Christopher's Comments on George Mellar's Facebook Post dated May 9

George Mellar Yesterday at 5:51 AM · “I believe ‘Real Truth’ is not given as a gift for mankind, to be offered with promises of reward for acceptance. Real Truth is revelation with consequences. To accept Real truth is to accept its veracity which conflict with nearly all of our preconceptions. To accept Real Truth is to accept we were (almost certainly) wrong.”

Only a true Messenger can give us Real Truth. I believe 'Christopher' is a true Messenger


Christopher Nemelka

George Mellar,

Capitulating and refusing to continue to analyze, critique, and challenge does no good.

You have mentioned your doubts. You have had your questions about the things we have presented as the Real Truth®.

Continue to challenge and question ... if you can.


Real Truth® has no consequences. There is no reward or punishment for either accepting it or rejecting it.

It cannot be rejected. It must be accepted ...

It is simply things as they REALLY are, have been, and will always be ... worlds without end.

Real Truth® cannot be challenged.

Everything that I have shared and taught in the past that was not Real Truth® should and can be challenged. But when I finally was allowed to reveal the Real Truth®, it was impossible to challenge it.

I am allowed to reveal all things ... all Real Truth® ... but ONLY according to a person's willingness and ability to accept it.

What is coming soon in my daily blog will surely answer many more questions about human reality—who we are and why we exist.

The next thing I am going to reveal is the Real Truth® about why each person living upon this Earth chose to live upon this specific planet, when there are so, so many other planets from which to choose.

There is a specific reason why each of us chose this world. And this reason will make sense to each person individually ... The reason will also expose the corruption of human nature that is responsible for how life is going here. Stay tuned ... But do NOT stop questioning and challenging.

Author George Mellar

Christopher, when sometime in the future you rightly decide it will be a good idea to visit a certain 'follower' in Thailand and stay as a guest in the seclusion of this house, you will find a peaceful environment interposed by a man who is not sitting idly soaking-in the warm air. You will be in the company of an odd fellow who is pre-occupied with one thing. He will be coming-up with ways to draw people's attention towards the MWAW's revelations and the Humanity Party's solutions. Now, you can tell him that 'it's all under control' and that you're 'handling it!' but, most likely he will still keep trying. You see, yesterday, you wrote on one of your Facebook comments ... "George need only worry what George has done to solve poverty and child prostitution." I have now taken this to heart ... and WILL do something about it. (Don't get me wrong Christopher, I'm not reckless, or a maverick; I won't do anything thoughtlessly or irresponsibly) I will just live life with a focus on pointing people towards what I have found within this Work. Yes, you can still expect 'challenges' from me in the future, but in being 'the devil's advocate' I will always focus on questions based on the perceived-logic of cynical sceptics. So don't worry, you haven't heard the last of me ... I will always be that 'idiot' who, like an irritating itch ... needs a good scratching! I know I knew nothing before finding this Work. So with what little I think I now know ... I will make use of. Thanks for being our Messenger Christopher.