Dan Cook

A Brief Life Story


Dan Cook


Daniel Reed Cook, Ph.D.


January 11, 2021

From November 19, 2020 to January 11, 2021, I began to write some of these initial portions of this brief life story. This seems to be the right time for me to begin sharing a few more details about my personal mortal life experiences.

My name is Daniel Reed Cook, and today I am a 58-year-old mortal man who is currently living, breathing, thinking, and feeling on this lone and dreary world.

I have already experienced many different kinds of things during this past six decades here on earth.

However, there are three significant life events that seem to me, to have impacted my mortal existence the very most.

These three significant life events occurred on August 21, 1962, and on February 2, 2011, and on March 19, 2011.

I was born on August 21, 1962 at Holy Cross Hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. I can’t seem to remember this life event, but I do feel it was very significant for me. My sweet mother remembers it. She says she had already planned to call me Keith if I turned out to be a boy; but when I was born, and she first looked at my newborn baby face, she says that I didn’t look like a Keith; because my face somehow looked to her like I must be a Daniel, so she decided to give me the name of Daniel. I am glad she did!

Many years later on February 2, 2011, someone told me something amazing that immediately filled my heart with unspeakable joy. It seems I had spent my whole life looking for something really wonderful; and then it was suddenly and unexpectedly delivered directly to me on a silver platter! I will write much more about my many life adventures, of searching for truth, that led up to this significant event later.

Over the years, I have met a whole lot of bright interesting people in my life. I have had many deep discussions with a good number of brilliant physicists, neuroscientists, philosophers, theologians, and Ph.D. Scientists of many fields of science.

But I met someone Really Interesting on the morning of March 19, 2011 at the Salt Lake Public Library in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. A Marvelous Man was seated on a stage, giving a brilliant presentation that day to many people, and answering their detailed questions with astonishing wisdom, and with uniquely-refreshing mental clarity.

Later that evening, I found myself sitting in a little corner booth at a nearby Chuck A Rama Restaurant, across from this marvelous man of wonder. Many people were gathered around him to hear what he might say. He touched my hand a few times while we talked, and I marveled greatly at the gentle playful way he treated everyone around him. He seemed to me to be the most noble, most real, most kind, and the most intelligent human being I had ever met.

On March 19, 2011, he gently touched my hand, and he touched my mind, and he touched my heart, and he touched my life; in a way that it had never been touched before; and later that evening, before I retired to my bed, I knew that my life would never be the same again.

Now, today in 2021, ten years later, after watching him closely in many diverse settings, places, and situations; and after listening carefully to him speak his wise words for hundreds of hours; I can boldly proclaim to the whole wide world; that he really is the most noble person, that he really is the most-real person, and that he really is the most-kind person, and that he really is the most intelligent human being I have ever met.

His name is Christopher Marc Nemelka.

He literally has No Peer on Earth.

There is no one else like him in this whole wide world.

He is Alone.

He is One of a Kind.

He is Unique.

He saved me.

Today in 2021, it almost feels to me, like he has already saved me, in nearly every way that a person can be saved.

He saved me with his intelligent words, and his kind actions; and his Brilliant Plan to Solve World Poverty.

He saved me in several stages, and by increasing degrees, by gently bringing me back again and again, to my own personal awareness of the very same things that I used to know …

… the beautiful things that I can still feel

… the joyful things that I can almost still remember …

… the lovely things about all of us human beings

… and the many other worlds where we have heretofore lived …

… with the most vital truths about our current mortal selves …

… and the Real Truth about our Real Selves

… and the Real Truth Details about …

how to Properly Solve World Poverty

… and he is still saving me ...

… in every good way that I can still be saved by him, and by those Most Brilliant People,who are helping him, and guiding him, and encouraging him.

My current goal is to hopefully discover a good and proper way to help him, and them, and the powers that be; to Solve World Poverty

… to help transform this world into a nice, kind, safe, supportive, happy place for everyone to live peacefully within this local group dream of our human mortality.

How exactly I came to choose to let him help Me to save me is my personal life story; which I am still in the process of living and writing.

My Only Purpose is to help him Solve World Poverty.

I have no other purpose for my mortal life.

No other Life Purpose gives me Personal Joy.

My abiding daily awareness, that other precious human beings in this world, still lack sufficient healthy food to eat, continually destroys my personal peace.

My human understanding, that other people on this planet, do not yet have good comfortable beds to sleep on, disrupts my own individual happiness every day.

How can I personally feel a fulness of joy, when some of my precious brothers and sisters, my fellow human beings, my valuable friends; who live here and breathe the very same air as I do; who walk upon this lone and dreary mortal world just like me, are still suffering, due to their continuing Lack of the Basic Human Necessities, that are needed to Properly Sustain Human Life here on planet earth?

In 2011, I began to realize that Christopher Marc Nemelka, and the Brilliant People who guide him, completely understand how to properly Solve World Poverty; and they want to help us all to proceed forward to intelligently do it for everyone everywhere.

During this most recent decade, from 2011 to 2021, I have gradually come to understand that there is literally nothing left to do; but Solve World Poverty.

I have successfully arrived at this wonderful conclusion; that Solving World Poverty is the Only Thing worthy of my personal attention.

I do sincerely hope we can find a good way to help everyone else on this little planet arrive at this very same Wonderful Conclusion!

We need many others to also awaken; because Intelligently Solving World Poverty is necessarily a Group Effort.

Many more details about how I, Daniel Reed Cook, came to arrive at this wonderful conclusion, will become a part of my personal life story, which I do plan to continue writing into the future …

Dan Cook