Gilbert Bertrand

Hello everyone. Because I am somewhat of an amateur astronomer and I have been interested for a long time in the study of the stars and the planets, I would like, if I may, share with you a part of my story that is centered around the total eclipse of the sun that occurred on August 21, 2017. This part of my story starts in the 1990’s at a time when I was still a member in good standing in the LDS church in my French hometown of Gatineau, province of Quebec, Canada. I was a true blue Mormon who sincerely believed in the Second Coming and that Jesus would someday come in His glory to reign for a thousand years with all those who deserved to be with Him. I had often wondered as to when the date of his return would be and I had always wished that I would still be alive and that I would be a witness to that great event. I believed that God had created these objects in the sky to indicate the times and seasons and also important events. I was aware that some 30 years in the future there would be a great total eclipse of the sun and that its path of totality would pass directly through Independence Missouri the area that is believed by the Mormons to be Adam-ondi-Ahman where Adam and Eve once lived in the Garden of Eden. So I started to believe that August 21, 2017 could be the date of Jesus’ return. Even after I left the LDS Church around 1999, I still believed that this would be the date and waited for that great total eclipse.

Long story short, after I found the Marvelous Work And A Wonder in April 2014, I started to learn the Real Truth about things. Things that I never would have learned in the LDS Church if I hadn’t started searching. Through the Marvelous Work And A Wonder I learned the Real Truth about Jesus. That the story of Jesus is really based on a real person named Inpendius who lived much earlier, who was a true messenger, who tried to solve and end poverty in the world, but was killed April 6, 54 BCE, in Palestine.

So again long story short, this week after Christopher, the last true messenger who is also trying to solve and end poverty in the world, gave “The Greatest Message Given To The World, A Final Warning”, I realized that on June 16-17, 2017, nearly 2 months before the great solar eclipse, while I was attending the peer review meeting in Salt Lake City for the book “The Game Of Mortal Life” that my wish of some 30 years ago came true after I met Christopher in person for the second time in my life. At that time I was a young 66 years old and still very much alive. )

Christopher delivers the Greatest Message given to the world, a final warning.

My full name is Joseph Eugene Gilbert Bertrand. I was born in a poor French Catholic family in the city of Hull (now Gatineau) in the province of Quebec, Canada. I am the second born of 6 children, 5 boys and 1 girl. My mother told me that I was born at exactly midnight between February 27 and February 28, 1951. So she decided that my official birthday would be the 28th. I grew up as a shy and timid boy. Although I do not remember much before the age of 7, I do remember that I used to wet my bed and that for me was the cause of much guilt, torment and misery. I thought that some people were cruel for laughing at me and making fun of me. I remember many times waking up in the middle of the night and crying in despair wishing that I would become normal.

Eventually I did become normal and the years between 7 and 13 years old were the happiest years of my life. I learned to ride a bicycle, skate, play hockey and sports, climb trees, basically all the things that a normal child could learn to do in those days. My older brother was my best friend, my only friend. We were always together and our parents mostly allowed us our free will.

My mother had no education, was a good mother and was somewhat religious. She was the 6th of 18 children in her family and had learned everything she knew from her mother, even helping her mother in raising some of her own brothers and sisters. My father had little education, was not religious but was a hard worker. He tried very hard to make sure that we had food on the table. Unfortunately he also liked the bottle which was the cause in many disputes in our home.

When I turned 7, I was initialized to religion because now it was time for my first communion. I had no idea what it was all about but I was being told that from now on I would have to make a vow to be a good and kind person for the rest of my life and answer to God in all things. I took this very seriously and complied with that demand and I made a promise to myself that I would do exactly that for the rest of my life. From that day on, whenever I would see my older brother do something bad, I would refuse to do the same. My brother became the one who taught me the difference between good and bad.

The picture that was taken that day has stayed with me all my life. This picture has been a constant reminder of that promise I had made to myself many years ago to be a good kind person (to be nice) for the rest of my life. There are times when I have failed miserably but each time it happened the memory of that day always came back to me. This is why I consider that this picture is the most single important picture that was ever taken of me.

Gilbert Bertrand