Dale G. Renlund


Dale G. Renlund

Dale G. Renlund was the doctor who oversaw the heart transplant surgery and recovery of my cousin, Mark S. Nemelka.

Mark is not an active member of the LDS Church, but his sons are.

Mark made arrangements for his two sons to meet personally with this LDS Apostle.

Mark and his two sons met with Renlund at his church office.

Renlund greeted the two boys but didn't want to talk about them.

Guess who he wanted to discuss?

That's right, ME!

The guy drilled my cousin Mark for any information he could get from my cousin about me.


I'd gladly meet with you at your office and tell you anything that you want to know about me.

Name the date and time.

Oh, you won't, will you?

You're just a little bit afraid that Lucifer's righthand man is going to overpower your priesthood power and authority and cause you to become dumb ... Like Alma did to Korihor.

Unfortunately for you, Elder Renlund, I am the "Alma" in this situation. If you don't believe this, meet with me and find out.

But anyways ...