Christopher's comments on George Mellar's Facebook post, dated May 19, 2022.

George Mellar

'THE HUMANITY PARTY' WON'T WORK!! Even though the Humanity Party in itself will work; it will not come to fruition! ... WHY?!! This video will explain ...

Christopher Nemelka

That a boy, George ... er, Tom ... LOVED IT!

At least you're making an effort.

(NOTE TO OTHERS: Don't prejudge George. Listen to his arguments. They're valid. Easily explained, but valid.)

Continue the challenges. Bring them up during the ZEITGEIST show.

Sad others don't care to listen.

George Mellar

Just trying to do what you asked us to do (in my own peculiar way). Of course all my questioning and contesting can be answered; I too can counter my questions. But, I can't answer these questions the same way as a True Messenger would ... that's the point!! We need to 'challenge' then archive the answers as given by a True Messenger. Ah well.

Christopher Nemelka

You don't know how long I have been BEGGING the people who claim to follow The Humanity Party® to use their social media platform, not to cut people down, but to share their personal opinions and try to get their friends considering and talking about these issues in a friendly manner ... 'cause it's my job to be sharp and to the point.

I loved how you juxtaposed yourself with your alter ego, Tom, to make a point.

Keep the challenges coming.

If you must, disguise yourself as Tom and come on the show and make the hard challenges.

I'm not sure how long we are going to keep doing the shows unless we start getting some hard challenges from the audience. Otherwise, I'm just listening to myself talk ... Sigh ... BORING!

Thanks again. Keep it up.