I only want to be around this who show kindness and compassion to others.

I only want to be around those who show kindness and compassion to others.

Yes, what I write seems unkind, especially to people who support religion or corrupt government policies.

Yet, when I am in someone's presence, and I choose to remain in this person's presence, I tell this person nothing that is not consistent with this person's ego. A person in my presence would never know what I am doing in life and what my views are.


This is the reason why I am living alone and am hardly ever in the physical presence of other people. IT IS DEFINITELY WHY I AM NOT IN ANY INTIMATE RELATIONSHIP WITH ANYONE.

There are FEW people who understand the importance of "loving your neighbor as yourself." This means, THEIR OPINION IS JUST AS IMPORTANT AS YOURS!

For this reason, I do not respond to any other person's post, UNLESS my response is in support of THEIR OPINION, NOT MINE.

But if someone gives an opinion on one of my posts ... Oh my! Watch out!

That person is NOT IN MY PRESENCE, and my response will ALWAYS BE my opinion, not theirs.

This I know about advanced human civilization ... or better, the reality into which each mortal will fully awaken (be completely conscious of) upon mortal death:

There are many planets in our real universe. Each planet houses humans of similar pursuits of happiness. No planet is better than any other. Each is a HEAVEN to the planet's inhabitants.

It's not hard to tell with whom of those living upon this earth you will share a planet in our true reality when you die.

Are you comfortable in their presence, or not?

It's really that simple.

I ONLY like nice people.