Facebook Post. Please join me at Coffee "and Politics" with Chris.

Please join me at Coffee "and Politics" With Chris, this Sunday (November 1, 2020), 8 A.M. (U.S. MST).

CWC is broadcast on the Zoom platform. You can find a link to this Zoom meeting on my website:


I will be discussing the vast differences between The Humanity Party®'s political platform, compared to the Republican and Democratic platforms.

I will prove that The Humanity Party® has the solutions to most of the social ills that inflict society, by explaining many of THumP®'s solutions that no other political party can or has ever addressed properly.

THumP® has the solutions. No one else does.®

To introduce myself to those who might be interested in joining me, I have included (as a link to this public Facebook post) my preliminary "rough draft" for a book written by the Real Illuminati®, the second book of their Trilogy: A New American Scripture—How and Why the Real Illuminati® Wrote the Book of Mormon. They have asked me to write this Foreword, because, as I write in the Foreword:

"They asked me [to write the Foreword to this book], because I am the world’s foremost expert on the Real Illuminati® and their work. Their work is called a Marvelous Work and a Wonder®, which includes The Humanity Party®, a legally registered U.S. political organization. I became an expert by being involved with their work for well over thirty years." (Page 1, paragraph 1.)

(And please keep in mind that this is my first draft that has not yet been fully approved by the Real Illuminati®.)

Please share. Invite your friends. Invite your experts. Invite anyone who wants to learn more about politics in one meeting than most have during their entire life. It will not be a boring meeting ... just watch my last two Facebook Live videos, and you'll know why.

We love challenges. We love challenges! We ABSOLUTELY love challenges!

Please join me.