Comments from Christopher posted on Facebook post: ***ULTIMATE CHALLENGE***

Jeff Wangsgard's Facebook page September 2 at 8:00 AM

Jeff Wangsgard

Marvin Crowther YOU asked this question. Are you going to "like" this post?

Marvin Crowther

I ask you a question I already know the answer to. God created man's spirit and gave him the opportunity to procreate bodies for other spirits. However the essence of man has always existed. Hence, God has always existed with no beginning and no end.

Jeff Wangsgard

I didn't ask the question and I don't appreciate the wrong answer. THanks for trying to bring my soul around to your reality.

Christopher Nemelka

Marvin Crowther

Your answer couldn't be any further from the Real Truth™.

To know the Real Truth™ about God and your own creation and existence, ask yourself the following questions. Try your best ... Sigh ... Sigh ... Sigh ... to answer these questions honestly:

If God created your spirit before you were born, and your spirit came to Earth and inhabited a mortal body—created by Mr. and Mrs. Crowther, because you LOOK like a Crowther—then when you die, is your eternal spirit—the one God made—going to separate again from your mortal body and return to look like it did when God created it before you were born as a Crowther, or will the spirit that God created for you change and transform into a NEW-looking eternal being that looks like the body that the mortal Crowther family's DNA created?

Considering (with honesty) that most mortals are NOT VERY handsome (beautiful) people, and that VERY few's appearance is actual what can be considered a physically "perfect" looking human specimen—further, that mortals are going to retain their mortal physical appearance after they die and reside again in the kingdom of God where they were created, is it FAIR and JUST that God has created such a physical disparity in how His children will appear FOREVER?

Let's make the question even more simple for you, Mr. Crowther:

In your eternal state of existence, are you going to continue to look like you do here upon Earth, as a Crowther, or are you going to appear as you looked when God created your spirit BEFORE you possessed the body of a mortal Crowther?

And if you had the eternal choice, wouldn't you want to be a little taller, a bit more handsome?

And how can ANYONE with a sound and reasonable mind believe that ANY type of god would have created so many unattractive mortal bodies, with such varying degrees of physical attractiveness?

You, Sir, have NO CLUE who or what the True God is and how, what, where, when, or why human creation took place.

Anytime ... Any day. P.S. I'll wager that your hate for me just increased 100 fold. But anyways ...

Christopher Nemelka

And by the way, Mr. Crowther, here's God's True Messenger's appearance at his best.

P.S. Now I'll wager you hate me 500 fold.

Christopher Nemelka

Now Christopher Nemelka, that was UNCALLED FOR!

Would Jesus compare his mortal looks with others?

Uh, yeah!

Especially to the Pharisees', Sadducees', and religious priests' whom he confronted.

Marvin Crowther

Jeff Wangsgard Reality may friend. Your soul is your responsibility, don't attempt to place the responsibility on me for it. I will attempt to consult and guide in both business and spiritual things, but each person must make their own decisions.

Marvin Crowther

Christopher Nemelka Since you butt into our conversation. I will share with you a couple of things: 1. I can't hate you, mostly because I don't know you, Yes, I have read some of your writings, but, I still don't know you and never will from what you write. 2. My testimony of God, isn't just the result of feelings, as you infer in your teachings, those feelings by the way, are real manifestation from a member of the Godhead. My testimony also has basis in a moment of memory of my pre-existence and miracles that one as yourself couldn't comprehend.

Marvin Crowther

Christopher Nemelka As far as the rest of your questions. If you were a true messenger you wouldn't have to ask. Looks only matter on this earth. God and those around him are so radiant and magnificent there is no way to compare anything on earth to him. Lucifer, who lost his light, teaches vanity, because he knows he will never have a body, let alone regain his lost light.

Craig Nichols

Marvin Crowther AHEM! Let me correct you Marvin. Chris can and has answered those questions many times in the past. Your confidence, however, is notable. :-)

Christopher Nemelka

Marvin Crowther

There is ONLY ONE ENTITY from whom you are receiving feelings, spirituality, and answers to your prayers. This truth is found in the Temple endowment presentation.

Pay attention next time you go through the endowment.

There’s nothing else we can do for you.

You deflected and failed once again to answer my questions.

You have no real knowledge. Your Lucifer controls your life and mind.

Your Lucifer is my Christ, and my Lucifer is your Christ.

When you understand this eternal riddle, you might find some Real Truth Jeff Wangsgard, do what you must.

I will no longer respond to a lost cause.

Marvin Crowther

Christopher Nemelka Thank you. No my friend, Lucifer is your Christ. My Christ is the Son of God that paid for your and my sins. So, even you, despite what you have done can be saved if you will repent. However, your Lucifer likely will not.

Marvin Crowther

Craig Nichols Bless you, but, I don't think he has.

Craig Nichols

Marvin Crowther You might want to read my response again, I feel like you haven't actually read it. Thank you for the blessing.

Jeff Wangsgard

Marvin you had a chance to learn something from some one that I believe knows. Adios Ameba. Get thee behint me.... I think we are done here.

Marvin Crowther

Christopher Nemelka If you believe anyone is a lost cause then you are the one that failed. Just one thing before departing. You mention the endowment, if in fact you understood how we are taught in the temple and the full purpose of what is done there, you would know that a person can learn more from taking one hour to clean inside the temple then all of your followers can lean from reading all the works you take credit for. Take note that pride goeth before the fall. best to you

Marvin Crowther

Jeff Wangsgard Thanks for the introduction Jeff, sorry but when I watched the videos you shared I listened to him for a time then turned off the sound to watch him as he spoke. His body language told me he didn't believe the words he was saying. I would rather learn from those that at lease believe their own words.

Christopher Nemelka

Marvin Crowther

One of the MOST IMPORTANT PARTS AND CHARACTERS Joseph and the Three Nephites and John the Beloved put into their endowment presentation was Lucifer's Minister, who represented all religious forms of leadership, missionary work, priesthoods, ect.

Brigham Young's LDS Church took out this IMPORTANT character and EVERYTHING related to it.

For a moment, remember that character and the scenes and what transpired in the original endowment ...

The Elohim and Jehovah who DO NOT know what is going on in this "lone and dreary world," who do NOT know you, nor anything about you, chose me as one of their True Messengers.


If you spent just one hour in my presence, and just listened, I would teach you the TRUE GOSPEL and deliver you the message that the TRUE Elohim and Jehovah give to the world, BUT ONLY THROUGH CHOSEN AND SPECIFIC TRUE MESSENGERS.

The character Peter offered this same thing to the original Minister character.

Do you recall what the Minister character, who represents YOU in this hypothetical scenario, did, how he responded?

He turned from the True Messenger and went back to Lucifer asking to be paid.

YOU, Sir, are so influenced by Lucifer, and have received so much from this world, your family, your false religion, your priesthood—which is what Lucifer pays people for being in his service—


I am beginning to see that you have a mental issue that logic and reason—common sense that controls the TRUE Holy Spirit—that I now feel a deeper love and compassion for you.

Let's end this:

You are right.

That's okay.

You go to the Celestial Kingdom and enjoy your family there with God.

I, and the many who follow me, will be just fine and happy with the Holy Ghost in the Telestial Kingdom.

We'll look up, smile, wave, and say:

Good on 'Ol Marvin Crowther! We wish the best for him and his family.

But we will always wonder in the Telestial Kingdom ...

Uh, Marvin had a few daughters, and they married LDS priesthood holders and joined their husband's family, leaving Marvin's eternal family. Damn, he lost them in the kingdom of his choice.

Then we'll shrug, sip another brewskie with the Holy Ghost, tell jokes, sit around and enjoy the incredible Kingdom that God has prepared for all those like me.

But anyways ...

Marvin Crowther

For your information I did the same thing with teachers and apostles from my church and found their body language supports what they are saying. The funniest thing was watching politicians, they are trained to watch their body language, so when they lie, they do the most interesting things to cover up the bodies natural response to lies.

Marvin Crowther

Christopher Nemelka Your words one again show how little understanding you have of spiritual matters and who your Lord is. Too bad you will never have that real learning experience cleaning the temple. Note: If you have as much knowledge as you claim you have, you won't have to worry about telling jokes in the incredible Kingdom prepared for those like your followers. Re-read the scriptures and see what is prepared for those that are what you claim to be.

Craig Nichols

Marvin Crowther I was never active in the church until I was into my 30's some years ago. What kept me active is believing the apostles knew more than they were saying, and that they told us what we NEEDED to hear. That's the only thing that made sense to me, and then I could justify being a member of the church I'd been born and raised in and I so desperately wanted to be true.

I know the apostles have lied to me, but I don't think, TRULY, that they are bad people.

If I knew Chris had lied to me, it would be ok, because what he tells me makes more sense than your religion ever did to me, even when I was a full on believer to the center of my very being that lives and breathes and feels great value from it in life.

I'd like to thank you, Marvin, for waking up Chris early so I can listen to him talk. I do so enjoy it. :-)

Sheri Anne Nemelka

Marvin Crowther

This is Christopher ... Just so happened to be sitting next to Sheri while reviewing her posts.

Sir, do you realize I was a Security Officer for 4 years and spent COUNTLESS hours in the SLC Temple? I've been Holy of Holies, I've opened up each and every one of the Twelve Apostles', and the First Presidency' temple lockers (those at that time).

I've been through EVERY room in the SLC Temple, and I have been in EVERY personal office of EVERY General Authority of that time period.

FACTS are very important.

But anyways ...

Because only about three people see our interactions,

The Holy Ghost and I ... Yep, the Entity with whom I will spend eternity in the Telestial Kingdom ... because ... Well, let's quote it ...

People like me and those who follow me are:

"These are they who are liars, and sorcerers, and adulterers, and whoremongers, and whosoever loves and makes a lie. These are they who suffer the wrath of God on earth. These are they who suffer the vengeance of eternal fire. These are they who are cast down to hell and suffer the wrath of Almighty God, until the fulness of times, when Christ shall have subdued all enemies under his feet, and shall have perfected his work."

Because we three ... who following this link ...

...are the" liars, and sorcerers, and adulterers, and whoremongers, and whosoever loves and makes a lie" ... and we can't help ourselves, we will be satisfied with the kingdom God has prepared for us.

Come on Sheri ...

We got some lying, sorcery, adultery, and some whoremongering to do ... Let's start with the whoremongering.

Sheri's response: "Let's start with the one that sounds the most fun!"