Extremely ill watching PRIDE destroy humanity.

I humbly admit that I am not immune to the virus meant for all humans upon Earth. It hit me, and hit me hard. I'm in the fourth day of a sickness that causes one to ponder how frail our mortal lives really are.

It's taken up too much of my energy to consider the great tragedies occurring throughout this world because of PRIDE. And oh, the great lies being disseminated by the Western media associated with the seat of the great economic beast that has controlled our world for many years and has carried us on its back to this point in time—the PRIDEFUL United States of America.

I have lots to yet explain about what is going to happen, what must happen, which is simply what has happened in the past, and which history repeats, because of the great PRIDE of the people of this world.

Poor and rich, young and old, various skin colors, all genders, nothing makes a person immune from the PRIDE that is not allowed to exist in an advanced human society, and must not be allowed to exist on this earth if we want it to succeed.

The most powerful economic force, the United States, must fall. The wealthiest church upon Earth, the LDS Church, must fall ... and great shall be the fall thereof.

When I'm feeling better, I'll get around to explaining how these two corrupt human organizations will fall. I'm sure there are many who wish I would die so the sharpness of my words no longer cuts them.

Well, it's not my decision or choice. More than likely, I'll probably become stronger than ever ... Sigh.

I'll do my job and warn them, knowing full well that they will not heed my words, nor give any credibility to the source of the information.

I often reflect on what appears on the surface to be a futile attempt to warn people who only hear what they want to hear and only see what they want to see.

But when the devastation arrives, they will have no choice but to see with their own eyes and hear with their own ears.

Then they will say, "If only we had listened."

More to come when I am feeling better.