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Ezra Taft Benson – Church Under Condemnation for Not Remembering the Book of Mormon

Friends that wish to wait for a “second coming”, wait… first to the Jews, second to the Nephites, if he came again it would be a third coming ;-) …

You claim that YOUR CHRIST supports free will; and you imply that YOUR CHRIST would not support a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT that establishes laws that control free will—laws set up by YOUR CHRIST's government.


YOUR CHRIST comes again in his power and glory and ushers in a time when ONLY HIS LAWS are incorporated into human society.

I am a gay man whose free will is to share sexual experiences with other men, and only other men.

What is YOUR CHRIST going to do to stop me?

What is YOUR CHRIST going to do to take away my free will?

What exactly is YOUR CHRIST going to do when he comes again?

What's he going to say?

What kind of government is he going to set up?

Would it be one that FORCES people to abide by his commandments, or one that allows FREE WILL to pursue one's own desires of happiness, as long as those desires do not affect the free will of another?

According to your religion—the LDS/Mormon faith—one needs only comply with a particular set of commandments in order to go the temple and receive the proper priesthood ordinances that will assure one of one's eternal salvation in the Kingdom of God. These commandments comprise of the Gospel that your religion teaches and supports.

Yet, not ONE THING, NOT ONE OF THESE COMMANDMENTS with which a person needs to comply in order to enter a LDS temple to receive these saving ordinances, WAS TAUGHT BY JESUS CHRIST, not while among the Jews, as related in the New Testament, not while among the Nephites, as related in the Book of Mormon.

All you have is the Book of Mormon, the lesser part of the things that Mormon knew about the time when Jesus Christ visited the Book of Mormon people.

Mormon is very clear that he only shared a "hundredth part of the things which Jesus truly taught." (Compare BOM, 3 Nephi 26:6.)

Mormon explains that he wanted to write EVERYTHING that Jesus taught, but that it was highly unlikely that the people, who would one day read the Book of Mormon ... that would be you ... would embrace it properly. Therefore, Mormon writes that their faith will be tried first to see if they accept the teachings of the Book of Mormon—the lesser part—first. If they don't, then they don't get the greater part.

The Book of Mormon is VERY CLEAR that if the people only have the Book of Mormon, and do not have the "sealed portion, the greater part," then the LDS/Mormon people are under great condemnation and are being led by the devil.

Mormon is VERY CLEAR about this, as was his son, Moroni, who helped his dad write the book.

It was Moroni who wrote the "greater part" and sealed it up so that the corrupt and wicked LDS/Mormon people would not receive it, UNLESS they repented and started to be righteous.

What were the many other things (other than just a hundredth part) that Jesus Christ TRULY taught the Nephite people?

It is quite obvious that whatever Mormon was hiding, what he didn't report, caused the people to become a very righteous people. It is quite obvious that all the things that Jesus truly taught the people (things that would be revealed by Mormon's son, Moroni, in the "sealed, greater part of the record,") helped them establish the perfect form of government, which lasted for more than 200 years, until the people began to be corrupt again.


There is NOT ONE THING ... NO, NOT ONE THING ... that Jesus truly taught the people that is taught by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints ... NOT A SINGLE THING!

My Christ, the True Christ, IF he were to come again, would teach people the EXACT SAME THINGS THAT HE TAUGHT WHEN HE WAS AMONG THE JEWS AND THE NEPHITES, nothing varying from the things that Jesus taught.

When my Christ comes again, he will make ONE JUDGMENT AND ONE JUDGMENT ONLY ON THE HUMAN RACE—what the nations of the world did to end poverty. (See Matthew 25:31-42.)

My Christ is not going to care, and will actually support, the right and free will of a man to love another man with all of his heart and engage in any type of sex act that does not impede the free will of another.

My Christ will NOT judge any person on whether the person paid tithing, went to church, prayed, received any ordinance ... except being baptized in his name, which means making a covenant to do the things that he told the people, the things that Jesus TRULY taught the people.

My Christ will use his power to dissolve ALL borders upon the earth.

My Christ will establish a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT that will usher in peace and life eternal, renewing the earth to the way it was when it was first created by "Elohim, Jehovah, and Michael," before the god Michael was put under a deep sleep where he dreamed he was the mortal Adam.

Yes, dear friends, you are waiting for an AUTOCRAT/ DICTATOR to come and set up a ONE WORLD GOVERMENT based on your Theology.

My CHRIST will allow the man Adam in the lone and dreary world to choose another Adam, so that he is not lone and dreary any longer, so that when it is said, "Get thee behind me" ...

It means something VERY different than what YOUR CHRIST WOULD SAY.

Rebecka Franklin

Rebecka Franklin

Rebecka Franklin

Paul Jensen

The Savior won't do anything. If this man continues on in iniquity and lives until our Lord returns, he will be consumed by fire. Plain as day! I thought you read the scriptures Rebecka?!

Rebecka Franklin

I sure have Paul, beginning to end, as written, and as intended to be read… in context. Let me help you out with my reasoning.

Didn’t Jesus tell the Jews exactly what to do to have a successful government, and society? (hint Mathew 5, 6, 7) Didn’t they kill him for telling them something they didn’t want to hear? Didn’t he come again (second coming) and go teach the Nephites what he taught the Jews? (3 Nephi 12,13,14) and didn’t they have a peaceful society for 200 years until they became wicked again? IF Jesus was to come yet again, what kind of Government would he set up? (another hint, Mathew 25)

MY CHRIST would feed the hungry, give shelter the homeless, clothes to the naked, aid to the sick, and would educate anyone who wanted to learn. Thats why I support the Humanity Party.

Here’s another invite to the Zeitgeist show this Saturday at noon. Any question you have can be answered there!

Paul Jensen

Our Savior suffered and died for one reason, and one reason only, to atone for our sins. They didn't take his life, he gave it freely. I don't know why you keep answering my questions so indirectly. Do you really understand what you believe? Why so evasive? If you don't wish to engage in honest conversation, then why do you post? Why would I want to learn from these Zeitgeists? Aren't they just humans teaching other humans?

Laura Lynn

Useless to argue with these types. A man who needs a Savior to atone for his sins is a man who has lots of sins.

Most men whom I have met who are the worst of men, wouldn’t know what to do about their bad thoughts and acts, if they didn’t have Jesus to relieve them of their guilt.

Good men, good humans, do not need anyone to take away the responsibility of their own actions.

I will NEVER date a man who needs a Savior again. They are not good men.

Useless to deal with this man, Rebecka Franklin.

Why waste your energy?

Remember this:

Everyone is right. Which makes everyone wrong.®

Paul Jensen

All people need a Savior. You don't know me, yet you judge me very harshly. Why are you so bitter? I really think you hate "men" in general. Not a surprise, however, I always expect venomous judgement from Utah people.

Laura Lynn

Paul Jensen, the men in my life are the greatest, most compassionate, kindest, most righteous “men” I could have ever known.

And NONE of them depends on or needs a Savior. These “men” are who they are because they take FULL responsibility for who they are, what they think, and what they do.

I was involved with only LDS “men”, and my life couldn’t have been more miserable. Now that I have chosen “men” outside the LDS culture, my life couldn’t be any better.

Laura Lynn

I have found from personal experience, and listening to experiences of other former LDS women, that the men who adamantly defend the existence of a Savior are those who think and act in sin, and without a Savior, would never be able to justify their great sins.

I know three former LDS women whose LDS fathers molested them, and because of their belief in a Savior, do not take responsibility for the evil that they have done.

If I receive their personal permission, I will name them in public.


To show the world how evil it is to allow another person, regardless of who the person is, to take upon them the evil sins of others.

I will NEVER be involved with any man who does not take 100%, FULL RESPONSIBILITY FOR HIS OWN SINS.

IF you are LDS, from my experience, all women should avoid you like the plague.

Laura Lynn

That is a judgment on your religion, not on you.

You seem to be like all “natural men”.

Here is a scripture for you to consider about yourself and the type of man you should become because of the “atonement of Christ”:

“For the natural man is an enemy to God, and has been from the fall of Adam, and will be, forever and ever, unless he yields to the enticings of the Holy Spirit, and putteth off the natural man and becometh a saint through the atonement of Christ the Lord, and becometh as a child, submissive, meek, humble, patient, full of love, willing to submit to all things which the Lord seeth fit to inflict upon him, even as a child doth submit to his father.” (Mosiah 3:19.)

Mr. Jensen, if you TRULY were a man who believed in Christ, you would become like a little child, as explained above.

You would have NOT trolled Rebecka Franklin.

By their works ye shall know them.

This is how I have judged you.

Tanya McKee Devany

Laura Lynn The idea of a saviour always baffled me - why should one man get the punishments for everyone else's wrong doing?

I suppose it made them feel ok about themselves when they did a lot of wrong. I have a relative who was molesting people in our ward. He used to pass the sacrament to them each week, and eventually ex-communicated one of them for sexual impurity.

I can imagine how much he loves the promise of someone else taking that on their back, so my relative doesn't have to feel like a bad person.

I have spoken to some of his victims. The idea of a saviour taking this man's punishments away did NOTHING whatsoever to make them feel better. They still suffer, decades on. They suffer and suffer.

The saviour does nothing for them

Laura Lynn

LDS men would have no value in this world without their pretended priesthood power and their belief that there is a Christ who suffered for their sins so that they don’t have to.

Being away from the LDS culture and being around men who are not LDS or Christian, and who treat others better than any LDS man I have ever known, was all the proof I needed to realize how terrible that religion is.

I feel sorry for this guy.

But he has shown his colors in how he responded to Rebecka Franklin.

And we all know who is REALLY writing this response.

But anyways …


Rebecka Franklin

Paul, Laura is right, I know it is useless to argue with you. However I did have a purpose for it. Recently you sent me a friend request. I knew when I accepted your request that it would lead to this very thing. You have responded exactly like I thought you would. You were doing the same thing to Jon when he was on facebook. I respect your perspective I have been in your shoes. At one point I defended the church without question, until I couldn’t deny that there were so many questions. I had to open my heart and my mind in order to see the answers. I don’t expect you to do that Paul, but it is my hope that the silent spectators of our conversation will. My indirect answers were meant to encourage others to do their own investigation. I got one more for them… Jacob 4:14 The LDS people were a stiff-necked people… you can look it up and read the rest. And, Paul, you are not going to tell me anything that I haven’t already at one point believed. I have done my research and made my choice. I can see that you have made yours. I encourage you to continue to live the way you want to live and find happiness. I have found mine. I hope others will find theirs no matter what it is.

Paul Jensen

Rebecka Franklin I didn't realize we were arguing. I thought we were having a lively discussion. I've meant no harm, but I am very direct. I want you to know that I do not defend the church "without question." I have many questions! But, I also have faith that my questions will be answered in time. I have nothing against you or Johnathan. I'm glad you're happy and hope you always will be.

My point with all this: do you go to the dentist if you have questions about pancreatic cancer? Of course not! You go to a doctor. If you don't trust the doctor, do you go to the dentist for a second opinion? No, that would be silly. You, of course, go to another doctor, or maybe several doctors. So, if you had questions about the church, or gospel, why would you seek answers from those who are against and even hate the church? Did you seek answers within the church? Did you pray for answers? When I have questions, I turn inward and ask church authorities and our Father in Heaven for those answers. Sometimes those questions go unanswered; that is just part of our test on this earth. If we were just given all the answers, there would be no test, and no faith as a result. What's even more interesting: I've had questions answered that I almost didn't even dare ask.

Anyhow, I'm sorry if I offended you, that was never my intention. Yes, as you can see, I defend my faith quite vigorously. If I hurt Johnathan's feelings, or offended him, I'm sorry for that as well. I am not, however, sorry for defending my faith.

Rebecka Franklin

Paul there is no offense taken, I am not the right person to answer your questions. That is what the Zeitgeist show is set up for. If you are honest about looking for answers you can read the books I have posted about. If you are not willing to do that then we have nothing left to talk about on this thread.

Paul Jensen

Rebecka Franklin So, is John not on Facebook anymore, or did he just block me? I searched for him and couldn't find him.

Rebecka Franklin

Paul he is not on facebook at all anymore. He does get on my account occasionally. He has been following our conversations.

Tanya McKee Devany

Paul Jensen I once had many questions like you, and also much faith in the church. I remember pondering this scripture deeply, and not long after that I found my answers:

3 Nephi 26:9 And when they shall have received this, which is expedient that they should have first, to try their faith, and if it shall so be that they shall believe these things then shall the greater things be made manifest unto them.

10 And if it so be that they will not believe these things, then shall the greater things be withheld from them, unto their condemnation.

The "lesser things" are what is published in the 1830 Book of Mormon. The "greater things" are what was sealed up and not published in 1830.

Lynnette Vessels

Paul Jensen I am reluctant to comment because I strongly believe people only listen to what they really want to hear.

You wrote the following in one of your comments above:

"So, if you had questions about the church, or gospel, why would you seek answers from those who are against and even hate the church? Did you seek answers within the church? Did you pray for answers? When I have questions, I turn inward and ask church authorities and our Father in Heaven for those answers."

I am from a very, very staunch LDS background. I personally had no interests in the opinions of any person, outside of the leadership of the Church and the scriptures themselves. Therefore, I dove into those two sources with great fervor for many, many years.

I prayed sincerely with all of my heart many times with increasing intensity to know, directly from God, what the truth was. After one of my most intense prayers, I was made aware that there was a man who claimed to have translated The Sealed Portion. I was immediately interested because I knew what the Book of Mormon said about its sealed portion.

Although it didn't come through the Church that I believed with all my heart was true, I could not let the stories from the Book of Mormon go. They indicated in all stories presented that all prophets came from outside the Church or were kicked out of the Church. Although I believed the Church leadership was true, I couldn't let those stories go.

I knew with all of my heart that I was doing everything within my power to be obedient to every commandment that I was aware of and that I had every right to have the Holy Ghost as a guide, protection, and testifier of truth and I knew that the only way I would know if The Sealed Portion was what it claimed to be, what to find out for myself.

So I did. And my life changed forever. My eyes were opened. My questions have been answered. I have never found anything that makes more sense.

If you are truly, truly seeking for answers and you believe on any level that the Book of Mormon is true, would you be willing to read The Sealed Portion as the Book of Mormon teaches?

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints told me to read and study the Book of Mormon. I felt in my heart that it was true and right. The Book of Mormon told me to read The Sealed Portion. I did. I read it as a very staunch believing member of the Church. I read it because I wanted to see if it contained the "further light and knowledge Father promised to send" me.

I was not disappointed.

Will you look at it?

Lynnette Vessels

Also, Paul, I am not alone in my story. There are many others who followed the exact methods you described who share their stories (my original story is found here too). If you are interested, here's a link to those:

Rebecka Franklin

Paul, You have now had 4 of us temple going members of the church that have done our honest investigations that have put in our 2 cents. We didn’t know each other before we found the Seal Portion. Jon is the one who brought my attention to it. Before he found it we argued a lot, and talked about divorce. He was visiting anti LDS websites and I was defending the church trying to keep my eternal family intact. After he found the Sealed Portion he changed. The negativity bothered him. He did what he could to make it more peaceful in our home. I couldn’t deny the night and day difference in him. I also couldn’t deny that at that point I was the one filled with hate as I defended my faith and church. Since asking my dentist about my pancreatic cancer I have found the answers to the questions that I didn’t dare ask for fear of the consequences. I knew that asking the proctologist about cancer was going to end with something being shoved up my “cavity” So there ya go!

Laura Lynn

Rebecka Franklin

Laura so true! The explanation wasn’t for him