Christopher's Comments on George Mellar's Facebook Post dated May 8

George Mellar Yesterday at 7:58 AM ·

Not an easy path. What I got from the Zeitgeist show. We followers don’t have it easy. Following Christopher, believing Christopher, acknowledging him as a Messenger (with his many changes to the narrative) is not easy. A logical, rational person would naturally doubt the many changes Christopher has made through these last couple of decades or-so. Each time he changes the narrative he tells us that ‘he wasn’t allowed to tell us the ‘real truth’ because the Real Illuminati wouldn’t allow him to! It would not be irrational to say ‘Christopher just makes-it-up as he goes along to suit the changing events of the world’. So, why are we still here? Why are we still listening? Why do we still believe? Well, only you can answer that for yourself. I can give you my ‘take’ on why I’m still here, but it’s just my personal position. I for one am uncomfortable about the newly changed ‘revelations’. It doesn’t sit comfortably with me. Why? Because I am a mortal human being living on this planet! I believe it is natural to be suspicious; I think we mortals are programmed this way; to be skeptical or distrustful is logical. I have not personally met, or been in the company of either Christopher or any of the Real Illuminati. Except for the video-shows and writings; which could logically be explained as a work done by a human savant (namely Christopher) I have no other avenue to rely-on except my ‘common-sense’. So, I naturally ‘question’, and remain suspicious until my own personal logic accepts these ‘new revelations’ as ‘truth’ I have to find a way to prove to myself that this is right! I make the effort. I do the analysis and scrutinize the logic until I am satisfied. I would like to believe I am not easily fooled. I like to think I have a brain; so, I use it! Christopher doesn’t have to convince me of a change to the ‘narrative’ … I have to convince and prove it to myself! Christopher, I follow you, and yes, I believe you speak the ‘real truth’ … but you are a protagonist of mayhem and uncertainty! I never know what will be revealed that will ‘up-end’ a current belief? You make our logic, common-sense, and rationality play games with our brains! You have a gift of causing us to fight internal brain-wars and force us to choose (of our own volition) what we know to be right. I FOLLOW YOU AND BELIEVE YOU BECAUSE MY INNER-CONCIOUSNESS TELLS ME TO. Despite my internal resistance and conflicts, it feels right. And that’s good enough for me. End of! George.

George Mellar

Sorry Christopher, my hand was up because I had a similar question to a 'questioner' before me. You answered that question, so I put my 'hand' down. But I look forward to your Blog and promise to respond as best (and honestly) as I can on this Facebook. I know your 'sickle' will be sharp ... but that's ok; I've felt those sickle-cuts a couple of times in the past. I've now got a pocket full of 'Band-aid plasters' to cope with the cuts. Don't call the ambulance just yet!

Paul Vieau

Excellent explanation I hear some of the things you say but I never doubted Christopher and the Real Illuminati, the same as you George, and despite it all I know he speaks the truth, the Sealed Portion has been written, it's unbelievable, it contains many revelations of truth that I felt inside myself, it is without doubt true, thanks Christopher for loving us, I love you for telling the truth against all odds.

James Rietdijk

Follow the prophet! 😁

James Rietdijk

George, I think you and I have a similar temperament to Jesus' disciple Thomas. Who is often referred to as "doubting Thomas".

You might remember from the story that Thomas would not believe that Jesus had risen from the dead, even after every other disciple had seen it and the women as well.

He demanded evidence. And said he would not believe unless he could feel the holes in Jesus hands and in his side.

The other disciples were probably highly offended that Thomas did not take their word for it.

I know for myself, that throughout my life I have frustrated and offended a lot of people because of my constant questions and desire for things to make sense to me before I will believe them.

One thing I love about Christopher, is that he has never been afraid of a challenge. And actually welcomes it. And has never been frustrated or offended by my questions.

Jeff Wangsgard

Ha...Georgie....I know what you mean I think. I had a bit of a hard time when he told us that we had created the planets. I thought "well he is off the rails now"....It takes a bit of thinking on our part to realize/remember that we are all hunks of a world that is upside down from this one. It is also hard (that's what she said) to visualize for me unless I think that only a small amount of our five senses is what we have working these bodies that were conceived in lust and will return to dust.

Burke Bluemel

Keep teaching us our math lessons Christopher. I use to hate math. I love it now! Thank so much for the shows! They truly are great and marvelous. ..Even a Wonder! 1+1=❤️

Christopher Nemelka


I'm working on a blog ( post now to respond to George.

The blog starts:


FINALLY–A Supporter Speaks His Mind, Says What's On His Mind ... And now I get to destroy him!

The following ... which is what George wrote above ... is what one of my supporters wrote on his social media page about yesterday's ZEITGEIST OF REAL TRUTH® Show.

NOTE: It would have been nice had this supporter, George Mellar, stayed online in public and confronted me with these things in person.

(During the question and answer part, I noticed that George had his hand up, but before I could get to him, he put his hand down.)

I know, however, that George wants to be a faithful supporter, not a complainer or naysayer. And often, George speaks ... and writes ... as a devil's advocate, which means a person who expresses a contentious opinion in order to provoke debate or test the strength of the opposing arguments.


I'll bet he was afraid to confront me, not knowing how I was going to respond.

Damn it, George! The idea of these shows is so that I can be confronted and challenged. It would have been GREAT had you had the balls to say to my face in public what you wrote on your social media page.

Come on, Dude! If I can't get my supporters to challenge me, how can expect anyone else to?


I'll finish the blog then publish it.

I'm going to filet George with my sickle.

And all of you should thank George for his bravery and forthright honesty.

Get ready, George!

Your "Lucifer" is going up against a True Messenger!

And we all know how that turns out.


But anyways ...

Christopher Nemelka

George Mellar

Christopher Nemelka I do have the 'balls' to challenge you because it's a good thing to air what we have difficulty in understanding. My hesitation (at times) is because I try to find quality questions, I don't want to waste your and everyone else's time. Now, Mr. Sickle swinger, please see my response to your Blog ... 😁!

Christopher Nemelka

George Mellar

I saw your response to my blog, and responded in kind.

If you really have the balls to challenge me, then do it.

If you can't do it, then by all means, tell the world why you can't challenge the things you have learned through the MWAW.

If you're a thinker, and not easily fooled, then you should be able to come up with some "quality questions."

Let's hear them.

But let me give you a hint that Mr. Joe Savant gave when he wrote the Book of Mormon:

"Behold, when ye shall rend that veil of unbelief which doth cause you to remain in your awful state of wickedness, and hardness of heart, and blindness of mind, then shall the great and marvelous things which have been hid up from the foundation of the world from you—yea, when ye shall call upon the Father in my name, with a broken heart and a contrite spirit, then shall ye know [the Real Truth® of all things]."

You're still in a state of awful wickedness.

And you'll never shed the chains of hell by which you are held, UNTIL ...

You approach intelligence as a little child with a broken heart and a contrite spirit.

I do what I do ONLY for those with a broken heart and a contrite spirit. Those who come unto me with a broken heart and a contrite spirit, who are the very least among humanity, are those whom I love.

They are teachable.

And after I am finished teaching them, they will never want for another bit of information.

Because there's ONLY one Real Truth®, things as they really are.

There's ONLY one thing that makes one person a god and another person a devil:


Christopher Nemelka

I CANNOT teach those who believe in the Big Bang Theory ... or in any other scientific theory for that matter.

I CANNOT teach those who believe in God ... or in any supernatural idea or force of any kind.

I CANNOT teach anyone who thinks that what they believe is the truth.

I can ONLY teach A PERSON WHO HAS BECOME AS little children, whose minds and hearts haven't been adulterated with things that make no sense.

I can ONLY teach those who trust their own eyes, ears, mouths, noses, and touch, and use their senses to learn ...


George Mellar

Christopher Nemelka Christopher, I am not being rebellious. I am not trying to challenge what I believe to be Real Truth which I have gained from your revelations. My sole motive for asking questions is to get myself and others to think about what has been revealed so as to prove to (myself) ourselves what is truth. I know you are a true Messenger because I proved it to myself. I know what you say is Real Truth because I have not been successful in any of my logical challenges. I will probably always challenge some of what you say (in the future) but I will 'think' before I open my mouth. I hope I am not a thorn in your side. You are a true Messenger, but one who deserves to be challenged every now and again to keep you on your toes and to keep us sincere and true to ourselves.

Gerry Hagan

If it was easy the refining wouldn't happen. As the old saying goes "it ain't easy but it's worth it." 😊 Milk before meat! "The motto of the wise is, be prepared for surprises." 😊 I bet they have a few more in store! 😊

Kristen Mathers

I love the banter! I miss you guys! 😂❤️ Christopher, Thanks for the entertainment on my boring Monday morning. Next Life, C should be a comedian and then he can sickle, and get paid! Hahaha Lots of love, from a disobedient, sister of Jared, down under 😂😘 Ps- The shows are awesome!