Chapter 28: A Poor Fool For A Client

I’ve explained that all people on Earth are simply the dream Self of each of our True Selves. I’ve explained that our conscious experiences of life upon Earth begin when our True Self voluntarily decides to create the experience in our highly advanced brain by connecting its energy (our advanced Self’s brain’s energy) to an energy-based connective platform to which many other advanced humans have also connected their brains. I’ve loosely compared the experience to playing a highly advanced virtual, online video game.

I’ve explained that to connect, we must wait until a body is created in the game by one of the other player’s mortal avatars. What I have not explained yet, is: if there are 15.07 billion advanced humans that are assigned to our particular mortal solar system (the connective platform), how is it determined who gets the body that is created upon Earth, when there are not enough mortal babies to go around?

The simple answer is, the first one in line for the body. I give a few more details about this when I explain below why Brittany and Joshua chose Christopher Nemelka as a mortal parent.

As an advanced human, we have the ability to “go online” and watch what is happening upon Earth without actually participating. In fact, any advanced human, anywhere in our real universe, can watch the game. But only those assigned to our solar system can actually play the game of mortal life with us. All other advanced humans living in the other infinite number of solar systems are also restricted to their own solar system and to THEIR OWN GROUP in order to experience a mortal life.

Advanced humans of other solar systems can watch what is going on on other “Earths” to learn while they are “growing up” and choosing the humanity type that is best for each of them individually.

In essence, the only ones that are really interested in watching what is going on in other solar systems are the “advanced children” who haven’t yet decided how they want their new advanced human life to play out for them. They have the right to choose, as all of us were on equal standing to choose for our Self how we wanted the game to serve our particular needs.

My mentors use three general categories to describe the different humanity types from which an advanced child can choose. No type is in any better or worse than another. Each is simply a choice that one chooses as a growing and learning advanced human child.

To make the choice, advanced children of other solar systems do what children do: explore with curiosity and innocence. While advanced adults have already made the choice and aren’t looking to change … because you can’t teach an old dog new tricks … you can’t put new wine in old bottles … you can’t sew an old piece of cloth into a new piece of fabric … you know what I’m saying … advanced children are learning and exploring their options.

I’ve explained that an advanced child can travel throughout the solar system in which the child was created to visit the different planets therein and see how its creator’s (mother’s) siblings* are living as adults. Each planet was created to serve the needs of each particular humanity type. As the children travel throughout their mother’s solar system, they associate with the adults to learn upon which type of planet they (the children) would like to live one day as advanced adults. The curious children “go online” and observe many other solar systems and worlds, not only in an advanced state, but any mortal state that is happening for other advanced humans. They do this out of curiosity and to learn.

*All advanced human creators are women. These creators were genderless as children and chose to become a woman so that they could create advanced bodies for new advanced people wanting to have an experience as a new person. Creation of a new advanced body occurs in what we describe as our Second State of Conscious Existence. Since all advanced humans are assigned to specific, finite (numbered) groups, those who chose to become mothers can be referred to as advanced sisters. OUR GROUP can be referred to as advanced siblings.

But sorry all you egomaniac mortal men upon Earth. All advanced humans are created asexually without a male. Advanced males are few and far between. As I have stated, I have personally met every one of our mutual siblings who has chosen to become an advanced, gendered male. So, if you haven’t personally met me, OUR GROUP’S True Messenger … you can kiss your treasured balls goodbye, you arrogant mortal fucks, who think that heaven is about you getting to put your holy penis into all kinds of women!

The Real Truth is, the only reason why the few advanced humans who choose to become male have an advanced penis, is to please ONE WOMAN … the advanced creator who has already determined her need for a man and has determined WHAT SIZE OF PENIS THE MALE GOD IS GOING TO HAVE TO PLEASE HER. Yeah … pretty much … Really! But anyways …

Grandkids, is it any wonder why men hate Grandpa so much … why they reject everything that Grandpa explains about the Real Truth … especially the fucks who haven’t yet met me personally? Yeah, the arrogant fucks value their dangling balls and loath the thought of eternal castration. But when we finally explain why mortal men have dangling balls in the first place, you’re going to laugh your ass off!

Think about it. What part of the man is so sensitive, so vulnerable to pain, and with slight pressure, can put a man on his knees quicker than his dick can fill with blood? His balls! Wait until I explain how the fallen male’s balls were created … fucking hilarious! Another time … let’s get back to this chapter on my life.

I’ve called the 15.07 billion advanced humans who are authorized to play the game upon our Earth, in our solar system: OUR GROUP.

Long explanation short, as I have already explained, the ratio of “serving” humanity types to “being served” humanity types is the reason why OUR GROUP cannot learn to play together properly; and that we’re on our sixth, and last, attempt to make things right on this Earth so that it becomes the appropriate platform for OUR GROUP to continue to be able to have the mortal experience.

OUR GROUP can ONLY experience mortal life in this solar system. If the solar system is destroyed … by an autistic boy, who had a potty mouth in his last incarnate … creating a new sun that extinguishes our present sun and destroys everything in our solar system … if destroyed, none of OUR GROUP will ever be able to have the mortal experience again … NEVER … EVER!

But what about those of OUR GROUP who chose to become female creators … and the few who get a personalized eternal dick that serves the needs of ONE female creator? Won’t they be able to have the mortal experience again? Nope. They don’t need to.


Grandkids, before I go on with my story, let me make it easy to understand:

People like sex. It feels good, especially if you have an orgasm. Mortal men always orgasm. Women … not so much. But when the woman has the right orgasm … Oh, my God! … Yep, that’s pretty much what she yells out during and after she has one.

Sex is actually the ultimate physical and spiritual energy stimulation that any human can experience. Sex is an advanced human’s drug, or sorts. An advanced human can’t get that drug unless the person is a mortal. The drug’s effects can only be felt in the mortal experience when one has a gendered, mortal body with the parts that can stimulate the orgasmic experience. Without a penis, a clitoris, or a “g spot”, no mortal or advanced human, is capable of having an orgasm.

Now, the following isn’t exactly how it is, but it’s close enough to explain what I’m trying to say here:

Sex is the ultimate experience of a conscious (or subconscious … think wet dreams) human physical reaction. It is the ultimate release of energy and can balance and calm the brain better than any other experience. You can’t have sex without the right body parts. With the right body parts, you can have sex anytime you want.

Keep in mind that the ONLY reason why advanced humans want a new experience to play out in their advanced brain is to keep it balanced. Nothing balanced the brain better than sex.

Believe it or not, Grandkids, most sexual experiences that reach orgasm are homosexual … Yep, none can argue this. There’s more masturbation going on this planet to orgasm than any other sex act. Masturbation is a man pleasing a man and a woman pleasing a woman … Make sense? Sure, the arrogant fucks who call themselves a man on this Earth, might say, “I couldn’t stand it if another man touched me!” Oh, then when you touch yourself, you Fuck, that’s not a man’s hand? … I told you that there were few actual men upon this Earth. Right? … But anyways … Sorry, Grandpa’s profane and perverted mind goes off on tangents at times … not really … I just know the Real Truth about these things.

An advanced human who has a gendered body (female or male) no longer needs the mortal experience to have sex. Most shes, and the few hes, have the advanced body parts to experience sex. So whether or not the rest of OUR GROUP can’t have sex ever again once Grandpa’s future twelve-year old self blows up this God-forsaken solar system on June 16 2145, it’s not going to matter to those of us who have chosen to serve others as creators … a choice that we made before the foundation of this solar system.

I like how my mentors put this clue in their religious-based writings:

2 And those women and men were ordained after this order of Sex by being given the body to do so, in a manner that thereby the other humans might know in what manner to look forward to having sex to release pent up energy for the redemption of their eternal brain.

3 And this is the manner after which they were ordained to have sex—being called and prepared from the foundation of the world according to the foreknowledge of their True Self, on account of their choosing to serve others by being an eternal parent/creator; in the first place being left to choose what humanity type they wanted; therefore they having chosen to help others exists, and exercising exceedingly great faith, are called with a holy calling, yea, with that holy calling which was prepared with, and according to, a preparatory redemption for such; a calling that would reward them with the ability to have sex because of their desire to serve others.

4 And thus they have been called to this holy calling on account of their faith, while others would reject the same humanity type on account of their choosing a different humanity type, while, if it had not been for this they might have had as great privilege as their advanced siblings.

5 Or in fine, in the first place they were on the same standing with their siblings; thus this holy calling being prepared from the foundation of the world for such as would not harden their hearts against the idea of serving others for eternity.

(Compare Alma 13:2-5.)

Now … they used religious terms that they thought necessary to open the minds of the arrogant male fucks who love the idea that God gives them (males) priesthood authority. All I did was take out the religious terms and put in terms that are closer to the Real Truth.

Again, because I can do this so easily, is it any wonder why most men on this God forsaken planet want to shut my mouth and never speak another word about their inevitable eternal loss of their nut sack?

My father and Carl Ladenburg certainly don’t deserve a nut sack!

As I relate what happened shortly after moving to Montana, consider what these events did … not to me … but to two innocent children: Brittany and Joshua.

Brittany’s and Joshua’s True Self chose me to be their mortal father.

Their True Selves had known of me and watched me develop throughout eons of time while we were growing up together in OUR GROUP in real solar system. Although not from the same advanced mother, and although we are not of the same humanity type, they had a need and stayed close to my True Self watching each and every mortal experience that I had.

In essence, Brittany and Joshua had watched my mortal incarnates long enough to be first in line for choosing Christopher (profane current incarnate that I am) as the co-creator of their mortal avatar. In fact, their mother actually chose to be put in a mortal situation where she could become my first mortal wife. (There are a lot of details to how these choices are made by advanced humans that will be covered in The Dream of Mortal Life book. So as not to confuse you … let’s go on with the facts of my life.)

After my transfiguration, I was raising Brittany and Joshua in a way that would have ensured them a healthy outlook on life. If they had remained with me throughout their lives, they would not have the emotional issues that plague them today as adults.

Since these children chose me, they became very close to me.

Brittany couldn’t have been any closer to me as her father. And when Carl Ladenburg tried to take my place, after I all of the sudden disappeared out of her life, the protective nature of Brittany’s unique mortal brain took over. Not only was Carl Ladenburg ever able to penetrate the emotional wall that our father-daughter bond had built during the first seven years of Brittany’s life, but because of the alienation for so many years and the fucked up bullshit put into that little girl’s head by her mother and Carl Ladenburg … neither would I be able to regain the bond in the future.

I have not been able to break through Brittany’s high and strong walls of emotional security. Our once incredibly close mortal father/daughter bond was destroyed!

Joshua was a bit different.

Although he would bond with Carl Ladenburg, his mind never forgot the feelings he once felt as a little child being raised by Jackie.

Joshua’s mother/son relationship never developed with Paula as it did with Jackie. And after the Ladenburgs maliciously took away my rights and made me disappear from Brittany’s and Joshua’s mortal existence, after they filled the kid’s heads with all kinds of lies … that their father had actually kidnapped them from their mother who had legal custody, but I kidnapped them away … Yeah, fucking Really! … Joshua never forgot the things that he felt through Jackie’s motherly love.

Being told what he was throughout his formative years, and realizing that Paula was actually his mother, but never feeling the same type of motherly love with Paula that he did with Jackie, Joshua began to associate his foundational emotional happiness with me … his father.

Joshua had a wonderful relationship with Jackie. Brittany not so much. Brittany would come to have a better relationship with Paula than Joshua would. Paula provided Brittany with the love that she did not get from Jackie. But Paula could not reproduce the motherly love that Jackie showed to Joshua. Paula is not the motherly sort.

As children’s brains do as they mature, things have to make sense. Relationship feelings must be consistent and of a nature that brings value to the child.

Whereas Brittany was receiving somewhat of a mother-daughter relationship with Paula that she never felt with Jackie, it was impossible for Carl Ladenburg to replace me.

As explained, the me who Brittany perceived as a child, no longer existed in her world.

Joshua’s brain was foundationalized with positive experiences that only a mother can provide. These positive experiences stayed with him. Joshua’s adult brain needs the experiences that were established in his brain as a little child. As an adult, Jackie did what Carl Ladenburg would one day do: completely abandon Joshua. The only positive emotional bonding parental relationship Joshua’s brain could depend on was his bond with me.

Because I was forced to leave Joshua for his own sake and the sake of the role I have as OUR GROUP’s True Messenger, Joshua was a lot more effected by my disappearance in his adult life than Brittany was. Brittany lost her father in June of 1991 … forever. Her adult brain needed to be in protective mode in order to stay sane. Although I would intervene at a later date to save her from herself, Brittany never regained the father that had been maliciously removed from her life as a young seven-year old girl.

(NOTE: shortly after the incidents I describe below, I wrote a short book called, A Poor Fool For A Client, to point out the abuses of the United States legal system. The following are a few excerpts from this book:)

“It shouldn’t be too much longer before this spray runs out,” I said to myself as I neared the end of a barley field I was spraying with herbicide.

I was working for Shane Morris, a farmer in the small town of Corvallis, Montana. It was a warm day in the late spring of 1991. I was thinking how wonderful it was to have a beautiful wife and four wonderful children who shared a five acre parcel of land with me near the Snoqualmie river in Eastern Montana.

The week before, I had brought my oldest daughter, Brittany Nicole, with me to the Morris farm where she helped watch Shane’s young boy, as his father and I herded the cattle to pasture in the low hills just above Corvallis.

Shane was a single father who had custody of his young son whose mother had left him in pursuit of the wilder things of life that Shane couldn’t provide for her on his Montana cattle farm. Shane noticed the care which Brittany took in watching out for his son; and mentioned what a wonderful little girl I had and hoped that someday his boy’s mother would come back and care for her family, as my little girl cared for his son.

Brittany loved being with me at work. She would fight with her kid brother, Joshua, as to whose turn it was to go with Dad to the farm. Shane preferred that Brittany came, because she was able to keep an eye on his boy. Brittany loved to ride with me on the motorcycles we used to chase the cattle and herd them to pasture. I loved my little Brittany and was proud that I received compliments on her demeanor and personality.

I was proud, because I had raised her and Joshua from two years old and six months respectively.

As I was nearing the middle of the forty acres I was spraying that spring day, I noticed Shane’s speeding 4×4 truck, which ironically carried license plates that said “L8AGAIN” coming towards me. (What ever he was coming to the field for, it was apparent he did not intend to be late again.)

Shane didn’t stop at the steep dikes which surrounded the barley field, but bounced his truck over the dikes without slowing down.

“What in the world is wrong?” I thought.

Shane drove towards me through the barley field never letting up on his gas pedal.

“Did someone get hurt?” I wondered.

I shut down the sprayers and idled the throttle on the tractor, so that I could find out what my boss, who leaped from his truck in a dead sprint, had to say.

“Your x-wife and her husband just kidnapped your kids,” he yelled to me. “Your neighbor called me and sent me to get you,” he continued, gasping for the air he had lost in his anxiety to help me.

When he had caught his breath, Shane explained that Brittany and Joshua had been kidnapped by Paula and her husband, Carl Ladenburg; that Jackie, my wife, and our neighbors had chased the fleeing Ladenburgs down the highway where they were finally stopped by Ravalli County Sheriff Deputies 20 miles from the Idaho/Montana border. Shane informed me that I was suppose to go the Ravalli County Sheriff’s office as soon as possible.

“Well, they blew it this time,” I said.

“I am not worried,” I told Shane. “I’ll finish this load of spray and go down and see what’s going on.”

Shane told me to leave the tractor and he would drive me to Hamilton, where the Sheriff’s office was located.

“No need to worry,” I assured him, “I have full custody of the children, and Paula has got herself into a mess this time!”

I knew that Paula and Carl had taken the children the previous day on a set visitation, and that they were suppose to pick the children up this morning at 8:00 am. I had to be to work at seven, so I knew Jackie would get the children up and ready to go by 8:00. I figured that Paula and Carl had let their hate for me and my lifestyle overcome them to the point that they didn’t want Brittany and Joshua to be with me any more, and therefore, decided to make a run with them.

I thought about Brittany’s long, beautiful, blonde hair blowing in the oncoming wind and whipping against my face, as she sat in front of me on the motorcycle. I thought about the times she would hold my hand and ask me about life and all the other things which made no sense to the innocence of a child’s mind. Little did I imagine, as I proceeded to the Sheriff’s office in Hamilton, that I would never again feel the tender hand of my little girl’s in mine, hear her inquisitive questions, or feel her soft hair blow against my whiskered cheek.

Unbeknownst to me at the time, my father had driven to Montana and met with the Ladenburgs and hired an attorney to take me to court and take away my rights to the kids. The first thing that my dad had to do was find an attorney who would handle their case, pay the attorney a retaining fee, and get the legal process going.

My dad found an attorney who had practiced law for some 25 years in the area, and enlisted his aid. He and the Ladenburgs would soon find out that they had found the right attorney for the job. His name is H. James Oleson. One will soon come to realize that Mr. Oleson had the contacts in “the system” which would enable him to practice some of the most unethical jurisprudence allowed by the courts of justice.

When Paula and Carl met with Mr. Oleson for the first time, they must have made it seem like the best thing that could happen to the world was to get rid of me. They enlisted Oleson’s services to petition the court for custody of Brittany and Joshua.

Oleson knew he had to show just cause in the petition in order for a judge to consent to hear the matter in his court. Therefore, on behalf of Paula Ladenburg, Oleson filed a petition on June 11, 1991, full of outright lies and malicious innuendoes.

Somehow the Ladenburgs got the impression from Oleson that it would be okay to take the kids on “an extended vacation” without my consent while he was working with a judge to take away my rights.

Though the Ladenburgs would later deny to the Ravalli County Sheriff that their attorney gave them such an indication, it is obvious from the facts of the case that he did just that. (In their denial, it is quite evident that the Ladenburgs were only trying to protect Oleson’s integrity as an officer of the court, as I am sure, Oleson instructed them to do.

In the police reports taken at the time the fleeing Ladenburgs were stopped, Carl Ladenburg indicates that his attorney told them it was okay to take the children, if they left me a note. This is obviously the truth, because why else would Ladenburg have taken the time to return to our house and give Jackie a note, if he did not believe that his attorney knew what he was talking about.

Paula had previously asked to visit the children on the 12th and 13th of June, 1991. The visitation was set up not to be an overnight visit, but required that the children would be returned at 8:00 in the evening.

The visit on the 12th went without incident.

On the 13th, the Ladenburgs came at 8:00 in the morning and picked up the kids as scheduled. Later that day, while I was at work, Carl Ladenburg returned to our house alone and handed Jackie a note that said, “We are taking the kids on an extended summer vacation and no one will know where they are at.” It was at this point that they took the kids without my consent or knowledge, thus breaking the law.

Again, why would they have taken the time to write out a note, unless they thought that they were obeying the law as instructed by Oleson? Later on, when questioned by the police, The Ladenburgs claimed that, “their attorney was working on the papers in Kalispell.” This led the officer to assume that there was an attorney involved which had initiated a civil suit.

Carl Ladenburg would later admit to me that his attorney had led him to believe that there would be no problem with them taking the kids as long as they gave us a note, but as mentioned before, Oleson depended on his clients’ loyalty to protect his integrity.

Obviously, the Ladenburgs misunderstood their attorney, or it is possible that neither they nor their attorney thought I would pursue legal means to stop them. They certainly didn’t expect Jackie to respond the way she did.

Whatever the underlying situation might have been, Paula and Carl Ladenburg had no legal or moral right to take those kids without my consent. The facts will show that they did, and their attorney did some slick maneuvers to protect both their butts.

Even though there was a legal petition filed on June 11th, in court to take my children away, Oleson knew that the defendant in the matter, me, had to be served a copy of said petition so as to be able to respond to the court on the hearing date the judge would set for the petition. I was never served any legal papers at anytime. This was Oleson’s first mistake, which one will soon find out took some fast talking, lying, and judge manipulation to cover up.

The Ladenburgs had no intention of letting me know that they were suing me for custody until they had the children safe in an unknown place where, “no one would know where they are at”.

After Jackie received the note from Carl, she went outside and screamed to the neighbors to come and help her. She cried, “Help me, please, they’ve taken the kids!”

The neighbors came running and their daughter put Jackie in the car and pursued the fleeing Ladenburgs.

As explained above, the authorities stopped the Ladenburgs and took everyone down to the Ravalli County Sheriff’s office to sort things out.

It didn’t take the investigating officers too long to find out that I had legal custody and that the Ladenburgs were facing custodial interference charges.

When I arrived at the sheriff’s office, Jackie and Tracy Kreis (our neighbor’s daughter) had been there for about an hour. When I arrived, I was briefed on what had happened and asked if I was planning on filing charges. I responded that I would file charges and that I wanted to see my children. The deputy who was in the room with us, informed me that the Ladenburgs were trying to contact their attorney, and that nothing would be done until they did so.

Now Oleson had a big problem. His clients had just broken the law and were facing custodial interference charges that could get them some jail time. Oleson got a hold of another attorney in Hamilton who he knew had a lot of clout there. His name is, Jeff Langton. (Mr. Langton eventually ran for District Judge in that district, and won! Go figure!)

With Mr. Langton managing the situation, things began to get worse for Jackie and me.

It wasn’t long after Mr. Langton arrived that another deputy entered the room and said that there were allegations of child abuse and that the Department of Family Services was being contacted. (We knew Langton had arrived, because he had never personally met the Ladenburgs, because he first entered the office where Jackie and I were and offered us his hand. The deputy quickly told him that we were not the Ladenburgs. Embarrassed, Langton left quickly.

It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what the Ladenburg’s attorney had told them: cry abuse to justify your taking the children without their father’s consent; that you feared for the children’s safety, and that this caused you to want to take them from their father. Ha, Ha, good one Oleson/Langton … you fucks!

They knew that we did not have an attorney representing us, nor did we have the money to obtain one.

Oleson/Langton devised a way to keep the kids from going home with us that night and keep the Ladenburgs out of jail. They knew that if they could somehow get enough proof of child abuse out of interviewing the kids, they could justify taking the children from us until they were able to get a court order the next morning to accomplish their desires.

This was all happening at about 5:00 in the evening; therefore, Oleson could not run to his favorite judge and get an order signed immediately. He had to wait until the first light in the morning, catch the Judge first thing, and get his signature before I had time to think about what was going on and obtain my own legal advice. This is exactly what took place, and will be mentioned later.

When the deputy came in and mentioned that abuse charges were being filed, I immediately deciphered what was happening and stood up and said, “If you take those two kids from these two abusive parents, then you had better go get the other ones (Brandon and Caleb) we left at home and not allow them to stay with abusive parents, or I’ll sue the hell out of this state for playing into the hands of my x-wife!”

My statement startled the deputy, who then told me to hold on and they would go confer with the District Attorney.

It was quite obvious that if we were suppose to be abusive parents who would put the life of a child in jeopardy, then we were equally abusive to all of our children. I knew I had given those so-called law enforcement officers something to think about.

“How in the world are we going to get around this one?” they must have thought after my threat of a suit. “If we claim they’re abusive parents, then we justifiably must remove all the children from the home. But we only want Brittany and Joshua, because they’re the only ones the Ladenburgs and their high-powered attorney are concerned about.”

Another hour past and a social worker, Kathy Ostrander, came in and told us that it wasn’t me who was the abusive parent, but Jackie. She claimed that Jackie was abusing the children when I wasn’t at home because she was not the natural parent of Brittany and Joshua.

“Therefore, there is no need to take your other children,” she said.

I almost lost it at this point, but managed to retain my composure long enough to respond to the social worker’s request to obtain my permission to let the children go with their mother, Paula. I told her to forget that option; that I would never acquiesce to the malicious plan initiated by the Ladenburg’s legal counsel.

Ostrander decided to put the kids in a foster home for the night until she talked to a judge and completed her investigation. This was precisely what Oleson had wanted. He knew he could now secure a judge’s order the next morning, 150 miles away, in a completely different jurisdiction.

The next morning, June 14th, was a Friday. Oleson must have been up at the crack of dawn wondering what he was going to have to say to the fuck of a Judge to get him to sign an order to take the children from me and put them in Paula’s custody.

On this morning, Oleson managed to prepare an “Amended Petition For Contempt of Court And For Modification Of Decree Of Divorce”, miraculously have Paula Ladenburg, who was 150 miles away, sign it, get Samantha M’Less, who resides in Kalispell, (remember 150 miles away from where Paula Ladenburg was at,) to notarize Paula’s signature, file it with the clerk of Flathead County Court, find Judge Leif B. Erickson, a District Judge in Flathead County, convince the fuck of a judge that the allegations made in the amended complaint were valid enough to get him to sign an order taking my kids away, and then fax the order to Jeff Langton, his legal conspirator 150 miles away in Hamilton, Montana. Yeah! Fucking Really!

I guess Langton couldn’t afford a fax machine, because Oleson had to fax the “speedy” order to Mary M. Interiors, a business down the street from Langton’s office. The fax date and time is clearly printed on the faxed copy of the order: June 14, 1991, 09:53am.

Boy, did Oleson hustle to get all this accomplished before 10:00 am!

Now, Oleson had made his second vital mistake. He had Samantha M’Lees notarize a signature that she did not witness in person. The person who Judge Erickson assumed had signed the amended petition was Paula Ladenburg, who was fucking 150 miles away!

Oleson had to have faxed the order to Hamilton, had Paula sign it, and fax it back to him where he had his secretary, M’Lees, notarize the document. Needless to say, M’Lees broke the law. She witnessed that Paula had signed the petition in her presence:

“Subscribed and sworn to before me this 14th day of June, 1991” Signed: Samantha M’ Lees, Notary Public for the State of Montana, Residing at Kalispell, Montana.”

Anyone could have signed Paula’s name to the document; how did M’Lees know it was Paula who signed it? This flagrant disregard for the law did not deter Oleson, who was able to convince Judge Erickson that being with me would harm the children irreparably, and that an immediate order was what was needed to remedy the situation.

All of the sudden, a fuck of a District Judge, who would later became a Federal Judge, was guilty of unethical jurisprudence. How in the world does an unbiased judge take children away from a parent he has never met, spoke to, or had any time at all to review the allegations against?

The answer is simple, and could be one of the biggest abuses of “the system”:

The Judge knew the attorney personally, had probably been to his house for dinner a couple of times, had a few drinks with him at times, played a few rounds of golf, and had been associating with him for the better part of 25 years. No unorthodox, poor farmer fighting for his children in Victor, Montana .. a fucking 150 miles away … was going to ruin this camaraderie!

Oleson knew that he could not put allegations of child abuse in the petition for an order, though this was the only legal justification he had to take the children away from me, because they were not, nor could they ever be proven to be true. However, he filled the petition with other lies which he must of assumed could be proven later in court, but will be shown hereafter to be nothing more than that what they were … fucked up lies.

With the perjured document, Oleson convinced the judge to sign the order.

Where Oleson got Judge Erickson to sign the order early that morning is unclear. Whether in his chambers or at his home, Erickson in no way had enough time to review, or let alone, think twice about the order he was signing. But with one stroke of his pen, he took away my children.

Oleson makes four main accusations against me in the petition, and all four are blatant lies and manipulations.

Allegation one states as follows: “…that all the paper work that was signed (alluding to our original divorce in Utah), was signed in the office of Richard S. Nemelka; that at that time, the Petitioner was led to believe that there would be no problems with this divorce, or subsequent thereto specifically as relates to child custody and visitation periods; that that is one of the reasons why there was no child support included.”

Did Paula lie to Oleson, or did Oleson lie to the court? I have explained how I arranged with my father to have him go to Montana and get the kids and have Paula sign the custody papers. Dad went and met with Paula at her parent’s home. Alvin and Dora Mae Blades sat at their own table; and in the presence of my father, Michael J. Nemelka, my stepmother, Gloria, and my sister, Paulette, watched their daughter sign over custody of Brittany and Joshua to me.

My father later told me that both of Paula’s parents protested and told Paula not to sign the papers. At that time, Paula wasn’t listening to anyone but Paula, so she did not hesitate to sign the papers.

The second accusation states: “That pursuant to said Decree of Divorce, Respondent has failed and refused, and continues to refuse, to allow Petitioner to exercise the “liberal rights of visitation” ordered therein….”

Of course, Judge Erickson had no idea that Paula and Carl Ladenburg had just tried to kidnap the kids during one of their supposable visitations which I, “…continue to refuse…”. Oleson flagrantly lied to the court to manipulate it into thinking that I was not letting Paula see the children or that she has never had the opportunity to sue me before to secure visitation rights to her children. And of course, Oleson would not tell the judge about what had happened the year before in Snohomish, Washington.

In the third accusation, found in article IV of the petition, Oleson alludes to my moving around to keep the kids from Paula. He lists states where I have never lived, and forgets to tell the court that Paula knew exactly where I was in both Missouri and Washington, and could have sued me had she wished.

Oleson goes on to contradict his previous allegations that I continue to refuse Paula to visit the children when he alludes to the fact that Paula has in fact seen the children. He then perjures himself even more by stating, “…nor could she speak with said children outside of the hearing of the Respondent….”

Again, I ask, “Did Paula lie to her attorney, or did the attorney lie to the court?”

The final allegation states, “That the living conditions the Respondent has subjected to said children is deplorable, i.e., living in a bus that has been refurbished…”

The petition filed by Paula Ladenburg, and the subsequent order issued by the judge, were not only illegal, due to the fact that Paula was never legally witnessed as to signing the petition; the fact that a District Judge 150 miles outside the jurisdiction that we resided in signed the order; and the fact that I was never served a copy of it in order to be afforded the chance to answer the false allegations made therein; but far worse, it was unethically signed by a busy judge who obviously cared more about his upcoming appointment to the Federal Bench than he did about a poor family who had just been railroaded by a corrupt system of justice and his “legal comrade”, H. James Oleson.

There is so much to this story. I provided all of the pertinent facts in the book that I had hoped to publish about the event, A Poor Fool For A Client. If you want to know the rest of the facts and details, you can find them in this book: A Poor Fool For A Client

I wrote this book in 1992, after I had told my mentors that they could shove the role of a True Messenger up their mortal immortal asses! I wasn’t about to do anything for them that threatened my ability to be a father to my children … not a fucking thing! … so, I thought at the time. In the book, I did not mention anything about why I was stupid enough to move to Montana. I mentioned nothing about my mentors. I wanted nothing to do with them and their new fucking scripture.

I knew that if I told anyone about them and the Real Truth about my role, I would have lost my other children, because I would be seen as bonkers. When I finally told Jackie about my desire to help with The Sealed Portion n 2000, she would also take away my ability to see our children, maliciously … fucking evil!

And how would Jackie do this?

With lawyers and judges.

As the facts of the events in my life unfold, you will see that it wasn’t until I lost my ability to be a father to my other children, and had gotten Brittany and Joshua back in my life, and after I realized how fucked up Brittany and Joshua actually were, that I finally agreed to help my mentors and accept the role as a True Messenger.

The facts of the above event and those that followed as I dealt with the legal system are not only horrendous, they are fucking evil! But according to this world, they were good.

To the court system, to the world, I was not a good father for Brittany and Joshua. Oh … yeah … so check out what happened over the next years … in brief:

Carl Ladenburg adopted the kids, eventually divorced Paula, abandoned the kids, the kids were FUBAR (Fucked Up Beyond Repair), and guess who intervened to save Brittany and Joshua from self-destruction?

That’s right you fucking judges, attorneys, and social workers, who think you’re so fucking smart and know what is good and what is bad about a person …

I saved them, you fucks!

If isn’t wasn’t for my personal involvement in their lives, Brittany and Joshua would not be anywhere near the “successful, worldly” good people that they are today!

Well did my mentors write about the legal systems that are set up by fallen mortals who don’t have a clue about the Real Truth:

“O ye wicked and perverse generation, ye lawyers and hypocrites, for ye are laying the foundations of the devil; for ye are laying traps and snares to catch the holy ones of God. Ye are laying plans to pervert the ways of the righteous, and to bring down the wrath of God upon your heads, even to the utter destruction of this people. … And now behold, I say unto you, that the foundation of the destruction of this people is beginning to be laid by the unrighteousness of your lawyers and your judges.”

(Alma 10:17-18, 27.)

In every past dispensation of time when the human race prospered, the cause of humanity’s downfall started with fucking lawyers and judges … Yeah. Really!

… Well, not actually fucking lawyers and judges … because, although they like to be fucked as much as the next guy … their power and black robes hide the fact that they have little cocks … the more power a male judge has over you can probably be related to trying to compensate his ego for the lack thereof … Come on, Grandpa! That’s not nice! You’re right … it’s not … but I’ll bet ya it’s true! But anyways …

Niether the judges, lawyers, Carl Ladenburg nor my father gave a shit about what taking Brittany and Joshua away from me would do to two innocent souls. Their humanity types are all about them being served by others. They don’t deserve to have dangling balls!

My mentors knew that I needed a lot more “evil” experiences, that the world believes are “good,” before I would be ready to fulfill the role of a True Messenger …

A fucking lot!