Facebook Post. Why no religious leader will agree to a one on one discussion with Christopher.

Yep. This is why no religious leader, nor any of their followers, will agree to a one on one discussion with me about their religion.

I didn't say it, "Moroni" did.

I haven't read this since the first day I transcribed it way back in 2004, and I responded, "WTF did that just say? Was that about me! Holy Fuck-a-rooni!" (I remember this like it was yesterday. And now it makes perfect sense!)

TSP, chapter 39
50 And for this reason the Lord calleth forth those who are not of the world, and who are not bound down by the foolish traditions of men to be his prophets and his apostles.
51 And I say unto those of you of the latter days, even ye who have put yourselves up as the prophets and apostles of Christ; Yea, seek out he who hath given unto you this sealed portion, and cause him to speak unto you by the power of the Holy Ghost.
52 And I say unto you, that he shall condemn you in your words and shall make ye a thing of naught among the people who might be listening to you, even as John did his father Zacharias, which caused many to think on the things of the church and reject those things which are not of God. Yea, seek out this bearer of Christ that shall have this record.
53 But I have seen your works already. And I know that ye shall not seek out this last prophet of God who shall give unto you this sealed portion of the record of my father, for ye are afraid that he will rebuke you and take away the authority of your words from among you, even in front of the people.
54 For if the people would hear his words, even if they could see the manner in which he speaketh and by what spirit he speaketh, then they shall see the difference between him and you, even that he hath the Spirit of God, and ye do not.
55 And his knowledge of the mysteries of God shall astound you and make you afraid lest the people follow him and not you. But he shall not allow the people to follow him as ye have allowed them to follow you. For he shall give the glory and honor to the Father, who deserveth this glory and honor, which is not a glory and honor of men, which ye have, but is the glory and honor of the Spirit, which ye do not have.
56 And in your pride ye shall seek deep to hide your counsels from the Lord and shall make an attempt to make this prophet a thing of naught among the people. And this ye shall do by your lies and your deceitfulness and by your secret combinations which ye have established among you.
57 And ye shall wonder after this prophet and shall imagine in your hearts that ye had the ability that he shall have in bringing forth the truth unto the people.
58 And when the day of the Lord shall come, what say ye then when the Lord shall call forth this prophet, whom ye have attempted to make a thing of naught among you, and shall make him a ruler over you; and show unto all the people of your sins and your wickedness, even as ye have proclaimed unto them that ye were prophets and apostles of the Lord.
59 And now, I would that ye should know, even ye leaders of the church of Jesus Christ of the latter days, that this doth not have to come to pass in this manner. For the arm of the Lord shall be outstretched unto you all the days of your lives. And if ye shall accept these things that shall come forth unto you, and also accept him who shall bring these things among you, even this bearer of Christ of whom I have spoken, then shall the Lord soften the hearts of the people that they shall understand your follies and your misunderstandings.
TSP, chapter 81
63 Yea, have ye spoken to the last of these two latter-day prophets about these things? Can ye confound him in his words? I say unto you, that ye cannot confound him in his words, because he speaks according to the Spirit of God, which is within him; and he who speaketh according to the Spirit of God, cannot be confounded in that which he speaketh.
64 But ye who condemn them and who believe that these things were invented by them that they might deceive you, why do ye not speak with the prophet of God that is now among you upon the earth?
65 Behold, I shall prophesy unto you and tell you why ye do not speak to him: Yea, Satan hath great power over your hearts and ye are filled with anger and hate towards him, even with the same anger and the hate that the Jews had against Jesus when he spoke unto them.
66 And Satan shall inspire you to not seek out this last prophet and speak to him of these things, for Satan knoweth that he shall confound you in your words. And if ye are confounded in your words, then what shall ye say of your understanding and your knowledge and the spirit which ye harbor inside of you?