I have a question for all you smart ones...


Why does the earth REALLY revolve on its axis?

A child would completely understand the Real Truth™ about this ... a simple child.

I would enjoy reading some responses before I explain the Real Truth™—allowing Occam's Razor... which is another term for a "sharp two-edged sword"... to do what it does best: expose the complete foolishness of Earth's brightest inhabitants... or rather those who foolishly believe they're Earth's brightest inhabitants ... and showing the simplicity of Real Truth™—things as they REALLY are.

I'll give just one clue, although not a clear one:

Synchronous Rotation. Why does the moon rotate differently than the earth does? What would be the benefit if human technology and understanding of the laws of nature could cause the earth to rotate on its axis as the moon does? (HINT: Answer the first question, first: Why does the moon rotate differently than the earth does?)

Very Truly Yours,


Yours Truly!

Sigh ... But anyways ...

Rodrigo Moya

Becuse our bodies are imperfect we need to go to sleep at night time obviously after the good night kiss. Isn't it?

Rodrigo Moya

Honestly no clue.

Glenn Lincoln

So the "Man in the Moon's'" special camera always faces the earth?

Sara Smith

I like Glenn’s above For the man in the moon to see you. And thinking like a kid about the earth’s rotation I just think of a spinning a ball: “It goes that direction because I pushed it that direction!” And spinning the giant weather ball at the Discovery Center makes the clouds all cool and swirly! It’s not much but that’s honestly ALL I got.

Christopher Nemelka

Sara Smith You've come such a long way, Dear Sara.

Consider a few years ago as you and your friends sat around, lived together, philosophized, trying to figure things out, out-speaking each other, giving opinions of superlative and loquacious nonsense ... Yeah, just like that last sentence ... Saying so much and meaning so little.

Yet, none of the many, many people you met, the men and women you loved and respected, knew ANYTHING about Real Truth™.

Your friends are our future.

Your friends do not know how to think. They only know how to repeat what they've been told, what they read, what they believe to be true, with no original thought without conceptualizing abstruse, arbitrary, and random explanations of ... NOTHING.

Wait for the answer. You'll love it! You'll have another piece of empirical evidence of how incredible the MWAW really is.

If we could only get your many friends, and their many friends, to humble themselves enough, like a little child, we could then teach them the simple Real Truth™.

You remain my hero.

Rebecka Franklin

Oh! I miss this game! My imagination has a guess. It might have something to do with one of those dumb wars we started with each other in space over who was better than who. The people of Mars or Kuiper might have set off a massive bomb too close to the Earth (or maybe not close enough in their opinion) that set the Earth spinning out of it’s normal rotation. My other guess is some failed experiment millions of years ago that did the same thing and those enclaves of people didn’t know how to set it right after those scientists were destroyed by the blast? I’m not as think as you smart I are!

Christopher Nemelka

Come on Folks! GET ON THOSE GOOGLE SEARCHES to see what the wisest of the wise have said, studied, theorized, and opined about why planet Earth revolves the way that it does.

How much money have you given to these fools, these "learned ones," these who say without impunity or controlled impulse, "Have you been to college? Of course, a man cannot hold an opinion unless he has been to college!"

And a little child will lead them ...

Think about it.

Christopher Nemelka


Unless you become like a little child, you will never understand Real Truth™.

Rebecka Franklin

oh my hell the Earth is top heavy! On bottom heavy! If the ice melts will the tilt straighten?

Brady Poirier

The earth originally rotated on an axis that allowed half of the planet to always remain in the sun's light. Over time human activity caused the planet to rotate on a different axis which is what we have today. The moon was created later to help with the earths changing weather patterns.

Christopher Nemelka

Brady Poirier Still doesn't answer WHY it has to rotate. And no, people will NOT float away if the world stops rotating at the rate of ...

Get ready for it ...

Here comes a numerological clue ...

666,000 miles per hour ...

That's pretty fast, right?

Why would the most intelligent people in this world, who know why and how the earth rotates like it does, as fast as it does, peg a financial (money) riddle to the future rate by which science would one day determine the speed that planet Earth rotates?

Keep trying ...

But, Brady Poirier, a little child wouldn't have a clue what you're talking about by giving the answer that you did.

Scott Davis

Wind pushes the earth from West to east. The jet stream blows from West to east blowing over land and water thus pushing the earth to rotate.

Christopher Nemelka

Scott Davis Nope. Not even close, but I love the original thinking ... which includes pressure and how it increases and decreases. :-)

Scott Davis

Christopher Nemelka ya... All I could think of was sailing.

Arnis Kalniņš

My simple guess is that it has to rotate so that all people (the Earth) get some sun each day. For example, it is getting dark in Latvia (Europe) now but at the same time there is a morning in America. As the speed of rotation decreases, days and nights become longer. If the rotation stops completely then a part of the world would always be in sun but another part in darkness. In which part of the world would you want to live then?

Jeff Wangsgard

Its like a motor (iron core) (armature) ...the sun is the source of the electricity which controls the speed of the earths rotation....The sun is LIKE a capacitor as it stores up energy from the galaxy and has to discharge it once in a while. It is all about electricity and magnetism in my brain. Don't taz me bro.

Kevin Martin

Seasons? So rain can hit all of the plants?

Edit, also for warmth and sleep cycles? Probably didn't have to worry much about sleep and hot/cold before we fudged up and gave up our perfect bodies.

Scott Davis

Does Centrifugal force of rotation hold earth in it's place.

Craig Nichols

Zeus caught a cold while the finger of his hand was on the south pole, as that holds up the earth, and when he sneezed it started rotating. It's cold in space, where no-one can hear you sneeze!

Second possibility: According to Enoch some catacalysmic event caused the earth to change on it's axis and freeze the previous civilizations of Antartica. Since the Nephalem are real, and according to Glenn above the earth is flat, then it must be real too.

Third most likely reason: I don't actually know.

It's fun sharing the junk in my brain, LOL. When I read this page it helps me think more correctly. Junk is still there.

Rebecka Franklin

Craig Nichols no one can hear you sneeze!!!

Craig Nichols

OK, the only ACTUAL thing I can think of is possibly weather control. There was a reason for it at one point I'd suppose, but then those scientists disappeared and everything got all out of wack! Along with the moon.

Scott Davis

Is 66,600 miles per hour the speed at which... They that come shall burn them up leaving neither root nor branch.... are approaching the earth due to the Mark of the Beast 666 being upon the hands and heads of man. Is the rotation a clock.

Rebecka Franklin

We are so good at over complicating simple things!

Craig Nichols

Rebecka Franklin Genius!