COFFEE WITH CHRIS—Reviewing the first rough draft of the INTRODUCTION to the new book

Monica Smith · 3:14

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Bruna Poli ·


I think it is powerful and clear. a little confused about the first part about the string theory but after all clear. the question do you have a solution to poverty? I would put at the beginning and I would also put at the beginning the example of the two attacks on the USA and Afghanistan and repeat the question: do you readers have an answer? We do, we the Real Illuminati have it abd so on...

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Monica Smith ·


Monica Smith ·


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'Christopher Smith ·


That introduction is awesome. All the points made are fantastic, but the very first part doesn't feel like I'm being introduced to the book, it feels like I'm already reading the book. I really like the flow of the second part.

Diana Smith

First part about things being things confused me but if I was looking at it probably less so. I like how they used independent smaller and smaller components of science to arrive at the conclusion that something cannot come from nothing.

Tanya Devany ·


I find the first chunk difficult to follow. Once it starts saying things like "Can your leaders save us?" etc - it gets much easier and more gripping. LOVE the rest! I like Bruna's suggestion of re-ordering, so it starts off easy

Monica Smith

From a supporter NOT on Facebook:

“To be critical of the show I didn’t understand the first part at all, until you gave an example of strings being the thing that is made up just like religion makes up things.. perhaps using an example to set up the concept before explaining a concept.

“..and the waiting several minutes into it to get to the point of why the need to know real truth is important to having a proper working government, seemed to be far into it perhaps better to have towards the beginning.

“Loved how you explained the partial burning of the bad fruit as the good takes hold and begins to grow.”