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Rodney Vessels December 5, 2020 · I was asked to share "the most powerful supernatural warning" that I've ever received.

I define "supernatural" as "departing from what is usual or normal" (Merriam-Webster Dictionary.) I know nothing beyond what I perceive that I experienced. There could be a simple explanation; I just don't know what the explanation could be.

I was 20 and had just joined a very strict religion. I was struggling to live this new religion; but I assumed, according to my mind frame at the time, that I had been overpowered by the "devil."

I was afraid that I would set a bad example for my family and friends, now that the devil had power over me. I determined to take my life.

I was visiting my parents at the home where I had been raised. My mother had a medicine cabinet full of drugs for her serious heart condition that followed giving birth to me years earlier. I swallowed several bottles of her pills and went out into the woods behind our property to die.

I went to a meadow in the woods near where I had built a tree house as a child. I knelt in in the meadow and apologized to "God" for having lost my soul to the devil.

Suddenly, I felt a tremendous tugging in my brain; and I felt as if I had was pulled by some unseen force to my feet. I walked back to the house to find my panicked mother and father, who were suspicious of my previous behavior and had discovered I had swallowed my mothers pills.

My parents rushed me to the hospital; and I awoke a day later in a psychiatric ward, where I spent weeks in recovery. Finally, I recovered, after receiving electroconvulsive therapy for depression.

I don't know why my brain seemed to pull me up from the forest floor; I just know it was a real experience for me, as a troubled young man. I'm grateful I survived and that I eventually found relief from the religion that held me bound.

Christopher Nemelka

Now we have the answer to why you love tree houses so much and equate this type of structure to your eternal abode.

Thanks for sharing, Rodney

Before you know it, you’ll be happier and more at peace than you have ever felt … one of those houses is being built high up in the branches of the Tree of Life … just for you, constructed by your TRUE SELF.

Think about it.

Ximena Maribel Cussi Rodriguez

Gracias x compartir Rodney Vessels , una casa de árbol para ti

[Facebook's translation into English]

Thanks for sharing Rodney Vessels , a treehouse for you

Christopher Nemelka

Rodney Vessels, if your mortal life wasn’t important to OUR GROUP, you would have left us when you had your massive strokes, that should have killed you. You delivered one of the most powerful speeches and challenges ever given to the LDS/Mormon Church … the religion that caused you to feel like you had been deceived by the devil.

You’ll return HOME when it’s the appropriate time. Until then, enjoy each day you remain with us.

Di Heath

Gotta get those milk...

Christopher Nemelka

Di Heath

You too, Mother.

Enjoy each day you continue with us. One day, you too, will feel a peace and comfort that you have NEVER felt in this world.

Learn to FEAR NOTHING, especially not the end of your mortal existence.

If your life wasn’t important to OUR GROUP, you wouldn’t be where you’re at.

Live with LOVE AND PEACE in your heart.