God did NOT create planet Mars.

God did NOT create planet Mars. An ancient civilization of wealthy fucks—people like Jeff Bezos and a lot of other rich people who want to go to space so they don't have to deal with the problems that THEY don't know how to solve—these FUCKS created Mars.

Here's the proof:

Global warming is caused from an increase of carbon dioxide in a planet's atmosphere because of what humans do. Yep, what humans do puts a lot of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

What is the main element of Mars' atmosphere?


And all that Mars dust and dirt, where did it come from?

Ancient science created technology and devices, after they created planet Mars, but couldn't replicate the natural way that planet Earth utilizes CO2 to create a beautiful place for humans to live ... so, they needed machines and technology to do it ... They created the atmosphere on Mars so humans could live there.

But how, Christopher, Mr. Know-It-All?

Is there ANY proof to what you say?

Yep ... there is ... FINALLY!

"NASA's Perseverance rover just created a breath of fresh air on Mars. An experimental device on the rover split carbon dioxide molecules into their component parts, creating about 10 minutes' worth of breathable oxygen. ... Its job is to break oxygen atoms off carbon dioxide, the primary component of Mars' atmosphere."

Yep, that little billion dollar machine—Perseverance—just proved how an ancient human civilization created breathable oxygen on Mars.

So, while you stupid people are waiting on Jesus to come ... These other people, Jeff Bezos and the likes, will be bringing salvation to all those ...

... Wait for it ...

... Wait for it ...

... Wait for it ...

... Wait for it ...

... Wait for it ...

... will bring salvation to all those WHO CAN AFFORD IT!

The rest of us will be back on the earth waiting for Jesus.

This world's people are STUPID!

Wait for the next book put out by the Real Illuminati®, it will give you even more information about the past, things that are VERY RELEVANT and IMPORTANT for our future.

It's going to be INCREDIBLE! Just wait!

But anyways ...

Monica Smith

NASA's Perseverance rover split CO2 to make breathable air on...