Christopher's comments on Jeff Wangsgard's Facebook post

Jeff Wangsgard

December 29, 2021 at 4:56 PM ·

WASHINGTONPOST.COM The wealthy LDS Church offered a man $40 for food, he says. So he wrote a Mormon musical. “The Good Shepherds” satirizes the LDS Church’s roughly $100-billion financial portfolio and accusations that it is stingy in providing humanitarian aid.

Marvin Crowther

Divide $100 billion by the seven billion on earth the answer is less than $15 each. He should be grateful to receive more than his share.

Christopher Nemelka

Marvin Crowther

Now divide 100 billion by 15 million LDS/Members and the answer just might open your mind to the Real Truth® about your corrupt religion and how it fulfills ALL prophecy written about it.

HINT: It truly is the "number of a man."

Any time, any day, I would love to interview you about your beliefs, demonstrating the extreme ignorance by which your pride keeps you in captivity to the "god of this world."

Do the above math.

The answer is apropos and perfect.

Wesley Coats


Marvin Crowther

Christopher Nemelka You invest your resources prudently for the next 120 years likely you could come up with $100 billion estate as well. Sad thing is: the inflation resulting from following your plan for the Human party, $100 billion will buy you a loaf of bread and a bottle of milk. You guys attack a church for helping someone out, presenting this as an example of corruption, a prudent person sees is an example of pride, and ingratitude on the part of the person offered the help. Lucifer has taught you well how to deceive and drag good people down to dust of the earth. You are free to author, or claim the words of others as your own to formulate whatever you want to believe, the very one you persecute gave you that right and paid the price so you wouldn't be forced to follow your master, though you are free to do so, however, the art of manufacturing lies doesn't come close to making them true. You take advantage, like Lucifer, of the very freedom God gave man, in your efforts to deceive and gain a following by telling them things that sound good to them, justify their leaving the truth and feeding their pride just to boost your own pride. I make an end because you know all this, what is more most of your followers know this as well. You are just like Korihor. God Bless you accordingly.

Christopher Nemelka

Marvin Crowther

You’re way too smart for me Marvin.

I give. You win again.

Surely Jeff Wangsgard can see the great disparity of our intelligence.


I’ll let God take care of you, Marvin!

2022 will NOT be your best year.

Mark my words

However it ends for you, the Real Truth will not change.

How about starting the New Year with the goal of not TROLLING… that means stop giving your opinion when it is not asked for.

But Hey,

In our Father’s house there are many mansions, and I am sure we can both agree that we will NOT be inheriting the same mansion.

Thank the Father!

But anyways.

Jeff Wangsgard

Great points Marvin Crowther. I hope you call into the zoom meeting and rip christ o pher a new bung hole. Let's go Brandon! Allah akbar or what ever. I support your need to be a goof ball. Seriously though call in to the show. See how you do.

Christopher Nemelka

Jeff Wangsgard

He wouldn’t dare.

Bless his heart though.

Let’s support his desire to be in the Celestial Kingdom with Father Elohim, while you and I laugh and enjoy eternity with the Holy Ghost Michael in the Telestial Kingdom.

We’re going to have a lot more fun!