I was given permission to share some information from the Real Illuminati® that I just received, which caused my heart to rejoice ... and FINALLY have the HOPE for humanity that will keep me motivated for the rest of my life!


Rob Hermanson ·


So they couldn't fix it the first time and decided to leave but they're coming back while it's still corrupt? Why would they be able to fix it this time ? Doesn't sound like a message of hope at all....

Christopher Nemelka ·

Rob Hermanson Your lack of knowledge of the details causes your problem. Join me during the next show and we will discuss.

Christopher Nemelka ·

Rob Hermanson Challenge me in public so that others will see the fool that you are.

Do not put words in my mouth.

Challenge me in person.

We dare you!

You don’t seem very good at this.

Meet me in public, your countenance up against mine.

Sigh …

Yet another fool trying to protect his pride.

Come on, Rob Hermanson …

Put yourself up against me.


But anyways.

Christopher Nemelka ·

For the few seeing this thread, continue to challenge this guy to meet with me. I don’t have time to continue this thread.

Christopher Nemelka ·

Rob Hermanson I will not discuss these things in a private thread. Come to the show and discuss them so everyone can benefit.

Christopher Nemelka ·

I’m done with having patience with LDS/Mormon fools. It is very easy to provide the world with evidence of how truly “evil” these passive aggressive people really are. But I must get them to confront me in person. The next time one does, I am going to destroy the fool in public. These people truly are some of the most deceptive people on Earth.

Come on, Hermanson, allow me the opportunity to present this evidence.


Rob Hermanson ·

Christopher Nemelka you said your self you don't know. Was I hearing things ?

Jared D Peterson ·

Rob Hermanson come on Rob take the challenge so we can all hear the reason for your doubts and maybe we will all learn a thing or two from what you have to say.

Monica Smith ·

Rob, are you ready to set up the challenge to Christopher? If so, you can send me a private message here on FB or an email to: melbagirl2001@yahoo.com. We will hold the challenge on Zoom any time! (We also currently have regularly scheduled shows every other Saturday at 12:00 Noon (Mountain time).