Comments from Christopher posted on Marian Canepa's Facebook post dated October 12 at 3:30 PM:

Marian Canepa October 12 at 3:30 PM ·

"We have illustrated that the way Christians view the atonement is not only in error respecting what Jesus actually taught, but has nothing to do with actual salvation. We have explained that "salvation" means the success, preservation, and continuation of a good human society, where peace and equity exist for the benefit of all Earth's inhabitants. What churches demand of their members as "busy work" has nothing to do with helping society flourish. Instead, religion causes society's greatest problems, largely because each religion thinks that it is the correct one, and that the rest are from the devil." Ch 11, Pg 291 par 4, "A New American Scripture, How and Why the Real Illuminati Created The Book of Mormon", The Real Illuminati

Marian Canepa

Judith Adams Grant

What?? A one world government?

Marian Canepa

Judith Adams Grant i believe if it's a righteous one. :-)

Judith Adams Grant

Marian Canepa the only way that will be is when the Saviour is the head.

Christopher Nemelka

Judith Adams Grant Yep ... we need to keep waiting on that Saviour and do nothing until he comes.

Yep ... Oh Good Lord!

But anyways ...

Christopher Nemelka

Judith Adams Grant, PLEASE read Matthew 25:31-43 and tell us EXACTLY what our Saviour expects us to do BEFORE he comes, and on what he will judge our actions when he does.


Judith Adams Grant

Christopher Nemelka I’m well aware what’s expected.

Lee Carroll

I believe that the Constitution is a divinely instituted document. We need to elect people who will allow it to function as it was intended. As long as people reject Christ and His teachings we will live in a fallen world.

Marian Canepa

Lee Carroll yes we need a Good government that follows Christlike teachings

Christopher Nemelka

Lee Carroll

I agree ...

The god of this world inspired a Constitution that did not allow women, people of color, or men who didn't own enough land to vote in elections.

That there was pretty divine. The god of this world knew EXACTLY what he was doing when he designed that Constitution ... Yep, EXACTLY!

But anyways ... Sigh ...

Lee Carroll

Christopher Nemelka you forget that the document allowed for remedies for short comings. After all, God only has imperfect people to work through. His is a system of improvement and learning until we grow to be like Him. I'm actually glad to meet someone of your calibur who knows all things from the beginning so that you can be condescending to others. I know the things I post, you already have a bias against. Too bad... closed minds don't learn much.

Lee Carroll

Marian Canepa the problem I see is the forced application of these directives. Mankind should be anxiously engaged of their own free will to serve each other. The Savior has never forced another to do anything. Whenever I see no choice, in fact, force involved in someone's ideas, my thoughts instantly go toward the opposition to the Savior and His plan.

Marian Canepa

Lee Carroll With all due respect and with love I'm sorry but the word "forced" is improper and is misleading. I feel I'm anxiously engaged in a good cause. I'm saddened by the suffering in this world. If one reads the entire plan one will begin to understand that there is no other plan out there that has these amazing solutions to stop child prostitution and end poverty. I'm behind the plan because I am worried about where this world is headed. Also you can talk with Christopher on the next show this Saturday if you have any questions or send them to me and I will ask him for you. Thank you.

Lee Carroll

Marian Canepa from what I see in these posts, Christianity is being blamed for injustices. I know that evil people have committed evil acts in the name of Christianity, but those acts were not based on the teachings of Jesus, nor His example He lived and died for us. The apostasy left the world in darkness when people rejected Jesus's teachings. It seems that it's easier for the folks involved in this movement to trust people to always choose kindness and equity and to be an influence for good to change the world than to accept these teachings from the Savior of the world and follow him. If the root of this party depends on people, and we all are imperfect, then the outcome naturally will be imperfect. Especially when the party initially dismisses Jesus Christ - it will fail. Satan wants us to reject Jesus! You can do much good to serve and bless those who are in need in your area. Any good done to further the kingdom of God, will benefit the world. I believe you are being deceived. There can never be an equal outcome, but there can be an equal opportunity. We should strive to lift and bless others, but not under this false government you seem to be embracing. Always look to the Prophet and follow him. You're looking "beyond the mark". My best to you and your family. Please pray with an open mind. When you post that the Illuminati created the Book of Mormon and that the scriptures are false, you're on very dangerous ground.

Christopher Nemelka

Lee Carroll


If you’re sure you want me to respond, I will.

But Lee, you’re WAY out of your league here. You might want to heed the counsel of your church leaders and avoid a guy like me.

However, if you continue with your unsolicited comments on Marian Canepa’s post, an opinion about which she did not ask yours, I will respond.

Go away quietly … which I sincerely hope you do … or I will reply. And I promise you that the Real Truth™, concerning the subject matter here, will make your opinion appear very, very foolish.

Your choice.

Your move.

Christopher Nemelka

It would be my privilege to respond to the pride and ignorance of Lee Carroll, the perfect example of how deceived the LDS/ Mormon people have become.

I wish I wouldn’t have to. But these people, who pretend to embrace the Gospel of Jesus Christ with their lips, but their hearts are FAR from the TRUE CHRIST, need to be brought to their knees and presented to the rest of the world as an example of how evil and ignorant a mortal human can become when the god of this world establishes a religion for them and hears and answers their prayers.

Lee Carroll

You have no idea who us really the foolish one. Yes, I have no need to entertain your dangerous rhetoric. I love how you're proposing that good people show the way to help the rest of the world, but are so quick to attack me who you feel is in error. But instead of convincing me though love and good will, threaten me with intimidation. I will not be intimidated by you. I'd rather leave you with your silly ideas since you don't even support your own false facade in which you say love will conquer. You're a fake!

Christopher Nemelka

Your call, Lee Carroll … one more negative comment and I WILL prove the difference between your Christ and the True Spirit of Christ that is given to EVERY human born into this world.

Lee Carroll

Christopher Nemelka I just read about you in the Book of Mormon.. Korihor. Strange to meet you!

Christopher Nemelka

Lee Carroll You said it … Here you go!

Lee Carroll

Christopher Nemelka what you are professing regarding sterilization in the womb and eliminating natural birth processes is far behind the times. Sir Francis Galton started advocating this as a method of improving the human race. Eugenics was increasingly discredited as unscientific and racially based during the twentieth century. It was a major provision adopted by the Nazi's in order to justify the treatment and killing of disabled people , gypsies, Jews, homosexuals and other minority groups. Technology cannot replace the yearning in many women's and men's hearts to have children of their own. I see where you have been hurt by familial relationships in the past. I'm sorry for your pain and I guess this is where your desire to end core families comes from. You're really a sad guy. Get some help, please.

Julie Pederson Williams

Most religious people get lost in the words. Being a Christian is an action. If you’re not helping to improve yourself and the people around you, you’re not doing it right.

Marian Canepa

Julie Pederson Williams I agree we need to act on being Christ like.

Lee Carroll

Marian Canepa like you laughing and loving Christopher's attacks on me, I guess! That's really Christlike! Talk is cheap!

Christopher Nemelka

Contact Andrew Burridge and have him make a cool meme of this statement. :-)

Andrew Burridge

& there ya have it, the god of this world. The one and only; who answers your prayers in this loan and dreary world? Edit Edit Edit

Christopher Nemelka

Responses to Lee Carroll, a member of the LDS Church:

You claim that YOUR CHRIST supports free will; and you imply that YOUR CHRIST would not support a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT that establishes laws that control free will—laws set up by YOUR CHRIST's government.


YOUR CHRIST comes again in his power and glory and ushers in a time when ONLY HIS LAWS are incorporated into human society.

I am a gay man whose free will is to share sexual experiences with other men, and only other men.

What is YOUR CHRIST going to do to stop me?

What is YOUR CHRIST going to do to take away my free will?

What exactly is YOUR CHRIST going to do when he comes again?

What's he going to say?

What kind of government is he going to set up?

One that FORCES people to abide by his commandments, or one that allows FREE WILL to pursue one's own desires of happiness, as long as those desires do not affect the free will of another?

According to your religion—the LDS/Mormon faith—one needs only comply with a particular set of commandments in order to go the temple and receive the proper priesthood ordinances that will assure one of one's eternal salvation in the Kingdom of God. These commandments comprise of the Gospel that your religion teaches and supports.

Yet, not ONE THING, NOT ONE OF THESE COMMANDMENTS with which a person needs to comply in order to enter a LDS temple to receive these saving ordinances, WAS TAUGHT BY JESUS CHRIST, not while among the Jews, as related in the New Testament, not while among the Nephites, as related in the Book of Mormon.

All you have is the Book of Mormon, the lesser part of the things that Mormon knew about the time when Jesus Christ visited the Book of Mormon people. Mormon is very clear that he only shared a "hundredth part of the things which Jesus truly taught."

Mormon explains that he wanted to write EVERYTHING that Jesus taught, but that it was highly unlikely that the people, who would one day read the Book of Mormon ... that would be you ... would embrace it properly. Therefore, Mormon writes that their faith will be tried first to see if they accept the teachings of the Book of Mormon—the lesser part—first. If they don't, then they don't get the greater part.

The Book of Mormon is VERY CLEAR that if the people only have the Book of Mormon, and do not have the "sealed portion, the greater part," then the LDS/Mormon people are under great condemnation and are being led by the devil.

Mormon is VERY CLEAR about this, as was his son, Moroni, who helped his dad write the book.

It was Moroni who wrote the "greater part" and sealed it up so that the corrupt and wicked LDS/Mormon people would not receive it, UNLESS they repented and started to be righteous.

What were the many other things (other than just a hundredth part) that Jesus Christ TRULY taught the Nephite people?

It is quite obvious that whatever Mormon was hiding, what he didn't report, caused the people to become a very righteous people. It is quite obvious that all the things that Jesus truly taught the people (things that would be revealed Mormon's son, Moroni, in the "sealed, greater part of the record,") helped them establish the perfect form of government, which lasted for more than 200 years, until the people began to be corrupt again.


There is NOT ONE THING ... NO, NOT ONE THING ... that Jesus truly taught the people that is taught by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints ... NOT A SINGLE THING!

My Christ, the True Christ, IF he were to come again, would teach people the EXACT SAME THINGS THAT HE TAUGHT WHEN HE WAS AMONG THE JEWS AND THE NEPHITES, nothing varying from the things that Jesus taught.

When my Christ comes again, he will make ONE JUDGMENT AND ONE JUDGMENT ONLY ON THE HUMAN RACE: what the nations of the world did to end poverty. (See Matthew 25:31-42.)

My Christ is not going to care, and will actually support, the right and free will of a man to love another man with all of his heart and engage in any type of sex act that does not impede the free will of another.

My Christ will NOT judge any person on whether the person paid tithing, went to church, prayed, received any ordinance ... except being baptized in his name, which means making a covenant to do the things that he told the people, the things that Jesus TRULY taught the people.

My Christ will use his power to dissolve ALL borders upon the earth.

My Christ will establish a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT that will usher in peace and life eternal, renewing the earth to the way it was when it was first created by "Elohim, Jehovah, and Michael," before the god Michael was put under a deep sleep where he dreamed he was the mortal Adam.

Yes, dear Lee, you hypocrite and evil woman,

My CHRIST will allow the man Adam in the lone and dreary world to choose another Adam, so that he is not lone and dreary any longer, so that when it is said, "Get thee behind me" ...

It means something VERY different than what YOUR EVIL AND CORRUPT CHRIST WOULD SAY.

But anyways ...

Christopher Nemelka

FYI, it appears Lee Carroll removed her comment that stated, "Get thee behind me, Satan!"

If she reposts it, I will ask her,

"Are you sure you're ready for that type of penetration?"

:-) I warned her. But she's a great example of the passive aggressive nature of most members of her false and corrupt religion.

Lee Carroll

Christopher Nemelka you are disgusting!!!!!

Christopher Nemelka

I warned you, Lee ... Your turn! :-)

Judith Adams Grant

I guess you left the church, Marian. These guys are nothing new. I’ve heard some of their arguments before. Sad.

Judith Adams Grant

And they do not sound very Christlike to me. You know Lee. Nothing evil about her. These men sound like bullies.

Christopher Nemelka

Judith Adams Grant

Lee is a bully.

And so are you.

Who asked for your opinion?

Did Marian?

Why not do something good for Marian ...

Read the books that she has read and point out the logical things that should convince Marian that she is being deceived.

Stop bullying Marian ... Sigh

Or, it is MY ROLE AND RESPONSIBILITY to bully you!

Sigh ... Oh, how I often hate my job as a True Messenger who must confront Lucifer in this lone and dreary world.

Marian Canepa

Lee Carroll private messaged me and said "you are disgusting." I haven't said anything to her at all but she feels this way towards me. Please just let me share on my page what I believe will help humanity in peace for those who want to hear from a True Messenger. Thank you.

Judith Adams Grant

Marian Canepa you are free to post as you choose. I guess we are just blown away by your choices after listening to your testimony in the past.

Christopher Nemelka

Judith Adams Grant


You're saying that Marian Canepa is deceived and now lost. Is this what you are saying?

Marian read the Book of Mormon, then she read The Sealed Portion of the Book of Mormon, which showed her how the prophecies of the Book of Mormon, as well as all of its lessons, are being ignored and rejected by the LDS Church, in which she once had faith and a strong testimony.


Marian Canepa has been EXACTLY where you are, in your shoes.

YOU KNOW NOTHING about where she is now.

READ THE SEALED PORTION OF THE BOOK OF MORMON before you judge her for being deceived.

She now knows when and how she was deceived.

Stop trolling her and treating her as an apostate.

She has NOT apostatized from the TRUE CHRIST and Real Truth™. Brigham Young, and others before him, started the great apostasy.


Shall I continue to respond to you, Judith Adams Grant?

Shall I point out the many, many, many EVIL things that your church does in this world?


Why don't you and Lee simply go away and stop posting your ignorant opinions on Marian Canepa's posts?

Your call.

If you respond again, I will post again and point out the many, many, many EVIL things that your religion does in this world.

So, make your choice.

If I were one of your priesthood leaders, I would surely counsel you to leave and delete all of your unwanted comments.

Your choice.

Judith Adams Grant

You’ve obviously been exed. I’ll pray for you. I always considered Marian a friend, saw these things she was PUBLICLY posting and was just asking questions of her. No bullying just sincere questions. We learn by questions and getting questions answered. You sir, have definitely answered my questions. I have no intent to bully Marion. I have worked with her, worked with her son and husband. Love them all. If you were really trying to show Christlike love, you wouldn’t be threatening us. Have a good day.

Judith Adams Grant

Do you use Hyrum as yr middle name? I saw your headstone.

Marian Canepa

Judith Adams Grant just so you know I was not exed if you meant me.

Marian Canepa

I took my name off the records

Christopher Nemelka

Judith Adams Grant Oh my …

Please tune into my COFFEE WITH CHRIS tomorrow… or you can watch it whenever, and I’ll explain why you, too, are a very evil woman … and why Marian finally knows the difference between a false Christ and a True Christ. Yes, Judith Adams Grant, you are a very evil women, and I’ll explain it perfectly with my voice instead of writing here.

There are a lot of people grateful that you didn’t get the hint and not respond to me … but you did.

And now, I have reason to verbally explain just how evil members of your particular religion are.

Tune in.

I’m certain Marian Canepa will be watching.

Christopher Nemelka

Judith Adams Grant

By all means…

Please explain why and how my response to Lee was not only correct, but COMPLETELY in line and consistent with the Book of Mormon.

You, ma’am, are like so many others of your kind, who attack the messenger because you have no logical response to his message.

People like you did the same thing to Jesus … the EXACT SAME THING. This is why your so-called friend, Marian Canepa, opened her mind and started to listen to words that Jesus would speak if he were here among us.

Ask your questions directly to Marian instead of condemning her.

Ask away …

Christopher Nemelka

Judith Adams Grant

Pray as hard as you’d like for me … then go attend one of the temples. But this time PAY ATTENTION.


Pay attention when Lucifer looks right at YOU AND INDICATES JUST HOW EVIL YOU REALLY ARE.

Go to your temple and PAY ATTENTION.

Christopher Nemelka

Folks who are following this thread …

Tune into tomorrow and I’ll finally list the ways that the LDS/Mormon people are some of the most evil people upon this earth … BAR NONE!