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Jeff Wangsgard

I would tread lightly C....I didn't realize he was in this high IQ group.

Rebecka Franklin

Jeff Wangsgard I wonder if he paid the $60 or the $99 membership fee.. oops I mean admission fee... dang! I mean testing fee! ;-)

Jeff Wangsgard

Rebecka I heard it was a really tough test and not many can pass it. I am worried for our man. 😭

Di Heath

For the record all my boys passed test & are Mensa members…big F’ing deal… there a prize? don’t brag about Idiot Quotient…but then again if it helps your pride & ego …Grrrr…

Christopher Nemelka

You know what they say …

The smarter they are, the harder they fall.

Sigh …

I feel sorry for this guy. I might just cancel the debate, tell everyone that he’s too smart for me, and let it be.

I think those who truly know him would understand.

I do have a hard time making these types of fellow humans look bad.


But anyways …

Di Heath

Christopher Nemelka and those who truly know you would understand…. ;-)

Rebecka Franklin

I think that “Christopher smile” will say more to everyone who truly know both men. ;-)

Christopher Nemelka


I cannot deny anyone the opportunity.

The challenge will always stand as long as I am alive*:

Put me in a room with ANY other human being on this planet discussing reality (Real Truth™), and evidence of the Real Illuminati®'s existence and intelligence will be manifest.


One would suppose that to stop the Real Illuminati® once and for all, someone could be found upon the earth to meet with me one-on-one** and confound me ... that's all it would take. **(Or, one-on-as many as want to try ... I say gather the LDS First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve and little 'ol me.)

The challenge is there. It will remain.

*Since many would like to see me "not alive," these meetings will always be virtually held over the Internet.

NOTE TO SUPPORTERS: Keep the challenge going.