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What an amazing concept! This could solve so many of this world's problems. Read it thoroughly—don't just skim, become offended, and condemn the idea—and see if it makes sense to you.


Infant Sterilization

Soo Thomander Mooney

are you aware that it this is illegal? not trying to stir the pot, but wondering if anyone is aware this...?

Lynnette Vessels

Soo Thomander Mooney There was a time when it was illegal for women, black people, and those who didn't own land to vote. There was a time when it was illegal for black people to ride in the front of a bus or attend school with white children. There are so many laws that have been created throughout history and that are on the books today that are not conducive to peace on Earth.

Being legal doesn't always equate to ethical or moral, nor does it always equate to a peaceful society. I'm not saying we should break the law; I'm saying there are laws that could and should be changed.

Clearly, there are problems with the laws on Earth today and we could peacefully and responsibly do something to change them if enough people would become educated and concerned enough about them to do something.

This is a concept to think about. If you object to the idea for reasons other than it being illegal, which can be changed the same way other laws are changed—by people changing them, you can contact Monica Smith to set up a challenge. OR I'd be happy to help you get one going through her if that would help.

I'd love to hear what logical reasons you could present that would change my mind about the soundness of this article.

Soo Thomander Mooney

well said Lynnette. no, that's not the only reason. in fact, that's a very small reason. the biggest reason i am opposed to that is why we are use our free agency. i don't want the government to decide who can or can't have children, and i don't want to deny ANYONE of teh ability to paretn their own children. i believe children are the best blessings anyone could be given, and it is not our place to determine someone else's right to parent. requiring parenting classes? yea, that might be doable, and in fact has been implemented in a number of schools. if you sterilize chldren and then those children grow up and meet all the criterion that "you" have established, whose kid will they get? if they are sterilized, they no longer have sperm or eggs to donate to the process. so does that mean that biology is irrelevant? i appreciate this discussion, so thanks for responding. :-)

Lynnette Vessels


You have presented some fair and reasonable questions that I would like to hear the answer to as well.

Rather than me try to answer any of your questions myself, because I'm not qualified to give a proper explanation, would you be willing to speak with the one who is?

I would be very grateful to you, Soo Thomander Mooney, if you would be willing to do so that I, too, could learn more about this plan.

I'd be happy to help you set up a time for that or you can contact Monica Smith directly by sending her an IM.

I think this would be a fabulous discussion and would benefit many people in understanding the whole idea better so that people can make educated choices that can benefit our world.

Monica Smith

I can be reached by Instant Messenger or email:

Lynnette Vessels

Soo Thomander Mooney Please would you be willing to explain your opinion and ask your questions in a public forum for me and all to see and understand?

Soo Thomander Mooney


Candice Kempton Jensen

It makes no sense to me. In fact, a world like this sounds like hell to me.

Lynnette Vessels

Candice Kempton Jensen I'm not sure how to respond to this. I'm not sure why you commented. If it truly makes no sense to you, why don't you ask questions or explain what doesn't make sense? If you don't care, why comment? Can you explain what part of this kind of world sounds like hell to you or is that just because it doesn't make sense?

My questions and comments are sincere and not meant to mock or criticize. Your comment has left me dumbfounded because It feels very negative but there's no explanation as to what things you disagree with and why, nor is there any explanation as to what is difficult to understand. If you don't want a better explanation and don't like what I wrote, please don't come on my page and post something unkind about it.

If you are sincerely wanting to understand and want clarity, ask questions. Please point out what is confusing to you.

And if something makes no sense to you, how can you judge it to be like hell? You don't even understand it.

For more information about any of the things you comment on on my page, or to ask questions, you can tune in FOR FREE to the next live show this Saturday. You can quietly watch and learn or you can raise your hand and ask questions.

I can assure you, if you listen with an open mind, willing to learn, you will learn so many new things and if you persist in your research you will never find anything that makes more sense.

Here is the link to the upcoming show:

Candice Kempton Jensen

Lynnette Vessels I am sorry. I shouldn’t have commented or come to this page. I am honestly shocked that you feel this would make quality of life better. My comment was not anything but a pure , honest reaction. I can see that we see things so differently now that it is difficult to find common ground. I will stay away. I can see that this page is only for those that agree with you or are looking to change their beliefs.

Lynnette Vessels

Candice Kempton Jensen Thank you.

I think, however, you’re not understanding what my page is about. My page is not for those who agree with me. They already know the things I post. My page is for those who want to know and understand me and what I believe and who I am. My page is for those who are seeking to understand this life and find solutions to problems. My page is not necessarily for people who are looking to change their beliefs (I wasn’t at the time I read The Sealed Portion) but it is for those who are WILLING to acknowledge the possibility that what they have always believed COULD be wrong and, if it is, find out what the Truth REALLY is.

I know that you are happy where you’re at in life with your beliefs. Clearly, you’re not interested enough in what I believe and support and in who I am to investigate what I post thoroughly. Therefore, you are correct. My page is not for you. I hope someday it will be.

My love to you always. May your journey bring you joy.

Christopher Nemelka

Let me deal with Lynnette Vessels loved ones to end the argument with them, so that Lynnette Vessels will not have to waste her time with abject ignorance.

I did NOT write "stupidity." I wrote "ignorance."

Stupidity denotes one who cannot be taught through reason and logic. Ignorance denotes a person who can be taught and persuaded with the right source of information.

The argument can be settled completely with these two LDS/Mormon ignorant women, by asking them a few simple questions, HOPING that they will not deflect and will answer these simple questions HONESTLY.

Question No. 1

How were Adam and Eve created? Sexually or Asexually?

IF Adam and Eve were created in God's image, male and female, what was the process that was used?

Wouldn't this asexual process be God's way of creation?

What happened to the ability and process of birth when humankind fell and no longer abided by God's commandments?

Was it not a curse on Eve that made child bearing what it currently is?

Would God allow ANY woman, no matter what type of person this woman is, to have one of his children and rear the child in His image?

What kind of procreation will be upon the earth during the millennium, when the fall of Adam is atoned for by Christ, and Christ perfects his kingdom and presents it to the Father?