Doriann Gaylene

Hello Fellow Being, I was born in a small town in the United States of America and was given the name Doriann Gaylene by a 19 year old German Dutch immigrant teenager raised in the USA, and a 20 year old Scottish English grandchild of an immigrant. Both of their parents left the Mormon Church to join an extra religious setting where practicing plural marriage could be hoped for and even practiced if one was deemed worthy and appointed to participate by those who agreed to place themselves above as authority figures (Priesthood) holders. Worthy to rule over these people having a greater connection with God than others through direct revelation.

I was raised to be a commodity… to serve my parents, their community, their leaders and ultimately their God. All the grown ups considered themselves to be elite in the eyes of God for living perceived higher laws of polygamy which in their own eyes raised their value to be the highest above and beyond anyone else upon this earth. My parents chose to participate along with my grandparents and were eventually placed together in a placement marriage. With little to almost no personal connection with one another, coupled with their insecurities and a whole lot of misfit caused some extreme estranged behaviors, made for a very interesting childhood to say the least. I was the oldest of 10 children from my mother and another 7 from the man who called himself my father. My parents utilized alcohol to try to assuage their discomfort from prostituting themselves in different ways with their other community members to try to experience any crumbs of each others value. Life as an elitist was not that elite when ones self betrayal (need to judge) is dished out in generous helpings on self and others all the day long.

Growing up in so much eliteness (dysfunction) you bettcha I was conditioned and became a product of my environment. After many years of doing my best to try to fit into various variations of polygamists where women and men participated in the beliefs that there daily behaviors and sacrifices warranted Eternal Beings to favor them over the rest of humanity because of their practice of higher laws they could become some day rulers over all of humanity and all humanity would be made to serve them. After years of my will being conditioned, molded, brainwashed, manipulated and controlled I became the next generation who participated and allowed others to brainwash, manipulate and control my children’s minds and hearts. When I began to experience the suffering I and others were causing my children my life became unbearable. I began to feel an undeniable crushing weight of this world that opened me to see a lifetime of helplessness and hopelessness which had now grown into cancer, my way out, my escape. My first reaction was relief that my children would no longer have to be embarrassed of my unfit free-willed unworthiness. Up until then I experienced myself to be one of the least among them all having been the abused child of a well known free-spirited pedophile. Facing my possible death by disease allowed me to realize and face this lie fast and furiously as time as I had known it was ticking and my life was coming to an end. Somehow In this place of honesty with myself i came to realize the value I actually had in my own existence, as well as my children’s lives.

My children’s, suffering woke me up to my own discomfort in my own skin and forced me to become honest with myself which made it impossible for me to play the unreasonable game of pretending that I could ever please any other God that existed before me.

Letting go of all I had ever been taught I ought to be. It was the beginning of unlearning all that I had been brainwashed with from the time of my birth, for others to be able to CONTROL ME until they could lay me in a box and bury my sorry state (ass) of existence in the ground.

Facing my own demise caused by my ugly reality and the my own ugly (Ego & Pride) that I had imposed on others woke me up hard! Prostituting my mind heart and body (soul) for the basic necessities of life was a problem now. I could no longer whore myself not even for the needs of my children had brought into the whole damn mess. Finances had always been scarce and made for limited choices otherwise possible. First things first I had to learn how to provide, for me and my children’s needs to be able to have new choices. which our government made possible for me through food stamps health and dental care. A beautiful woman opened her door to help me to be able to learn a brand new reality on my own. We shared rent and expenses as single moms for a year in which i was able to separated a couple of times from the abusive relationship (what kind of sister marries her little sisters husband) a very insecure sister does. :-( I was entangled in with my little sister and her husband in polygamy. I was eventually able to leave the dependency and move outside of the Berlin Wall Religion had kept me a hostage in through Fear of God.

It was during this time I was introduced to the Marvelous Work And A Wonder. The Sealed Portion Of the Book of Mormon was one of the most exciting experiences up until then on earth. I was introduced to Christopher Mark Nemelka at the Sandy Park on a midsummers day. I will forever remember hearing his voice again, as I stepped out of the car and felt his spirit as he passionately shared with the crowd that was gathered. My heart leapt for joy and in my head I heard myself saying "if ever there was a John the Baptist this would be HIM!"

I am so grateful that the CLUE that a Sealed Portion of the Book Of Mormon, had been referenced to me from the Book of Mormom throughout my life. And that inspite of all the games and shenanigans adults in religion played, I had still been predispositioned to FEEL what had been PUREPOSEFULLY WRITTEN FOR THOSE WHO HAVE EYES THAT SEE AND EARS THAT HEAR TO HELP OPEN THE WAY FOR THE MASSES TO WAKE UP TOO!

The CLUES (BOOKS FILLED with REAL TRUTH) written that have kept my awareness open and prepared me for the Marvelous Work and A Wonder and All the Important Information Written to Free MY Mind Heart Body Soul !

THE MARK OF 666 AMERICA SEAT OF THE BEAST EACH BEAUTIFUL HIGHLIGHTS to say the least have made all I have ever been a witness to in this LIFE Still Worth It! All of it, all the disrespect, disregard, despair, manipulations, self preservation, self betrayal, desecration of ones self and others and much much more….

After years and years of doing more than i was honestly willing to do to try to accommodate others to experience any amount of consistent, sincere, real lasting value from family, friends and perceived loved ones doing all humanly possible to try to fit in, even if necessary to make others comfortable over and over at my own expense, to be the lowliest among everyone else’s self perceived goodness and even greaterness, existing this time as a child of a pedophile (being one of the least among us)…

I REMEMBERED.... Because of this Marvelous Work And A Wonder I was able to let go of all the TRY for someone else's perceived value over MY OWN….

Tears of gratitude…….

And a song without words of gratitude………

Nothing has ever been more RESTORING in this existence than the PEARLS OF GREAT PRICE A Marvelous Work and A Wonder OFFERS that the Real Illuminati & Christopher Mark Nemelka made possible for every single person on this planet to have access to equally!!!!!!!!!!

Everything I have ever longed to understand is consistently answered making perfect sense. One of the most refreshing experiences after feeling like a less than for 50 + years has been to experience myself as an equal rather than being a part of the pious ridicule of religious folks that I can bear witness of because I participated.


My heart is broken for all that I have done to those I claimed to love.

What could I ever know about love having little to no reference of what it is.

My spirit is contrite willing to unlearn and unknow all that I have been conditioned too think I know.

I appreciate deeply waking up each day with new found hope I now exist in which makes all that we have experienced here on earth have new found value because of the Real Truth!

To wake up and have Real Truth to savor each day and savor before I lay my head down at night after long days as slaves in a world ruled over by ego and pride of the 1%. And the hardest part of all watching everyone around me including, my children with little to no sincere interest for anyone but their selfish existence, in a dog eat dog reality to try to survive and my grandchildren are growing up in this self survivalist mentality.

All of this used to make this reality unbearable for me until I had access to the Daily Bread because of the Sacrifices and Eternal Work of the Real Illuminati and Our Messenger.

It is SURREAL to me to be on earth at this time!

SO Much Real Truth Available with the technology to reach almost all humanity….

ITS A GOOD TIME TO BE We the people....


ITS A GOOD TIME to sign our names alongside with the and the in the BOOK OF LIFE

Read and Remember and Understand

The Real Truth of all things.

Our Participation Is Necessary To Accomplish This Marvelous and Wonderful Plan

And What A Privilege It Is To Be A Part Of!

Our One World, United As One People In One day!

I am in your service

Sincere Regard

Doriann Gaylene