Consider this incredible Real Truth®


Can lithium cure what ails the Salton Sea?

Consider this incredible Real Truth®:

The seas and oceans are NOT fresh bodies of water because of the metals and minerals that these large bodies of water contain.

Hmmmmmmmmmmmm …

Science learns how to extract the minerals and metals from sea water in order to fuel advancing technology, which includes diverse ways that these minerals and metals are used by humans to “fuel” their lifestyles.

And it came to pass that humans figured out how to extract and utilize all the elements of sea water to create advanced technology; and behold, all that was left was pure H2O—fresh water.

And it came to pass that humans destroyed themselves and left all their technology to return to what it was before humans extracted the metals and minerals.

But before it came to pass … that which occurred and was described in the preceding verse … humans figured out how to mine other planets, and also, the remnants of planets that became asteroids. And the humans brought too much exoplanetary matter from other celestial bodies in order to meet human demand supporting human advanced technology.

And when humans had destroyed themselves, all the fresh water, from which they had extracted all those metals and minerals, became once again …


And the heavens sighed.

Sigh … But anyways…