George Mellar's Facebook Response To Christopher's Blog Post.

George Mellar

13h ·


The ambulance is on its way … too many cuts, not enough band-aid plasters! OK Christopher, I get it, I’m an idiot … but an idiot that challenges!

I have always been one that questions. It is the only way to prove to myself the validity of what is presented before me. This is not a pride or ego thing, it’s just a personality glitch that is programmed into my psyche.

I have challenged you and will continue to challenge you to encourage debate (you guessed correctly). I have a natural dislike for accepting something as ‘truth’ without processing it first. I am constantly having debates in my head so as to find a satisfactory stance which rests easy with my beliefs. You are the main protagonist of my many internal deliberations. Now I do not consider this a ‘negative’ … indeed I relish dilemmas which encourage me to think.

The reason you have me as one of your supporters is because you have challenged many of my previous (reasoned) beliefs. As a result, much of what I thought to be right, true, correct and accurate have been proven wrong. This is positive proof that I have been, and can still be an idiot! But I don’t mind; I have always known I know very little. I am a pupil, not a teacher of things that matter.

Please don’t expect me to just accept all that you claim to be true as truth. I see you as ‘the man, Christopher’ as well as a Messenger … two different personages. It is your mortal-self that shows its susceptibilities and vulnerability. And sometimes I conflate the Man with the Messenger (my problem).

I believe the ‘message’ you share with us Christopher because in the end I can’t find good enough arguments to counter what you say. But I won’t stop trying … not because I try to find fault, but because we all need to hear the veracity of ‘REAL TRUTH’.

After all is said and done, this little episode has taught me one thing … much has yet to be revealed, and in its revealing (at the right time) again, our current beliefs will be challenged. To question is a good thing, and to ask the right question is even better. I have much more to learn and will try to be a good pupil … but don’t be surprised if every now and again your pupil will raise his hand.


Tanya McKee Devany

I love that you're a THINKER!

Before Christopher's work, I used to blindly obey, and suppress my power to think, because I didn't dare question God...or what I was taught to believe was God.

Now I think and question everything.

Christopher Nemelka

Tanya McKee Devany

Come on, Tanya. if you're a thinker too, then let's see what you're thinking about.

Since you claim to be one of George's cheerleaders, and that you "now think and question everything," get behind George, do your cheers, shake your pompoms, or stand up and CHALLENGE, CHALLENGE, CHALLENGE.

By all means. 😊

Tanya McKee Devany

Christopher Nemelka Now how do I challenge you when what you say makes more sense than anything I ever heard...?

I like that George questions instead of just accepting.

Laura Lynn

Tanya McKee Devany

What ... exactly ... is George Mellar questioning?

What ... exactly ... do you like about what George wrote?

As I read what he wrote, he was questioning his own questions.

We need some direct and specific questions and challenges.

Help him out.

Tanya McKee Devany

Laura Lynn As I read George's post, I was comparing how he analyses and thinks until he understands, to how many religious people just accept whatever they are told, and never understand.

That's what I liked.

I have no questions of my own.

Christopher Nemelka

Tanya McKee Devany

Yeah ... What Laura Lynn said. 😊

Tanya McKee Devany

Christopher Nemelka Say some crap and I'll challenge you on that

Christopher Nemelka

Tanya McKee Devany

I, too, love that you all think.

But what are you thinking about?

What were George's thoughts?

There was a reason why I wrote about his "vacuous" words.

He wrote a lot and challenged nothing ... except his own ability to think.

Christopher Nemelka

I don't have time to be here and wait for a good challenge.

Please bring these things to the next ZEITGEIST SHOW, so that all may benefit and participate.

Before the next show, GROW SOME BALLS, GEORGE!

Peace out.

Christopher Nemelka

Soooooooooooooo ...

When are you going to challenge something?

Your vacuous words of scrutiny and so-called analyzing haven't offered a critical examination of squat.

Come on, George. You can do better than that.

Which concept of Real Truth® are you thinking about?

Are you examining how the universe was created?

What Black Holes are?

What all those lights that appear in the night sky are?

Who humans are?

Where humans came from?

What is, if anything, life after death, or life before mortal life?

Be specific.

Don't be like the masses of idiots.

If you have a critical examination of one of the things I have revealed through the Marvelous Work and a Wonder®, let's see your examination.

In your diatribe and support of your own ego and your claim that you have the ability to think, analyze, and critique, what exactly do you have a problem with?

Come on, Dude!

You're losing any respect you might have once had among those who read your vacuous words.

Let's go!


George Mellar

What is the shape of our universe?

George Mellar

Christopher, by telling me the shape of our universe many things can be deducted. It will give us clues about how it was created and what is happening to it at this time. Now, before you chastise me again by asking me ... and how does this question solve the important things, ie: poverty and child prostitution, I just wanted to throw one in there before you go and find that sickle again ... sorry!

Christopher Nemelka

George Mellar

Easy peasy!

Look up.

What shape do you see with your own eyes?

That is the shape of the universe.

It has no shape.

A star has a shape. It's round in form.

A planet has a shape. It's round in form.

A cluster of stars and planets have a shape. It's round in form.

But the universe, it has no specific shape.

George Mellar

Smart-ass .... 😁

Christopher Nemelka

And for the record ...

I would NEVER deflect from a question or challenge by chastising you for not concentrating on ending poverty and child prostitution.

I would be wasting my time ... and everyone else's following these discussions.

George need only worry about what George has done to solve poverty and child prostitution. Oh yeah, before he found the MWAW, George wasn't doing anything about these terrible things. 😊

Christopher Nemelka

George Mellar

You wrote:

"Christopher, by telling me the shape of our universe many things can be deducted. It will give us clues about how it was created and what is happening to it at this time."

So, please inform us of what you deducted about how the universe was created and what is happening to it at this time when the universe has no specific form.

Ahhhhhh ...

Maybe this ol' fable will help:

"And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. And God said, Let there be light: and there was light."

George Mellar

Christopher Nemelka The universe has always fascinated me. So, after hearing you use the word 'universes' (in the plural) several times in the past I began to question. To know the shape of this universe ie: spherical, cone-shaped, sheet or flat shaped etc would open my mind as to why it was created this way. For the universe to be continually expanding, in what direction is the expanse? If it was created by humans what is the significance of its shape? Are all created universes in a similar shape? Is the shape created so that it is easier for advanced humans to travel across its expanse? Are there other significances about a shape of a created universe? My mind is awash with questions. But although these are personally fascinating to me I know there are more important questions to ask (about mortal issues). I just want you to know that I am working on them. I have an idea (using social media) to try and draw more attention to The Humanity Party. I will do my best to 'do my part'. George.

Craig Nichols

George Mellar Instead of worrying so much, George, just keep it positive. Prove you can learn and adapt and improve, keep it positive.

You are showing you aren't afraid and that you can take it and that you are still willing to learn from him. Not many actually get that far. I like your intent.