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Posted on Jeff Wangsgard's Facebook page posted August 26 at 8:06 AM

Marvin Crowther

If your guy is so confident he is right, why does he need to debate those he claims are wrong? Jesus Christ didn't debate the corrupt leaders of his time, he taught them. The corrupt leaders of his day couldn't withstand the truth so they crucified him. Take note.

Jeff Wangsgard

If you are speaking to me? .....Shit man....I am not the guy. Ask the guy yourself. I assume he will destroy this other guy. And he doesn't like to do that. I believe that all he is about, is delivering a message. If a debate will help get the message out to people who might listen to logic and not magic, then he will debate. If he needed to push toilet paper to get the message to YOU....I am sure that is what he would be doing. You know what Hubert used to say..."no hocus pocus ...just focus". Got you eyes on? by the way.... I would be happy to stand in the way of him getting crucified....but what would be the point? He has to go sometime. Just like the bugs and the birds. Marvin, He is on Facebook. It would be interesting if you just asked him. Hope all is well. oh btw his name is Christopher Nemelka if you need a link to him. Hope you do. I am not his liaison though

Marvin Crowther

Alright I'll ask him. I figured you are one of his students and should know all of the answers just like he expects debating some obscure "Mormon" proves he is right. Best to you

Jeff Wangsgard

Hey buddy... Would you represent the LDS views to him? I might know someone who could contact him. he might be flying today though. I think it would be cool to have you do the debate or an additional debate! I got thinking....Marvin has written a couple of books. I think you went to South America and saw some extreme poverty too. That would be perfect if you could explain these things to Nemelka in a way that he could understand it. You know, "dumb it down". You might even be the one that shuts his mouth! You are not some obscure "Mormon". What do you say? Or perhaps you know someone further up the food chain in the patriarchy that would like to take him down. I am your humble servant ...let me know. :-)

Christopher Nemelka

By all means, set up the meeting with me and Mr. Marvin Crowther ... Any time, any day ... on a virtual public meeting platform. Coordinate it through Monica Smith.

That a boy, Jeff Wangsgard. You present the challenge and let the troll antagonist take on the actual source of the information, which you are not.

For how many years now have I PLED with those who follow our work to get me in a room with these fools, and to NOT attempt to engage them or debate them on anything. How many years, Jeff?

We need a few of these debates to take place. As they do, others will step up trying their best to do better than the guy before them.

Well was it reported in the Trial of Socrates:

"If anyone, young or old, desires to listen to me when I am talking and dealing with my own concerns, I have never begrudged this to anyone, but I do not converse when I receive a fee and not when I do not. I am equally ready to question the rich and the poor if anyone is willing to answer my questions and listen to what I say. And I cannot justly be held responsible for the good or bad conduct of these people (referring to his followers), as I never promised to teach them anything and have not done so. If anyone says that he has learned anything from me, or that he heard anything privately that the others did not hear, be assured that he is not telling the truth.

"Why then do some people enjoy spending considerable time in my company? You have heard why, (gentlemen of the jury); I have told you the whole truth. They enjoy hearing those being questioned who think they are wise, but are not."


Jeff Wangsgard and many like him "enjoy hearing those being questioned who think they are wise, but are not."

All it would take is JUST ONE person to step up and confront me and prove that they are wiser than me.

Jeff Wangsgard and many like him "enjoy spending considerable time in my company" because they know that I can question men like you and expose the fools that they are.

Set a time and a date ... Or, ... in my own words ...


But anyways ...

Marvin Crowther

Jeff Wangsgard No need, he has already cemented what he thinks he knows about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I can see from his response that he IS all about contention. I had enough debates, fights and war when I was young and immature. Besides, I don't represent the church, I would have to debate him on my own wisdom and standing. My books have nothing to do with religion only men's experience and obvious truth that any child should be able to see without having their viewpoint tainted by adult input.

Christopher Nemelka

Marvin Crowther


Then let’s meet and discuss your “own wisdom and standing.”


Christopher Nemelka

Marvin Crowther,

You’re out of your league dealing with the Real Illuminati.

Meet with me. Prove that you are NOT.

What do you have to lose?


Stop trolling others.

Jeff Wangsgard has reviewed both of our “wisdom and standing,” and he has judged that yours will not stand a chance against mine.

Prove Jeff wrong.

If you dare put your “wisdom and standing” up against mine.

Christopher Nemelka

Marvin Crowther

You have NO clue about what I think.

Accept the challenge.

Christopher Nemelka

Jeff Wangsgard

Stay on this troll and push him to meet with me.

You admit that you enjoy being in my presence. And now, there is no other way to have me live in person except to convince one of these fools to meet with me.

I’m done here.

Push him to a definitive answer as to why he won’t accept the challenge.

But alas, he and those like him will always deflect and distract, so that the REAL reason why they won’t meet with me remains undiscovered: fear of looking like a fool.

Isn’t it amazing that I can speak almost exactly like Socrates did, and Joseph Smith, and not be respected?

Both men offered the same challenges.

Both men dealt with fools that would spew out bullshit, but refuse to meet either in public.


Jeff Wangsgard

Those things are subjects You and "my guy" can work on. I hope. What do you think Marvin? Take the challenge and set up a short debate?

Marvin Crowther

You still speak to your friend Lance Miles? He says you set him up with a short debate.

Marvin Crowther

Christopher Nemelka You feed off having someone to belittle and call a liar in front of your followers. Why don't you get on 60 minutes and let them do it to you?

Jeff Wangsgard

Marvin hey I think we are done here. I will leave this up so that all of the people that look up to you and respect you can see that you are really good at what you are doing...deflecting, projecting and not addressing the subject. It is hard to not get the last word in though isn't it? Hey but most of us are only human right? I will say this about the Lance Miles episode....did you listen to that whole thing? Isn't it funny how two people can hear the same thing but interpret it differently. As I recall it was supposed to be about the Humanity Party. Do you find fault with that? ((Good question Jeff) thank you lord)).........Hey just give me a yes or no....DO YOU FIND ANY FAULT AT ALL WITH THE HUMANITY PARTY'S PLAN TO ELIMINATE POVERTY ACROSS THE WORLD its a simple simple question. I will respond accordingly. The world is waiting on Marvin now. Choose wisely Don't give an explanation it is YES or NO Hope all is well. I see you are in Missouri now? Cool...ok i am waiting.

Marvin Crowther

Jeff Wangsgard Some words of wisdom for the inexperienced or disillusioned: Some of my friends are under the impression that printing unlimited money will solve the world’s poverty by providing free stuff to everyone. Wise people know that: 1. Money that isn’t backed by an equal amount of work (goods and services) loses value causing prices to rise. 2. When many of earths creatures find they can get everything free they stop working and creating. 3. As more and more people find that they no longer need to work or find it useless they pretend to work or quit, thus producing fewer and fewer goods and services until overall production nears zero. 4. As people quit producing goods and services there are less goods to feed and support the poor and everybody else. So, supplying more money only feeds inflation. (Making money of less value.) 5. When everyone stops producing, eventually, the pool of goods and services become so scarce no one will give them up at any price. The result is utopia: The brave new Godless world of starvation, war, and bloodshed.

Jeff Wangsgard

You have chosen poorly.

Christopher Nemelka

You win Marvin Crowther.

Everyone is right. Which makes everyone wrong.

Find peace.