Comments by Christopher on Jeff Wangsgard's Facebook post dated October 28 at 12:37 PM

Christopher Nemelka

Only Challenge Jeff Wangsgard.

Neither you, nor he knows the True Christ.

Let the one who knows the True Christ defend the Real Truth™ ANY time, ANY day, Mr. Crowther.

PLEASE JEFF. Do not look like the fool who you are for trying to defend something you haven’t a clue how to defend.

Please do not keep this going.


What would the True Spirit of Christ expect of you!

Read your scriptures about what the True Christ expects of you; and these commands have NOTHING to do with ANYTHING LDS/Mormon.

No longer cast your pearls before swine, lest they turn and troll you.


Christopher Nemelka

The True Christ judges a man by his works, regardless of ANY ritual or ordinance man might falsely assume is necessary.

Man is judged ONLY by his peaceable walk with others.

A man following the True Christ would NEVER give his opinion on another’s.

The True Christ knows how to solve ALL the worlds’ problems; and surely wouldn’t support ANY of the religions or Christs falsified by the god of this world; religions that do nothing but make things worse.

Put the True Christ’s True Messenger up against ANY false leader or Christ created and supported by the gods of this world, and the True Messenger will destroy their wisdom and expose the fools which they ALL are.