Christopher's comments on Joseph Haws Facebook post Dec 12 at 10:03 AM

Myself. I have influenced myself more than any other person, including Christopher.

Christopher Nemelka

· 12-12-21 ·


Name the person, dead or alive, whose existence upon this earth has made more of an impact on your personal life than any other person.

PLEASE BE 100% honest in your response.

I CHALLENGE you to be honest.

I CHALLENGE you to be courageous and not to care what your "friends" will think or respond about your answer.

Christopher Nemelka

Wouldn't you be dead by suicide if not for this Christopher dude?

At least, that's what your own mother is telling people.

But anyways ...

Joseph Haws

Christopher Nemelka Not for this Christopher dude. Not on any level is it because of this Christopher dude. I can honestly say though that its because he’s doing what he’s doing that I was able to free myself.

Christopher Nemelka

Makes sense.

Now, go figure things out for yourself.

I'm sure you and your mother, Hawley Haws, have it in you to figure things out for your self and not experience unhappiness in the future.

Joseph Haws

Christopher Nemelka It’s not like someone forced me to read and listen. But even if I had been forced, I still had to choose to think and try to understand. No one went in my head and rearranged the furniture for me.

Christopher Nemelka

That's true. But what would your apartment be like, if you had no furniture from which to choose, upon what would you relax and lie your head at night?

Did this Christopher dude provide you with the furniture that you were able to rearrange in order to relax comfortably?

What would your apartment be like if this Christopher dude had not given you, free of charge, the furniture that he did?

Christopher Nemelka

So, who is lying about your life? You or your mother?

Christopher Nemelka

Because I don't like either of you, and both of you have done nothing but cause problems for me.

Christopher Nemelka

Why not speak with mother about this?

Why not speak with mother about your and her PRIDE?

Christopher Nemelka

But anyways ... I don't have any more furniture for you.

You'll need to go down to the Second Hand Shop on the corner to get your furniture from now on.

See ya. Wouldn't want to be ya!

Joseph Haws

I mean, if anything itd be the information presented by you from the real illuminati, right, not you personally, that had more “influence” over me personally?

Joseph Haws

He’s right. I mean, he had such an influence over me that in trying to be seen by him I answered cryptically to a simple question. I would be dead if he did not exist. That is a fact, and im sorry for forgetting it. I over-shoot sometimes and I can be an asshole. But hey, I know a lot of people like that...