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Nathan Cook

December 30, 2021 at 8:07 PM ·


Human History Gets a Rewrite

Cheryl Patton

Thanks Nathan! I am ordering the book, which both my husband and I will be reading. :-)

Christopher Nemelka

Yeah … Nathan Cook and Cheryl… once staunch believers in the LDS/Mormon narrative.

Who do you expect to help understand different narratives of history by sharing this book?

Would it have helped you as an LDS member?


Jesus the effing Lord Christ … Sigh.

But anyways…

Cheryl Patton

Of course YOU and the RI did.

Christopher Nemelka

Cheryl Patton

That’s not the point.

Love you and Nate ….

But I give up trying to inspire you to use social media in support of the Real Truth® …

Carrying on you wayward ones … you’ll have peace when you are done …

That’s from a song.

Cheryl Patton

Us clueless ones . . . with a Stellarian brain . . .

Nathan Cook

Hi Christopher. I probably shouldn't have shared this book without also giving my thoughts about it. This book doesn't compare at all to what I have learned from the Real Illuminati and Marvelous Work and a Wonder. Instead, it was just something that I found to be interesting and that actually confirmed many of the things I have learned from the RI.

For example, the book gives evidence of how historians put their own slant on everything they write, often to support their own political views or to gain popularity. Another thing I found interesting is that apparently during the Enlightenment, Europeans were heavily influenced by what they were learning about the Native Americans, and as a result started to seriously question the morality and supposed superiority of their systems of government and capitalism. However, later historians squashed these new ideas that were being explored because they didn't want to admit that the European way of life wasn't necessarily the most superior, or that anything of value could possibly be learned from the uncivilized Native Americans.

Cheryl Patton

Nathan, do you think it is worth reading?

Craig Nichols

Love you Nathan! :-)