Facebook Post. What if the most powerful nuclear bomb exploded in space

News Article: What if the most powerful nuclear bomb exploded in space

Listen carefully to the last statement of this short video.

The Real Illuminati® would change this:

"So, we're probably safe ... from that anyway."

To this:

"So, we're probably safe ... from that anyway ... but only for a few more years."

Consider what would happen if China wanted to win a war with the United States.

Since most modern warfare is completely dependent on electronics, the nation that takes out another nation's electronic capabilities ... think EMP, electromagnetic pulse (see 0:35) ... will win the war, REGARDLESS OF HOW ADVANCED THE NATION'S MILITARY MIGHT BE.

The Real Illuminati® gave a subtle warning about an EMP in their book, Pentateuch Illuminated (page 118, download for free at www.realilluminati.org), but they didn't reveal how this would happen ...

I just did.


If humanity is going to save itself this time around, humans might want to start the salvation process by reading a book written by those who know and know that they know.

But anyways ... Who listens to us anyways. Sigh ...

And it doesn't need to be China ... it could very well be a highly advanced, secret, but intelligent group of terrorists ... maybe that believes that God ... or Allah ... gave them the power needed to finally kill all the infidels and take over the world. READ THE DAMN BOOK!

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