Give these human beings, the refugees, the HumanECard®


'Please save us': Refugees face death at Poland-Belarus border

Give these human beings, the refugees, the HumanECard®, and watch how fast Poland, Latvia, and Lithuania open their borders so that these countries can get the money that the HumanECard® guarantees them to care for these people.

Yep, that’s EXACTLY what I would do if I were Jesus … And if my followers didn’t agree, I’d get rid of every one of the hypocrites and give the refugees their homes.

I hate Christians! And now I hate Polish people, Latvia people, and Lithuanians!

Christopher Nemelka

Except Arnis Kalniņš, who lives in Latvia and is fighting for The Humanity Party®. I like Arnis! :-)

Arnis Kalniņš

HumanECard is a wonderful solution but it is not in place yet. What about immediate solutions which European Union can decide on right now? How about opening the borders and letting those refugees in? Feed them, provide with a shelter, clothes, health care. There are many job openings in Europe. These people would gladly take those jobs, yes, those called menial jobs which most Europeans don’t want to do. Economy would grow. In time, these refugees would learn a new language, get an education they desire and do what brings them more happiness and provide more income. An economy would continue to grow. Now, instead of opening borders EU fortifies those borders. They are spending more money, sending more troops and making other expenditures. How many homes would they be able to build with this money? How many meals would they be able to provide? Being humane would provide the whole world the pattern how to act humanely. Unfortunately, I don’t see any humane acts so far.

Arnis Kalniņš

I am in process of writing an official petition to European Parliament. Would appreciate help with the text (things what to write). Petition should be in English. Maybe that's wrong place to write. Any suggestions?