Christopher's comments on George Mellar's Facebook post June 5, 2022

George Mellar

Things I took away from the Zeitgeist Show yesterday: Question: So, now we know that this solar system has a purpose (use) in that it is (and will continue to be) used as a stringent testing-ground (for our advanced selves) to further confirm our ‘humanity type’. Christopher touched on the subject of a seventh, eighth, ninth, and so on, ‘dispensation’ should this present sixth dispensation fail. 2145 was mentioned as a possible ‘end of world’ timeframe, but this date is not ‘set in stone’, being as our mortal behavior could alter that date. So, the point I’m making is … this solar system will always be used as a ‘testing-ground’ for our Advanced-Selves in times to come regardless of when this present dispensation ends. So, here is the question … As an existing ‘advanced human being’ believing themselves to be a Lunarian/Stellarian do they come to this solar system believing that they might be wrong in what they think they are? That there is a chance that they could in-fact be a Solarian? So, does this occasionally happen … that a ‘humanity-type’ discovers that in-fact they are a different humanity type? (Maybe even a Stellarian discovering they are in-fact a Lunarian?) Also, can how a humanity-type behaves or acts-out their incarnations (through their deeds) on Earth change their humanity-type from one type to a different type? Is our type of solar-system a place where an advanced human being can actually change their humanity type? What are your thoughts?

Burke Bluemel

I think the humanity type you've chosen cannot be changed. Regardless of how messed up you seemed to be currently in is mortality, like me.. Your down here now to prove to yourself the humanity type you've chosen is the correct one for you. I also believe the same brain change that happened to Christopher and Joseph.. and a few others, will happen to the rest of the advance beings on this earth in the year 2145.. no sooner no later. After that happens, our brain change.. Zion will be organized.. licked split.. Yes, this earth will be transformed back into its original state.. Thats my belief, and im sticking to it..

George Mellar

Interesting viewpoint Burke.

Bruna Poli

Burke Bluemel so do you think that after 2145 free will is not important as it is now? Download the knowledge takes away free will I think...

Christopher Nemelka

George Mellar

Burke's viewpoint is a bunch of bullshit!

You guys can believe and discuss all you want, and you'll continue to mislead each other.

There is a VERY GOOD REASON why there is ONLY ONE TRUE MESSENGER AT A TIME and why there is a requirement of having a broken heart and a contrite spirit, becoming like a little child, in order to learn Real Truth®.


You are learning from your own PRIDE ... LUCIFER AND HIS MINISTERS.

Christopher Nemelka

Show me a little child who looks to another little child to be taught.


Children look to adults for learning, not to each other.

You dudes are a bunch of prideful FUCKS.

Take me on.

Learn from me.

Challenge me.


Christopher Nemelka

Burke Bluemel


What did I say about 2145? Where the number came from? What it was used for?


When are you going to stop being DELUSIONAL, Burke?

Burke Bluemel

Btw, Yesterday show was so fucking Awosome! Thank you,.. Mr. Messenger!

Alberto C Bulseco

I agree that humans can not change their humanity types. The reason is, we have developed/selected our own humanity types primordially for billions of earth years before we assumed mortality. It can easily be proven that our humanity type can not change because we act in the same manner wherever and whichever situations we are placed in. Our actions are always the reflection of our chosen humanity type. I understand that our creators know us better as they placed us in a situation in mortality to prove that the humanity type we have chosen primordially is indeed the type that will provide the happiness we wish to enjoy in eternity.

George Mellar

Alberto C Bulseco Is it fair to say that some advanced humans believe there must be 'room for scope' ... that a change in humanity type 'is' possible, otherwise why bother coming here? If you want to prove that you are 'Solarian material' then creating a place to be tested justifies its creation. There is no point in creating this kind of solar system if its a foregone conclusion that no matter how many times we come here the end result will always be the same ,,, what do you think?

George Mellar

Is this solar system created purely to demonstrate to certain advanced humans that their humanity type will never change, that it won't change, or that you will not want to change, regardless of what experiences your avatar encounters whilst there?

Alberto C Bulseco

George Mellar It may be reasonable and you may be right. But what I have learned is that every solar system for every batch of spirits was designed and created after our creators determined the fixed number of humans who will someday reside in each planet in eternity. That is why the planets were different in sizes and arranged according to humanity types. Let us consider Jupiter why so large. So our creators foreknew how many humans will someday dwell in each planet. So if the concept that those who have chosen a telestial or terrestrial humanity type primordially might progress to become solarians or lunarians as they experience mortality, then our creators must have committed an error and must have to redesign the whole solar system to accommodate the new number of humans who have desired a different humanity type, say millions or billions of them. What I learned is that our main purpose in mortality are to experience the contrast/opposite of that which is perfect and to learn to treat others as we want others treat us no matter which humanity type we belong to. We are not here in mortality aiming or hoping that we progress into a different humanity type but to have all the necessary experiences for our development in relation to our chosen humanity type.

Gerry Hagan

So what's the point of trying to get the Thump plan implemented? Can this planet still serve as the testing ground that it is, if, the plan is implemented? If it can't be the testing ground it is/has been, then would the "powers that be" want the plan implemented and are we just trying to keep ourselves distracted while society slips into chaos/ruin?

Marvin Gajardo

It is interesting to take note of a man who was once a follower of this work (Harry Dschaak), it was once said that one of his Advance self's mortal life was John C. Bennett. Both of these men lived with and followed a true messenger in their own timeline, and later in their lifetime, both men wanted to harm or even kill the True Messenger.

Marvin Gajardo

Christopher Nemelka

I gave you some time for this thread ... no one responded. I'm done here.

Spencer Joshuah

Christopher Nemelka

Spencer Joshuah

Yeah, I can see how you would be confused.

STOP LISTENING TO LUCIFER AND HIS PREACHERS (all these other dudes trying to make sense of things)!


Sigh ... sigh ... sigh.

Spencer Joshuah

Christopher Nemelka Thank you Christopher. I will listen to your advice. And to what you say. Love you brother.

Spencer Joshuah

Perhaps no on is Solarian, lunarian, or stellarian, but perhaps its possible that everyone is all three. And every human chooses what humanity type they would like to be, during the cycles of lives they live? At least until they have proven to themselves which humanity type brings them the most happiness? How would you know which one suites u, if u never get the chance to be a server, or serve yourself, or have others serve u? I believe that this may be a possibility.

Alberto C Bulseco

Spencer Joshuah Ch 7:11,12,13 & 40 of the book "Human Reality, Who We Are & Why We Exist" gives us a clear explanation on this sibject.

Christopher Nemelka

Why weren't these discussions brought up yesterday during the show?

If you dudes continue to try to figure things out, you'll end up creating an entirely different truth model ... uh, religion ... than Real Truth®.

Great questions, but Come on! Why didn't you ask these things of me?

A couple of points:

If you've been alive basically forever, you've learned how to use your free will as an advanced human to act and allow yourself to be acted upon.

These acts define your "humanity type," which is simply how a person handles their authority and presence among others as an equal person with the similar opportunities to act and be acted upon as one exists with other free-willed people.

Having "earth experiences" is to show you ... prove to you ... how you REALLY are, how your "humanity type" acts and is acted upon among others.

Obviously, from these discussions about "changing your humanity type," you are concerned that you might not be a Server/Creator, but would like the chance to prove it.

You cannot change how you have acted for billions of years ... worlds without end.

You are who you are.

Wanting the opportunity to change who you are demonstrates the PRIDE of wanting to become what you perceive as a "better" more powerful person. This PRIDE that I tried to explain yesterday.

Make sense?

P.S. You have my attention for a few minutes here. Use it well.

Christopher Nemelka

The ONLY way to change who you are in this universe is to end your existence here, return to the FIRST ESTATE, where there is NO FREE WILL OR HUMANITY TYPES, and start the process of becoming a new person—acquiring new experiences—again.

Christopher Nemelka

This kinda sucks for all the child molesters out there, for example. They are proving that their free will can never be trusted with the ability to have sex.

They will NEVER be allowed to have the ability to experience sex after this life ... EVER.

But that's okay. These "humanity types" are wonderful people who are equal with everyone else—all the other advanced humans who love the opportunity to create new experiences for themselves in this in universe.

Regardless of what solar system they choose to incarnate themselves in, these people would abuse the ability to experience sex, IF the world to which these choose to connect allows the sexual experience.

Christopher Nemelka

The way to properly handle sex abusers on this earth ... if we want to do the right thing ... is to completely remove ALL of their sex drive and the parts of their bodies that produce the desire. They can then live free and productive lives without worrying about abusing another person.


Very compassionate and loving.

Christopher Nemelka

About molesters ...

Once they've experienced life upon this earth and have abused the ability to have sex, they more than likely will NOT choose another go around here, nor a mortal experience in another solar system where sex is allowed among non-Creators.

Christopher Nemelka

Advanced humans do not say to themselves after experiencing life upon this earth:

"Hey, I killed a person, I raped a person, I stole from a person, I caused another person to have a terrible life. Let me go to another planet and see if I'll do it again."



Most of the people who come to this solar system and earth have never had the opportunity to try out their "humanity type" in a corrupt world.

This earth is a good place to have the experience.

Gerry Hagan

Christopher Nemelka I don't have a good connection. I wanted to ask the above question but didn't want to mess you about with a bad connection.

Christopher Nemelka

JESUS H. CHIRST ... What kept you PRIDEFUL men from confronting me in public and asking these questions?


YOUR FUCKING PRIDE not wanting to be seen as incompetent.

Well, all ya all are looking pretty incompetent here, discussing things that you cannot properly answer.


Sigh ... sigh ... sigh ...

George Mellar

Christopher Nemelka Sorry, I've been away for a few hours and have just come back to these replies on Facebook. Maybe I can suggest ... The Zeitgeist shows contain a lot of information. Usually it is too much to digest properly in one hour. So many of us have to re-listen again (maybe several times) to better understand what you are trying to tell us. It is only after listening again that we formulate constructive questions. Maybe the 'question-session' after the Zeitgeist show could be scheduled a couple of days after the show to better prepare questions? Make it a show on its own? It's only a suggestion, but one that may be worth considering? The confusion and varied understandings from the question I asked today only goes to demonstrate the value of asking a better-considered or prepared question.

Alberto C Bulseco

I am very much surprised by our various opinions concerning this subject. I suggest we review the book "Human Reality, Who We Are and Why We Exist". It explains this subject clearly.

Chapter 7:11,12, 13, 40 clearly explains that we can not change our foundationalized humanity type. Part of it explains:

"It is impossible for any human being to change who they are after being foundationalized for such a long period of “time.” This is evidenced in the specific number of planets that were created for our present solar system. We were not created for any specific solar system; our solar system was created for us. The size of each planet in our solar system was determined by the number of people in our batch of newly created humans who chose a specific humanity type that corresponds to each planet. The size of these planets will not grow or shrink, because all of us have already chosen and outlined what we wanted our perfect world to be. Our creators made our solar system according to our desires."

Scott Davis

It seems to me that except and until WE UNITE and implement Kingdom Law to establish and protect True Free Agency... It's not until that TYPE ENVIRONMENT IS FIXED PLACEMENT that we will even begin to discover our true Humanity Type in the way needed which ETERNAL WAY needs be proven without molestation by other persuasions and/or slavery.... IN THE MEANTIME... (pun intended) (mean time) We are forced and persuaded and tricked into being that which we "are truly not" being governed by fears and rules and regulations not our own but invented and implemented by those powers that be that are desiring to advantage humanity for their own selfish gain, power, usery, control, and overall pleasures. Despite this...The good hope is...... By word power.... voice power.... and ultimately VOTING POWER.... We can (and it's our duty to) establish THY KINGDOM COME LAW... ... Humanity Party is the format to do just that.... Establish.... Thy Will Be Done.... On Earth... [same warning and cry as in the days of moses].... Let my people go. So that they can be free to discover who they are without being in bondage to another. I imagine the many discover what THEIR NOT during bondage environments... Many not willing to die; if necessary, to establish Good Law protecting free agency. Not willing to lay down their own advantaged possessions in order to establish equity and a protected equal playing field for those now being systematically advantaged. If and when the Gentile nation's fall due to refusal to obey and establish Christ Equitable Law.... I imagine the spoil will justly be allowed to be taken by those protected and remaining.....

Alberto C Bulseco

Christopher Nemelka I'd rather chose not to raise a question during the Zeitgeist show because answers to much of my questions are found in the MWAW books. I delight to attend the Zeitgeist show because of the added mysteries you are revealing besides those found in the books and those written in your blogs including your personal book. I learned much from your authobiography. I am very grateful for the great knowledge you are sharing to our group.

Jaron Bytheway

Perhaps some "Solarians" might enjoy taking a vacation every now and then. The idea has also been floated that some people's "2nd estate" avatars have been raised in a way that compromised their free will to get straight to serving as their express purpose... to receive a server's reward.

I don't know about y'all, but I kinda like character development... and there are some pretty interesting characters in the world.

And if life is a game with a challenging objective as a team sport...

We win some and we lose some.

Imagine being an eternal loser!

Or... imagine a group winning the game... and then helping others win the game and getting joy out of that...

It's like Jumanji.

While in the environment of earth, we may encounter certain events "in the wilderness" that inspire us to take responsibility and see the value of being a server... or a team player.

Or maybe you get a kick out of putting to your avatar into extremely compromised positions and working your way out like an "escape room"... because paradise is boring and has no challenge when people understand what's up.

This is all pure speculation.

But if you keep the memories... then they'll probably define you for awhile until you decide to try something new... with different people.

The fragility of our current bodies seems to emphasize the need for service since they are not self sustaining without the concentrated power of Will.... and the currently understood parameters of "the game".

And... "the game"... apparently... in theory anyhow... is moderated by a police force regarding thoughts.

For instance, if there are "advanced" covert ops behind the scene moderating thoughts with the most advanced computing power you can imagine... then they could run all kinds of simulations to determine what thoughts to block and when and also how to time very subtle suggestions to the human mind... IF it was in the interest of "the group".

It would also be really fun to compare "blooper" reels when we are done. anyways...

Kristen Mathers

I can’t wait to watch the latest zeitgeist once it’s up.

I think whatever humanity type we have chosen or choose (and ultimately prove / or have already proven to ourselves as our “happiness” detecter) will be a relief after this earth and all the selfishness we experience here.

Perhaps there are several versions of “me” and I ultimately choose which parts of “me” I want to keep in my memory banks or destroy altogether? I imagine my overseer (My father/ the best part of ME that judges me) will choose the best version/ versions of me, to go on worlds without end, or start again, worlds without end. Lots of merry go rounds!

I imagine a true solarian doesn’t come here to test themselves, but to help others test themselves to become what they have become, or simply help others in their experiences so we have a more peaceful planet during critical moments of advancements.

I dont think we’ll stress after this life. Stress is a mortal thing because we don’t have ultimate free will here or a brain that remembers life before this one. I believe we will be at peace with our knowledge after this earth, and if we aren’t, we will want to start again, and we will. Maybe we keep starting again, so we don’t get bored or live in hell with ourselves….Worlds without end.

I think this version of me as a mortal is a bit of all three humanity types on this earth. (Especially with all the cross breeding that’s gone on for billions of years ) but one thing I know already is that I will want what is best for humanity, because I already want that here and now. So an upgraded version of me would surely already want that.

Bring on the technological upgrades so all of us can do awesome stuff and thrive as a planet of the ultimate advancement of humanity! I love the idea of living with humans who get to reach their full potential.

Christopher Nemelka

Kristen Mathers

Thank God there is a dickless human in this discussion who isn't trying to prove how big his dick is.

However, your understanding is also INCORRECT.

A bit better try than most, though.

Watch the show ... VERY CAREFULLY.

Kristen Mathers

Christopher Nemelka No dick on me! Ha!

I’ll watch the show and ponder your words carefully.