Today, I lost a long-time mortal supporter and friend of the work in which I have been involved for over 30 years—a Marvelous Work and a Wonder®.

Julie Little Taggart did not die. My loss in regards to Julie comes from the knowledge that I will never have anything to do with Julie again, while both of us are alive upon this earth.

I've lost close supporters before I lost Julie—Kristin and Nathan Davis, Lily and John Roh, and Noni and Jay Benson, naming a few of the most significant losses. Nevertheless, their loss did not affect me quite like Julie's loss did.

The reason why I lost these people was for the exact same reason that my predecessor—Joseph Smith, Jr.—lost many of his original supporters. (And Joseph lost a lot more supporters than I have):


My personality and role as a True Messenger attacks PRIDE and EGO.

When it comes to anyone wanting to share in my personal life and be close to me, I have made an extra effort to test their willingness and sincerity in support of what I do.

In other words, I have tested their PRIDE and EGO in ways that I don't bother testing other people who do not have a desire to be close to me and support what I do.

It's very easy to test one's loyalty to determine if that someone possesses too much PRIDE and EGO that might prove detrimental to your own happiness. Confront and attack the personal value that they gain from being involved in your life; or rather, cause them to question how they view their own self-worth in relationship to you.

Among the few named above, which are among the very few whom I have allowed to get close to me, it was very easy for me to begin to see the excess of their PRIDE, which each derived from being close to me.

Each had his or her own purpose in my life. None was forced into a relationship with me. It was their PRIDE and EGO that caused them to want one and be close to me.

When the test came, each of these failed miserably in bridling their PRIDE and EGO enough to remain a good friend and loyal supporter.

I saw the end of our relationship coming. And I was much more patient than I should have been in confronting their PRIDE and EGO. I should have distanced myself from each long before I eventually did.

Some might suppose that my own PRIDE and EGO is so excessive that it is impossible for one to stay close and loyal to me. If this were the case, I wouldn't have any close supporters or friends. But I do. And these are the crème de la crème of humanity.

Unfortunately for the few whom I lost, many more of my original supporters remained loyal, and the new ones who replaced them have proven to be much more valuable in their support and friendship than the ones I lost.

The only loss that affected me beyond my ability to understand why, was my loss of Sheri. Her loss I couldn't understand.

Our separation was not my choice, nor did I try or test her PRIDE and EGO. She chose to separate herself from me.

Once I lost Sheri, keeping the few above-named close to me was no longer worth my patience or time. I made sure that these few were offended sufficiently to force their PRIDE and EGO to distance themselves as far away as possible from me and the work in which I am involved.

Another unfortunate event occurred for the few whom I lost. These justified their alienation, believing that if Sheri decided to stay away from me, then their decision to stay away was good.

Unfortunately for these few—but fortunately for me and the work—Sheri came back much more loyal and perfect for me and the work than she ever was before our separation.

If these few have any desire to reconnect with me and the work, and once again support a work that they know, without any doubt, is the most important thing happening on this planet to help humanity reach its potential, these will have to go through Sheri.

Sheri has become what she should have been from the beginning—an example of loyalty, purity, and devotion towards this Marvelous Work and a Wonder®.

Yes, those few can come back, if they want. If they can set aside their PRIDE and EGO and approach this work and me "as a little child, him will I receive, ... for such I have laid down my life." (I like how the Real Illuminati® described the people for whom their work was meant—those who are as a little child, with a broken heart and contrite spirit.)

However, I am NOT easily approached "as a little child." But Sheri is. This is why they must go through Sheri in order to come to me.

I highly doubt any of these can set aside their PRIDE and EGO and approach Sheri. I used to have a hope that maybe one of two of them would. ... BUT NOT AFTER TODAY!

The loss of Julie Taggart proved to me how hardened a person's heart can become, and how powerful a person's PRIDE and EGO can be. But more than this, it proved to me how powerful the mortal bonds are between people, especially between parents and children. (All of the above-mentioned people value their children, grandchildren, and family more than they do the work.)

Julie Taggart was born into opportunity. She was beautiful—a cheerleader at Brigham Young University—intelligent and charismatic. Julie was basically the epitome of what the world would call a model human being.

She had money. At one time in her life, her heart and mind were set so much on the things of this world, because of her husband and her church, that those who knew her found it hard to accept that she had left it all for what the Real Illuminati® and their work had to offer.

And then this warning kicked in,

"She who loveth son or daughter more than me, is not worthy of me."

First it was her son, Jesse Taggart.

Long story, short:

Jesse Taggart was protesting as a supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement in Provo, Utah, by blocking a street. An innocent driver tried to drive around the protestors. Jesse Taggart pulled out his gun and fired at the driver, claiming self-defense. (A Utah judge raises Jesse's bail amount.)

At first, Julie supported her son and defended his actions.

When I found out that Julie was supporting her son and also supporting and defending our Marvelous Work and a Wonder® ("the work"), I asked Julie to get away from me and the work and not have anything to do with us again while she was defending her son's insidious actions.

Julie realized her mistake, changed her attitude, and no longer supported her son's actions ... So, I was deceived into believing at the time.

After Julie chose the work over her son, her family further alienated Julie. Knowing of this, I allowed Julie to move into a condo that I maintain in Utah when I am in the United States.

Julie moved in.

Julie also moved her oldest son into MY CONDO to live with her. (Let it be known, that none of Julie's children support the work or me.) I told Julie to move her son out, or she would have to move out.

Julie chose me over her son, again ... So, I was deceived into believing.

Long story, short:

Behind my back, without asking me, or receiving permission from those who manage my condo while I'm away, Julie attempted to move one of her daughters into MY CONDO, without my knowledge, knowing FULLY well that I did not want ANYONE living there who did not FULLY support me and the work.

Before I was apprised of what Julie was doing, Julie became belligerent, unkind, uncooperative, and pretty much a bitch towards those who were looking out for my best interests.

The worst part of this is that the daughter who Julie was going to move in to my condo was getting involved in what could become a high-profile court case, represented by Gloria Allred.

Julie was supporting her daughter, in spite of the drama she was putting in MY HOUSE!

That was the last straw for me.

Jesse Taggart tried to kill a man for driving through a protest in which Jesse was blocking a road so the man couldn't proceed.

Her daughter, whom I will not name at this time, is SUING IN A COURT OF LAW HAVING ONE OF THE MOST RENOWN ATTORNEYS REPRESENT HER.

And Julie thinks that her support of her children is a good thing. She's a mother. She can do this. Just like most mothers do for their children, she is allowing their children to contribute to the problems facing humanity.

It might be a good thing for Julie, as a mother, but it is NOT A GOOD THING for me and the work!

Nothing could be more detrimental to the work than having Julie Taggart publicly support me and the work at the same time she is supporting her children, who are part of the problem as to why this world does not get any better.

Now I know, without any doubt, that the Julie Taggarts of this world are the reason why this world is not getting any better.

The claim of our work is that it makes a person a better human being. Our work claims that if people would stop trying to hurt each other, suing each other, and start treating their enemies with compassion and respect, the world would begin to change.

Julie has proven that her family is more important to her than the Real Truth™.

Julie's militant and aggressive attitude towards others has never changed and is reflected in the actions of her children.

Kristin and Nathan Davis have proven that their family is more important to them than the Real Truth™.

John and Lily Roh have proven that their family is more important to them than the Real Truth™.

Jay and Noni Benson have proven that their family is more important to them than the Real Truth™.

IF these few, who were once some of my staunchest supporters ... and one actually met one of the Real Illuminati® face-to-face ... cannot give up their family ties for the sake of the betterment of humanity by standing up for me and the work ...

Excuse my language here, but I cannot hold back ...


Again, well was it written,

"Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword. For I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter in law against her mother in law. And a woman's foes shall be they of her own household. He that loveth father or mother more than me is not worthy of me: and he that loveth son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me."


... And I am about to alienate myself from everyone and anyone who holds ties to a family that does not support our Marvelous Work and a Wonder®.

I cannot bear to go through this type of loss again.

Why should I have to?

I don't.