faith in the tradition of their fathers. And it came to pass that he cried mightily unto the Lord all that day; and behold, the voice of the Lord came unto him, saying: Lift up your head and be of good cheer; for behold, the time is at hand, and on this night shall the sign be given, and on the morrow come I into the world, to show unto the world that I will fulfil all that which I have caused to be spoken by the mouth of my holy prophets.” (3 Nephi 1:11-13.)

There you have it in black and white from the “word of God’! But the Mormons are blind as fuck and cannot see, because they don’t believe their own Book of Mormon anymore, but only listen to their corrupt leaders, who don’t know shit about shit, or about anything else that comes out of their upper bodily orifice … their mouths.

While Mary, the mortal mother of Jesus, is living in the Eastern Hemisphere with a huge baby boy’s body about ready to be forced out of her vagina “on the morrow,” the advanced human who will connect to this body inside of Mary’s womb, is talking to one of his prophets all the way over in the Western Hemisphere. How the fuck is Jesus going to be speaking to a guy living in ancient America, his spiritsupposedly talking in the ear of an ancient American, while at the same time his spirit is in the nine-month old body that had developed from God fucking a virgin in the Eastern Hemisphere?

Answer that one, Mormon prophet, seer, and revelator!

As I’ve explained, the Book of Mormon is a fictional (another word that can be used in the place of “religious”) story that was invented to present Real Truths the only way that the people for whom the book was meant would have read it and accepted it.

An abortion specialist living in Bethlehem could have taken out that body before the “morrow” and it wouldn’t have done a fucking thing to the REAL JESUS who was directing his affairs as an advanced human being … certainly, not on this earth! And if you fucks think that Jesus would have sent that doctor to hell, or Mary to hell because she didn’t want to get hemorrhoids from forcing that big ass head out of her little, virgin vagina, because she was raped by a huge cocked God, you fucks don’t know the REAL JESUS!

In the near future, probably by the time that you are reading your profane and blasphemous Grandpa’s words, the rich who can afford it will be having their children’s mortal bodies created in an artificial womb and engineered to the specifications that the rich have chosen for their posterity’s body.

And think about it …

What if they had the choice to create a body that wouldn’t shit or piss? But the only way that future bioengineers will be able to create a body like this, and they will be able to, is if they eliminate the orifices from which the poop and pee are extracted from the body, which in turn will eliminate the ability of their child to have sex.

But anyways …

As I explained, I didn’t come home to Jackie, my wife, or to Brittany and Joshua, my kids, as husband and father on the morning of June 16, 1987. I came home knowing that we were actually all REAL JESUSES.

As I explained above, I didn’t know anything about the role I was to play for humanity. I simply followed my heart, changed, of course, by my new perception and perspective.

I mentioned one of my LDS/Missionary companions, Kyle D. Williams.

So check out how his real Jesus and my real Jesus got together:

After our short time in the mission filed together, I ran into Kyle at the Defense Language Institute, where that smart motherfucker was studying an even harder language than I was. Our chance meeting, which I thought at the time was only chance and an incredible coincidence, wouldn’t be our last.

After my stint in the Army, I was sitting at the Security Desk in the Genealogy Library, when who walks through the front door? Kyle D. Williams.

Kyle was employed as a Genealogist. I have NEVER known anyone with the integrity that Kyle has. If I could choose a person upon this Earth who is completely without guile, it would be Kyle. (Hey, that rhymes!)

Guile is where one uses sly or cunning intelligence to get what they want. Kyle never did anything dishonest. sly, or cunning. But I would learn to be a master at guile.

When I recognized Kyle coming through the front door of the Genealogy Library, I called him over. He recognized me, smiled and came over about four steps. He immediately looked down at his watch and pushed a button that stopped his watch’s timer.

“Why did you do that to your watch?” I asked.

“I’ve been hired by the hour to do someone’s genealogy. I don’t charge them for time when I am not doing genealogy for them.”

Yeah. Fucking REALLY!

This man is the most honest man I have ever known. We probably chatted for only about 5 minutes then. But every time he came into the Library when I was on duty, that fucker would stop the timer on his watch, no matter how brief our interaction. That shit, is PURE HONESTY without guile from Kyle!

Eventually I didn’t see Kyle come into the Library any longer. I had no idea where he went or what he was doing.

June 16th came and went.

In the fall of 1987, I was on a bus in downtown Salt Lake City. I was looking out the window, and whom did I see walking along the sidewalk: Kyle fucking Williams.

I yelled for the bus driver to stop. Got off and confronted Kyle. Kyle told me that he and his wife were moving to Grandview, Missouri, to live with his parents. We talked for a bit. And that was it.

Not knowing where Jackie and I were going to start our … I mean “my” … new life, I thought about all the times I had ran into Kyle over the years. I felt that this contact must be important to both of our real Jesuses.

I contacted Kyle living in Grandview and told him I was moving out there. While living there, Kyle, a VERY staunch LDS/Mormon, started to find out that I had left the Church. He would come over and talk religion with me. I made a hell of lot of sense to Kyle, and I could see that what I was saying to him, although it was always bent towards his religion, and on his level, was opening his mind to the possibility that the LDS/Mormon religion was not all that and a bag of potato chips.

One raining day, Kyle knocked on our apartment door. He was barefoot and soaked to the bone, holding his LDS Scriptures in his hand. He called me to repentance and testified of the truthfulness of the LDS/Mormon Church. He told me that I had to humble myself and follow God’s chosen leaders upon Earth. I smiled, invited him in, and embraced him … with that shit-eating Grandpa’s smile that spreads across my face anytime I deal with aged-children who believe in Santa Claus.

I loved and respected Kyle … probably more so, at the time, than any other man I had ever known. I didn’t try to destroy his religion. I think I said a few things to let him know that he was probably right, but I was going to keep on sinning.

Kyle left that day, realizing I was a lost cause.

Our travels would put me and Jackie in a small cabin near Baring, Washington. We had moved from Grandview, Missouri, lived in Minot, North Dakota, for a short time, and eventually ended up in Snohomish County, Washington.

Barely a year had passed since Kyle had shown up at my door calling me to repentance. I’m not quite sure how he found us, but Kyle showed up at our small cabin in Baring, Washington. Kyle had left his wife and son back in Grandview, Missouri, and left the LDS/Mormon Church.

At our cabin, Kyle mentioned that he was going on a “walkabout,” which is an Australian rite of passage during which males undergo a journey and live in the wilderness for a time to make the spiritual and traditional transition into manhood. Kyle was trying to find his True Self. I could have, but I didn’t at the time, explained to Kyle exactly who he is and why he exists. But I doubt he would have listened to me then.

But the story doesn’t end there with Kyle.

Eventually, Jackie and I would end up back in Utah. Shortly after Brittany and Joshua were maliciously taken away from me, after I started my involvement with Grandma Marcee and Grandma Vicky, guess who showed up at my house? That’s right. Kyle D. Williams.

This time Kyle had all of his worldly possessions with him, including all of his money, his beloved trumpet, and a few other things. Out of all the people in the world, Kyle sought me out to leave with all of his material possessions and all of his money. His walkabout became more intense. He wanted to leave the world and continue his journey to find himself.

Kyle eventually came back to Utah, found me, and I gave him everything, including all the money, that he entrusted to me.


Although he entrusted me, out of everyone else that he knew upon earth, with his life, he not ONCE asked me WHY I LEFT THE LDS/MORMON CHURCH and what had happened to my mind.

After I agreed to be the True Messenger, I would often speak kindly of Kyle and his incredible integrity, as one of the few men upon Earth who lived without guile. Kyle and I made contact again. I tried to lead Kyle carefully into an understanding about what I was doing as a True Messenger. But he didn’t want anything to do with a new religion, or any part of what I was doing. I would contact him and use guile to get Kyle! (There’s that rhyme again.) I tried to introduce the reality of my role as a True Messenger in a way that he could accept and understand. But Kyle was never receptive.

Now the ironic twist to our mutual saga:

Kyle D. Williams would side with my enemies in an attempt to get me prosecuted and arrested for fraud.


Why didn’t you just come again, meet with me, and ask me to tell you the Real Truth about things?

Kyle, YOU CHOSE ME throughout your entire life as someone whom you could trust with your life!

Think about it, Mamut Chiquitito, (a name I called Kyle since our mission experience):

If there actually were four immortal humans living among us on earth, and they had a mission to do for humanity, and they had to choose someone to help them, wouldn’t they choose the same type of human that you fucking chose your entire life to trust?

Think about it.

But anyways …