Confronting yet another fool trying to cash in on the Real Illuminati®'s work.

Brigham Young's church, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, has cashed in enough on the Book of Mormon (BOM). The BOM has helped this evil institution deceive and convert millions of people over the years and become one of the world's wealthiest private holdings.

To protect The Sealed Portion, it is my responsibility to confront the fools who quote from our works to enrich themselves, either by money or by followers. Joseph Smith Jr. would do the same to protect the misuse of his Book of Mormon, if he were alive.

Our publisher, Pearl Publishing, LLC, was recently notified that someone had republished The Sealed Portion under another name and was selling the book online.

Our publisher sent this letter to the offending party:

This sincere fool responded:

(Beginning of response from Bible Study Ministry.)

On Monday, May 23, 2022, 08:42:32 AM MDT, Brother Nehemiah <> wrote:

Good day, Monica Smith, We were alerted via Amazon KDP Print Books that were in violation of the volume set of books we recently published titled, The Book of the Seven Seals. The book is based on the book titled The Sealed Portion the Final Testament of Jesus Christ, which was translated by a feller named Christopher. I presume you represent the organization behind the publishing of this book. I would like to introduce myself and my background. I am a crisis counselor for inner-city youth and families. I go out to police stations and mediate family disputes, mainly when a teenage child no longer desires to stay at home with his single mom or parent because of family friction. My job is to help them communicate and seek family treatment in the form of ongoing family counseling. Privately, I am an avid disciple of the Word of God. I'm a striving for perfection son of the Heavenly Father and would do anything for my brothers and sisters to see Him in His true beauty and glory. I've written Bible summaries, commentaries, and reforms (rewriting biblical chapters with a more modern feel) for various websites since 2005, but primarily for the website. During the course of 2020 when the world shut down, a reader from the above website informed me that I should read and include other books for further edification. The Apocrypha books were mentioned, I loved the book of 2nd Esdras I turned it into a website he mentioned the book of Enoch, the book of Jasher, Jubilees, and the Book of Mormon. I had time since employment was from home to read these and I loved them all. I immediately began to utilize them in my commentaries and teachings. I noticed in the Book of Mormon that in the latter days, the sealed portion of this work would be released and I looked online for it. That is when I found the sealed portions of the book of Mormon. This book, needless to say, was and is amazing. In some of my creative writings which I durst publish, I wrote similar stories to that which I found in this book and thus trust this book is certainly inspired by the Heavenly Father. Thus I was moved by the Spirit of Elohim to reprint it with my commentaries and notes to help readers connect it to the corresponding biblical scriptures. When I attempted to verbally explain things from this writing to others, they could not or would not engage (which I'm learning from the book could be because they have not purified their hearts yet). That's my background and it is unwarranted to say, I'm very fond of the Sealed Portion and was moved to publish my commentary version of this book as it is indeed inspired Word of God. Monica, since we are both related as brother and sister to our Heavenly Father, I believe, from a moral and spiritual standpoint, I am in good standing to have published the commentary version of this work and title it the Book of Seven Seals as divine intelligence led me to understand, this is the book Christ ONLY was permitted to open from our Heaven Father. Perhaps, in Satan's kingdom and viewpoint, I don't have the legal standing to do so. Therefore, I request faithfully that you and the organization you represent would so kindly allow this publication to continue and lift the strike you've placed upon it to Amazon. I would love to discourse this with you further if need be. I am asking if there would be any amendments I could make in the commentary or in referencing readers who obtain my commentary version back to you in some fashion. Thank you for reading this and I look forward to hearing from you. Brthr Nhmyh (Nehemyah) -- Nehemiah the Cupbearer Shine Your Light because "Positive Education Activates Constant Elevation"

(End of response from Bible Study Ministry.)

I got involved and responded,

(Beginning of my response to Bible Study Ministry.)

Pearl Publishing LLC and Mr. Nehemiah, Mr. Nehemiah, you are invited to speak with me personally in a public venue about your work. I am the one who "translated" The Sealed Portion—The Final Testament of Jesus Christ, also known as The Sealed Portion of the Book of Mormon. I work under the direction of the Real Illuminati®, also known as the Three Nephites and John the Beloved. If you meet with me in public, through a Zoom meeting, and convince me that your work is of any real value to humanity, I will personally give you permission to use our copyrighted material as you please. If you agree, the Publisher will set up the date and time of the meeting according to your convenience. It would behoove you to have your attorney present. Perhaps your attorney, with his training, can help you make sense as to the value of your work, which I believe is fully supported and inspired by Lucifer—the god of this world, who also answers every vocal prayer you have offered to your God regarding your work. If you refuse to meet with me, and you ever quote any of the publications that have been published under the direction of the Real Illuminati® and their work, a Marvelous Work and a Wonder®, our publisher will seek all legal remedies against you. Very Sincerely Yours, Christopher M. Nemelka, AUTHOR and PROPRIETOR of The Sealed Portion—The Final Testament of Jesus Christ.

Post Script sent as an attachment to the above email:

Yeah, I am that "feller named Christopher," by the way. :-)

(End of my response to Bible Study Ministry.)

We can only hope that this sincere fool engages this "feller named Christopher."

If we can get a guy like this to meet with me in public and be recorded, we will have more proof of how insane religion has made people living on this earth.

The guy appears sincere.

What the guy didn't realize is that NONE of the authors who actually wrote the scripture that he quotes in his email is still alive ... EXCEPT ONE—that pesky "feller named Christopher."

How cool would it be to be able to question whomever wrote any of the scripture used today to form religions—religions that support the craziness of the spirituality that is used throughout written forms of scripture.

If this guy responds and agrees to a meeting, it will be a wondrous opportunity to get someone like Brigham Young and the likes on record speaking with the actual AUTHOR and PROPRIETOR of a so-called portion of God's word.

Do not forget how the original 1830 Title Page of the Book of Mormon read:

Under the direction of the Real Illuminati®, I signed over all legalities and rights pertaining to the publication and copyrights of their work to Pearl Publishing, LLC.

EVERYTHING they have ever written, by me or through me, is FREE to download online.

The next generation of MWAW supporters will be required to continue to protect the integrity of their work, a Marvelous Work and a Wonder®. Ida Smith set up a private irrevocable trust to ensure this. (Contact Monica Smith if you are interested in supporting this Trust.)

We are still determining whom of the next generation we will entrust with this important work. I've been vetting a few of them for years now, waiting on their free will to manifest itself. I've also been waiting on a few of them to grow up.

Let's hope this guy agrees to meet with me. I highly doubt he is going to, if he has reviewed any of the recent ZEITGEIST shows.

NOTE TO CURRENT MWAW SUPPORTERS: Contact this guy and do all you can, with or without guile, to convince him to meet with me. His email address is:

Brother Nehemiah <>

UPDATE: Mr. Nehemiah has accepted the invitation to speak with Christopher, so no one needs to email him anymore.