Facebook Post. Conjuring matter from light.

News article: Conjuring matter from light.

The first step in creating a new solar system is creating a new sun. The next, a planet where humans can live and enjoy their existence. Then, other planets to serve specific human needs; such as mining on other planets, so as not to disrupt Earth's natural beauty and resources.

Science is progressing towards creating matter from light. In the near future, within 50 to 100 years, science will create another planet in our solar system. Then, empirical evidence will finally exist of the Real Truth™; that all the other planets in our solar system (including our own sun) were creations by other advanced human civilizations that existed upon Earth (and in an other solar system), but eventually were destroyed by human pride and ego.

For you religious ones ... think about it.

Think about what your Bible says in Genesis.

The original Greek would be more correctly translated as follows ... using more modern terms:

"In the beginning, before God created the heaven and the earth, the earth did not exist in the darkness of deep space and was void of form; And the Glory of God, which is intelligence, in other words, light and truth, acted upon the dark matter of space. And God manipulated the dark matter to create light by His intelligence. And then there was light, and the light created matter unorganized, from which God created the earth."

(Genesis 1:1-3, from the original Greek manuscript of the Hebrew Pentateuch, presented by the Real Illuminati® [www.realilluminati.org])

Now, when you religious ones start to understand that WE are actually the God that created all things, and that WE can learn to use the same power that can create matter from light, then WE can start working together to make the earth the place it was meant to be in the first place.

To start you on your journey of enlightenment (i.e. illumination), aided by those who have been illuminated (thus the Real Illuminati®), read this book: The True History of Religion, by the Real Illuminati®.

But anyways ...