Do I claim to be the smartest human on Earth?


Nope. Never have.

If I were the smartest human on the earth, in 1987 I wouldn't have been asking the only god I knew at the time, the LDS/Mormon god, for wisdom.


I claim to have been recruited by the smartest humans on Earth to help them perform their Marvelous Work and a Wonder®.

As an example of my above-stated claims:

I couldn't tell you the proper position of the planets in our solar system off the top of my head. But I could explain when, how, and why each of these planets was created, because I have been taught these things by the smartest humans on Earth.

So, yeah, I suppose if I am repeating what I learned from them, then I am one of the smartest humans on the earth. Isn't that what the so-called greatest minds in the world do—repeat what they learned from someone else, who they think is smarter than them? That's called getting a college degree. I don't have any college degrees.

Maybe tomorrow I'll explain what I know about the planets, or rather, I'll repeat what I have learned from those who are REALLY illuminated—the Real Illuminati®. Then you can judge for yourself just how smart they are.

I only post in the mornings on Facebook®. I'm done for today ... But anyways.

Edwin Vega

This is so cool, maybe you could tell us where the ninth planet is at since Pluto has been down graded, or if there such a planet.

Jeffery Curtis Foli

You produced an amazing work Christopher!

I don’t believe it’s all made up. I think part of human testing is to see if we are to be able to discern truth from error, light from darkness.

I’m grateful for the challenge and controversy you have brought this planet Christopher!

I believe in the admonition of Paul, found in 1 Corinthians 13:7 where Paul said, “we believe all things,...”. Sounds an aweful lot like quantum reality manifestation. I do not however, seek after all things. I only seek after what Paul exhorts in Philippians 4:8, which is that we seek after that which is: 1) virtuous, 2) lovely, 3) of good report, 4) and praise worthy.

I actually believe in parallel universes and multiple realities. All serious realities are self-reinforcing.

Seeking things that invite, persuade, and expand our belief and understanding of Christ, and to be better people, are my standards.

Prove all things, hold fast, that which is good. 1 Thessalonians 5:21.

I can allow others the right to worship and believe, how, where, or what they may. ——- Moroni 10:24 And now I speak unto all the ends of the earth—that if the day cometh that the power and gifts of God shall be done away among you, it shall be because of unbelief. 25 And wo be unto the children of men if this be the case; for there shall be none that doeth good among you, no not one. For if there be one among you that doeth good, he shall work by the power and gifts of God.

Moroni 7:16 For behold, the Spirit of Christ is given to every man, that he may know good from evil; wherefore, I show unto you the way to judge; for everything which inviteth to do good, and to persuade to believe in Christ, is sent forth by the power and gift of Christ; wherefore ye may know with a perfect knowledge it is of God.

Joseph Smith saying, “I never hear of a man being damned for believing too much; but they are damned for unbelief”.

Christopher Nemelka

Jeffery Curtis Foli Nice comments … But you might want to study the book, A New American Scripture, before using YOUR understanding of “Christ” to comment on Real Truth … and there is no such thing as a parallel universe and multiple realities. Only ONE universe and reality where existence takes place.

Stay in your lane Bro. The Real Truth has nothing for those who believe in a higher power, of any kind, outside of their simple mind. And when simple minds try to get an answer from a higher power, PRIDE AND EGO (i.e., Lucifer) is right there to answer, “I hear you. What do you want?”

Our truths have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in common, Mr. Foli. Stop commenting on my posts. Live YOUR truth.

Christopher Nemelka

Remember, I warned men like you,—Jeffrery Curtis Foli—to not comment on my posts or I would make you look like the fool who you are. You are NOT a good person, because you try to make others believe that you know things, that they do not, when you KNOW NOTHING about "the mysteries of God." You mislead people down a path that is not real and causes more problems in this world than the kindness and respect that you PRETEND to have for others.

If you were truly respectful and kind, you wouldn't be commenting on my posts. Do I go to your page and make comments on your posts, attempting to show others that I am a good person? No.

I'm going to prove just how much you don't know:

I will post tomorrow the Real Truth™ about where the planets came from, how they came to be, and why they came to be.

Give it your best shot. Answer the question.

IF you are a man with ANY understanding about even the slightest "mysteries of God"—which is another way of saying the "Real Truth™"—you could give the world an answer that would make sense to most people.

I would LOVE to have those who think you have ANY degree of intelligence, and who follow you as if you're somebody who does, read your answer to the planet question and then compare your answer to mine.

So, do you're best.

People love following threads like this. Socrates was a master at making those who thought that they knew something look like fools. Most of Socrates' students enjoyed how he did it.

I warned you about commenting on my posts, Mr. Foli. Now answer the question about the planets to the best of your ability. If you fail to even try to put your knowledge and intelligence up against mine, I will block you from ever commenting on my posts again.

But if you can show a sparkle of intelligence and understanding, and answer the question to the best of your sparkle, I will continue to allow you to follow me and comment on my posts.

Good luck.

You're going to need it, so you'd better be on your knees praying for help from your god. Oh, your god will answer you alright, like he always does. But then his answers come up against a True Messenger's answers—and to the man Adam living in the Telestial world, the god of this world's answers ... and your god is of this world ... are a "mass of confusion."

You got this

one shot, Mr. Foli.

Make it count.

Jeffery Curtis Foli

Christopher Nemelka I only have my hand on one part of the elephant

I am interested in learning about others with their hands on it as well

All are welcome at the table to share

I am not an expert in all things

I’m waiting for your expose on planets before I comment, but that is certainly not my forte

Christopher Nemelka

Jeffery Curtis Foli I wish I could believe your sincerity, but your first comments to my post revealed the lack thereof.

If you SINCERELY, with REAL INTENT, read the information that we share with the world, you would know that quoting scripture, or any religious leader, including Joseph Smith, is NOT the way to REAL TRUTH™.

I want to believe you are sincere in wanting to find the Real Truth™ (RT) about all things.

I knew that you could not answer any question about the planets, or any other issue, and that the RT would make any of your answers look foolish. And had you read my "pinned" post, you would have realized I do NOT enjoy making people look foolish, pleading that people do not comment on my posts. You didn't pay attention.

There is hope for you, Mr. Jeffery Curtis Foli. The hope comes because you follow what we put out for the world to see. If you actually knew the RT, you wouldn't be searching or reading anything else but your own stuff, which, as I have known of you, is focused so much on Mormonism, the bulk of which has NOTHING to do with the RT, that you can't see the elephant through the poop covering your head.

Using your own analogy of the blind men and the elephant, you're standing behind the elephant's butt getting pooped on, which covers your eyes and ears so that you cannot see what is obviously in front of you. (ALL of Mormonism is fecal matter* ... except the ORIGINAL temple endowment presentation—that presented the RT in symbolism.)

*Read Jacob 4:14 for an explanation as to why it is ALL poop—things that people can't understand that make them stumble.

Take my hand, blind man. I"ll lead you out from behind the elephant's butt, take off your blindfold, wash the fecal matter off your eyes and out of your ears so that you can see the whole elephant clearly as we do.

IF you have broken heart and contrite spirit.

If not, we got nothing for you.

But anyways ... :-)

Jeffery Curtis Foli

Christopher Nemelka He who receives a prophet in the name of a prophet will receive a prophet's reward. Matthew 10:41

Numbers 11:29 But Moses replied, "Are you jealous for my sake? I wish that all the LORD's people were prophets and that the LORD would put his Spirit on them!

All must eventually ascend to Sainai, and not depend upon a Moses

Read 1 Kings Chapter 13

Only the Holy Ghost can teach us the truth of ALL

Jeffery Curtis Foli

Christopher Nemelka Trust issues indicate needed shadow work. I’ve been there!

Jeffery Curtis Foli

Christopher Nemelka Some day we will be friends, of that I have no doubt. Until then, I accept your doubt and skepticism.