Chapter 23: Relationships

I mentioned one of my past friends, Kyle D. Williams, in the last chapter in order to make a point:

There’s no such thing as a good friend, a person whom you can trust throughout your life to always support you in being YOU. You will find this to the be case, Grandchildren … in ALL your mortal relationships.

You will have friends who try to convince you to trust them, that they will never leave you. These friends will betray you.

You will have loved ones who say they love you, but can hate you with the same degree of hate of which they once loved you.

Your parents will betray you. (Try telling your conservative, religious parents that you are gay and want to spend the rest of your life on the road playing the guitar with your gay partner … and see how your parents betray you for simply trying to be YOU.)

Parents will betray children. Children will betray parents.

NO … ABSOLUTELY NO … mortal relationship can be trusted … and Grandpa will explain why below.

My mentors wrote a story that they put at the end of the Book of Mormon. It is called the book of Ether. In it, they pretty much summarized the intent of their message in a symbolic story form.

This final story wouldn’t have been part of the Book of Mormon storyline had the whited-skinned European Americans, for whom the book was created, started treating their darker skinned fellow humans (native Americans and native Africans) appropriately … like Jesus would have treated them.

Once the early American Christians who had joined the Mormon movement and completely rejected the “fullness of the everlasting gospel as delivered by the Savior to the ancient inhabitants [of the American continent],” after they wanted an organized church and religion, my mentors knew that the original purpose that they intended for their book had failed. So they made one last attempt.

They created a fictitious people, all white-skinned, called the Jaredites.

These Jaredites, according to my mentors’ story, lived in the Western Hemisphere long before any dark skinned people did. In fact, according to the story, they were the first humans who lived in the Western Hemisphere after God had destroyed the entire human race during the time of Noah and the flood. (Remember, the only reason why black people remained after the flood was because Noah’s son, Ham, wanted some of that black booty and fucked a black girl against his father’s wishes … Yeah. Really! That’s what Bible believers believe!) But anyways …

My mentors knew that because the early American Christians had rejected the premise and intent of their Book of Mormon, and wanted a new religion instead, their final hope for convincing a Bible-believer to reject the fucked up Bible and start thinking properly, was the failsafe that they incorporated into their storyline: the sealed portion.


Joseph Smith presented 116 pages of the original story to the “peer review group” that was supposed to give our mentors some feed back about how their story was understood. These fucks, which included members of Joseph family and other close friends, looked way beyond the mark of the story’s intent (see Jacob 4:14), which was only to introduce Jesus as the Savior of the Western Hemisphere, as well as the Savior of the Eastern Hemisphere, and the same teachings (Sermon on the Mount found in Matthew, chapters 5, 6, and 7) that Jesus taught to the Jews. Yep, their intent was to plagiarize Jesus’ teachings in Matthew, chapters 5, 6, and 7, and have the American resurrected Jesus teach the exact same things.

In fact, Joseph Smith told these dumb fucks EXACTLY WHAT THE BOOK CONTAINED:

“He called me by name, and said unto me that he was a messenger sent from the presence of God to me, and that his name was Moroni; that God had a work for me to do; and that my name should be had for good and evil among all nations, kindreds, and tongues, or that it should be both good and evil spoken of among all people.

“He said there was a book deposited, written upon gold plates, giving an account of the former inhabitants of this continent, and the source from whence they sprang. He also said that the fulness of the everlasting Gospel was contained in it, as delivered by the Savior to the ancient inhabitants;”

The early white-skinned European Christians ignored the fact that Joseph told them that the book contained “the fulness of the everlasting Gospel … as delivered by the Savior to the ancient inhabitants” plagiarized word for word in 3 Nephi, chapters 12, 13, and 14. They didn’t care about what Jesus said in the Sermon on the Mount. They wanted a religion. They wanted temples. They wanted the Holy Priesthood. They wanted to feel special, more so than any others on Earth. Fuck being good to people. Fuck not suing people in court. Fuck not lusting in their hearts after potential future polygamist wives. Fuck becoming angry with fellow drivers along Interstate 15 in Utah. Fuck marry women and treating them as equals … thank the LDS/Mormon God for divorce so they can get some fresh booty.

Fuck saying, “Yea, yea; Nay, nay: for whatsoever is more than these cometh of evil,” Mormons love to go into debt and make promises they can’t keep … Utah is known as the Multi-level Marketing and scam capital of the world.

Fuck resisting evil and turning the other cheek, put the guy in jail and make him suffer for hitting you on the right cheek.

And especially,

Fuck that bullshit about loving your enemies, blessing them that curse you, doing good to them that hate you, and praying for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you!


G O D B L E S S T H E U S A !!! (The above sung to the tune of Lee Greenwood’s God Bless The USA.)

And if one of her enemies hits her on the right cheek, my 25 guns in my gun safe at home, protected by the ‘God bless America’ 2nd Amendment, will kill that motherfucker … FUCK THAT TURING THE OTHER CHEEK SHIT! JESUS WAS A DUMBASS AND GOT HIMSELF CRUCIFIED FOR TURNING THE OTHER CHEEK. THE ONLY CHEEK I’M GOING TO TURN IS THE NAKED ONE I’M GOING TO SHOW BEFORE I TELL AN ENEMY TO KISS MY AMERICAN ASS!)

Instead of early LDS/Mormons paying attention to their own fucking scripture, which they claim to be the “word of God,” and “the most correct book on earth and that a man would get closer to God by abiding by its precepts than any other book,” these fucks wanted a church and a new religion and didn’t pay any attention to “abiding by [the book’s] precepts.”

This religion eventually became one of the wealthiest religions on Earth. With all its money, prestige, political influence and power, the LDS/Mormon Church does little to nothing about supporting the true purpose for which the United States of America exists:

“Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. To spread the light of liberty world-wide for every land.”

Instead, these conservative, largely Republican Mormon motherfuckers blame poverty throughout the world, and the violence and terror felt daily by the marginalized and homeless, on these people for not paying their full tithing, not going to the temple, not going to church, not obeying the leaders, not obtaining priesthood blessings and ordinances, not drinking coffee or alcohol, not masturbating, and all the other bullshit “nots” that their LDS/Mormon God tells their LDS/Mormon leaders will keep people out of God’s Celestial kingdom … and out of God’s promised land: the good ol’ United States of America.

LDS/Mormons don’t have a clue what the “fulness of the everlasting Gospel” was that Jesus delivered to the ancestors of the ancient American natives … according to the story. The posterity of these ancient American natives are those modern people who are the tired, poor, huddled masses yearning to breathe free … the wretched refuse on the U.S. southern border of America and other European countries, to whom Jesus delivered his “fullness” to their ancestors … according to the story.

Yeah, the early LDS/Mormons pretty much fucked up our mentors intent for writing their story. They had to depend upon the failsafe that Grandpa mentioned: The Sealed Portion of the Book of Mormon … yep, the one they asked Grandpa to present to the world. The story and introduction of this failsafe was set up in their book of Ether.

The Jaredites came from a couple brothers who didn’t want to have their language confounded by God when Noah’s posterity was building a tower to save themselves in case God tried kill everyone with another flood. One of the brothers prayed and asked God to help them and not to confound their language. God told the brother that he would help them and few friends travel to a land that no one knew about at that time: the Western Hemisphere.

My mentors followed the basic outline of the Hebrew bullshit story presented in the Bible. Moses went upon the mount and received instructions from God. One of the brothers (they called him “the brother of Jared”) went upon the mount and received instructions from God. God told Noah to build a boat and take two of every animal with him. God told the same thing the brother of Jared.

How the fuck else, Grandkids, were animals supposed to get to the Western Hemisphere all the way across the ocean after every form of life had been destroyed during Noah’s flood. Yep, my mentors are smart! They covered all their bases.

The story goes that the people of the Eastern Hemisphere would do stupid things that were not right to God. Since the brother of Jared was talking to God, and God was going to lead them away from the wicked people living in the Eastern Hemisphere, God was going to give the Jaredites the RIGHT commandments to do.

And so God did.

And guess what Grandkids?

THE JAREDITES DID NOT GET ONE FUCKING COMMANDMENT FROM GOD THAT HAD ANYTHING WHATSOEVER TO DO WITH CREATING A NEW ORGANIZED RELIGION. The God of the Jaredites didn’t like what Moses told the people to do, so he didn’t include ANY, not any goddamn part of the Mosaic law in His instructions to the Jaredite people.

Throughout the book of Ether, before, during, and after the Jaredites became a great nation of millions, and millions of white people living in the ancient United States of America, there isn’t ONE GODDAMN MENTION OF paying a full tithing, going to the temple, going to church, obeying idiot religious leaders, obtaining priesthood blessings and ordinances … the Jaredite God didn’t even mind if a man got drunk and got himself off in a gay way (man sexually pleasing a man) by masturbating.

Because the early American people had completely disregarded the meaning of the rest of the Book of Mormon’s important message, the last story was basically about a white nation of good-looking people who fucked themselves in the ass because they didn’t establish a government and land of equality … where there was no poor among them.

Instead, the Jaredite story tells of fathers killing their sons, and sons killing their fathers for money, for pride, for prestige, for good looking women, for all the things that a modern person can buy at the City Creek Mall located in the center of Mormondumb … and for every other fucking thing that MAKES AMERICA GREAT … AGAIN (MAGA)

But anyways …

There is not one relationship on Earth in which you can trust that the person with whom you are having the relationship will always choose YOUR best interests in all things over THEIRS. You can’t even trust God, especially if this God was taught to you by someone else. Whoever taught you about God, has their best interests in mind, even though they’ll tell you that God has your best interests in mind … but because God doesn’t talk to you, they’ll tell you what God’s best interests for you are. Sigh …

This is just how human nature is.

The Greek authors who wrote the Jesus story made this point very clear.

Judas was one of Jesus’ most trusted friends. Peter was one of his closest. Both betrayed him. Both denied him. Both ran into the arms of the world to protect themselves, or for money, when Jesus was threatened.

Yes, the story of Jesus is a fabrication invented to control people’s minds by introducing the reality of human nature, what we love, what we fear, for what we hope.

The Jesus story is one of the greatest manipulations of this Sixth and final Dispensation of Human Time. The authors covered almost every aspect of our mortal human nature. They created a story to emphasis the good part of our nature, and the bad part. The Jesus character represents the good part of our nature.

As the character Jesus is described throughout the story, it easy for us to connect with him and feel close to him. It’s easy to see him as the greatest, kindest, most compassionate human that ever existed. We all want to become like Jesus, to have the Jesus Spirit always with us … because, again, the Real Truth is, the good part of us makes us all Jesuses.

We are gods … albeit fallen … very fallen.

Yep, we are children of light. We are angels of light. We are all equal gods of light who have fallen from our perfect nature.

Yep. While we are in this ‘lone and dreary world,’ the only world that we know, WE ARE LUCIFER … the only god of this world.

It is this part of us, our fallen mortal nature (ego), that is responsible for all religion, for the answers to all of our prayers as we pray for good, hoping for the best. And there is no god, but Lucifer, that hears and answers our prayers. Our prayers are answered by our mortal ego.

It was the American Lucifer who dropped the bomb on Hiroshima and was okay with it. It was the Japanese Lucifer that sent a pilot to his suicide to destroy the American Lucifer. And thus is the situation of this world and its true god.

And our mortal relationships?

They all end, completely, totally, and just as easily as your dream experience ends when you wake up from it. All the characters, all the events, no matter what they were while you were dreaming, go away. They completely disappear from your reality when you wake up.

Do you want Grandpa to prove this to you?

Kill yourself and then you’ll know. But, noooooooooo … don’t kill yourself. Let your True Self kill your Mortal Self when the time comes. You don’t have to wait long. Just keep putting that shit that your fallen mortal body likes in your mouth and your True Self will not be dreaming a long time. But anyways …

But I’m telling you the Real Truth! Don’t trust any relationship you have made while mortal. Deal with them the best you can, but keep in mind that they will all end when you die.

Here’s the Real Truth as to why:

Grandpa has explained that we are advanced humans who were created to have a new human experience. I’m going to try to explain it clearly and in simple terms that you will understand.

Although the following isn’t exactly how it happened, it’s close enough so that maybe you can get the gist of who you really are and why you really exist.

Advanced mothers created us, not through any sexual experience, but in the most technologically advanced way that a human body can be created. We didn’t need an advanced father anymore than a modern woman needs a male to create a child today … clone that baby!

Advanced mothers don’t age. They don’t die. They exist to create new physical bodies for new advanced humans entering the game of a new advanced human experience and to make sure the new child has all the opportunities and care it needs in its new world. They live on their own planet where only mothers live.

Think of the planet Venus, named after the Greek goddess of love, sex, beauty and fertility. Remember, hypothetically. Our mortal planet Venus was a fucked up attempt by our ancestors to create a new planet in this solar system, when the laws of nature only allow one: Earth.

Our particular advanced mother had a bunch of kids. This was our first, real family relationship-type experience. None of us were gendered. Our mothers would allow us to choose a gender if that’s what we wanted for our experience. If that’s what would make us happy.

So, imagine a mother with a bunch of kids who have free will to explore their new world and do what they want in the new world. The only rules in the new world was we couldn’t do anything that would impede or affect the free will of another. Other than that, we could do what we wanted. As kids, we were curious about our new world. We explored the world and used our senses (sight, smell, sound, taste, and touch) in our exploration. We developed individually and unique from all of other advanced siblings.

We did NOT look like the fucked up mortals we are on this Earth. No advanced mother changed poopie or pissed diapers. And none of them had to worry about any of us looking at our siblings body and wondering why we have one and they don’t. We were all equal in every way in regards to our ability to use our free will to explore our new world and interact with it … and with each other … as we chose.

Our mother’s planet exists in a solar system of other planets. Let’s use our own as a hypothetical example:

All the mothers live on Venus. A few couples of males and females live on Mercury.

The male’s eternal job is to make sure the laws of our advanced experience are obeyed. They are the policemen of the universe, of sorts. And they have a distinct look … kind of like a police uniform: a beard and a dick … an eternal dick at that! But the only purpose for this eternal dick is to give pleasure to the man’s ONE AND ONLY … not fucking two, or three, or ten … but ONE AND ONLY. Any eternal man who tries to use his dick for anything else, well … the Real Truth is, he wouldn’t have a dick he couldn’t be trusted to use the dick’s power and purpose correctly.

(You can learn more about the advanced male, the few there be, in the book, The Dream of Mortal Life. But so you don’t worry too much about it, Grandpa has personally met EVERY SINGLE mortal assigned to OUR GROUP of advanced humans to this solar system, who chose as an advanced child to become male. And of all the mortal males I’ve encountered on this Earth, I can count the ones who will eventually be an advanced male on one hand. Sorry all of you dudes out there who love your maleness and whom I haven’t personally met. You’re going to lose your balls one day. You won’t need them. You wouldn’t want to have them. And you fucking don’t deserve them! Just consider how you’ve used them thus far in your mortal experience. Most of the good mortals I have met, even most of the males, are going to be advanced mothers. But anyways …)

On the other planets … in our eternal mother’s solar system … live a variety of other adult advanced humans, none whom are gendered. As kids, we are allowed to travel to any of the planets in our mother’s solar system, or universe, so that we learn how other newly created advanced humans used their new experience and free will.

We spent literally billions and billions of mortal years … just a brief moment to our advanced brain … figuring out what kind of human we wanted to be. The type of human we chose for our True Self depended on how our interactions with the environment and with others made us feel. Yep, there are all kinds of humanity types … all kinds of happiness types. None is any better than any other.

Think about it, Grandkids,

Having a kid is tough stuff! It changes your life. You no longer can live for your Self. You are forced to live for the kid! Mortal postpartum depression doesn’t come from a woman naturally. It comes from realizing the incredible responsibility that the woman now has in the life of another human being. Few find happiness in being a mother. Those who say they do and experience postpartum depression or any other kind of unhappiness, are not meant to be a mother.

Grandma Paula shouldn’t have been a mother. And our daughter Brittany shouldn’t have been a mother. It’s not that they are wrong or bad in any way for being depressed throughout their motherhood, but their personal expectations of life, especially associated with the needs of their True Self, was always about the Self.

Grandma Paula’s and Brittany’s True Self chose a different humanity type than Grandpa did. In our real solar system, the one we created for ourselves outside of our advanced mother’s solar system and galaxy, where we could continue to live as adult advanced humans of our own chosen humanity type, Grandpa’s True Self lives on a different planet than any my mortal children or any of my past mortal wives.

Let’s continue with the hypothetical:

Grandpa’s True Self lives on Earth and Brittany’s and Paula’s True Selves live on another planet, let’s say Uranus … no pun intended … at least not for this part of Grandpa’s story.

There are eight different planets on which our advanced OWN GROUP now live, after we all final decided the humanity type that we wanted for our True Self. But there is ONLY ONE place where we all can experience mortal life: the planet Earth, here in this solar system.

Earth, its solar system and the universe in which it exists, is basically the only wireless connective game platform to which all of OUR GROUP must connect their advanced brains in order to have a mortal experience. And it all happens in our advanced brains.

So, what happens when we die a mortal death and then realize that we are actually living on our chosen advanced planet, and the many of those with whom we shared the mortal experience live on a completely different advanced planet than we do?

So much for these mortal relationships. Right?

I cried during the Daddy-Daughter dance at Brittany’s wedding in 2018. I didn’t cry like most normal dads cry. I certainly didn’t cry for the same reason that a normal dad would. I cried because I knew that the little girl that entered my mortal life on November 20, 1983, was entirely different than the woman with whom I was trying to be the best normal father I could be. I knew that I couldn’t continue to pretend to be someone I am not.

Before traveling to Mexico for Brittany’s wedding, I made her brother Joshua promise me one thing. Early in his life I told Joshua that there was only one thing that would destroy his life: alcohol. I asked Joshua to promise me that he would not drink during his sister’s wedding so that the event would be all about her and her wanting the perfect wedding. There was hardly a moment when Joshua was not drunk and causing others concern.

I knew that Brittany and Joshua did not respect me for the real me. They appreciated the tens of thousands of dollars that I spent helping each of them begin their worldly lives as adults. Because they were both torn away from me at an early age (Brittany 7 and Joshua 5), because the changed, transfigured me didn’t live the way the world (Paula and their adoptive father … powered by the courts and the laws of this world) wanted, they had gained no natural respect for me. The father-child bonds were broken never to be repaired. They couldn’t be. Brittany and Joshua are products of their legal parents.

Not one time has either Brittany, Joshua, or Rachael (the only three of my mortal children with whom I have had any adult dealings) mentioned to anyone that their dad has introduced the perfect economic plan that will end poverty throughout the world … or end child prostitution in fucking WEEK!

I even told them that they didn’t need to mention that I was actually their biological father. But it would have been somewhat cool if any of them had mentioned the incredible nature of the Marvelous Work and a Wonder® or The Humanity Party®.

They never have.

At Brittany’s wedding, I knew my mortal time with them was soon to be over. I knew that I could no longer go to my grandkids’ dance recitals, to their sporting events, to their birthday parties, and to the other normal events to which a normal grandfather was expected to attend. I could no longer watch my children destroy the ability of their children (my grandchildren) to find happiness in this life. I could read the writing on the wall. Their children were being raised and taught the way that Brittany and Joshua had been raised and taught after their mother maliciously removed me from their life. I have no interest in going through the pain and struggle to one day save my grandkids from the poor choices of their parents … most of whom will never know me … the real me.

The last thing I did at Brittany’s wedding was to invite Brittany, Joshua, and their partners to my hotel room, along with their mother, Paula, so we could discuss a few things. When they came into my room, it was felt and obvious to me that calling this meeting was not what they wanted. Paula refused to come. I did not tell them everything that I wanted to at that time. They really didn’t care. But it was after this meeting that I knew that my time upon this Earth as a father influence to them would end … forever.

It’s not their fault that they are not like me … at least its not their Lucifer SELF‘s fault. It’s not even their True Self’s fault … because it isn’t a fault … it’s a choice … an eternal choice … one made long before we came to know each other as father and child upon this Earth.

Rachael would also show her lack of interest in her father’s True Self by joining the LDS/Mormon Church … one of the most Luciferian institutions upon Earth … as Grandpa has explained throughout this autobiography. The LDS/Mormon people have so many clues and much cool information about the Real Truth … but they, like my children, couldn’t seem to care less.

As it will unfold throughout the pages of this autobiography, I was never comfortable with any of the relationships that I made as Christopher. I would be persecuted, hated, betrayed, and denied by every single person with whom I had a relationship … not because of them …

But because of me … the real me.

Let’s go on with the events of my life.