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Denton Thiede

November 27 at 8:53 AM ·


Chris Cluff Webber

Ugh. Please be reasonable. People create conspiracy theories to try to control or regain power in a world they do not understand. I recommend more science and math books.

Christopher Nemelka

Chris Cluff Webber ELECTRICITY was called a CONSPIRACY THEORY long before ATOMIC ENERGY ... Yeah, energy created on a nuclear level in the atoms of matter ... was called a CONSPIRACY THEORY, but proved to be the GREATEST FORM OF ENERGY IN THE UNIVERSE.

What's YOUR background in science and math?

Care to put your background up against mine?

Chris Cluff Webber

Christopher Nemelka is this the new form of penis measuring contest? I have plenty of science and math in my background, otherwise I would not have suggested it. I am not inclined to expose myself because I doubt it will make a difference.

Christopher Nemelka

No, Maam. It WILL make a difference in showing fools from those who are REALLY ILLUMINATED.

There is only one of us who has a penis, and only one of us who does NOT troll other people, and only the one with the penis knows a lot more about Real Truth® than any troller.

You made the comment.

Now, back it up!

Christopher Nemelka

Let's dance with your so-called science and math background.

No penises.

Just dancing. :-)

Chris Cluff Webber

Christopher Nemelka how do you know I don’t have a penis?


Christopher Nemelka

Don't detract ... Let's stay on the subject of your ignorance and trolling ...

What is a CONSPIRACY THEORY to you?

What religion do you affirm as true and NOT a CONSPIRACY THEORY.

Christopher Nemelka


Christopher Nemelka

Only foolish people who troll others and cannot backup their statements want to change the subject.

Christopher Nemelka

I'm certain there are quite a few people watching our little online discussion/debate.


Christopher Nemelka

Let's measure. :-)

Christopher Nemelka

That's what I thought ... Another mean person—a fool—calling another a fool by trolling them.

Mr. Denton Thiede has more intelligence in his little finger than you do in your imaginary penis.

Come on ... Let's keep dancing.


Linda K Williams

You need blood to feed living cells

Christopher Nemelka

Linda K Williams

What is your background in science and chemistry?

Do you know what a joule is ... WITHOUT GOOGLING IT?

When you began your troll of Mr. Thiede, how did you lift your arm to begin to type and troll?

It took a certain amount of joules of energy.

How is a joule produced?

Does the blood produce joules? NO.

Does the brain produce joules? YES.

Outside energy in the form of food is carried by the blood.

Inside energy in a form that which the brain produces gave you the ability to troll Mr. Thiede.

Joule = Energy

Linda K. Williams = Ignorance

Linda K Williams

Christopher Nemelka and what sort of body will you live in because it won't be human. For a man that proclaims to be something he is not you should be brighter than that. As for Trolls you just stood out as one.

Christopher Nemelka

Linda K Williams

I just did a FACEBOOK LIVE video ... dedicated to YOU!

ENJOY! :-)

Christopher Nemelka

Linda K Williams

You wouldn't happen to be Sydney's relative, would you be?

There's a similarity in beauty.

I have to have a bit more compassion on those whom Sydney loves ... but in this case ... Nah!


Linda K Williams

Christopher Nemelka no thanks I have no interest in watching bullshit

Christopher Nemelka

Would either of you ignorant ones … trolling Mr. Denton Thiede … like to appear in a public discussion about these issues? We would more than gladly welcome your so-called intelligence.

Craig Nichols

That's a great post Mr Thiede. Totally makes sense. :-)

Christopher Nemelka

I'm done here. Followers of this link please inform me if Ms. Williams continues to troll, and I'll respond at another time. Thanks in advanced. I actually have a life outside of the Metaverse ... i.e., Facebook. :-)

Christopher Nemelka

For the record, the definition of a social media "troll" is:

"A person who posts inflammatory, insincere, digressive, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, with the intent of provoking readers into displaying emotional responses, or manipulating others' perception."

I am only a "troll" to trolls. I do not visit anyone's page to respond to something another posted, regardless of how ridiculous one's post or meme is. (Unless I have been given permission to do so by that person's True Self.

I'm tired of how often Denton Thiede has been dismissed, disparaged, and treated badly by his so-called family and friends throughout his life.

As I said in my most recent Facebook Live video, I am the dog that gets that scraps that fall off of Denton's table. And I will protect the one who feeds me, and who has NEVER denied or betrayed me. Denton has proven himself to be one of my greatest friends and supporters.

Until either of us leaves this mortal experience ...

I will be Denton's defensive dog.

Mess with Denton, and you'll be messing with me.

Troll Denton, and I'll defend him with the Real Truth®.