I'll be 60 years old ...

I'll be 60 years old ... No, all you hipster wannabees, wanna stay young idiots ... 60 years OLD, not young.

I'm proud of my age. I can still bench 225 with ease, do 50 pushups (military style), curl 50# barbells, beat most people at basketball, and jump at least 1 1/2 inches (about 4 cm) off the ground when I jump. (Okay, that last brag is not something to brag about ... But anyways.)

And oh, what I know! Oh, what I have seen over the 60 years of my life. Oh, the people I have met!

And for the next part of my life, I get to not give a fuck about what anyone thinks about me and what I do.

I LOVE OLD AGE! ... it gets me closer to returning to who I REALLY AM ... worlds without end.