COFFEE WITH CHRIS—MY OWN BIRTHDAY WISH FOR OUR WORLD. (I'll do this LIVE stream sometime tomorrow morning, December 2, 1961.)

Tomorrow marks six decades of my being upon this earth, sharing the mortal experience with the rest of the members of OUR GROUP—the humans assigned to this incredible solar system, in this amazing galaxy.

Yep, each 'GROUP' has its own solar system. Each set of 'CREATORS' has its own galaxy.

I'll share some things on my birthday tomorrow that I hope will resonate with ALL people, regardless of what your feelings might be towards me as a person.

The Real Truth® about how things REALLY are is most BEAUTIFUL and AMAZING ... they truly are ...


Macrae Cain

Brett Nelson have you ever seen the movie “The Island”?

Brett Nelson

Macrae Cain I've not. But I guess I've got something to do!!

Macrae Cain

Brett Nelson lol I won’t spoil it for you

Christopher Nemelka

Macrae Cain

Yes, I did see it. The movie is a Netflix movie called, "I-Land."

Some great writing that will make one think about the Real Truth® about how things might REALLY be in the future.

What we prove in the future will provide evidence of what happened in the past.

Think about it. :-)

Macrae Cain

Christopher Nemelka I started watching this one last night /this morning- within 5 minutes I was annoyed with almost every character and so far their dynamics have been nothing but stressful to watch.

Christopher Nemelka

Macrae Cain it doesn’t make much sense until the end. And yes, I too was annoyed, but keep things on to distract my mind. I missed various parts, and the bad acting. Get to the third episode and you’ll start to understand a bit more of what the end might hold.

Christopher Nemelka

I wrote that I missed various parts because I am always falling asleep during everything I watch. I wake up and my brain puts the pieces together. It has to be a very engaging flick to keep me awake. Few do.

Macrae Cain

Christopher Nemelka I have my suspensions of what it may be all about- I’ll pass along my thoughts when I finish it all

Gary Slease

As you have taught in replacing a word gives much more meaning ! So as a birthday song This should be named Christopher

Christopher Nemelka

Gary Slease ABSOLUTELY!!! LOVED THE SONG by replacing my name with "Dominique's".

Made me smile! :-)

Gilbert Bertrand

Christopher Nemelka As a little boy, that song was very popular in my home town and I used to sing it in French :-)

Gino Gutlay

Happy Birthday My True Messenger

Joselouis Aguilar

Agape HBD Chris!!

Rosemary Barton

Happy Birthday to an extraordinary human being!

Peggy Elison McMurry

Happy birthday Christopher! I’ve never met you but I have read all your books and followed you on the Internet whenever possible. I love it all! Thank you for being our True Messenger and I hope you have a great birthday.