Facebook Post. It's Biden vs. Trump in the rest of the world, too.

People do not discuss how much power and control the US has in and over the rest of the world. The way the US controls the world is with its control over the money system, which only those who are wise understand.

It’s an incredible “beast” upon whose back the rest of humanity rides.

This is precisely why the Real Illuminatihave concentrated so much in influencing and transforming U.S. policy and government authority.

The FIRST thing they tried to do was to write a new American scripture specifically for the developing United States, because Americans identified as Christians. They knew of it’s potential. They helped it reach this potential so that the U.S. could become the greatest example to humanity of how government should run.

The United States of America has failed ... miserably.

In the near future, the very power that made America what it is today, will be turned around to fight it. This started with COVID-19. And this is just the beginning of America’s “woes” ... just the beginning!

Go to www.realilluminati.org and read their Trilogy of books ... for FREE. The second one, A New American Scripture, How and Why the Real IlluminatiWrote The Book of Mormon, will give vital and empirical evidence of what they have done ... or at least, tried to do.

Instead of the American people using their book to become the most righteous nation on Earth, they, instead, used it to become the wealthiest church on Earth! Their second book reveals this great deception and will finally explain what their book was supposed to be used for.

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Shame on the USA ... SHAME ON YOU!!!